Children's costumes for girls and boys

Children's costumes for girls and boys

Features and benefits

The child’s wardrobe should be given special attention, because not only the appearance of the baby, but also his mental state depends on it. Today, the market can see a huge number of children's costumes, ranging from classic models to carnival costumes. If your child dreams of being transformed on New Year's Eve or other holidays, it will not be difficult to choose a certain costume. A large range of products allows each person to purchase the most optimal and suitable suits for his child.

Fashionable styles and models


Concert costumes are simply indispensable for children who love to perform on stage. Such products are distinguished by bright color shades, the presence of sparkles and other elements that attract attention. When choosing a stage costume, it is necessary to pay attention not only to the wishes of the child, but also to his age, body features and events in which he participates. Today you can find concert costumes that are decorated with national ornaments, ethnic motifs and state symbols. Such outfits are perfect for celebrating public holidays and official events.

For taekwondo

Costumes for taekwondo are presented in a huge assortment: according to preliminary data, at least 10 varieties of this form can be found on the market, therefore, the selection process must be approached very responsibly. Some forms are quite similar to kimono, while for others, the upper part looks like a T-shirt and is worn over the head. In this case, the color of the costume is also of great importance, because each federation puts forward its own requirements for clothing for sports.


Nothing beautifies a person like classic costumes, and children are no exception. Such outfits will be very useful at official receptions, holidays and events. When choosing a classic suit, you need to pay close attention to size: there is no need to take too large options for growth, as the child will not look stylish in them. The most popular colors of classic outfits are black and white.

For swimming

Swimming is one of the most popular and useful sports for which the child needs to purchase swimming suits. The variants of practically the same style presented on the market, and the color shades can be completely different. For boys, you can choose green, blue or gray outfits, while girls will be happy to wear red and pink suits. Some variants of products are offered together with caps, others include only the swimming outfit itself.


The choice of football suits should be taken very seriously, because not only the comfort and safety of the baby, but also his game depends on it. It is best to give preference to products that are made from lightweight and breathable materials, which is of paramount importance during active training and playing. Of course, the child will want to choose the emblem of the football club and the number of the player that will be printed on the shirt. Today you can buy football suits of almost any well-known player, regardless of the location of the club.

For rhythmic gymnastics

Costumes for rhythmic gymnastics, first of all, should offer maximum comfort and coziness. A distinctive feature of such products is that they fit snugly to the body and do not hold down movements. The colors can be very different, starting with dark gray and ending with bright burgundy colors.


The most popular color for clothes for boys is green, and girls - red. Psychologists say that it is best to give preference to bright clothing options that are filled with positive and cause the child a good mood.



Membrane suits are one of the most popular and sought after on the market. Such products provide the child with a unique opportunity to actively explore the world, are not afraid of puddles, snow and other weather phenomena. As for parents, such costumes protect their nerves and money for washing powders. The membrane is a film that is attached to the base material. Among the distinctive advantages of membrane suits, you can highlight the fact that they let the air through, do not get wet, and remove excess moisture from the body. Even if a child falls into water in such a suit, he will not get wet, therefore membrane products are excellent for sports or outdoor activities.


Nano suits are popular due to the fact that it provides maximum warmth to the child even on the coldest days. In addition, this clothing has a unique water-repellent property that allows you not to worry about your child. In the manufacture of nano-suits used high-quality materials that ensure the durability of products and their resistance to wear. Often, nano suits are produced in the form of overalls, which provides maximum comfort for the child.


The main advantage of velor suits for children is their practicality and luxurious appearance. Velor suits can be worn not only at home, but also in nature, for exploring the city or excursions. Today, the market presents options in a variety of colors, ranging from bright to more discreet shades. When choosing velor products should be remembered that the density of this material may be different. Today both summer velor suits and more warmed autumn options are on the market. Regardless of density, this material perfectly retains heat and does not interfere with the flow of air to the body. In other words, with good quality fabric, a suit made of velor will be able to guarantee the optimal temperature conditions of the body. Due to the presence of soft lint, velor suits seem very pleasant to the touch and soft.


