Men's suits for the wedding

Men's suits for the wedding

Features and benefits

The image of the bridegroom at the wedding should be elegant, sophisticated and fit the selected bride attire. Therefore, it is very important to choose the right suit that would fit perfectly on the figure. You can buy it, make it to order or rent it - it all depends on your desire and financial possibilities.

It makes sense to buy a ready-made expensive suit or sew it to order if the groom plans to wear it in the future, and this scenario is quite common.

Fashionable styles and models

Every year, designers offer different styles and color combinations of wedding suits for men. The traditional black suit this season is not at the peak of popularity, but is still considered a classic of wedding fashion. The models of brown, white, silver, blue, gray and violet colors are relevant.

Types of wedding suits differ, first of all, tailoring jackets. Among them are tuxedos, tails, coats, a three-piece suit, a classic suit or a business card suit.

For a tuxedo, an extended single-breasted or double-breasted jacket with satin or ribbed silk lapels is characteristic. The shirt is worn with a stand-up collar. Trousers with straight cut stripes are worn either with suspenders that are hidden behind a vest or with a belt-sash.

Black tuxedo is the most traditional, less often dark blue fabric is used for tailoring. However, if the celebration takes place in the summer, then it will be appropriate to dress in a white tuxedo. The velvet tuxedo looks especially elegant and extraordinary, it meets the requirements of true connoisseurs of taste.

The classic wedding suit includes a jacket and trousers of various colors and styles. It is more practical in contrast to a tuxedo, because it is appropriate to wear it after the celebration at work, at business meetings and official events.

In a business card suit there is a jacket with rounded floors at the back, fastened with one button in front, which was popular in the XIX century as casual wear. It looks very solemn and is well suited for a themed wedding ceremony.

Another suit for special occasions - tailcoat. His jacket is short in front and elongated in the form of narrow tails at the back. The pants are quite narrow and are fitted with double silk lamaps on the sides. It is worn with a white shirt, white vest and white bow tie.

Also this season is very popular wedding suits in the style of "retro".


Men's youth suits for weddings are distinguished by the features of the cut and a kind of informal look - these are, as a rule, modern models consisting of a fitted and cropped jacket (or just a cropped one) and narrowed trousers with or without arrows. The whole suit or jacket can be made of colored or checkered fabric or fabric with an ornament.

A narrow tie or a colorful butterfly complements such a suit.

Fashionable version of the costume for youth wedding is a costume in the style of "casual". The jacket and trousers in it can be made of materials of different color and texture. The undoubted advantage of the costume is that it can be worn after the celebration.


Fitted suits look best on slender men of medium or low growth. When buying such a suit, you should pay particular attention to how it fits on you, since the fitted suit does not allow for compromises.

A properly selected jacket will not have wrinkles when buttoning, and will sit on you like a second skin. The length of the jacket should reach mid-thigh, unless, of course, we are not talking about a shortened model.Sleeve length - to wrist with arms down. If at least one of the specified parts does not correspond to reality, feel free to try on the following model.


The three-piece suit became popular at the beginning of the 20th century, but the fashion for it still exists today. It is a combination of single-breasted jacket, vest and trousers made of the same fabric. Stylists believe that such a suit is more suitable for men of adult age.

However, he has undoubted advantages - for example, a vest as if tightens the figure. In addition, the three-piece suit can be worn after the wedding ceremony and it will look harmonious at business meetings or in the office.

Unusual and original

A tuxedo can become a very original outfit for the groom, the man in it looks very elegant. It can be complemented with a white shirt and a classic black or colored bow tie, depending on the color accents of your wedding, or the bow tie can be selected in the same color as the bridesmaid dress.

Another unusual wedding dress is the dress. It looks majestically due to its traditional cut - a short front jacket and trousers with stripes lengthened at the back. It can be made in the traditional black or white color.

For a wedding in autumn or spring, a frock coat is an excellent option. It is elongated, double-breasted and more like a coat. The image will be very elegant.

