Day makeup

Day makeup

Makeup is the magic wand of many women, which can transform and diversify their image. Makeup may vary depending on the event for which you are doing it. Distinguish between day and evening makeup, it is the absolute opposite. Daily make up is a natural look, it differs in that it contains mostly calm tones. To make a high-quality natural make-up, you need to know its features, application technique and some secrets of professional makeup artists.

Features and benefits

Day makeup has the following features: it seems that it is very simple and versatile, but at the same time such a make-up looks very beautiful. With it, you can express your mood, but it does not look vulgar. This make up allows you to always look perfect, especially in drab days. The main rule of day makeup is that it should be very interesting, make the look bright, but at the same time remain relevant.

Basic makeup varies depending on what type of appearance you have. At the same time, it is important to choose the makeup that suits you best in appearance, since daytime makeup is the most common form. It is his girls who use to go to work, where they spend a lot of time. In addition, this makeup should be of high quality and resistant. Most often during the working day there is absolutely no time to fix it. Cosmetics must withstand from 6 to 8 hours.

Particularly relevant is the principle of high-quality daytime makeup in the summer, because, due to the high temperature, cosmetics with poor-quality composition simply melt on the face. They can thus spoil your appearance. That is why it is necessary for a natural day make-up to acquire only high-quality products, and the colors should match your type of appearance.

For brown eyes a beautiful view of daytime makeup will be a combination of natural beige tonal framework with light beige shadows with pale pink or milky. At the same time, an arrow along the growth line of eyelashes will look very interesting, while it should be very thin and not look vulgar. For its creation it is better to use brown shades. Best of all, if the day make-up will not present strict lines. All of them should be smooth, and transitions - not very noticeable. That is why the arrows better shade.

For green eyes it is better to use day makeup with lighter shades. It is recommended to cover eyelids with white or light beige shadows. In summer, you can use peach shades of shadows. It is better if the shadows in the inner corner of the eye are light, and towards the outer corner they start to darken a little. Gray shadows can be used for this, it is also important to shade the borders well. Undoubtedly, it is necessary to use mascara for daytime eye makeup (it can be lengthening, twisting). It is best to make up the eyelashes in a single layer so that they do not attract attention so much.

For girls with blue eyes perfect light pink shade. They very beautifully express the shade of blue eyes. You can also use gray eyeliner and white shadows, while the contour also needs to be shaded. For the gray-blue eyes more suitable gray-white shadows, which should also smoothly into each other. Eyes can be drawn with neat arrows - a black pencil.They can bring not only the upper but also the lower eyelid. It will be very interesting to look thin and sharp short line.

If you want to do a day makeup, it is important to know the technology of its implementation, because it is very different from the evening type of makeup. If you wear glasses, you can pick up makeup for their frames. The arrows made in the same color as the rim look very interesting, but this rule only works for dull tones. This is a very stylish and interesting solution for office work.

Types of day makeup

Everyday makeup may vary depending on the time of year. Summer make-up is usually performed in warmer shades, while quite often sufficiently resistant cosmetics are used. Many women sunbathe in the summer, so their skin becomes more dark. It is for this reason that they try not to use the cold type of this makeup.

The following shades are most suitable for summer makeup: beige, peach, light brown, milky, pale olive, light coral and other warm colors.

For fashionable winter makeup, women use colder tones. They prefer to paint lips in pink shades, and also in cold peach. The eyes of a woman paint with shades of blue, blue, pink, purple, white, gray and some dark shades. Makeup artists are advised to use pastel colors for daytime makeup. Summer make up is a gentle and light make-up, it can be used for a thematic photo shoot. To do this, you can choose a variety of options.

It is also necessary to consider the type of appearance. For blondes a very light makeup is perfect. It is best to give preference to light tonal basics. Beauticians do not recommend blue-eyed blondes to use bright shadows, as this combination may look very strange.

Experts recommend replacing shadows with gray or light brown eye pencils, with which you can draw a neat arrow and shade it. If you like shadows, then you can use any natural shades of nude color range.

Use mascara. It is very good if it is not coal-black, but lighter - for example, gray or brown. As for the color of the lips, gently peach, beige and beige-pink tones are perfect for blondes. It is advisable to use matte lipstick. Light shine is also acceptable. Makeup artists recommend using brown eyes with some other combinations. It can be light brown and pinkish shades of shadows, warm pale coral shades of lipstick or gloss.

Brunette day makeup should also have features. Classic natural makeup should make the appearance more tender and feminine. Women with dark hair and dark skin are recommended to use a more suitable complexion foundation, which is better to cover with a crumbly powder on top of a lighter base. For brunettes, plum and light purple eye shadows will be an excellent option for eye makeup. Such a bright make-up can look very gentle, this is a great festive option.

For owners of large eyes it is better to use darker, but natural shades. Brown-eyed brunettes are better to prefer gold, pink and milky shades of shadows. Owners of green eyes most will go bluish, beige and olive shades of shadows. If you are a beauty with an unusual combination of blue eyes and dark hair, then you are perfect brown and gray shadows. You can diversify this kind of daily makeup with peach shades. As for lip makeup, brunettes are better suited coral and pink tones. Constant favorite of all brunettes is beige matte lipstick. With its help you can make a very beautiful day makeup.Cheekbones can be covered with peach or pale pink blush.

