evening make-up

evening make-up

Using cosmetics properly and in place is a rather complicated matter. It is necessary to correctly select all the elements and colors so that they are combined with each other and fit the occasion. Evening makeup is quite different from everyday. He assumes bright shades, contrasts, interesting combinations. It is usually quite difficult to choose a style for an event and take into account all the features of a person, so many women prefer to rely on the experience of professionals. But with enough practice and desire to perform evening make-up under the power of any girl. Just follow some simple rules.

What is evening makeup?

Make-up to go public and ordinary daily vary greatly. A special event or evening usually predetermines the image of a lady: a hairstyle or styling should be done, clothes should be chosen correctly. You should choose shoes, accessories and, of course, perform a special evening makeup.

To make up for a special occasion beautifully and correctly, be sure to prepare. To do this, you can view photos in fashion magazines and the Internet, choose the appropriate option for you. It is advisable to find a master class on its creation, and better - a video with an example of applying all cosmetics. Naturally, all this is necessary if you do not have enough experience in such a matter.

A girl who is going to create an evening image herself, needs a sense of beauty. You can’t do without a sense of proportion, it’s so easy to get carried away in the process and overload your face with bright shades. It is necessary to choose the right shades so that they are combined with each other, as well as in harmony with the color of skin, hair and eyes, clothes and accessories.

The main thing in this issue - try a new version of makeup, try it on yourself. Do not forget that the image of the model you like was created by professional stylists and makeup artists. Were taken into account all the parameters of her face, color type and skin tones, hair.

Do not forget the following: what suits one person may not fit the other. The ideal option would be to try your make-up a few days before the intended event. So you can make sure that the chosen option suits you, and if necessary - correct some sections that seem to you not very successful.

Features and benefits

When creating an evening look you need to take into account some features of makeup for special occasions.

First, for the celebration should be used only high-quality and proven cosmetics. This is especially true of the base, because it depends on how long all other means will be held, and how they will behave in special conditions (for example, if you start crying from happiness at a wedding, if there is a strong heat or torrential rain on the date) . A proven tool should be due to the fact that no one wants to suddenly find red spots of allergy on an emaciated face before going out. That is why the choice of cosmetic products should do in advance, so as not to get into unpleasant situations.

Girls study their face and body, learn how to properly present their merits and hide flaws. This also applies to the art of makeup. With the help of various means you can draw attention to the pleasant features of appearance, and not particularly successful can be hidden or disguised.

Properly selected eye makeup can make them bigger, more expressive, give them the right shape, even enhance the shade and overall attractiveness of the face. With the help of special tools, if necessary, you can correct the shape of the lips, cheekbones, nose and facial contours. Now there are plenty of products on the cosmetic market to correct the face and create any desired effect.

In the everyday image, most often the emphasis is placed on the eyes, which makes them more expressive and attractive. Lips are often used nude shades of lipstick to emphasize femininity and naturalness.

In the evening, you can freely experiment with colors and contrasts. However, it is still necessary to follow the well-known rule: choose to emphasize lips or eyes. Choosing one or another option, you can make a specific part of the face more pronounced and attractive. This does not mean that the other part will do without makeup, the whole image should be harmonious. Simply, these elements will stand out less and catch the eye.

Makeup artists identify several basic rules for creating a special image:

To the result looked the most aesthetic and attractive, it is necessary to prepare the face before applying cosmetic products. This rule applies to all types of makeup. The surface of the face must be thoroughly cleaned from the previous layer of cosmetics and skin glands.

The skin should be smooth, try to make the surface perfect. To achieve this, using special tools for scrubbing and peeling. Pay attention to the fact that they must act quite effectively, but at the same time - gently. After all, it is necessary to eliminate damage to the epidermis and various irritations, negative reactions.

After cleansing and preparation of the skin is to begin the use of tonal products. Toning the skin should not be abandoned, even if the epidermis is close to perfection. This will help even the tone across the face and hide the smallest flaws, making the surface perfectly smooth and beautiful.

Especially you need to think about toning those who have a dermis prone to fat. The main thing is to correctly select the shade of the tonal means, it must match the natural color of the skin cover. Apply it with a special brush or sponge, carefully shading. In no case can not be visible boundaries of the tone. This will give the face a sloppy and vulgar look. Powder is applied to the face to consolidate the base and combat excess gloss. Powder can be transparent, with a light (corresponding to the complexion color) shade or unobtrusive shimmer.

