Fashion shorts 2019

Fashion shorts 2019

What it is

Shorts is a type of cropped trousers, the length of which does not reach the knee. Initially, shorts appeared as men's workout clothes.

Today, various types of comfortable and elegant shorts are worn everywhere - for walks, for work, they go to cafes and shops, for romantic dates. Perhaps, it is more difficult to name those events that can not come in shorts. Beautiful and fashionable models are appropriate in any situation and have become truly universal.

Features and benefits

Elegant and practical shorts have gained popularity with the beautiful half of humanity, primarily as an indispensable thing for summer. In them, any girl can not only feel easy and move comfortably in hot weather, but also demonstrate tanned legs.

Increasingly and in the cold season, modern women of fashion do not refuse the pleasure to wear comfortable shorts - made of wool and knitwear, denim and other materials. There are a number of very fashionable styles that are relevant this season.

Fashionable styles and models


Shorts of the traditional style Landhausen originate from the clothing of the Alpine costume of Bavaria and Austria. The prototype served as a leather original model of straight cut with cuffs.

With the onset of cold weather, tweed or wool shorts can successfully replace the formfitting office skirt, if the dress code rules allow. Business style dictates wearing styles elongated and moderately flared.

During the whole working day, comfort, stylish appearance and complete freedom of movement will be provided to you. Wool and knit shorts just above the knee are worn with tight tights and a graceful jacket.


If you want to bring a fresh stream to your style, and you don’t like jeans like they used to, they will be replaced by denim shorts. They can be obtained by cutting off the jeans, then not hemming, leave a small fringe on the edge.

Lovers of ultramodern clothes should pay attention to the hit of the season - "torn" and "holey" shorts. As a rule, they are ultrashort, bleached or colored, with a gradient from light to dark.

Shortened models are worn this season, not only in summer, but the whole year. Bold and lightly shocking styles, of course, strongly attract attention, so they are better to wear to girls with a very slim figure.

More versatile can be considered as "boyfriends" who will suit very many fashionable women. Light blue models look modern, as well as products of the color of lingonberry, violet and ink shades. Fashion designers do not refuse such traditional colors as black, navy, and gray for sewing denim shorts.


Cargo - a type of fashionable shorts with a large number of patch pockets. The original style is considered unofficial and refers to the street fashion. For traditional cargoes, it is typical to have at least four convenient pockets with buttons on the buttons sewn on the model. They can put a number of things you need, so the pockets are an important part of this style.


Soft-fitting high-rise and high-waisted can be attributed to the fashionable provocations of this season. Shorts will emphasize the figure and show its merits, like no others. Due to the high waist proportions will be significantly improved - the silhouette will visually lengthen, legs will look slimmer.

High-waisted shorts are sewn loose or even wide, with tucks at the waist. The waistline can be accentuated by a buckle strap.


A bit of shocking added to modern fashion shorts in military style. Camouflage colors and strict lines of short and elongated shorts with large pockets came into the female fashion from the male uniform.

Despite the brutality of this style, quite unexpectedly, military shorts have acquired a new feature - to emphasize the femininity and coquettishness of their owners. In order not to overdo it with unnecessary accents, it is better to leave such a model the only thing in military style in the kit.

The military shorts of pastel and beige shades are not inferior in popularity. Models of neutral colors - dark green, gray and beige - look extremely stylish and advantageous on the female figure and can make a tandem with almost any top.

Pajama and Home

Any girl can use cozy pajamas not only as sleeping clothes, but also as a dress for a pajama party.

As a set for a night of rest, many ladies prefer to wear elegant pajamas consisting of a top and loose shorts. Lightweight models of cotton, viscose or fashionable silk this season fit perfectly into homemade onions.

Sport models


For performances often use the style of batty-riders. The super-short model ends in the gluteus muscles, without closing them completely. Eccentric riders are more like original panties. They attract the attention of frank style and very elegant. They are decorated with rhinestones and bright embroidery.


Tight cycling shorts or simply bicycles are made of spandex and lycra. These synthetic materials of a new generation, as well as a special cut with inserts, are able to protect the owner of the bicycle shorts from injury, the headwind cold wind. Fabrics "breathe", so all the moisture evaporates, and the skin is well protected from diaper rash and not rubbed.


