Suit in kindergarten

Suit in kindergarten

Children from the very young age have artistry, because each role they live together with the characters, they become one with their character. Perhaps that is why kindergartens are happy to present new tasks and arrange matinees and carnivals, developing the kids and watching their flight of fancy.

Features and Purpose

So, you should start preparing a costume for a child in kindergarten in advance, because every kid wants to feel unique and different from others.

It is worth remembering that role-playing is a very useful activity for a child. The kid in such a game not only develops his imagination, but also learns to communicate, to be in society, and if the game is thoroughly prepared, he also learns to count and write. Of course, it is much more fun to play in interesting costumes, because they are the same as in adults or in characters from favorite cartoons.

A suit for a child may consist solely of clothes, and may include certain items, for example, the doctor's suitcase.


All children adore games in which they reincarnate into adults or become inhabitants of the animal world. Unfortunately, parents often do not pay enough attention to such games, and children play in them only in kindergarten, in costumes bought on this occasion. Psychologists and specialists strongly recommend recalling the benefits of such activities and purchase several different costumes for your baby, in which he can develop always and everywhere.

Role and plot role

Plot-role-playing games invented a huge set. This can be attributed, and scenes about the store, library, hairdresser, school, military intelligence, police, etc.

Of course, the costume for each character from the scene should be special and very understandable. So, a school costume for a kid should be similar to a real school uniform, but at the same time be notable for fun. So, to the classic trousers fit cute suspenders. Do not forget about the school primer, which is an absolute attribute of the school image.

Older children are actively playing military intelligence officers. To recreate such an image, you will need a cap, camouflage clothing and weapons.

The usual role-playing costumes, which do not carry any plot, include the costumes of cute animals. Bunnies, chanterelles, squirrels, bears and wolves can be a harmonious attribute of any matinee.


Barber shop is the place where every child had to go. Own haircut or the role of the observer fascinates the baby and causes admiration, because so many interesting objects are in the capable hands of a professional.

The costume of the hairdresser includes a cape for the hairdresser and a cape, that is, the fabric for the client who is to be cut. The material for the suit is polyester or any other smooth material. Numerous pockets on the cape will provide a child with convenience, there you can fold the scissors, comb and mirror, because the real master is always at hand.

An interesting detail in some models of the costume was a place for a badge. The professional's personal suit - isn't this what the young master dreams of?

The suit of summer, spring, autumn and winter

Kindergarten tries to develop a child comprehensively. Seasons - a frequent topic for matinees.

Selecting a summer suit, pay attention to light fabrics, for example, chiffon.A sundress in a free cut and a wreath of flowers will be a good choice. Shades of attire, of course, must match the summer colors. So, the correct option would be green, red and a small amount of yellow.

But in a suit of autumn yellow color is used to the maximum. Sundresses and dresses, embroidered with orange and red leaves, look especially harmonious and accurate with a voluminous wreath of leaves with rowan berries.

The winter suit is one of the most recognizable. White and blue tones are perfectly combined in coats and dresses with fur trim. Do not forget about the frosty pattern, which covered its radiance with a dress and a cap.

Spring, by contrast, is often confused with summer. And the thing is all in green, present in both. The correct option would be a light sundress of heavenly fabric, covered with an unobtrusive floral pattern. The whole picture should create the impression of the first flowers against the backdrop of the outgoing winter.

Of professions

A child from kindergarten should know the minimum information about the professions, perhaps then the question of who the parents work with will not cause a stupor. In addition, understanding the meaning of professions becomes for the child a basis for respecting various jobs.

For example, the most famous profession for the baby is the position of the seller. The suit for this position includes an apron and field cap of smooth and non-stretch fabric. Take care and the necessary attributes of the profession. Calculator, scores and scales - this is what a young specialist cannot do without.

In an interesting way will be the costume stewardess and stewarte. A blue or red vest and cap will be an accurate representation of their appearance.

The boys will like the cop costume. Cape and wand - simple and recognizable by all.


They offer to try themselves in kindergarten and in not too pleasant images. The common cold is an interesting role causing a headache in parents. What to dress up a child? It should be said that there are many options.

So, a synonym, taken as a basis, can become a kikimora. Her costume includes shapeless green and swamp-colored clothes and disheveled hair.

Another way more understandable for children will be the common cold, dressed in pajamas with a large thermometer under the armpit and with a knotted scarf around his neck. The perfect hairstyle here will also be superfluous, but a homemade sleep cap fits perfectly.


