Knitted children's costumes

Knitted children's costumes

Knitted things remain in the trend for many decades. This is not surprising! After all, these are functional and beautiful clothes. And for the Russian harsh winter, it is simply irreplaceable. Let's talk today about suits for the little ones, because they, like no one else, need comfort and warmth in the cold season.

Children under one year old are very sensitive to temperature changes. Moms should be very careful and do not forget to make sure that their beloved child is always warm. Even a light draft can cause serious illness. Knitted items will be a great idea for your baby.

Features and benefits of knitted clothing:

  • It is perfectly breathable, so your baby will be insured against overheating.
  • Knitted things do not stretch, retain their shape.
  • It is easy to make it yourself, if you have basic knitting skills.
  • The range of patterns and methods of mating is truly unlimited.
  • Wool does not cause allergic reactions.
  • Always looks advantageous.

Fashion trends

Design notions from high podiums rather quickly occupy a place in our everyday wardrobe, albeit slightly modified. Fashion houses presented their collections, which determined the main trends of knitted products for the outgoing and new year.

Practicality was declared the main theme of the children's winter of 2016. The designers tried to combine comfort and elegance, to surprise everyone with unusual colors and combinations, as well as new ideas. We can trace a certain regularity in the models of clothes for children and parents: beautiful things have no ages.

Fashion for girls

Girls, even at the youngest age, are more demanding on their appearance than boys. Little princesses will fully appreciate the style and convenience of knitted suits. In winter, bright colors and colors are so important. Geometric prints, floral patterns and national motifs are relevant this season.

The fresh decision will be the original decor of knitted clothes. Material for this is limited only by your imagination. It can be:

  • Feathers.
  • Inserts made of leather or fur.
  • Lace, guipure or satin elements.
  • Experiments with the shape of the product.
  • Beading, beading or rhinestones.

For newborn babies

Knitted suits for babies have a simple pattern that underlies most models - these are five rectangles (back, two shelves, two sleeves) and pants. It is important to remember that newborn babies have delicate skin, so the seams on clothes are made on the front side.

There are two types of knitted items for babies:

  • Winter - yarn in a large percentage of wool content.
  • Summer - used yarn with the addition of cotton or silk.

So, for "winter" newborn babies, suits, envelopes or overalls are most often knitted, and for "summer" babies they prefer separate suits: a blouse and pants separately. Of course, if you wish, you can choose any style or come up with a costume model yourself. In any case, there are a lot of nice knitting patterns.

The simplest and most charming way out for those mothers who are just beginning to master the science of knitting will be a knitted jumpsuit for an infant. To create such a miracle, you need a little yarn and buttons. At the exit, we get just such a wonderful model that will reliably protect the baby from the cold and give it an even prettier look, if possible.

Up to 6 months

By six months, the baby becomes more emotional, restless and active. He is already starting to make some sounds and react to your appearance.It is important that the clothes do not hamper his movements and be comfortable. However, no one forbids making the suit not only practical, but also beautiful. With knitted clothes it is not difficult.

How do you find haute couture ideas? Classic models will always remain in trend, no matter what fashion trends. Children look so wonderful in reduced copies of adult things. Pay attention to the original cardigan from Chanel, made in the best traditions of her fashion house. Surrounding people will simply admire the elegance and refinement of your baby.

Any lady should have in her wardrobe a pink little dress and shoes in tone, especially a tiny one. Not to do without pants of the same color. Of course, you can choose any color. If there is time and effort, then diversify the model with another tone. This suit is suitable for everyday wear, and for publication.

As for the young gentlemen, the patterns in the cell will never be called obsolete. A jacket with a v-neck will look stylish and cool on the future defender. All, without exception, fit cool colors: blue, gray, white. However, bright shades also look presentable: burgundy, yellow, turquoise.

For babies up to a year

By the year your child will already intensively explore the space of your living space. Not everyone has the opportunity to use a heated floor at home, and laying carpets everywhere is not very modern, and not so hygienic. To avoid colds, it is worth considering practical and warm clothing options.

A simple set of blouses and knitted knit pants is suitable for a little first mover. Under the blouse you can pry thin vest, but the legs are warm socks. So your baby will never freeze, playing in his children's corner.

Why not come up with a fantasy for weekend suits? An elegant dress or a bright original jumper of your child will show your sense of style. Let your baby be literally in the openwork.

We hope that you have a desire to pick up the needles and tie an interesting and practical suit for your crumb. Do not be afraid to experiment with colors and shape of products. For starters, of course, it is better to choose simple patterns and patterns. You can get basic skills by asking to show a master class to your mother or yourself, on video lessons. Everything will work out!

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