A graduation suit for a guy - fashion trends of 2019

A graduation suit for a guy - fashion trends of 2019

Graduation at a university or school is the end of a very important stage in life. Needless to say, it is important to prepare for such an event in advance - it is important to prepare the last words of gratitude to the teachers, good wishes to friends and, of course, a suit.

Features and benefits

The suit for the young man should be perfect, because his image will remain in the photographs of each of the classmates. Unfashionable and ridiculous costumes cut into the memory and begin to be associated with a particular person. Agree, this state of affairs will not suit ambitious young people. So, it's time to go in search of the ideal model.

It is possible to pick up a dress for a graduation party and from separate clothes. However, the advantages of the costume are obvious:

  • combination of fabric textures;
  • exact hit in an image of all elements of clothes;
  • the possibility of combining elements of the costume with other things;
  • the opportunity to wear a suit for prom and other important events;
  • presentable.

Indeed, a quality suit is harmonious. Pants are perfectly combined with a jacket, the length of which exactly corresponds to the top. Only experienced stylists can choose individual things in such organicity on their own, which means throwing away thoughts about economy, because graduation is very significant.

Fashion trends

Suits for prom today are varied. For example, a three-piece suit will become a fashionable solution, the jacket and trousers of which are complemented by a stylish vest. The bow turns out to be outlined and sharp, and besides, it is also very practical, because during the fiery dances you can take off the jacket and stay in such a presentable and luxurious image.

It is worth trying on a classic suit. Fitted jacket and straight pants on the figure - the image is relevant at all times. Consider it boring? Then feel free to choose a model with a bright lining of the jacket, for example, a gray jacket with a purple lining - a fresh trend of the season. Single-breasted with a narrow collar and double-breasted models of jackets will look harmonious in the classics.

Young people accustomed to surprise and be in the center of attention can not do without a tail coat or tuxedo in black at the prom. Metalized tones of brown, beige and blue will also organically fit into this original and very solemn piece of clothing.

The classics of the graduation suit adopted new trends this season. So, famous couturiers presented costumes with lowered step seam of trousers. Looks like this image more freely and boldly.

Fashion collections did not go without jackets with patches. For a more organic and festive bow, choose similar models with matching colors in the patch and trim the edges of the pocket.

The classics, as is known, is suitable for everyone, however, not for all, it is interesting. In search of something different, pay attention to modern graduation costumes. Their colors play on contrasts, for example, a white jacket is made with black thread trim. The shirt in the styles may have a similarity to a polo shirt from a sporty style, and trousers only extend to the length of the ankles, and in the summer versions to the knees.

How to choose

So, if the form and style of the future costume are determined, it is time to designate the selection criteria.

First, a good suit should fit in size. Check it is easy, just make sure that the line of the shoulder at the jacket coincides with its own shoulder. Also buttoned buttons should not be bristled.

There is a situation when the top and bottom of the suit sit on the figure in different ways, for example, pants fall at the right time, but the jacket seems to be removed from someone else's shoulder.Remember that modern stores will always collect a set of top and bottom of different sizes. If the peculiarity of the silhouette does not allow you to choose an option that fits well on the figure, go to the studio, where they will create your model.

The length of the pants - the most important element of the image. Their classic version should reach the middle of the heel, in modern models, the pants reach the ankles.

What to wear

A good suit requires careful selection of a shirt. Of course, the white model will always look advantageous and with any color palette of the suit.

To the black and gray suit in addition to white, pale blue and pink shirts will do. The purple and black tone of the shirt will be an original and stylish addition to the gray suit.

To emphasize the freshness and mysteriousness of the rich blue suit will help ayvor shade shirt, pale pink and blue.

It should be said that ayvor and blue - harmonize in all its manifestations So, a milk suit with a blue shirt will also be a stylish solution.

If your costume is made in chocolate, cocoa and sandy shades, feel free to experiment with color. The lime, mustard and orange tone of the shirt will emphasize the individuality and sense of delicate taste.

We select shoes and accessories

Men's shoes for prom should be chosen as anxiously as women's shoes, because they have to walk around and dance all day long.

Classic models remain a win-win option, however, trendy loafers are also suitable for modern style in suits.

Tie - the final element of the image. In color, it can be combined with any element of the costume, as well as with a handkerchief, stylishly looking out of a breast pocket. If your choice was a tuxedo or dress coat, pay attention to bow ties.

Stylish images

Classic black is gorgeous in modern silhouettes. Pants with a slim fit and fitted jacket, complemented by a soft pink shirt, create a presentable image.

The trendy chocolate tint of the costume and the orange shirt defy the classic outfits. It is impossible to ignore such an image.

White color is scolded for its impracticality, but how beautiful are the images created with it. A white shirt and light-colored belt complete the stylish bow.

The three-piece suit is black and the white shirt is able to become a practical element of the wardrobe for various celebrations.

Double-breasted blue suit with white pants embody the mysterious image of the commander of the ship.

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