A separate type of makeup is avant-garde. This is a very extravagant and original make up look that will allow you to stand out. Typically, this makeup is evening and night, but it can be used for a holiday or a meeting in the daytime. To do this, suit his day option. The most important rules of avant-garde makeup - asymmetry, long and unusual lines, the presence of decorative patterns, as well as abstract patterns. In addition, metallic colors and rhinestones are usually used for such makeup.

To create an avant-garde make up any glitter is perfect. This type of daytime makeup is more natural than evening makeup. Its basis is the large arrows on the eyes. At the same time, as a rule, they are drawn with colored pencils. For eye makeup in the avant-garde style choose bright shadows with glitter.

Very often rhinestones lay out along the lash line. As a rule, eyelashes paint more brightly, for this usually use black, blue or purple hues. Lips make-up artists also highlight, making avant-garde makeup. Most often for this purpose juicy shades and interesting lip gloss are used, which make them more voluminous. Such a make up is an opportunity to show your imagination and express individuality. It is perfect for women who love experiments.

How to choose cosmetics?

For daytime makeup you can easily pick up cosmetics. If you do not want to constantly correct your natural makeup, you should know what types of IPB day makeup are available. This is permanent makeup, which is characterized by increased stability. This may be permanent makeup eyebrows, eyes or lips. With it, you can forget about lipstick, eyebrow pencil and eyes. It allows you to color the skin with special pigments for a long time, while the result can be maintained for more than a year. In some cases, more than two years.

Tattooing is a staining of the skin, while it can look very natural. As for the eyebrows, in this case every hair is drawn. They can not even be confused with these. Eye tattoo can create the effect of lush eyelashes. With such a natural make-up, all the gaps between the hairs on the eyelids are drawn in small strokes - this is how the thickness of the eyelashes is added. With the help of a tattoo, you can draw arrows for a long time. If you want to do permanent day lip makeup, then a tattoo is a very good decision, as the lips become more saturated in color. In this case, you can use natural beige, pink and coral shades. So you can significantly change the shape of the lips, visually increasing them.

If you do not want to do such a permanent makeup for any reason, then you can use ordinary cosmetics. With regard to the natural makeup of the lips, it is best to choose a not very bright lipstick, but it does not necessarily have to be very very light. It is important to use not too saturated shades, they should all be muted. Perfect for this natural lipstick tones. It is better if they are matte. But light lip gloss can also be used to create a day make up - it’s only important that the colors are not very bright.

You can also use a lip liner, with which it is easy to create a beautiful outline. It is important that its color coincides with a shade of lipstick, otherwise such lip makeup will look vulgar.

If you do not want to highlight the lips, you can cover them with a translucent sheen, which will make them visually more plump, but it’s better to focus on the eyes.

As for cosmetics for the eyes, in this case, you need to try to pick up light shade. Better if you give up eyeliners. If they are your favorites among all cosmetics, try to make the lines smooth and shade them. The arrows should be short.It is better if you use them separately, not in combination with shadows. At the same time, their edge should not be very curved and not too long.

It is important to take into account a certain rule: if you focus on the lips, in any case, do not emphasize bright eyes, otherwise your day makeup may simply turn into evening. If you covered your lips with a very light tone, you can give preference to more interesting shades of shadows. And it is better to use not monochromatic shadows, but several similar tones of the same color range, which should smoothly transform into each other. As for the eyelashes, they should be made up to make the look more expressive, but do not use colored mascara during the day, as this is a more evening version. It is better to give preference to brown tones of the carcass, since such makeup will look more natural.

Daily face makeup also has certain features. Try to use a tonal framework with a light texture, it should not be dense and have a dark shade. In addition, the complexion should not differ from the color of the neck and décolleté. Do not create a mask effect. It is better to use natural warm shades that best suit your complexion.

Try to use light BB and CC creams, as they have a not very dense texture, have a moisturizing effect. They do not clog pores and gently spread over the face. When choosing a blush try to give preference to light shades. A perfect option would be blush balls, because they lie very light layer. Apply them with a special brush.

How to apply correctly?

Day makeup is quite simple to do at home. There are many ideas for this, it is easy to translate them into reality, but it is important to know what is included in such makeup. It is necessary to carry out all morning procedures, all such makeup, as a rule, is applied in the morning. First, you should clean the skin with a special milk or tonic. For girls with oily skin is better to give preference to gel for washing. After that it is necessary to apply a light moisturizer and leave it until completely absorbed for 10 minutes. On a good quality cream cosmetics will fall much better. Then you need to apply cosmetics step by step.

First you need to make a good and even tone of face. It is best to start using the foundation in bright daylight. So you can notice all the flaws of the face and immediately eliminate them. If you notice any flaws, you can hide them with a proofreader, and then cover them with foundation. Try to choose the most natural shade that best suits your skin tone.

