Children's camouflage suit

Children's camouflage suit

Features and benefits

What is camouflage? The term hides a type of coloring that allows disguise in the wild and the environment. Widely used in the army.

The clothes of a specific color were liked not only by the military, but also by the adherents of active recreation, geologists. It allows you to merge with nature on the hunt, while fishing, hiking. It is warm, not afraid of wind and bad weather.

Recently, camouflage began to conquer the market for children's clothing. In addition to the undeniable advantages in the form of protective properties, it allows children to feel more mature, more confident. After all, they often want to imitate their parents, and a suit “like that of a father” is perfectly suited for this purpose.


Camouflage is different depending on seasonal conditions, terrain and landscape.

At first camouflage colors meant exclusively khaki, which translates from Persian as “dirt”. Later, the color scheme expanded to several main varieties, including camouflage for the desert, forest, jungle, winter landscape, safari, applicable exclusively in South Africa, as well as the so-called "Birch". The coloring "Birch" initially contained three color segments and was called "Palm". Later, it was modernized, the number of flowers was reduced to two in order to reduce the price, it was called “Birch” in everyday life and was ideally suited for the middle band.

As for the material, for sewing often used is a raincoat fabric, fleece, a fabric with a high content of polyester fiber called “Oxford”, and a synthetic combined fabric of rip-stop.

Raincoat - this is quite an economical option. Winter models are equipped with insulation. They can be washed in a washing machine and wrung out at high speeds. The fabric is good because it does not need ironing after washing.

Fleece, due to its structure, has high thermal insulation qualities, does not fade or crumple.

Oxford is a high-strength material. The product made of this fabric will serve for many years, moving from older children to younger ones. Of the minuses - hand wash.

Rip-stop is a unique fabric. Does not undergo deformation, does not crumple, does not fade. Suitable for machine washable.

How to choose

Approaching the choice of a children's camouflage suit, it is recommended to pay first of all attention to a complete set. Make sure you have pockets and belt loops for a belt or belt, a good lock, hinges for mounting camping equipment. Ideally, the fabric from which the product is sewn is impregnated with a composition that makes it waterproof and water-repellent.

Check out clothing tags. Agree, if the suit is not washable in a washing machine, and requires only dry cleaning, this makes it not very convenient to use. Children often get dirty, and after some time even non-marking camouflage colors will not save the situation.

When buying a suit size in size, be prepared that in a year the child will grow and the belt with which the model is supplied will be in the chest area. It is better to take a bit with a margin. Length is easy to adjust, dragging the belt in the waist.

If a camouflage suit is purchased for use for its intended purpose, namely, for masking, then check the color matching with the natural, weather conditions and try to touch. It is preferable if the fabric will not make rustling sounds during movement.

Stylish images

Most often you can find camouflage suits designed for the warm season, but you can find models designed for off-season and cold.

Stylists offer kids feel like future defenders of the Motherland, reincarnate in serious paratroopers, dressed in a jacket, equipped with a hood, insulated pants and a felt blue beret.

Girls will look independent, stylish and at the same time feel comfortable in a soft fleece suit. To create a full-fledged bow of a confident girl, you can advise you to choose a T-shirt similar in color and complement the image of the horsetail at all times, choosing a camouflage gum as an accompanying accessory.

Does a child dream of becoming a scout? It is necessary to start preparing from childhood! Having chosen the “Berezka” overalls, there is no doubt that taking part in active games, like “Zarnitsa”, the child will feel comfortable, will be able to easily disguise itself in the natural conditions of the local forest belt, plus clothes will perfectly protect from tick bites. And how many envious eyes of comrades will turn on themselves - and not count. Camouflage jumpsuit will be a godsend for these boys!

Choosing a warmed suit, you should look at the model of camouflage colors "Winter". The overalls will allow you to remain dry for a long time, as the snow will simply have nowhere to be hammered. A jacket on top will serve as an additional guarantee of a comfortable stay in the cold. Tsigeykovy collar has excellent water-repellent properties, snow does not stick to it during the game in the yard, and a hat with ears of identical color can be the final touch.

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