Dress with a corset - feminine and graceful

Dress with a corset - feminine and graceful

Dresses with corsets have been popular among the female half of the population for more than one century. Such an outfit can make the waist visually thinner, and the chest - more magnificent. That is why even modern designers do not refuse such detail of the dress.

Features and benefits

The corset gained its popularity in the nineteenth century. This piece of clothing helped girls with any type of figure to get a wasp waist. But he had his shortcomings. As a rule, the girls' corset tightened so hard that it was hard for them to breathe. In addition, a too tight corset squeezed the ribs of the girls, disrupting the normal functioning of the internal organs.

In those days, a slim waist, strapped by a corset, was considered the ideal of feminine beauty. To date, these proportions are still considered very sexy. But girls are no longer ready to make such sacrifices, tightening their waists. Therefore, modern corsets are much more sparing and soft. They do not dig into the body with hard bones and do not interfere with normal breathing.

A modern corset, like its predecessors, is a wide belt that helps to make the waist narrower and more elegant. It is often supplemented by elastic plates and lacing on the back. Sometimes the upper part of the corset is complemented with bones that support the breast, fixing it in the desired position.

Thus, regular wearing of a corset helps not only to make the waist more thin and elegant, but also corrects the posture. It is also worth noting that dresses with a corset support the chest and do not allow it to lose shape. These outfits can be worn even without a bra.

Having chosen a suitable dress with a corset for yourself, you will make your figure more sexy and effective in seconds. This wardrobe item will help you lift your chest and make the stomach more flat.

Dresses with a corset can be put on any special occasion, be it a party, graduation party or wedding. For those situations where a girl needs to look perfect, a dress decorated with a corset is perfect. In such a dress, you will always look as feminine and graceful as possible.

In addition, a simple dress, decorated with a decorative corset, is also suitable for creating interesting everyday or business bow. Office dress-case, decorated with a corset, modeling the silhouette, is suitable for creating the perfect image of a business lady.

Also, these dresses are perfect for cocktail parties. Short dresses with a corset and a full skirt look very impressive.

Another obvious advantage of dresses with a corset is that they suit almost everyone. Corset makes any figure as close as possible to the ideal. Therefore, each girl, regardless of her physique, can choose for themselves a suitable outfit with a corset.

That is why many designers complement their outfits with such detail. Modern dresses with a corset do not always resemble classic models with a fluffy long skirt. Variety is made not only by choosing unusual colors and materials, but also by changing the style of the dress.

Fashion models

About models of dresses with corsets should talk separately. Now there are a huge number of them, so every girl can pick up such a spectacular outfit for almost any situation.


Dress in the floor with a corset looks very solemn. Since childhood such outfits are associated with princesses and queens.In such a dress you will attract maximum attention. Modern designers offer the most diverse dresses from chiffon and silk, to more refined, decorated with lace or guipure on the hem.

Often dresses in the floor with a corset and choose for a wedding celebration. This may be a classic fluffy dress, complemented by a tight corset that makes the waist narrower, and simple, fitted. Also recently, dresses with a short front part and a long train are popular.


Short dresses with a corset also look impressive. If you have slender legs, then just such a dress will allow you to demonstrate them to others. Short dresses can be added as a full skirt, and narrow, tight waist and hips.


A dress with a corset and a full skirt is a great outfit for girls who dream about the image of a princess. Board with a fluffy translucent skirt looks very impressive and is suitable for both young girls and adult women.

With lace corsets

Another option for a refined dress is a model with a lace corset. Translucent corset looks particularly impressive in dresses with a fluffy bottom. This outfit is suitable even for a wedding.

With a transparent corset

Brave girls can also choose an extravagant dress with a transparent corset. This detail adds to the image of sexuality, but this outfit fits only for relaxed girls, and even then you can not wear it in all situations.

With an extended corset

In addition to classic corsets, non-standard models are also popular. Long corsets are great for tall girls. Original look at dresses with lowered corset.

With train

If you are looking for a formal outfit for a wedding or evening event, pay attention to the dress with a corset, complemented by a long air train. A train is usually made of airy materials like tulle or chiffon.


Modern dresses with a corset can be both monophonic and decorated with various exquisite patterns.

Light dresses are perfect for creating a wedding look. White, cream, beige or pale pink outfits ideally emphasize the image of the bride, making it the most refined and innocent.

Always in the trend of classic monochrome dress base colors. Black, white or beige dresses are perfect for any girl. But if for you such an outfit seems too simple, then you can choose something brighter.

Choose light blue, pink or red dresses decorated with a corset to create a spectacular look for a party or prom.


For sewing dresses with a corset used a variety of materials. Satin and silk dresses are popular. Expensive materials make the outfit more spectacular.

And the charm of your image will add outfits of lace. This material can decorate either the corset itself or the entire dress. A dress with a lace train also looks interesting.

How to choose

Dress with a corset is not very difficult to choose. First of all, because a corset can bring any figure closer to the ideal. Choose a model that fits your size. It is not necessary that the corset tightly wrapped the waist and stuck into the skin. It should only make it visually thinner.

Also remember that the corset can lift the chest. This is to take advantage of girls with a magnificent bust who want to make it even more sexy.

How to tie

Having bought a dress with a corset, it is very important to learn how to lace it up correctly. Begin to pull the tape or laces from the bottom. Only in this case, the lacing will not sag. Tighten the corset evenly and not too hard, so that it does not interfere with your normal breathing.

What to wear

Dress with a corset looks very impressive and does not need practically any additional accessories.In order for the image to be complete, it is enough to make the right styling and choose the right decorations for the outfit.

In case of a cold snap to the dress it doesn’t hurt to choose a suitable cape or bolero. A top matched by color and texture will make your look complete.

Brand news

If you are looking for a spectacular and high-quality dress, pay attention to new items from modern brands. The brand "Eve" offers a huge variety of spectacular dresses for brides and not only. Pay attention to the models of A-silhouette, which look very elegant.

Girls who want to buy a charming dress made of lace should pay attention to outfits from Turkish and French brands, which in their outfits use only the highest quality lace.

Stylish images

Dresses with a corset are very popular among brides. On this special day, many girls strive to look as refined and thinner as possible, which is why they often choose such outfits.

A spectacular golden-beige dress with an embroidered corset embellished. A full skirt with embroidery matching the edges of the edges will complete this charming look. An additional element if desired, can serve as a veil of thin translucent material, decorated with the same embroidery as the dress itself.

To create a spectacular look in the Gothic style, a short gray dress decorated with black lace will suit. Complementing it with unusual black accessories and tight tights will give you a Victorian look.

Dress with a corset can not be called a relic of the past. This accessory, albeit in a modified form, perfectly gets on in the collections of modern designers.

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