Women's suit with a skirt - fashion trends of 2019

Women's suit with a skirt - fashion trends of 2019

Features and benefits

The great Coco Chanel said that in the wardrobe every woman should have one little black dress. Years passed, and it remains the same authority in the women's wardrobe. But lately, a costume with a skirt, which is beginning to rightly occupy a special place in our wardrobe, constitutes a huge competition to the dress.

Each fashion season brings something new to the classic design. One thing remains the same: with the right choice of the model, you can perfectly emphasize the dignity of the figure and look elegant in any place.

This costume contains two classic basic items of clothing that should be combined with each other. A variety of styles and models is amazing. You can choose a classic suit for work or an official event. But it is worth adding a bright brooch or a satin shawl, and you can go to a restaurant or meet friends.

Of course, for high-profile events, summer walks and ordinary meetings with friends there are more festive or comfortable models. All of them with an accurate selection of style and colors will look perfect and emphasize the advantages. And the right suit will always hide the minor flaws.

Women's suit with a skirt has one more plus: its elements can be in harmony with many other items of your wardrobe.

It is only important to be able to correctly select and match clothes. It should be wise to assemble a set of style and color. With the right selection, from three or four costumes you can make more than a dozen images for each day and not only.


Like other basic wardrobe items, the two-piece suit has many different models. Consider some of them.

Pencil suit with a skirt

This costume has always been, is and will remain a classic. Pencil skirt - perfect for any occasion. It can be combined with a turtleneck, white shirt and jacket, if you go to the office. In tandem, however, with a light and feminine blouse or a cropped sweater, the skirt with a high waist is ideal for almost any event. In this suit you will always look elegant, stylish and feminine.

Evening (festive)

Evening suit with a skirt implies a long or midi skirt in combination with a beautiful top. Such sets can be made of satin, lace, chiffon and other materials suitable for evening dresses. A black skirt in combination with a white chiffon blouse and a black belt at the waist is perfect for an evening out. Add only a few accessories, and the image is ready.

If you do not want to think about the selection of accessories, it is enough to buy a ready-made elegant suit. He would rather look like a beautiful dress. In addition, he will have one small, but weighty advantage - a separate suit, so the next time you can change the skirt or blouse and get a completely different outfit.

Summer suit with a skirt

In the summer, everyone is used to wearing light chiffon dresses, sundresses or shorts. But this year summer suits with a skirt, which women wear with pleasure, have appeared in the collections of almost all brands. Most skirts are flared or A-line. The color scheme is so rich that the eyes diverge, and it is difficult to stop the choice on one suit. In summer, almost any color combinations are appropriate, so you can safely take a few multi-colored sets and combine them with each other.

Strict jacket with a skirt

Most often, these costumes make neutral colors: black, gray, dark blue. This already suggests that this style is intended more for official meetings and office work. But such models are classics and will be a great addition to any wardrobe. It is quite natural that the permissible length of the skirt is slightly covering the knees, but in no case a mini.


We talked with you about the models of costumes, now let's discuss the materials.

Suit fabric. Of course, first of all, the main material for sewing is costume fabric. All strict, office and classical models are sewn from it.

Tweed. Tweed suits styled Coco Chanel. Now they become relevant again. And this is not at all surprising, because the beautiful tweed suit of soft, pastel shades looks very feminine and gives its owner an incredible charm.

Jeans. Jeans is a versatile material that is very comfortable and blends with almost everything. Denim skirts can be combined with any top, depending on the length. Denim suits are also beginning to gain popularity in our time.

Leather. Most often leather skirt is found in black and flared style. Depending on the weather, it can be worn with a knitted sweater or a light summer blouse with a simple cut. This version of the suit looks quite stylish with the right combination and selection of accessories.

Lace. Lace suits with a skirt are incredibly tender and feminine. They can be found in pastel shades, and in bright colors. Models often with a pencil skirt at the waist and a cropped sweater. In such a gentle suit you will always look very feminine, stylish and beautiful.

Neoprene, velvet, suede. These seemingly unusual materials are great for suits with a skirt. They give clothes an incredibly feminine and attractive look. And it will look gorgeous both for an evening out and for an everyday suit.


Modern brands provide us with a huge variety of colors, starting with the most rigorous colors and ending with bright fun colors.

Classic colors and combinations, such as black and white, black, gray, dark blue and even beige, are most often found in strict office models.

Black and white combinations in suits are suitable for evening looks. Black bottom and white top kits look incredibly elegant and stylish.

As for the pastel and light colors, such as blue, pink, canary yellow, light green, etc. - they are ideal for summer models that look very nice in hot weather. Summer colors also include models with a floral print. Bright colors can also be attributed to the summer images. The color combinations of green with red, blue with yellow, white, purple and many others are now at the height of fashion. It is also fashionable to wear a bright skirt with a jacket in a nautical style vest. The more color, the brighter and more fashionable the image, it is only important not to overdo it.

All of the above colors can be found in the evening, elegant sets. Lace costumes look very beautiful, and they are ideal in purple, pink or blue, and in bright red or green colors. In the first case, they look quite gentle and cute, and in the second, bright and sexy.

How to choose

No wonder a female set with a skirt is a classic and the basic element of any wardrobe. It fits all girls and women, you just need to choose the right style of costume that suits your figure and emphasizes its dignity.

Slender girls fit absolutely any style, color and tailoring suit. It will be important only to place accents correctly depending on the type of figure.

But complete girls will be able to pick up a set of figure. You just need to choose the right model that will emphasize the advantages, and hide the disadvantages.

The current brands have prepared styles of suits for future moms. Sets of free cut with voluminous sweaters will not only look good on pregnant women, but will also become a very convenient piece of clothing.

What to wear?

A suit with a skirt can be combined with different accessories and shoes depending on its model, style and event for which you are going. A formal suit can be worn in combination with a linen or chiffon blouse.

Bright and pastel summer costumes have a huge variety of color combinations and solutions. All of them can be worn with both flat shoes and shoes with heels or wedges. It all depends on your taste and color preferences!

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