Dress suits

Dress suits

Women's wardrobe is rich in a variety of outfits. Those who work in offices, with people, must have in the arsenal of such a universal thing, like a dress-suit. She will give the chance to look stylish, elegant and seriously, without reducing your feminity at all.

Features and benefits

Dress and suit in one bottle is a product of two items of clothing. It is a jacket and a skirt, or a jacket and a sundress. Both pairs are strictly combined in form and style. This version of the suit came into vogue during the First World War. Dresses began to become shorter, lost their previous pretentiousness, were subjected to various experiments, until in the end they did not turn into a dress-suit that was strict and met the demands of that time. The first models were an extended skirt, a voluminous jacket, decorated with a turn-down collar and patch pockets. The dress-suit differs from a simple suit in that it is sewn without a lining.

Fashionable styles and models

There are a lot of variants of dress-suit models. And you can pick them up for any occasion. Adjacent or loose jackets with different types of pockets and collars, different sleeves and buckles. The models of skirts are also very different. Silhouettes are straight, sewn with folds or wedges. You can find loose or adjacent skirts with different widths.


Evening dress-suit is not uncommon, but a very interesting decision when choosing clothes. Elegant jackets and feminine skirts are able to create a very effective image that will not dispel the aura of a business woman. At the same time, it will look great at any solemn ceremony and will be a great alternative to an ordinary dress.


Summer is not a reason to refuse a dress-suit. For this period, there are light models of thin fabrics. If you are not going to wear a dress-suit to work, then you will find very elegant styles. For example, a dress that goes to the floor, or, conversely, is very short. Young women with a beautiful slim figure will find themselves in a dress-dress just charming.

Summer version of this clothing can be designed for both leisure and work and special occasions. Lightweight chiffon, flowing silk is used for their tailoring.


A dress suit with basque is an outfit that has its own decoration. Baska is a volume shuttlecock at the waist. It is not suitable for everyone, but it is very decorated with those products on which it is used. If you need to correct the figure flaws in the abdomen, then feel free to choose a suit with a basques.

A shuttlecock on a suit will balance the broad shoulders or hide the lack of a waist, visually dividing the upper body and hips.

Strict dress-suit will only benefit from the decoration of the Basque. And if you are not the owner of a pear-like figure, then you can safely choose it.


Business style is best suited for wearing a dress-suit. This is an opportunity for every woman to look strictly, without diminishing her attractiveness. One of the main models for business attire is a straight skirt and a fitted jacket. The ideal length of the skirt is up to or slightly above the maple. Here you have complete freedom of action. The top can be presented in the form of a bolero, a short jacket, or vice versa a long cardigan that covers the skirt hem.

For the elderly

Dress-suit for women in age is an elegant solution. It will show everyone around you that, as before, you are at your best and feel confident in your abilities.Choose styles depending on the features of the figure.

The only thing to avoid is bright colors. They are more suitable for young people and can look tasteless. Although it all depends on your courage and how old you feel like a soul.

With jacket

A nice dress-suit is the most successful investment in the image of a business woman. A jacket of good quality will sit perfectly on the figure, hide flaws and fit harmoniously into the image.

Short jacket - one of the most common options that fits any style of dress. The product with a jacket of an elongated type should be chosen if the dress is of sufficiently free style and is not very suitable for work. In this case, a long jacket will make the image more stringent.


Bandage dresses are tight-fitting models, sewn from pieces of fabric of different widths and laid in different directions. Having correctly selected the pattern of the bandage dress, you can correct the shape and visually hide the problem areas.

The correction of the figure with the help of a bandage dress-suit is due to the very dense rubberized fabric from which it is sewn. But remember that not everything can be adjusted. Conversely, a tight-fitting model can highlight shortcomings

Big sizes

A fitted dress, a cropped jacket, echoing the fabric of one and another product - all this will allow a woman with large shapes to look perfect. The jacket will hide the fullness of the hands and tummy. The length of the dress to the knee will mask all problem areas on the legs, leaving only the slim bottom part open.


Traditionally for its production materials of pastel colors are used. Beige, light pink, pearl-gray tones used to be popular. But every year the palette expands and follows the fashion trends of each season.

If you choose a white or beige outfit, you can not go wrong. Those who prefer rich blue or deep black will also win. Do not give up the dress-costume, sewn in several colors. He will conquer his beauty and wealth.

For all fans of bright there is good news. Orange, fuchsia, red became popular even for tailoring business attire. In summer you can choose gentle, light colors, for example, blue, pink, beige.


Dress-suit can be sewn of any material. It all depends on its style and purpose. Summer options are light and flowing, and office clothes will be made of thick fabrics. Dress-suit for an evening dress will be created from expensive rich materials.

How to choose

It is necessary to choose a dress-suit with clear understanding for what occasion it is intended. Do not purchase very short models for work, or very strict as an evening dress.

You need to pay attention to your type of figure. Thanks to the jacket, many flaws can be very well hidden. Under it, those extra pounds on the waist easily disappear, if the model is elongated. Due to the style of the upper part of the suit too narrow shoulders are corrected. Baska hide the lack of waist. Different styles of skirts emphasize the slimness of the legs or visually lengthen the figure.

What to wear

With which accessories and shoes to wear a dress-suit depends, of course, on what occasion it is intended. Business style welcomes shoes, in the warm season closed sandals are allowed. If your model is designed for a pleasant stay, you can safely choose elegant shoes that will decorate the costume.

Usually dress-dress does not tolerate any jewelry. For obese women, they are all the more not recommended in combination with this clothing. Shoes should also be as catchy as possible. For a lightweight summer version is allowed to wear a thin belt.

Beautiful images

Some models of dress-suits are more popular than others.For example, universal preferences lean toward narrowed skirts and cropped jackets that beautifully fit the figure.

Another feminine and common option is an A-line dress. This style is especially popular in women with a tummy that can be easily hidden. Even if you have a large figure, you should not abandon tight-fitting skirts, but combine them with long jackets.

Beautiful your image will be when things successfully overlap with each other. The same material of the top and bottom, similar edging, decorating inserts may be present in the costume, making it more harmonious.

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