Men's polo - stylish and practical clothing

Men's polo - stylish and practical clothing

Polo is the perfect choice of clothes for men in the spring-summer season, this product has absorbed the quality of t-shirts and shirts. The presentation of the polo shirt to the world, as was previously supposed, belonged to the famous French tennis player and the creator of the Lacoste brand - Rene Lacoste.

It was believed that in 1933 he had the idea to combine a T-shirt and shirt into a completely new product to provide comfort in sports and, moreover, a decent appearance for men. However, as it turned out later, the polo shirt appeared much earlier than Rene Lacoste himself was born. This product has replaced the classic shirt, which was decided to play polo and golf.

Initially, polo shirts were mostly white, but today you can find this product in various colors and with all sorts of prints. A variety of polo shirts today includes a model with long sleeves.


The main distinctive feature of men's polo clothing from an ordinary T-shirt is the presence of a collar and a special cut of the product's sleeves. Another important detail is the material of which polo is made. Since this shirt is designed for a warm time period, the best option for this product are natural materials. It may be cotton or linen, but synthetic materials may be added, but not in large quantities. This greatly increases the wear resistance of the product.

But, if you recall the classic original polo shirt, then it was made of such material as cotton-pitch. This fabric is more dense than regular cotton, but it is breathable and looks very attractive. Peke is a cotton fabric with inconspicuous weave, forming a pattern in the form of rhombuses. It is this material that is the main one for creating polo; famous world brands for men (Marc O'Polo, Lacoste, Polo Ralph Lauren) make polo mainly from this material.

The main distinctive features of polo:

  1. Turndown collar.
  2. The presence of 2-3 buttons.
  3. Strict pattern.
  4. Fringing on collar and cuffs.

How to choose

Initially, going shopping, you should carefully consider: with what and where it is planned to wear the product. For the appearance in the office is better to choose the classic, mostly monochrome models. If the polo is purchased for sports, informal meetings or just walking in the park - then you can not limit your choice and consider any models you like.

A very important criterion in the selection of polo shirts is the size of the product. A disproportionately selected product can destroy the entire look, turning a stylish shirt into something absurd. Therefore, choosing a polo, it is worth remembering that the most optimal will be that shirt, which is not too tight on the body, but does not hang down. Simply put, a slightly fitted product is the right choice.

The product differs from the company by the presence of pearl buttons, instead of the usual plastic ones. This small detail is very important, as it speaks of elegance and high cost of the product.

Of course, the main criterion when choosing a polo are smooth seams with no protruding threads! Before you buy your favorite model should be examined for the presence of this "unpleasant surprise." It is worth paying attention to the buttonholes, they must be smooth and neatly processed.

Choosing a polo do not forget about the length of the product. After trying on a shirt, you should pay attention to the fact that the length of the product is not less than one centimeter from the pockets of the trousers.This is a very important point, because many men wear polo both for release and tucked into pants. This length is considered the most optimal and is perfect for universal wear.

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