Do not forget about the eyebrows. Eye makeup is undoubtedly very important for creating a complete image. However, it will never look complete without properly shaped eyebrows. No matter how good they look in their natural form, they still need to be brushed, removed extra hair, corrected and fixed with lipstick or gel. If necessary, you can tint the hairs with special paint or resort to using a special pencil, eye shadow or gel for eyebrows.

Remember that the hair color should not differ from the shade of the hair on the head by more than two shades.

Kinds of make up

Makeup for evening exits can vary in mood and performance. There are the following options:

  • Classical. This option is universal and is suitable for cultural theater or movie premieres, as well as for romantic evenings.
  • Club. This species is the most courageous, contrasting and bright. The use of cosmetics and flowers in it should be designed for poor light conditions. May be suitable for use at parties, in clubs, at thematic meetings.
  • Working. Sometimes together with colleagues we not only work, but also have fun.Workplace parties require a special kind of evening make-up that will be more daring and expressive than everyday, but will not go beyond corporate ethics.
  • Special. This view is used to create truly special images - for example, for a wedding or a similar important celebration.

You can select a gentle and easy make up for those girls who do not harbor a love of brightness. It looks like a classic, but at the same time this option is even more “airy”. It does not necessarily use dark colors, you do not need to sum up the arrows and make bright clear outlines. It is appropriate to use shimmering powder, shimmers, shimmering shadows and glitters, lipsticks of rich shades in such an image. This option can even be made independently.

With it, you can create an evening summer unobtrusive image, suitable for blondes and brunettes.

Make-up for a special occasion should be correctly selected for the natural eye color. In this case, it will look appropriate, it will favorably emphasize the natural beauty of the girl. The following useful recommendations can be highlighted:

  • Gorgeous green eyes can choose colors for evening makeup from a rather wide range. They even fit bright contrasts and shades - so you can make your image unforgettable and sexy. The main thing - do not repeat in the colors of the shadows shade of the iris. If it turns gray, it is better to avoid an abundance of gray shadows. For green eyes, light make up is suitable, not burdened by overly large or double arrows. Because of such eyeliner eyes will become narrow and dull.

Green-eyed ladies are not recommended to use shades of shades of rose or peach. You can choose more saturated shades of red and purple. Blue and green, too, should be used with caution, they may not be very profitable to combine with the iris.

Ideas for creating evening makeup for green eyes can be gleaned from photographs of stars with such a color of the iris: Angelina Jolie, Fergie, Mila Kunis, Catherine Middleton.

  • Brown-eyed girls can afford to use in the shadows almost all the colors. Perhaps you should avoid only pink and red tints. They can make your eyes tired and haggard, the look will cease to be fresh. Usually, a darker gamma is used to make up this color of the iris, with the exception of those cases when you need to visually widen the eye section.

Perfect for brown eyes brown makeup. Such girls generally fit any technique and almost the entire range of colors. The main thing is to skillfully combine all the shades used with hair, clothing and skin.

When choosing, you can focus on the image created by celebrities, adapting it for themselves and a specific way out. Such famous ladies as Audrey Hepburn, Jessica Alba, Natalie Portman, Megan Fox, Monica Bellucci have a brown iris.

  • Grey eyes may look just fine with properly selected shadows. Depending on the iris ebb, it is necessary to choose the make up color. If a gray shade turns blue, then the shade of the shadows should be similar, but not coinciding with the iris, but somewhat brighter and richer. Violet, pink and gold colors are also good for gray eyes.

A greenish shade of gray iris will support copper or golden shades, they will give it warmth and depth.

Pearlescent shades will also be a good solution for gray-eyed girls. They emphasize and emphasize attention to the eyes.

An example of makeup for gray-eyed ladies can be seen in the outputs of the stars: Adriana Lima, Natalia Vodyanova, Amanda Seyfried.

Important when choosing shades is the color of the curls:

  • Blondes it is better not to use excessively bright and dark shades.Shadows can be light with nacre, and eyes can be shaded, for example, brown with golden sparkles. The eyeliner can also choose brown tones, so that it does not strongly contrast with the skin and hair color. But lipstick can choose different tones of pastel, pink or bright scarlet. The bright color of the lips will make the image memorable and immediate.
  • Brunettes just choose a palette for yourself, because any tone will accentuate their naturally bright appearance. Shimmer shadows are well suited to their eyes, while you can use only one shade or make an overflow of ordinary shadows. You can experiment with the arrows. The color can be both the usual black and unusual - purple or green. For dark-haired girls, lipstick in cool shades of red will do.
  • Brown-haired perfect transition of shadows from light pink tones with mother of pearl to purple and graphite black in the corners. Silver will also look good in a brown-haired eye makeup. Lipstick or gloss can be interesting tones, reminiscent of Bordeaux or carrots.