The first model of running shorts developed by Adidas specifically for the Olympics in Moscow in 1980. German designers tried to create extremely comfortable sportswear for runners, and their goal was achieved. Professional athletes now prefer to engage in athletics only in such special shorts, and their example is followed by amateurs and amateurs around the world.

Running shorts on a wide elastic band well adjoin to a body, without interfering with the fast movements. Promotes complete comfort and the material from which they are sewn - lycra, nylon or polyester. Inside the shorts there is a cotton pad.

For fitness club

Fitness is strongly associated with dolphin shorts. This is a tight body model, short and with small cuts on the sides. Folded dolphin-shorts with a cord are like a dolphin's tail, from where they got this name. Designed for aerobics in the distant 80s, dolphins are again at the peak of popularity as shorts for fitness.

For surfing

The main advantage of shorts for surfing is their extremely fast drying, so they are sewn from polyester, nylon and other synthetic materials of the new generation.

Bordshorts, popular all over the world, are long and loose, they are worn with a low fit and fixed on special ties. Additional velcro on the fly will not allow them to fall at the moment of the rolling wave. In this classic model there is a pocket in which the keys are stored.


The form for grappling should follow the contours of the figure, like a streamlined case. The protective properties of shorts are expressed in the strength and elasticity of the materials used. Gently adjacent to the body, the shorts do not cause the slightest inconvenience, like real combat gear.

To prevent the opponent's hands from getting stuck and not hurt, there should be no pockets, buttons and snakes on the shorts.Fixation at the waist is the most reliable, the product is tightened tightly with a cord and can not fall during the bout.

For gymnastics

Gymnastic shorts are widespread since the early 70s. They are sewn with a special lining inside, allowing you to wear them without underwear. The shorts are very tight to the body, so the softest and lightest fabric is chosen for sewing - organic cotton, polyester or nylon.

For crossfit

Designers offer for this sport shorts with stripes on the sides, made from satin or knitwear. Shorts of medium length and the brightest and most beautiful colors. In such an interesting thing you can go not only to the gym, but also to an informal meeting with friends, complementing the ensemble with a feminine top with shoulder straps, as well as a jacket bomber jacket and fashionable sneakers to match.

Models for pregnant women

It is comfortable for pregnant women to walk in long shorts with a belt on a cord, the width of which can be controlled. For summer, the best styles will be a skirt-shorts or safaris, breeches and models of cotton and flax. A flared blouse or short-sleeved shirt will complement loose shorts.

Fashion trends


Microshorts leave the hips open. The material for them is most often nylon and polyester. For the first time, such a model was proposed by the English designer Mary Quent as an outfit for a party in the style of “Cheering London” in the mid-60s of the last century.

Among the frankly short shorts can be called a safari, referring to the retro 70s. The fashion for comfortable and loose styles with a beautiful fit on the figure and a minimum of detail has found a second wind again, and the shorts are back in the wardrobe of the fashionistas again this season.

Elongated styles are also presented with beautiful and original models. These include shorts and culottes, which fashion podiums around the world have demonstrated this year.

Culottes are flared and long shorts-skirts, which appeared in England as women's clothing for riding.

Due to increased comfort, culottes have become widespread. Without them, it is difficult to imagine a casual style.

Long, wide and loose bermuda shorts are classified as business fashions. This style is named in honor of Bermuda, where it first appeared as part of a summer business suit. Bermuda is well accustomed to the female fashion, because they perfectly conceal the fullness and flaws of the figure.



Bright coral and cyclamen - the kings of the current season. The attractiveness of such colorful shades is manifested in tight-fitting short styles for spring and summer. In the shorts of catchy colors at least details - only a few decorative rivets or stitches, a spectacular strap and zippers on the pockets.


Trendy gold and all shades of yellow are used this season for sewing a variety of shorts of any length and style. Yellow shorts are versatile. They are worn with T-shirts and T-shirts, tops and shirts - white and blue, green and in a democratic bright cell. The elongated and strict styles of yellow shorts look advantageous with a fashionable bright jacket.


White shorts are simply designed to highlight the bright summer tan. The universality of such a model is hard to overestimate; it is not for nothing that she is considered the greatest hit in the women's fashion. If you have to spend the summer in the city, spectacular white shorts in tandem with a shirt or denim jacket will always help you out - you can not only walk down the street, but also spend time at work.