For full

A black, dark gray or dark blue pinstriped suit, perfectly matched to size or tailored to order in the atelier, will be a good suit for overweight men. This costume will make you visually slimmer and taller.


For the wedding ceremony held in the summer, it is better to give preference to suits of light colors - beige, light gray, blue or white. And also allowed to wear a shirt with short sleeves.

In addition, in recent years in the summer it has become fashionable to arrange themed weddings. If your wedding belongs to this kind of celebration, then you should dress, following the style of the chosen theme.


Wedding suits of brown and blue colors are considered trendy today. However, models of blue, violet, gray, white, beige colors or ivory are quite popular.

For the most daring natures there are costumes of red, burgundy and green colors.

Conservative young people still choose a classic black suit for the ceremony. To add a little youth style to him, you should pick up a bright accent, for example, in the form of a tie or a butterfly of rich colors.

Blue and dark blue

A navy suit with a blue tie and a white shirt looks pretty stylish. This option can be worn after the celebration.

Blue suit for a solemn occasion can be made of satin fabric. It goes well with a white satin waistcoat and tie, as well as a white matte shirt. Another option is to combine a blue suit with a white shirt, black vest and black bow tie.

A combination of a dark blue suit with a blue shirt and a black tie will also look good.


The costume in the style of "white bow" looks great and very solemn. The costume can be made of white monophonic fabric or white textured fabric with an ornament. The combination of satin suit and tie with a vest and shirt made of matte white fabric looks interesting.

An excellent option would be to combine a white suit with a blue shirt and a blue satin tie a couple tones darker than a shirt.


The suit of red color, most likely, will be chosen by a man, who is used to being always in the center of attention, regardless of the events taking place.Such a bold color should definitely be combined with the bride's dress - for example, she should have a red wide belt to a snow-white dress and a bridal bouquet made in red tones, combined with red shoes.

Also, this suit is suitable for a bright youth wedding in the style of "style." Such weddings have become incredibly popular after going to the movie screens of the same name.


Wedding dress burgundy color looks very elegant and unusual. Stylists advise older men to choose such a suit, because the color is perceived as very solid. With a burgundy suit you can combine a white, black or beige shirt.

The burgundy suit in combination with a blue shirt and a blue tie will look unusual. An interesting option would be a suit in which the burgundy color has only a jacket, and pants are made of black fabric.

The costume is made conservatively of dark burgundy fabric in combination with a black shirt and a black tie.


The green suit for the wedding, of course, looks very bright and attracts no less attention than red. In order for it not to look inappropriate, you need to try to find the appropriate details, such as a tie or bow tie, shirt, cufflinks, etc. You also need to observe the color combination with the image of the bride in order for this holiday for two young people looked like a couple.


Brown is the trend of this season in men's wedding fashion. A brown suit goes well with a white shirt and a cocoa-colored tie or a brown print tie.

To add a little playfulness to a serious brown suit, you can try combining it with a white shirt, brown suspenders and a bowtie to match.


Blue wedding suit is suitable for holding a wedding in the warmer months. He especially looks good on blond and blond men with blue eyes. This suit can be supplemented with a snow-white shirt and a blue tie or bowtie.

It looks great blue suit in combination with a blue shirt a couple of tones lighter than a suit and a tie a couple of tones darker than a suit. It turns out a very harmonious image.

The black

Black wedding suit - this is the most classic and most common version of men's clothing for special occasions. It is very practical and after the wedding can be used for a long time.

An interesting combination would be a black suit with a waistcoat and tie, made of satin fabric with a beige-colored print. A white shirt or a shirt the color of baked milk complements such an elegant look.


As a rule, if the wedding takes place during the cold season, the costume is chosen from wool. It looks great and retains heat.

If the wedding is scheduled for summer, mid-spring or early autumn, then you can pay attention to such fabrics as linen, cotton or silk. However, make sure that this fabric contains a certain percentage of elastane - without it, the fabric will very quickly wrinkle and look not the best way.

