Wedding dress with a corset

Wedding dress with a corset

No matter how the fashion changes, no matter how the directions of style and design change, the corset still remains the basic element of the wedding dress. Although it is impossible not to notice that some wedding dresses today are sewn without it. And yet, not a single fashion house has ever presented its collection of dresses without a model without a corset.

Fashionable couturiers and designers, and indeed the entire female half are grateful to the creator of the corset, because it allows the woman to correct a non-ideal figure, emphasize her breasts and waist, and also give grace and femininity. If in the 18th century a corset with a skirt on the rings could be seen everywhere, then in the modern world such an attire is more associated with a wedding dress.

A wedding dress with a corset always looks elegant, gentle and stylish. In such a dress, any bride feels like a Disney princess, just like in the fairy tale she had dreamed of since childhood. A magnificent white dress and a prince on a white horse are, of course, the long-existing model of any girl’s dream. Despite the fact that the white horse today was replaced by a white Mercedes, the lush white dress with an embroidered corset still remains relevant.

Key Features

  1. Stresses the waist;
  2. Hides and adjusts the volume of the hips and legs;
  3. Allows you to visually enlarge the breast;
  4. Gives a smooth and perfectly graceful posture;
  5. Lacing allows you to vary the size and volume;
  6. Gives the image of femininity.

Today, there are three variations of wedding dresses with a corset:

  1. Piece model (corset and skirt sewn together);
  2. With a corset and skirt (two parts exist separately from each other);
  3. With an elongated corset (such a corset has only a decorative function).

Models of wedding dresses with corsets


This is a traditional bridal outfit, which is chosen most often in Russia. This dress can be both A-shaped and classic ballroom. In this case, the A-shaped dress has its volume due to several layers of skirts, the so-called petticoats for the volume, and the ball most often on the ring. In this case, these dresses can choose a variety of corsets: with a transparent corset, with lace, with rhinestones, with sequins, etc. The corset in such models of dresses can have a lacing both behind, and two on both sides, and also it can be both on hooks, and on a lightning.


Wedding dress style "Mermaid" is very popular in the West. He is chosen by celebrity celebrities, royal personages, and ordinary girls, following fashion trends. However, with such a dress you need to be very careful, because like no other dress it will emphasize all the advantages and disadvantages (if any) of your figure. There should be a clear “chest-waist-hip” contour. Therefore, choosing such a model, do not fall into a mess, because every girl wants to look at her own wedding the most charming and attractive. If you meet the parameters plus / minus 90/60/90, then feel free to choose this outfit and you will not lose.

With a low corset

Dresses with lowered corset have long been popular among brides both in Russia and around the world. Such a dress as a dress "Mermaid" will gird your figure, repeating all the curves and bumps thanks to the corset. It is very sexy, so many of the weaker sex choose their choice. This model can hardly be met with a transparent corset due to the fact that the corset here is elongated and covers the hips.However, this does not affect the richness of choice, because elongated corsets can be found in a variety of styles and with different decorations: with sequins, lace, embroidery, glass beads and even Swarovski stones.


It cannot be said that such a model of a wedding dress is popular in our country, but it has the right to exist, if only because some young ladies prefer just such a model of dress. Given the current trend "to be not like everyone else", such a dress can be exactly your choice. Your wedding look can safely turn into a retro style - a skirt, a beautiful corset, a belt.

Corset selection

You must be very careful when choosing a corset. If the bride in her life has never tried to wear a corset, then she needs to remember that he changes her position, making her more even and graceful. When choosing a corset, you need to take exactly your size, not counting on the fact that you lose weight. And if you already asked the task to lose weight for the wedding, it is better to lose weight first, and then buy yourself a corset.

How to lace a corset

Raising the question of how to lace up a corset, I immediately recall the scene where the nanny tied the corset of young Scarlett O’Hara (the film “Gone With the Wind”), or at the same time in the film “Titanic” (where Rosa's mother helped tighten the laces on the corset). So, how do you still need to properly lace up the corset.

It must be remembered that an attempt to tighten the threads as tightly as possible can turn into a complete nightmare for the bride, because she will have to spend a whole evening or even a day in this dress. On the wedding day there are many moments that can cause a variety of emotions, up to sentimentality. Therefore, if at the moment of tightening the corset the bride is standing still and taking a deep breath, then during the wedding she may be worried. And this means that she will experience rapid breathing, which, with a very tight corset, will deliver tremendous discomfort to the bride. It is for these purposes, experts advise to spread the corset before the wedding at least 3-4 days, so that the bride can understand at what volume she most comfortable and well.

Second, tighten the lace on the corset begin at the top. Having secured the first cross of the lacing with a knot, the position of the chest is fixed. Then going down below, you need to tighten the waist area and only then make a bow at the final lap.

If with the lacing on the back everything is more or less not difficult, then with the lacing on the sides you need a certain skill. The complexity of this lacing is that it must be tightened evenly so that the silhouette of the dress is even and not skewed.


Judging by the latest trends in the fashion world, models of wedding dresses with corsets are gaining momentum. So, in the last weeks of fashion in Milan, in Paris and in New York, such models were found in the collections of Tony Ward, Jean Paul Gaultier, Carolina Harrera and Oscar de la Renta. Lawmakers in the world of wedding fashion are no exception - Vera Wang, Elie Saab and Zuhair Murad. By the way, the latter used corsets in every second dress, decorating them with every possible decor and choosing the most different shades - from classic white to rich gold. This is not surprising, because with a corset dress looks much more advantageous, giving the figure extraordinary grace and sophistication. Underlining the silhouette, the corset is slim and shows the figure in the best angles.

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