How to choose cosmetics?

Cosmetics for evening make-up should be chosen, focusing on many factors. It is necessary to take into account the color type of your appearance, shades of eyes, hair, skin, outfit and accessories.

The main thing - cosmetics for a special occasion should also be special. To her make much more demands than to day. It should be very persistent and high-quality, not to roll down and not change its appearance during the whole event. To create a solemn image, you can use professional tools. They will accurately fulfill their function and will last for a long time. Often it is better to use waterproof products, especially when you make your eyes. You can choose for themselves cosmetics and from the usual mass goods, but in any case they should be of high quality and proven.

To choose specific cosmetic products for yourself, it is better to search online or in magazines for examples of creating makeup options that suit you. Often, the Internet can find full lessons, not only representing all the necessary tools, but also teaching how to use them correctly.

When choosing shadows, eyeliner and mascara, be sure to consider the natural color of the iris. Some colors can emphasize it and make it more expressive. And others will make fade, make the eyes incision narrower, and the look - faded and unattractive.

Correctly select the basis for makeup. From its quality will depend on how the image will last throughout the event. Be sure to choose a tonal foundation that is well suited to skin tone. If necessary, attend to the palette for facial sculpting. This will help to hide the shortcomings of the form and correct the shortcomings, as well as emphasize and highlight the advantages.

Do not forget about the eyebrows. It is necessary not only to make their shape perfect and suitable to the shape of the face, but also to tint if necessary. If you are going to a party, you can designate them in a brighter and more saturated color than in the daytime. Otherwise, they may just get lost (compared to the rich design of the eyes and lips).

Blush will emphasize the cheekbones and give the image of freshness and completeness. You need to choose their color under the main key of the entire make-up. If you use shades of cold shades (blue, gray or purple), and lipstick is the color of a rose, cherry or raspberry, you should pay attention to the cold pink blush. If the basic tone is warm, you can choose brick or peach tones. They will be perfectly combined with shades of brown and gold gamma, with lipstick the color of coral, brick, as well as beige and gold.

Lipstick or gloss is better to choose depending on the basic color of makeup, clothes and hair. For the "cold" brunettes fit lipstick shades of cherry, dark red or wine-colored.Blondes can use either delicate pink and nude tones, or bright and rich scarlet.

How to apply?

Due to the excellent quality of cosmetics produced today and the availability of professional products, any lady can make a beautiful evening make-up for herself at home.

To do everything correctly and accurately, be sure to practice. And this is relevant not only for the very first time, but also for each new image. You can find options for creating one image or another online. On video hosting sites and various sites there are lots of instructions that explain how to step by step perform all the steps to create the perfect image.

It is worth considering the basic rules that need to be considered when creating an evening make-up. First you need to prepare the face and create a basis for applying cosmetics:

  • The skin must first be thoroughly cleaned. You can do this with the help of suitable lotions, gels or foams. If necessary, you can use a soft scrub or peeling to maximize the skin and make it perfectly smooth and clean.
  • On the cleaned epidermis need to apply a base for makeup. Before that, you can use the caregiver (if necessary). Carefully ensure that they are well combined with each other and do not conflict.
  • The foundation will help to correct possible imperfections of the dermis and even tone. It is better to apply it with a special brush or sponge, with soft driving movements. Do not forget about the careful shading, the boundaries of the tone should not be noticeable. For bruises under the eyes or pronounced pimples and inflammations, use concealer. So the face will be perfect.
  • Powder can be applied on top, and then blush. All products are applied with a large soft brush.
  • Special Occasion Makeup allows the use of special tonal means, giving the skin a soft glow. You can also use chimmers and highlighters - the main thing is that you need a measure in everything.

The stage of the design of the eyes, perhaps the most difficult in the whole creation of the image. It requires accuracy and some skill, which can be acquired only with experience. It involves the proper selection of shades of shadows, eyeliner and mascara, the choice of a suitable type for the size and shape of the eyes. All selected colors should be combined with each other, as well as to suit the shade of the iris and to the dress. You can find a lot of options for making eye makeup for an evening out step by step.

First you need to draw eyebrows. Without this, even a perfectly made visage will look sloppy. Consider the following guidelines:

  • Eyebrow line to be perfect, excess hair should be removed with tweezers.
  • Eyebrows too light if necessary. You can tint with a pencil or special shadows. The color of the eyebrows should correspond to the tone of the head of hair, differences of one or two tones are acceptable.
  • Be sure to comb the hairs and fix them with gel. So they will keep in shape throughout the day. The gel will help to give the hair a well-groomed look and a healthy glow.

