Men's suits Sir

Men's suits Sir

About brand

The network of Sudar stores appeared on the Russian market more than 20 years ago. The company is characterized by the development and steady growth of consumer demand, which enabled it to open up new horizons and satisfy the demand of the most demanding customers.

You can find a large assortment of men's clothing in shops “Sudar” - from T-shirts to jackets and raincoats.

The young brand became especially famous due to the huge choice of men's suits - there are more than 2000 items. In addition, here you will always be offered to a beautiful suit a lot of fashionable shirts and ties, cufflinks, tie clips and other accessories.

Products purchased in the network "Sudar" can be handed over to the dry-cleaner on the territory of the store for free or to fit the figure in the studio located here. For its branded suits, the company produces environmentally friendly bio-packaging of special fully recyclable polyethylene.

Features and advantages of products

The popularity of "Sir" suits is largely due to the flexible pricing policy of the company. Any buyer can find here a suitable model for themselves, and prices start at 6000 rubles. In addition, there are special offers and a discount system that large companies enjoy when they purchase corporate clothing for their employees.

If you are looking for an elite business class model, the company has prepared for its customers an extensive line of such suits, elegant and sharply fashionable. They are not inferior to them in elegant and elegant products for visiting weddings and other festive events.

Model overview

The collection of costumes "Sir" is presented single-breasted and double-breasted products. Three-piece models consisting of a jacket, a vest and trousers are offered as a business suit.

Three-piece suit refers to the classics of men's fashion. All elements are sewn from the same material. Such a spectacular model is appropriate not only as a bright representative of the modern business line.

Three with a beautiful vest is indispensable as the groom's wedding dress.

As a rule, double-breasted fitted jackets are more suitable for slender men, and narrowed back will emphasize wide shoulders. The image of a man in such a jacket becomes stylish and courageous.

A variety of styles and colors allow you to choose the perfect fit for any type of figure. For men with a little fullness, the company manufactures jackets of loose fit, with a clasp on one or two buttons. Such a style opens an elegant shirt and visually makes the silhouette much slimmer. Properly chosen costume style will decorate the figure and skillfully emphasize its dignity.

Two-piece suits "Sir", consisting of a jacket and trousers, are universal and will surprise you with a wide choice of models. Convenient and democratic, such styles refer to the casual style. They can be worn with an open collar shirt, not wearing a tie. Single-breasted suit will be a good solution for everyday wear. At the same time, the jacket and trousers of the two-piece suit can be sewn not only from one material, but also from various fabrics, matched by the color and texture of the company's designers.

Dabi suits are versatile and durable trios, in which two pairs of trousers are offered to the jacket. It is known that pants are subject to much faster wear than a jacket.

In the company "Sir" such kits are sold at a price not exceeding the cost of a regular suit, consisting of a jacket and one pair of trousers.Exceptionally practical Dabi kits are available in a variety of colors, including both plain models and suits made of fabrics in a small and larger cell, as well as fashionable tandems from a checkered jacket and two pairs of plain trousers.

Materials and colors

The material that is used for tailoring a suit affects the price of the product. Classic costumes are made of 100% wool. Natural fabrics, such as linen and cotton, are present in summer and spring models.

For thick suits designed for autumn and winter, not only wool is used, but also fabrics with artificial additives. Practical blended materials include viscose and polyester, as well as a small percentage of elastane. Costumes made from them have a lower cost than those made entirely from natural materials.

The costumes presented in the collection are mostly from smooth and matte fabrics, some of the most festive models are made of materials with a slight sheen. Blue and gray color palettes are widely represented by such shades as asphalt and dark gray, deep blue and gray-blue. Also in the collection there are traditional black elegant suits both in business style and for special occasions.

For double-breasted models of jackets, fabrics of reserved dark colors are mainly used, as well as into a light, barely visible cage.

What to wear

The company "Sudar" has prepared for its customers a lot of pleasant surprises. For those men who want to completely pick up all the necessary items for a harmonious set with a suit, there are shirts and ties for sale, butterflies and other accessories in the form of clips, belts and cufflinks.

You can always take advantage of a designer’s hint and get a shirt and a modern tie that best suits the texture and color of a new suit. Shirts for suits "Sir" are varied and interesting, from the range of the company represented more than 600 species.

It is easy to choose shirts for suits not only in light shades, white and blue, but also in a neutral strip, as well as gray and black. Shirts are made of cotton and its mixture with polyester.

A tie should be by rules of etiquette darker than a suit and shirt. In addition to the wedding, which is usually put on a black tie, in other cases, the choice depends on the situation.

Tie for a business meeting, as a rule, monophonic or inconspicuous stripes. Under a strict suit, varieties of which are widely offered by the company "Sudar", it is appropriate to wear a blue or dark gray tie, a product with a fine elegant pattern.

If you are the king of parties and love social entertainment, bright patterns with patterns, red, green and pink plain ties are presented for you. In them you will look creative and original, especially if a fashionable tie matches the color of your eyes.

Stylish images

  • The suit is bright blue with a single-breasted jacket. Pants narrowed to the bottom, with arrows, low-slung. The ensemble is complemented by a light shirt and a polka dot tie.
  • Youth model of light gray fabric with glitter. An elegant jacket with a fitted silhouette, single-breasted, fastens with two buttons. A thin shirt and burgundy tie are chosen for the suit.
  • Costume color of the pigeon wing, from blended material. Single-breasted loose-fitting jacket with pockets. The model is complemented by a pink shirt and a wide blue tie with a small pattern.


Buyers of “Sir” costumes note the high quality of service in the chain stores. The product is fully consistent with the specified size, the seams are neat, there are no threads anywhere, buttons are sewn qualitatively, the loops are swept over well.

The buyers are unanimous in the opinion that the “Sir” costumes are sewn on fashionable patterns, have an attractive and modern look.

The choice is decent and wide, which attracted the attention of the respondents to the shops of the “Sir” store.

Satisfied with men and high quality fabrics, especially in models of business class. Also, buyers unanimously celebrate a wide selection of triples for special occasions and weddings. It was especially pleasant for many customers that two pairs of trousers were offered to one jacket.

Suit suits, both expensive and average prices - from 8 thousand rubles - justify their cost. The discount system is quite flexible, so any buyer can find an inexpensive model for themselves.

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