Straight dress

Straight dress


A straight dress is a universal item of female wardrobe. Straight dress should be included in the basic wardrobe of every girl, because this style of dress is appropriate in any setting. Semi-tailored fit of this product will suit many girls.

Straight dress distinguishes laconic and minimalistic design. Thanks to this, with a straight dress you can create many different images. It is suitable for business life, and for everyday, to create casual and street style bows. In a cocktail or evening dress of direct cut you can attend parties, celebrations and social events.

Straight dress is a unique style that is suitable for completely different occasions. With the help of other elements of the wardrobe and a variety of accessories, you can create a large number of unique images with the same dress!

Who will go and how to choose

Straight dress will suit both tall and short girls. Due to the correctly chosen straight dress, a girl of small stature can even become visually taller by several centimeters.

Straight dress is perfect for girls with types of shapes "rectangle" and "hourglass."

But the owners of the figure "apple", "pear" and "inverted triangle" straight dresses should be chosen with caution, if not completely abandon this style.

If you want to hide extra kilos - choose a straight dress of the most free fit. Hide the extra volume in the waist and hips to help a straight dress with dark inserts on the sides. A belt or belt will help you to emphasize the waist.

Variety of models

Without sleeves

A sleeveless dress is a great option for summer. In cold weather, you can combine it with a thin turtleneck or blouse.

Most sleeveless evening dresses for formal and official events and festivities are also sleeveless.

Free cut

Free fit will look great on both full and thin girls. Full girls, he will help to hide those extra pounds, and thin - will add volume to the figure and hide excessive thinness.


Straight dress with short sleeves will look great in early autumn, spring and summer. Office and cocktail straight dresses with short sleeves are the most common.

With one piece sleeves

The dress with cap sleeves lacks a seam along the armhole line. The front part of the sleeve is one with the bodice of the dress, and the back of the sleeve, respectively, with its back. Due to the lack of seams, the dress with a full-cut sleeve has softer and graceful outlines in the line of the shoulders.

Without tucks

Straight dress without darts should be selected only from elastic fabric. You will look very impressive in such a slinky dress. Dresses without darts of inelastic fabric is better not to choose, because they can be too crumpled and puff up when worn.

With pockets

Pockets can be found both in simple everyday models, and in elegant cocktail dresses. Most often, pockets are located on the sides or on the front surface of the skirt.


If you do not want to hide the figure behind the classic straight cut, then you can opt for a slightly fitted silhouette of a straight dress.

With sleeve down

Straight dress with a deflated sleeve creates in your image an element of coquettishness, playfulness and tenderness.Best of all, this model is suitable for a romantic date, a party with friends or a festive event.

On an elastic band

Straight dress with elastic can be sleeveless or with open shoulders. Both models are most suitable for wearing in the warm season. Best of all, such a dress will look at walks, parties, meetings with friends and trips to the beach.

A straight dress with elastic is great for creating images in the style of boho, folk and country.

With raglan sleeves

Straight dress with raglan sleeves is perfect for creating office, casual and romantic images. One-piece vtachnoy sleeve, coming from the collar, beautifully emphasizes the elegant line of women's shoulders. In this outfit you will become more feminine.


Straight dress is the most common silhouette model for everyday life. Simple, convenient, comfortable and not attracting undue attention to the product. Casual straight dress is usually knee-length or slightly taller, with classic or short sleeves.

Straight flirt

Straight coquette is a common decoration for women's dresses. The coquette adds elegance, sophistication and romance to a straight dress. It can be a contrast in color or to match the product, from a thin translucent fabric or from a dense material. Best of all, straight coquette looks on mini and midi lengths.



A straight maxi dress with length and length to the floor is the right choice for attending ceremonial events and social events. In it you will look elegant and solemn. The straight cut of the dress in combination with the maximum length will visually stretch your figure.

Up to the knees

A straight midi dress is perfect for wearing in everyday and business life. Dress to the knee - the best option for working everyday. Midi length is generally appropriate in any setting, be it an office, a walk with friends, a party, shopping or a date. This dress length is the most versatile.

A short

A short straight dress is perfect for parties, walks, trips to the club, cafe and on a date.

Actual colors and prints


The black straight dress is a versatile model. After all, black color perfectly harmonizes with other colors. Such a dress would be appropriate in any situation: in the office, at a formal event, in everyday life, on a date, etc. Also with a black dress, you can create custom rocker or gothic looks.

Black straight dress, decorated with a white collar, perfect for trips to work or school. After all, this combination looks both strict and flirtatious.


Blue straight dress would be appropriate not only in business or casual looks. A long blue dress with a rich blue floor will set you apart from the crowd at the gala event.


A bright red straight dress will surely attract male enthusiastic looks to you. Having chosen a dress of red color, you will create an image of the courageous and self-assured girl.

In a cage

The cage is a classic print that is perfect for creating office and casual images.


Pink straight dress is a feminine outfit that will emphasize your tenderness and flirty. A pink mini dress will look best.


A straight vertical striped dress will slim any figure, and also hide its flaws. The horizontal strip looks original, but only slim girls can afford to wear such a dress.


Beige is a versatile color that is appropriate in any setting and blends with most colors.


A straight green dress is best suited for everyday life, as well as for creating casual and street style images.

In the pea

A large or small pea on a dress is a cute and flirty classic print. Peas will be appropriate not only for everyday, but also for a cocktail dress.