For different eye colors you need to use the appropriate shades in visage.

  • Gray eyes suitable shades of gray, blue, pink. But the red tones are able to give them a tear-stained and tired look. You can use eyeliner and draw arrows, so look will be more expressive. However, the ultra black version can visually reduce the size of the eyes.
  • Brown-eyed girls brown, chocolate, golden and pinkish shades of shadows will approach. But the blue scale will not look very good. Blue and blue-green shades can make a visage sloppy. Violet and dark gray tones can also be very interesting in combination with brown eyes, especially in the variant smoky eyes.This color iris well fit black eyeliner and mascara.
  • Green eyes have a special appeal, but you need to very carefully choose the shade of the shadows. Violet and lilac suit with any hair color green-eyed. Gold, peach and bronze palettes will also look very appropriate. With this choice, it is better to give preference to brown liner and carcass. Greenish shades of shadows will look good with the right selection.

How to perform evening make your own look in the next video.

Makeup artists secrets

To create an evening image of the house you need to be patient. The image should definitely try - to clarify and correct the nuances. Each lady is able to perform an excellent make-up with her own hands, if she takes into account some recommendations of professionals and a description of their work:

  • To repeat the professional makeup, it is important to choose the right tonal basis. It should be carefully selected under the natural skin tone. The tool must be of high quality, do not clog in the pores, do not roll down and withstand the effects of external factors. Light purple pigments in tone are combating tired look and yellowness, and green - with red eruptions. For correction of skin imperfections (acne, acne, inflammation, dark circles under the eyes) concealers are used, which should be used in front of the tonal means. The tone is applied in a soft, drive-in motion. Experts advise the use of wet sponge - for the most even application and lack of mask effect.
  • Choosing the tone of the tonal tool, focus on the venue of the event. If the room is dark (for example, a candlelight dinner or a club party), you should choose a tool to tone brighter than usual. In bright light, flashes or lights, you can use a darker tone.
  • Contouring embodies the main fashion trends. It allows you to give your face the perfect shape, to hide the flaws. The oval shape of the face is considered ideal. It is necessary with the help of darker tones to make parts that protrude beyond the limits of the ideal, less noticeable.
  • Putting powder on top of the tone will fix the makeup make skin velvety and remove oily shine. Special attention should be paid to the T-zone, usually suffering from excessive sebum secretion. Apply the powder to a wide soft brush using a small amount of funds. Crumbly version will apply a thinner layer. Professionals advise to use powder a little lighter, with golden reflections.
  • Be sure to perfect the eyebrows and fix them. Eye shadows should be applied over the base for makeup or tonal means and powder. In the evening image, it is permissible to use all variations of the shadows: flickering, mother-of-pearl, bright shades.
  • It is supposed to use eyeliner to create a special image. However, it can be liquid or solid. You can experiment with different colors. For bright make-up you can use neon colors.
  • Mascara applied at the very end, This process should be carried out especially carefully. To add extra volume, lightly powder your eyelashes before applying mascara. It is recommended to apply structure with the slow and accurate movements. To achieve the desired effect, you can use a special mascara to create the effect of false eyelashes. You can also apply several layers of the product - for special expressiveness and bright color.
  • In the corners of the eyes or on the entire lash line you can use the overhead options.
  • Lipstick is selected depending on the overall image. Emphasis must be placed on the eyes or lips. With a bright eye makeup, you can use nude lipstick or glitter. With a focus on lips, bright and catchy lipstick is applied. For a more saturated color, it can be applied in two layers.
  • Blush make the face more fresh, and makeup - finished.Use them in accordance with the general tone of visage, as well as skin and hair.

Common mistakes

Girls and women risk making mistakes that make the image vulgar or trite. To create a really chic makeup, consider the most common blunders:

  • It is not necessary to pick up the shadows just under the clothes. This is boring and wrong, first of all they must match the face and color type.
  • Too tight and heavy make up not in fashion, even for the evening it is customary to create an easy image.
  • Tight boundaries in eye visage allowed only when making arrows, the rest should be shaded.
  • Do not use A large number of pearl shadows (especially saturated with sparkles), a small amount of satin texture in the middle of the century is enough.
  • Accent in the image - or eyes, or lips, but not all together.
  • Blush should be applied moderately, and eyebrows should not stand out too much.

Tips makeup artist on the technique of applying evening makeup, see the video below.

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