Another way to develop an imagination in a child and to create concepts of good and evil is to tell a fairy tale. But not just to tell, and offer to become its main character.

The well-known Russian fairy tales about Kolobok, Masha and the bears, Ryaba Chicken often become the basis of the productions. Fairy tales are not enough without Red Riding Hood, Puss in Boots and the Snow Queen.

It is worth saying that the main element here is a headdress. A yellow volumetric cap with a cheerful face will display an image of a bun, a hat with a beak and eyes in a pockmarked coloring refers to a chicken and so on. Will only pick up clothes to match.

Heroes of children's productions are increasingly beasts. It’s easy to buy their costumes at the store, but it’s still the most beautiful thing when an image is created by yourself under the guidance of a loved one.


Cook - a popular plot-role image. The child is well acquainted with this profession, because every day in the kindergarten he sees a good cook, engaged in cooking delicious porridge and jelly.

The composition of the costume includes a cook jacket, cap, oven mitt, spoons and a ladle. Do not forget about the badge of this chef.


The horizon of the child is constantly expanding. And now comes the time when it is time to learn about the peoples of the world. Indian costume will give the child a bright reincarnation.

So, the Indian costume in the version for the boy and girl should include a shirt up to the knees, complemented by a fringe. Pants are added to the boy’s suit, and a bandage over the hips for the girl’s suit.

Headdress of feathers of two different colors, for example, blue or red, will be an exact fit into the image.

From waste material

And the child should be aware of what ecology is and how important it is to preserve it. Suits for matinees from the waste material can serve as a clear and interesting lesson for the baby.

The most popular costumes from this category are models from plastic bags. Capes of Koshchey Immortal are made of large garbage bags, and of small garlands, ruffles and flowers on dresses of fashionistas are created.

An interesting and unusual option would be dresses from the halves of disposable cups. Impose them on the volumetric frame hem dress.

The most affordable suit is a model of candy wrappers. Magnificent wreaths on hair and beads are created by simple folding of candy wrappers with an accordion and subsequent stringing them on a thread.

Old newspapers are another quick way to create a model for a matinee. A stapler, scotch tape and a large number of newspapers are all that is needed for a junk suit.

Costume competition in kindergarten - ideas

In kindergarten competitions of the best costumes are held regularly, and there is no limit to the imagination of parents. However, some moms and dads, by contrast, are guessing. We offer some original ideas.

A cheerful option would be a Chung-Chang suit. This resident of hot countries will be a bright highlight of the Christmas party. For a suit, a short tutu skirt and a black fitted top with black tights are enough. For the face and hands suitable children's makeup or nylon stockings. However, in the pursuit of a precise way, remember the convenience of your child.

When thinking about an idea, ask your child for advice. Perhaps he wants to be in the role of a cartoon character. The most simple and all beloved will be the character Masha. A red handkerchief, a Russian sundress and a kind of contented baby will bring victory.

Matinee for the New Year is impossible without an elegant Christmas tree. So why not just be your daughter in this role? Kokoshnik in the form of a Christmas tree and a satin long dress, richly decorated with beads, Christmas balls and garlands will bring joy to the young fashionable woman.

Another idea of ​​the costume will be the inhabitants of the forest. No, we are not talking about popular costumes. Remember those whose costumes are rare at the matinees. For example, a spiny hedgehog with a basket of apples and mushrooms will look very original. Spines can be made independently of paper using papier-mâché and covered with black paint.

When creating or purchasing a costume, do not be afraid to be funny and funny, because it is the creative images that remain in the memory and make the kid the star of any matinee.

Original costumes for the matinee

Cute autumn look will create an orange dress decorated with dried flowers. Wings of leaves will recreate the look of a nymph of the autumn forest.

A winter costume made of a dress with fur trimming, complemented by a pattern in the form of snowflakes and a fur hat, will decorate any Christmas party.

Brave and agile cat in boots - an image for a boy. Red hat and boots in tone are the required attributes of the costume.

A Christmas tree costume made of a dress with ruffles and a headdress with a green veil will embody the New Year's look.

Modern cartoons are also full of colorful characters. Funny and kindly merry fellow Shrek will come to life in a green suit with horns.

A white soft and fluffy kitty costume, consisting of a headdress in the shape of a muzzle and a plush skirt, will decorate the matinee in any subject.

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