You will look irresistible as in a straight dress of positive bright yellow color, and in a restrained elegant pale yellow dress.

Fabrics and textures


Flax is an ideal material for hot weather. It is perfectly breathable, does not irritate the skin, absorbs moisture and is hypoallergenic. In a linen dress you will not be hot even on the hottest day. Flax also protects the skin from ultraviolet rays, does not electrify, dries quickly and is highly durable.

But flax still has its drawbacks. After all, a dress of this material will not be elastic. Linen dress almost does not stretch, quickly wrinkled and can sit down after washing.


Knitwear is one of the most common and affordable materials. A straight dress made of knitwear fits the female figure very nicely and emphasizes its virtues. Knitted dress is very comfortable to wear. This material is notable for its practicality: it is not wrinkled and easy to clean.

From chiffon

Chiffon is a light, thin and translucent material. A chiffon dress will always look airy, light, bright and very feminine. Dress made of chiffon is perfect for hot summer, because chiffon has a high breathability, excellent thermal control and hygroscopicity. In addition, chiffon is hypoallergenic and antibacterial.

But a chiffon dress will require special gentle care from you. Chiffon products can quickly lose their original appearance.


Lace straight dress is a delightful feminine outfit. Lace dresses are best suited for romantic dates and festive occasions. But some mini lace and midi length dresses can be used to create street style bows or patterns for a party, going to the movies, etc.


Guipure is an openwork fabric, which depicts various convex lace elements and motifs. Guipure can visually remind you of lace, but it is denser and harder to the touch. A straight dress made of guipure is perfect for going out, visiting various ceremonial and official events.


Silk is a luxurious material that emphasizes your great taste and status. Silk shimmers beautifully and has alluring shine. A silk dress will be very nice for the body and comfortable to wear. The material is breathable and absorbs moisture, so you will never be hot in a silk dress. In addition, silk is a very durable and wear-resistant material.

The disadvantage of a silk dress is that it will rumple quickly. Also silk dress will not like the direct rays of the sun.

From jacquard

A straight jacquard dress will look spectacular and luxurious. After all, Jacquard is a very dense and elastic material that keeps its shape beautifully and shows original patterns. Now for the manufacture of jacquard using a mixture of natural and synthetic fabrics. Therefore, a dress made of modern jacquard will be not only durable, wear-resistant and durable, but also undemanding in the care of the product.


A straight leather dress is always bold, fashionable and sexy. This outfit will certainly decorate confident girls with a slim figure. Choose a mini dress or midi length.

Of course, for a leather dress you need a special care. Leather dress must be carefully protected from moisture and stains. The most proper skin care dress can provide dry cleaning.

What to wear

Straight dress goes well with a variety of jackets, jackets, cardigans and vests.

In colder weather, you can wear a raincoat, coat, park or jacket.

If you want to create a casual or youth street style image, then you can try a combination of straight dress with leggings, jeans-pipes or narrowed pants.


The belt for your dress can be contrast or one color with the dress. The width of the belt can also be any.

Straight dress is a universal thing, so it will be combined with most models of bags. Clutches, bulky bags, and business models of strict geometric shape will do.

A straight dress can be combined with bright and massive decorations, since the straight dress itself is the background and the “base” of the image. Therefore, feel free to wear a large necklace, chains, pendants or bulk beads in several layers to a simple straight dress. Massive or long earrings are also perfect for this style of dress.

A well-chosen brooch will certainly decorate your dress and create a solid image.

What shoes to wear

Straight dress combines with most shoe options. It all depends on the image that you want to create.

Wear a straight dress to work with classic pumps or ballet shoes, on a date pick up elegant shoes or stiletto sandals.

In cold weather, wear ankle boots or high boots with a heel, wedge or platform to a straight dress.

In warm weather, sandals, sandals and espadrilles will do.

The combination of a dress with sports shoes has long ceased to be something tasteless. Therefore, boldly combine straight mini and midi dresses with sneakers and slip-ons.

Stylish novelties of 2017

Burberry presented a straight black mini dress length with stand-up collar and long sleeves. The dress is made of wool with a little cashmere and is decorated with chains on the shoulders.

A very feminine and romantic straight dress in pastel shades of Valentino round neck mini length. The hem and sleeves of a dress are decorated with wide flounces. The dress is made of a mixture of wool and silk.

Another Valentino novelty is a straight white lace dress with long sleeves. Model mini length is decorated with white applications in the form of butterflies.

The third novelty of direct cut from the fashion house Valentino is a soft pink dress with a short sleeve, decorated with a lace skirt. Also, the model is available in black.

Oscar de la Renta pleased with an evening dress maxi length saturated green. The dress without sleeves and simple straight cut is distinguished not only due to the rich shade of the dress, but also with the help of a contrasting bright pink wide belt that turns into a long train.

Straight turquoise dress with a bright print from Escada. Model with a “boat” neck, short sleeves, just above the knee.

Elegant white straight dress length above the knee. This model from Escada is made of sheep wool. Minimalist design, loose elbow length sleeves and deep V neckline at the front.

Black dress with small white polka dots from Escada Sport. The neck is cut in a “boat”, the sleeves ¾ are trimmed with black cuffs, the length of the product is above the knee.

This straight, bright blue dress by Escada Sport fits perfectly into your casual or business look. The model with short sleeves is decorated with a round neckline with a zipper.

A sleek black cocktail dress by Escada Sport: mini length, round neckline, short sleeves and straight coquette made of subtle black lace.

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