“The most important thing in women's clothing is the woman who wears it” - Yves Saint Laurent.

Clothing in the life of a woman plays a pivotal role, it is its continuation and a way to tell the world about herself. No wonder the woman is associated with the dress. Since ancient times, women admired their reflection on the water surface and sought to look beautiful.

Today, clothes are invented by fashion designers, stylists are framed into images, and women are chosen and worn. The choice of clothes is a real art and a kind of “competition”, in which the one that is tastefully dressed wins.

Our magazine was created to ensure that women were elegant and with each appearance left behind them a train of beauty, sophistication and mystery. We will help to clean up the ladies in the closet. One woman needs to change her image, another - to throw out old things, and the third - to add her image with gloves or shoes.

Our magazine is the news of the fashion world, current trends, images of stars, stylish tips and many other interesting things that a real woman needs to know. beauty-en.htgetrid.com is the best friend who will tell you about the latest fashion-industry updates.

Anna Chesnokova, chief editor of the site