Terry suits are soft, fluffy and warm. Due to its unique functional features, such costumes provide maximum comfort to the child and protect it from cold weather. Similar products possess the long term of use and at the same time keep the attractive appearance. Terry nap is not prone to falling out, so even after many years the child will be able to wear these suits. The main advantage of this outfit is that it can remain dry even in conditions of high humidity.


One of the most popular on the market are denim suits, which are perfect for both boys and girls. A huge range of products presented allows you to choose the best option for each child. Denim suits are very durable, so the child will be able to run, fall, do his favorite things. Denim clothing will never go out of fashion, and a child in such a suit will look very stylish and tasteful.

How to choose

In order to buy a child high-quality and stylish clothes, you need to properly approach this process.No need to run after brands and buy products from well-known companies that have released new collections. The main criterion on the basis of which the clothes for the child should be chosen are the excellent quality and age of the child.

Before you buy a costume, you need to take it in your hands, check the sensations of touching the fabric from which the outfit was made. If there are no discomfort, this is not proof of the high quality of clothing. A certain role in the process of identifying the quality of a product is played by its smell, which should not be harsh. When choosing costumes it is best to give preference to lightweight materials that absorb sweat well and do not allow the skin of the baby to bask.

Photo Suit Ideas

Every child loves to dress up in their favorite characters from books, films or cartoons. Today, a large number of carnival costumes are on the market, which can be used to create interesting thematic photos.


Not only children, but also adults love superhero costumes. If the child is already in primary school, he will be just happy to be dressed in Superman, Spiderman or Hulk outfits. The costumes of superheroes are quite identical to those that the actors wear on the screens, so the kid in the photos will be very interesting and stylish.


Every boy since childhood dreams of becoming an astronaut and fly into space. Costumes made on the space theme, can help make the child's dream a reality. Membrane costumes, made in a similar theme, will be an excellent element of a space photo session, which will long be remembered by the child. Cosmonaut suits can be chosen not only for boys, but also for girls: such variants are usually decorated with pink elements, emblems or inscriptions.


Dinosaur costumes to create a photo shoot are among the most popular on the market. For the production of such costumes are used special materials that allow you to make the "body" of a dinosaur strong and solid. Such a dress can be put on not only in a photo session, but also used as a carnival costume for Halloween, New Year or other holidays.

Star Wars

Fans of the sake of Luke Skywalker are not only adults, but also children who dream of taking part in the battle for the Galaxy. Costumes made in the style of star wars, will help make the child's dream a reality. Some versions of the costumes are made of lightweight plastic, which allows it to be quite similar to the original outfits of attack aircraft.


The musketeer costume will be the perfect outfit for a mischievous boy who never sits in one place and constantly tries to prove himself. To such a side, you can pick up interesting elements in the form of a pseudo-sword or crossbow, which will make the photo session even more interesting.


Bunny costumes are usually chosen by girls, since these outfits are designed for people who are calm and tender. The most popular colors for such dresses are blue, red and white.


The pilot's costume is perfect for creating an interesting and mysterious photo shoot. Such membrane suits will be able to help in creating an original and heroic image for your child.


Is your child crazy about Sherlock Holmes? Then it's time to pay attention to the costumes of detectives who will help transform the baby and create an interesting image for a thematic photo shoot.


Mods and fashionistas will be delighted with the costume dudes, which is made in bright colors, with rhinestones and other elements for decoration.

Stylish images

For girls

Themed costumes allow you to create the most interesting and stylish images. For girls, you can use different outfits, starting princesses and ending with a pirate.For example, pirate costumes can be supplemented with interesting daggers, pistols and pirate hats. If the girl is a fan of Disney cartoons, then you can create an interesting image of a princess using amazing dresses and wigs. One of the most popular images is the Snow Maiden costume, which has a huge number of varieties. Blue suits will be perfectly combined with white ballroom shoes, blue mittens and a winter hat.

For boys

Boys will always be happy to dress in classic costumes that make you feel like real men. You can use butterflies, ties, watches or glasses as additional accessories to create a stylish image. A three-piece suit in combination with a tie and classic shoes will look great on a child.

As for carnival costumes, almost any images can be used here, as long as they are to the child’s liking.

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