For the evening, perfect shorts made of shiny white satin and knitted sweater with openwork pattern. Decorate the model and become the highlight beige or any other contrasting color belt.

In the cage and strip

Materials in a monochromatic and light contrasting strip and cage are good in that they give the figure a harmony due to the visually extending horizontal lines.Classic, slightly flared models of medium length, similar to the men's, with cuffs are sewn from these fabrics. For residents of the United States, checkered shorts have become part of everyday life as a school uniform for private schools.

Shorts are set loosely at the waist and are free from details such as pockets, tucks, or loops for wearing a belt. A beautiful ensemble with them will make white blouses, elegant and stylish tops of gentle tones,


Stylists recommend choosing shorts from materials that keep their shape well - wool or silk. For women's fabrics for sewing models of a wide variety of styles also include gabardine, thick cotton and denim, linen and knitwear, leather and lace.

Leather shorts never go out of style. This season, the traditional models of black matte leather added fashionable styles of this material in blue, turquoise, shades of red and orange.

The absolute novelty of this year - shorts made of lace or with inserts from this amazing material. Feminine and delicate decoration, at first glance, not quite suitable for shorts, unusual and beautiful complements them. For evening fashion, particularly elegant black and colored lace are appropriate. Elegant will look a belt of the same lace or guipure, tied to the bow.

Another new material for the manufacture of sports models of shorts can be called neoprene. Shorts from it are classified as tight and at the same time elastic, they are made specifically for losing weight during active physical activity.

Tight-fitting and long, almost to the knee, medical neoprene shorts seem to “drain” those extra pounds due to the warming up of muscles and the activation of blood circulation during exercise. The shorts are very tight on the figure thanks to the double secure fastener, inside is a cotton absorbent lining.

How to choose

Thanks to the correct choice of style and color, your figure can look perfect. Minor flaws will be completely hidden, and the merits highlighted. Among a wide variety of models of different lengths, it is easy to choose the best style that will suit you.

  1. For the figure of the type "pear" need shorts semi-adjacent style, giving a spacious upper thighs. Short models and those with decorative elements are contraindicated. It is better to choose inconspicuous shorts from thin and medium density fabrics.
  2. Visually win from shorts with a high waist figure type "apple". This style lengthens the legs and emphasizes the slimness of the hips, distracting attention from the problem parts.
  3. If your figure is closer to the "rectangle", ultrashort models of shorts will suit you, as well as volumetric decorated and bright styles, extended to the bottom.
  4. For girls with the “inverted triangle” figure, the widest models in combination with fitted tops, for example, Bermuda shorts, will become relevant.
  5. As for the owners of the hourglass figure, for them there are no restrictions in the choice. You can try on any styles of fashionable shorts, guided by your own taste and fantasy.

What to wear

If we talk about the fashion trends of the current season, they can be described as a non-standard approach in combining the elements of the costume with each other. The carefully thought-out use of the contrast of colors and styles is highly valued in outfit. A striking example is the combination of military-style shorts with evening shoes — slippers and golden, light sandals.

If the shorts are short, the same shortened and volume top in the form of a top or blouse will be the best choice. Lightweight materials, silk or chiffon, will help create a romantic look. For a combination with fashionable this season, blue, purple and turquoise shorts fit white jersey or t-shirt.

Short shorts are worn with a dress. Such an unusual ensemble will appeal to girls who like the fashionable length of shorts, but it is undesirable to open their legs too much. In this case, the dress acts as an outer layer of clothing, without hiding the inside - shorts.

You will suit dresses, shirts or trench coats with open bottom buttons, models with high side slits. Successfully combined with shorts, mallet dress, asymmetrical styles. And, of course, the royal level of elegance can be called a set consisting of a translucent chiffon dress and shorts made of smooth material.

Shorts made from fashionable fabrics such as leather and velor are worn with country-style shirts and a variety of hats. Socks and socks, as well as leggings make up one stylistic unit with eye-catching shorts. Under the winter models are appropriate high boots and boots.

The tandem of elegant and sophisticated shoes with very high heels and stylish shorts can be called one of the most successful. Breeches and elongated sports-style models are worn with sneakers, slip-on shoes and flat-soled shoes.

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