How to choose

A wedding suit should not only emphasize all the advantages of a man’s appearance, but also hide all the flaws in the figure, if any. Therefore, the choice of costume should be approached, taking into account all the features of the groom's body. For example, tall, slender men are better to pay attention to the double-breasted jacket and straight cut trousers, but it is possible to choose a fitted jacket.

Low, on the contrary, you need to choose a slightly narrowed trousers and a single-breasted short jacket, it is also possible to choose a fitted model of the jacket.

Solid-colored suits of dark color or dark suits with thin stripes are suitable for men with full physique. On the trousers it is important to have arrows, and the jacket needs to choose a classic cut. Fitted models should be categorically excluded.

Thin men can choose a single-breasted straight jacket and lightly tapered trousers, as well as to give preference to the bow tie instead of the tie.

And if your shoulders are too wide, pick up a single-breasted jacket with patch pockets and skinny pants.

You can choose a shirt based on the color of the eyes of a man. For example, men with blue eyes wear shirts in blue, azure, blue-gray or gray. Men with brown eyes can pick up a beige or brown shirt.

What to wear

In addition to the costume, it is necessary to carefully choose a shirt that would fit the costume in color and at the same time fit the figure perfectly. Depending on the cut, shirts are fitted and loose. And if you are a bit overweight, it’s better to choose a loose shirt.

The ideal length of the sleeves of the shirt should reach the joint of the thumb on the hand and not expose the wrist when the arm is bent.

When the collar of the shirt is buttoned on all buttons, 1-2 fingers should be placed between the neck and the collar.

Cuffs of a shirt should peek out from under the sleeves of the jacket by about 1.5 cm. They can be either on buttons or under the socks. For a wedding suit, it is preferable to choose a shirt on the cufflinks, which, by the way, can be made in a style close to the bride's jewelry.

Shirts can be made of elastane and polyester, cotton fabric with a low content of elastane, cotton fabric without the addition of synthetics, linen fabric or natural silk.

If you choose a suit of matte fabric, it is appropriate to pick up a shirt made of satin fabric, and vice versa - satin suits in combination with a shirt of matte fabric will look more interesting.

Choosing shoes and accessories

Shoes are an important finishing touch of a wedding dress, it should be ideally suited to the costume in color and style. The simplest rule to follow is to choose a dark suit with dark shades of shoes, and light ones with light ones. The same goes for socks.

Accessories deserve special attention. Among them, there is a boutonniere, which should be combined with the bridal bouquet of the bride, a tie or a bow, which echo the color of the bride's outfit, suspenders, cufflinks and a tie pin. It is the details that are selected carefully and with taste that can make the image more refined.

Tuxedo appropriate to wear with a black bow tie. Stylists are inclined to believe that a white butterfly is better combined with a dress coat, but of all the rules have their exceptions.

In some wedding suits, instead of a tie or a butterfly, there is a neck scarf. For him, the same rule applies - he must be in harmony with the bride's dress or fit the style.

You can complement a fashionable wedding image with a handkerchief in your breast pocket, although some suitors do not want to overload it and give preference to one thing - either a boutonniere or a handkerchief.

How much is

The cost of a wedding suit excluding shirts, ties, shoes and other accessories starts from 10 thousand rubles and depends on the fabric from which the costume is sewn, and the designer or fashion house that made this costume.

If we are talking about tailoring a suit to order, then in the studio the cost of tailoring can start from 30 thousand rubles and depend on the chosen fabric, the style of the wedding suit, and sometimes the speed of tailoring.

Stylish images

  1. The men's wedding three-piece suit made of two types of dark purple satin fabric in combination with a white shirt and a purple neck scarf with a barrette looks very elegant, sophisticated and unusual. The image complements the white scarf in the breast pocket.

  2. A dark brown three-piece suit in combination with a white shirt and a scarf to match the suit is perfectly suited for the wedding ceremony and is also the trend of this season.

  3. A noble dark green suit with slightly narrowed trousers and a fitted jacket combined with a waistcoat, a white shirt and a black narrow tie with a hairpin will be an excellent option for a youth wedding.

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