Fleece Children's Suit

Fleece Children's Suit

Without a doubt, every parent wants his child to feel comfortable and comfortable in his clothes, always be warm in the cool season. An excellent solution could be a fleece children's suit.

These costumes are very practical, their main distinguishing feature is that they are very warm. Of course, this is not the only positive feature of such suits, there are a number of them. We decided to tell you in detail about such wonderful costumes for children.

Features and advantages of the material

The first step is to figure out what kind of material - fleece? Fleece is a soft warm cloth, an alternative to wool. It does not absorb water and allows the skin to breathe.

For the first time fleece began to be used in 1979, and since then the material has been improved and modified. Synthetic fibers were added to it.

The basis of modern fleece - knitted fabric of polyester or other material, fluffy on both sides. Often, fleece is even elastic, which makes it even more comfortable for children. One of the features of the material is that it does not absorb moisture. The fact is that at the heart of the fabric are small air bubbles.

Fleece is very warm, which is why it is often used when sewing children's clothes. Even when wet, the material retains its properties and dries quickly. The advantage is that the things from it are very light, you can always take them with you, besides they are also compact.

Fleece suits are very practical, your child will definitely wear it for a long time. In addition, it is pleasant to the touch, children wear such suits with pleasure. The big advantage is also that they do not require special meticulous care.

In addition to the above, it is worth noting that the costumes have a reasonable price. Of course, it all depends on whether you choose a mass-market item or a luxury brand. However, each parent will find a suitable costume based on their budget.

Fashion trends

Very often, fleece clothing is exposed to the formation of pellets, which affects the thermal quality of the product. But technology does not stand still.

Now you can find fleece suits with an anti pile mark - this is a special composition that prevents the formation of pellets. This trend in production is particularly relevant for children's things.

In addition to all the usual suits, consisting of a jacket and trousers, in fashion now suits similar to overalls with zippers. They are especially relevant for small children, which allows you to conveniently wear and remove the thing. An asymmetrical or long hem at the back is an example of when adult fashion trends are reflected in the world of children's fashion. The long back of the jacket makes the suit even warmer.

Fleece suits in the form of animals are in fashion. Costumes in the form of bears and bunnies are very popular. Such an image will definitely create a joyful mood for your baby. Manufacturers often complement their costumes with additional details in the form of a hood or patch pockets. In addition to the hood, you can choose the option with a stand-up collar.

Fashionable shades

A large variety and range of costumes allows you to choose stylish options for your child. For girls, you can pick up fashionable pastel shades in the form of delicate pink or lemon. For boys, a huge variety of monophonic and not monophonic solutions. It is dark blue, bright green, khaki and blue.

The costumes of Scandinavian themes, for example, with deer or snowflakes, are very popular in winter. Especially effectively they look on a red background.


In our country, Finnish manufacturers have proven themselves in the children's clothing market. Perhaps consumers prefer Finnish brands due to the similarity of weather conditions.

The brand Reima - one of those, it exists on the market for over 70 years. The company uses in the production of the latest technology. Suits can be purchased at a reasonable price.

Also popular is the American brand Malden Mills. This company produces clothing under the brand. Polartec. Her costumes are of the highest quality.

In Russia and the CIS countries, the brand is very famous Crockidengaged in children's clothes (from 0 to 12 years) since 2000. It perfectly combines quality, price and fashion trends.

How to choose

Decide on the style of a fleece suit. Choose the most practical option for your child. Choosing the size, give preference to models a little more than necessary.

The fact is that fleece is not recommended to wear on a naked body. It absorbs moisture poorly, including sweat. Therefore, under a free suit of fleece, you will have the opportunity to wear extra clothing.

Also note the thickness of the product. The choice will depend on when you are going to wear this costume. For example, microfleece is the thinnest (100 grams per square meter), products made from such material can be worn even in warm weather. Standard fleece - medium density (200 grams per square meter), the suit of it is suitable for cold weather. And especially thick dense fleece (300 grams per square meter) is perfect for cold, frosty weather.

What to wear

In this case, everything will depend on the style of the suit - whether it will be separate or combined, for example, on the straps. Many brands offer in their collections. total look option, which greatly facilitates the task of parents.

Fleece overalls, due to the fact that they are thin, you can easily wear under a jacket. In this case, layering will not at all hold down movements. This kit is perfect for winter. We also complement it with warm boots, a cap and a scarf. Please note that all overalls have elongated legs for a comfortable fit in a sling. Under the jumpsuit you can also wear a sweater or long sleeve.

Fleece overalls can be worn as a separate item. But we have already mentioned, fleece should not be worn on a naked body. Put a t-shirt under the top. Moreover, it will be convenient to remove the top of the suit indoors and stay in a T-shirt.

You can say Thuabout Fleece suits are multifunctional. They are ideal as independent clothes, for example, in the cool summer or in the warm autumn. And in the winter it can be worn under a jacket or jumpsuit.

Stylish images

  1. Fleece suit for girls of a pink shade. Delicate colors will look great on little fashionistas.
  2. A bright fleece suit with a winter print. An example of a Scandinavian print on a red background.
  3. Turquoise suit for girls. A great choice for everyday life.
  4. A khaki boy's fleece suit is camouflaged. This shade is very popular among young men.
  5. Costume nautical theme for a boy. Rather, this shade will suit kids, rather than a child a little more mature.

We told you in detail about the wonderful fleece suits. Now the choice is yours! Perhaps, fleece suits are really an ideal option for a child in the cool season.

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