Asian Eye Makeup

Asian Eye Makeup

Asian-looking girls look exotic and always attract the attention of others. Their brown eyes are called mysterious and alluring. But if a Russian girl can sometimes just walk around with shadows and make up her eyelashes, makeup for Asian eyes has a number of differences.

Makeup Features

The main difference between Asian faces is the cut of the eyes. Their shape is narrow, somewhat slanting, the mobile eyelid almost always hangs and has no folds. Eyelashes are rarely long and fluffy, because Asian girls have to more difficult to adjust the severity of the look. But in most cases, the cheekbones of such a person are very expressive, and the lips are small, but plump. To the disadvantages of the general background, a yellowish undertone of the face and porous skin are added.

Despite such features, the basis of Asian makeup (Chinese women, Japanese women, Korean women, Uzbek, Kazakh girls, etc.) is an emphasis on perfect skin and a light, inviting look. To highlight the eyes, you need to bring the skin in perfect condition. This is a necessary condition, without which a beautiful make-up will not work.

The task of make-up of Asian eyes is correction of the form: you need to visually increase them in size, open the look, make it expressive.

All the subtleties of the “open eye” of makeup imply the use of special cosmetics.. They are based on the culture and traditions of the countries. This is not only eye makeup: to properly create an image you need the harmony of all facial features. Correcting the eye section, it is important not to lose their individuality.

A distinctive feature of Asian makeup is naturalness. What is permissible in our country, they are far from always welcomed. Each make-up is subject to a specific case and should look natural, as if all facial features are perfect by nature. The main thing - to demonstrate the feminine beauty, not cosmetics.

In special cases (a solemn event, a national holiday, a wedding, etc.) some freedom is allowed, but taking into account the traditions of the country. Asian makeup thought out to the smallest detail: every stroke in it has its meaning. Even the worship of fashion trends (anime style, idols) can affect eye makeup, as eloquently indicated by the use of a special glue that lifts the eyelids.

Skin preparation

Asian woman's style - natural charm and health. First you need to put in order the skin: it will accentuate the beauty of the eyes. Before applying cosmetics, clean the skin and rinse it with cold water to narrow the pores.

Skin tone is leveled with the help of foundation, and due to the nature of the natural color of the skin pink shades are not allowed. The tone of the tone should match perfectly with the complexion.

An important nuance is getting rid of dark circles around the eyes: they are unacceptable, as they make the eyes dull and sore. To eliminate these shortcomings, you need to use concealer or concealer one tone lighter than the natural skin color.

The final touch to create a flawless derma will be a light layer of loose powder. Flawless skin should shine, say Asians.

They use a highlighter and a slight accent in the form of blush - so the skin glows with health.

Color solutions

Asian-style eye makeup adheres to natural shades. The palette at the same time can be varied: the basis of the color is pleasant and natural, but it allows for adding soft contrasts to the basic tone. The main thing is to look natural and harmonious. This makeup will be appropriate in any image and is suitable for different directions of style.

Unlike European women, who often show their eyes with aggressive colors, Asian puts an emphasis on natural beauty. An excellent result is achieved by a combination of smooth contrasts and feathering of several natural tones close to the skin color (ombre technique). There can be no chance in choosing the color of the shadows: you need to give your eyes a visual depth.

The palette of shadows for special occasions allows for darker and more saturated colors. It is often present in dark gray and black tones. Cosmetics for national events special. It can include bright and unusual colors up to bright pink, blue, purple, silver.

Red shadows are a taboo: they make the eyes sick, swollen and tearful, the ideal ones are those whose color is close to a natural blush, but slightly darker.

Kinds of make-up

Asian makeup is multifaceted and national. Regardless of the chosen image, it turns out to be rich and harmonious. Brown-eyed beauties know a lot about applying cosmetics, so their eyes are always beautiful, and the image is distinguished by a delicate taste and a certain aristocracy.

Asian make-up can be:

  • everyday (day), made in the style of minimalism;
  • in the eveningmarked by brighter contrasts;
  • nationaldemonstrating the culture of a particular country;
  • stage (pop), representing the artist in the best light.

Depending on the specific case, the methods of applying cosmetics may vary.. Makeup options vary with the country of residence of the girl. Great interest in the features of applying cosmetics in order to change the cut of the eyes makes Asian makeup popular. Trying on this style, European girls are looking for a new way of expression, tired of massive makeup.

It should be noted that the make-up in Asian style does not imply face sculpting. It is important to be yourself, so a visual change in facial features is not welcome. In addition, this approach does not fit into the light and mysterious image of Asian.

How to apply?

Beautiful makeup - the dream of many girls. And if the national make-up is different, the classic remains unchanged: it does not matter what country the girl lives in (China, Korea, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Mongolia).

Making Asian eye makeup is actually not as difficult as it may seem. If you step through each step, you can quickly master the technique of an expressive and alluring look.

Work on creating beautiful eyes begins with the application of the base under the shadow. If this step is ignored, cosmetics may look sloppy after a couple of hours after application.


Low-key and everyday make-up is a universal solution. To create it, you will not need whole artillery of cosmetics: a standard set of cosmetic bags is enough:

  • forever apply light shadows, creating the effect of large eyes and depth;
  • upper eyelid tinted dark makeup cosmetics, not forgetting the external angle;
  • at the base of the lash line the moving eyelid draw the outline with liquid eyeliner;
  • center of the upper eyelid emphasize white shadows, creating a volume effect;
  • the same color spend a couple of strokes along lower border of the eyelashes and at the outer corner;
  • mascara time comes: it is applied in two layers up and quite a bit on the lower lashes, not forgetting to carefully comb them, eliminating the effect of stickiness;
  • it remains to emphasize eyebrow line natural color of the shadows, correct the tone of the face, make-up lips with bright lipstick or a transparent shine.