If you have dark circles under your eyes in the morning, it is necessary to apply a concealer of a pink shade. All these tools for the face should be used in stages: first, the corrector, which can hide pimples and reddenings, then concealer to hide the circles under the eyes, and at the end - the tonal basis. Make-up cream should be applied with soft massaging movements. It is distributed over the face from the center to the side. In no case can not move back, otherwise the cream will accumulate in the folds around the nose and lips.

It is best to use sponge for daytime makeup, as it will help to remove excess cosmetics by making make up more natural.

Then you need to shape the eyebrows, because they can make the look more expressive, and the features of the face - more subtle. If you have large facial features, try to make eyebrows wider. The shape can be adjusted using a special eyebrow gel on a wax basis. If you have pale hairs on the eyebrows, you can slightly tint them with a special tool, but try to add a couple of tones to the natural color of the hairs, no more so that such eyebrows look natural. The next step is to apply eye shadow or eyeliner. When choosing the shadows, use the rules of combining colors with the type of your appearance. It is best to choose the tone of a single color range.

To create a brighter natural make-up you need to use gentle milky or creamy shades. The next stage - applying blush. They can also be applied to the eyes in order to interestingly place accents. Then they need to be distributed over the cheekbones with a neat oblique line running from the ears to the lips. However, it should not reach these two extreme points. Then you can go to applying mascara. It is best applied in a single layer. These rules must be strictly followed, the only way you get a natural day makeup.

After all these procedures, you can cover the face with light powder, better for a natural make-up to use friable means with easy texture. The final point will be lip staining. To do this, it is better to use lipstick, and it must be applied after eyeliner, if you decide to use it. It is also better to apply in one layer so that the color is not too saturated.

It is recommended to remove excess lipstick with a napkin in order to slightly muffle the shade - especially with regard to more juicy tones.

If you have dry lips, you can use a light balm for lips of a delicate shade or moisturizing shine. After this, your day makeup is over, you can safely go to work or to a business meeting. In this case, you will look stunning, but very restrained and not at all vulgar.

Makeup artists secrets

To make a professional day makeup, you need to know the technique of applying cosmetics. Any professional can show a master class in make-up, while making a quick but beautiful make up. All cosmetologists recommend using certain secrets of natural makeup. He must be very careful. All strokes should be drawn, but at the same time - smooth.

They also point out that the secret to perfect natural makeup is that when it is created, the light should be scattered evenly over the entire face. It should not cover only one part of it.

Stylists and makeup artists recommend using colors that best suit your skin tone, eye and lip color. Try to match the colors of cosmetics that are a couple of tones darker, but no more. This rule does not apply to the foundation, it must exactly match your skin tone.

All makeup artists believe that you need to focus only on one part of the face: either you highlight the lips, or you focus on the eyes. But at the same time you need to try to apply cosmetics so that from a distance it would seem that it is not at all. But near all the gentle and neat lines should be noticeable.

For daytime makeup, makeup artists recommend using only natural, not very rich shades. You can make a very interesting smoky eye makeup, skillfully shading shadows. It can be created using a combination of gray and white shades. He will help to focus on the eyes and highlight them. Makeup artists advise you to use a matte tone to make up your lips. According to them, it is very relevant in recent years. Matte lipstick is better to buy in nude tones.

All makeup artists recommend using special brushes for applying day makeup: flat brushes for foundation, wide brushes for powder, as well as an eye shadow applicator and a thin lip brush. With the help of these tools you can make professional makeup: they allow you to feather lines and make them very smooth and beautiful. Makeup artists recommend using only acceptable for day tone output - preferably not very bright. Particular attention should be paid to the rouge: they must be present in the daily make-up and create the effect of a light natural blush. By following these tips, you will look very beautiful, and your makeup will attract many enthusiastic looks.


Almost all the girls do day makeup, while following the advice of makeup artists. Beauties even manage to make a festive makeup, which at the same time looks very natural. It is perfect for celebrations and important meetings. Girls write a review of classic daytime make-up reviews: it should not be very catchy, but effective.

The girls also write that in the daytime they try to forget about the arrows and contours for the eyes and lips. Usually they make only smooth lines and transitions, using exclusively pastel colors. Girls write that with the help of day makeup you can also change the shape of the face. Owners of round face women are advised to paint their cheekbones using a natural shade corrector and peach blush to visually narrow their face.

Women indicate that the tone of daytime makeup must be selected depending on the color of the eyes and hair. They also argue that it is very difficult to find tips on how to apply make-up and make-up types for brown-haired women. That is why beauties advise (based on their life experience) for this type of girls to do makeup in brown tones. Shadows should be coffee and milk shades, with the addition of beige. Such eye makeup can be done with the help of gentle olive tones.

Girls indicate that matte beige lipstick looks very advantageous. All of them say that day makeup is the most important kind of make up, because it is seen by all kinds of people. It is the most long-term, and therefore such a make-up should be of very high quality and resistant. All women devote a large amount of time and effort to creating natural day makeup to be irresistible throughout the day.

In this video you will find a step by step guide to creating a light daily makeup.

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