Due to the natural colors of the shadows such makeup will not look bright, even if the eyes are accented with eyeliner.


Evening makeup can be brighter than day makeup.It allows the use of a wide strip of liner and several layers of carcass. Ombre is one of the most popular shading techniques. Its principle follows the rule: the closer the shadows are applied to the lash line, the darker their color is. With this technique, it is possible to make the look expressive, and the eyes - large.

The technique itself is not more complicated than the previous one:

  • before applying makeup cosmetics eyelid prepared using the base;
  • then light shadows create the appearance of depth at the outer corner from the eyelid to the eyebrow line, causing shadows along the upper and lower eyelids;
  • careful shading - a mandatory technique that allows you to look beautiful and natural, even dark shades;
  • dark shadows sum up the lower and upper eyelids, smoothly stretching the tone;
  • ombre effect fixed with a brush;
  • residual funds on the brush you can walk along the line of growth of the eyebrows (literally a couple of strokes);
  • to enlarge the eyes You can use eyeliner: first, draw a thin line from the inner corner (at the very eyelash growth line);
  • without touching the inner corneradd liner line thickness;
  • it remains to make up the eyelashes and make the look wide open with the help of curling lashes.

Korean style

The technique of Korean idols does not leave indifferent many girls. This is a unique puppet image, which with its unusual appearance looks natural and beautiful. The basic rule remains the same: ideal skin is the basis of success and expressiveness of the eyes.

The method of applying cosmetics allows the use of a pencil and work with the lower eyelids:

  • on the upper eyelid area put base;
  • after foundation eyelid shade makeup light brown, slightly darker skin tone;
  • the closer to the border of the growth of eyelashes, the darker they choose the shade of the shadows, not forgetting to stretch it upwards;
  • along the border lower eyelid cause a barely noticeable stroke with light shadows: it will enlarge the eyes;
  • dark shadows needed for the accent of the outer corner: they are put in the direction from the outer corner to the middle, not forgetting to add a drop of money to the lower eyelid;
  • no eyeliner needed: along the line of growth of eyelashes draw a line with a brown pencil;
  • eye accent should be soft: the line should be gently shaded;
  • after the shadows there comes the turn of mascara: it is applied in two layers, not the upper lashes and barely combing the lower ones;
  • it remains to add blush - and the image of Korean women is ready!

How to choose cosmetics?

Choosing the right makeup is not an easy task. The difference in the makeup of Asian eyes is the use of special cosmetics, most of them are made specifically for the skin and eyes of this type. European counterparts do not always give the desired effect, since their purpose as a whole is a decorative function. In addition, you need to select cosmetics based on the type of skin.

Special products are designed with an additional effect in mind and are intended not only for adjustments or care, but also for protecting the face from ultraviolet radiation, as well as other negative environmental factors. This is a persistent cosmetics that does not slip and does not spread during the day.

Eyeliner is one of the favorite methods of Uzbek, Chinese and Korean makeup. Its consistency should be liquid, and the color should be exclusively black. The shade of a pencil can be black and brown. Some girls add a white pencil to the pouch.

A standard makeup kit should include concealer, concealer, eyeliner, pencil, eye shadow, mascara, blush, transparent shine and lipstick. Advanced women of fashion use special cosmetics: cushion and tint. Cushion (special pad with tonal impregnation) well replaces the tonalian, applied with a thin, natural layer. Tint - cosmetics for eyebrows, eyes and cheeks. Choosing such products, you can be confident in the stability of the makeup.

When buying cosmetics in Asian style, you need to take into account a number of nuances:

  • perfect shadows - Matte and close in tone in the palette;
  • flawless foundation - one whose texture is light and uniform;
  • good mascara - medium texture with a lengthening effect and a comfortable brush;
  • mascara color for daytime makeup dark brown, for evening out - black;
  • lipstick should be almost invisible, the evening allows a hint of saturation.

In addition, when buying cosmetics you need to pay attention to the shelf life. You can not paint overdue drugs, so as not to harm the health of the skin.

Makeup artists secrets

Professional makeup artists have in their arsenal a number of tricks, thanks to which you can make any look special. Experts emphasize the uniqueness of the natural shape of Asian eyes, while making it noble and seductive.

To achieve the maximum result, you need to pay attention to several nuances:

  • can not interrupt the accent eye bright lipstick or black eyebrows: improper placement of accents will make your eyes dull and inconspicuous;
  • to increase the size of the eyes instead of white shadows you can use a pencil, so the line will be thinner;
  • dye eyelashes - a prerequisite for beautiful eyes, it is better to use a means with lengthening effect;
  • hanging eyelid can be corrected using the eyebrow line: the descending end is plucked, the upper hairs are drawn more clearly;
  • shadow texture for the accent of the eye should be matte, gloss and nacre are not allowed;
  • for everyday make-up it is better to use a carbon black pencil instead of an eyeliner;
  • lift eyelid You can use the imaginary fold, painted with shadows or a pencil with shading;
  • destroy the beauty of the eyes maybe the wrong eyeliner of the lower eyelid: it will visually reduce the shape and make it even narrower.

In addition, in the arsenal of makeup artists there is another little trick: you can change the section of the eyes by experimenting with the help of arrows. In this case, it’s important not so much how to draw them, as how to draw a line:

  • if not touch the inner corner, and starting the arrow from the middle, it will expand the cut of the eyes;
  • adding to the semi-arrow a short line of dark color, the eyes will appear wider;
  • if the result strengthen the effect of "cat's eye", the form will increase, but the width of the eyes immediately disappear.

Correction of appearance through make-up is a fascinating process. Each style and occasion will allow to diversify the Asian make-up.

If you are interested in a visual increase in the eye, take a look at this video tutorial.

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