Makeup for teenagers

Makeup for teenagers

Looking beautiful is the dream of every girl. Since adolescence in the course of a whole arsenal of cosmetics. Often the type of make-up of young natures looks repulsive. When applying make-up, it is worth considering the fact that makeup for teenagers is a separate topic that deserves special attention.


There is nothing bad about wanting to be an adult. However, a quality make-up implies not only emphasizing facial features: it is important to be able to hide flaws.

Teen makeup can not be bright and flashy: today, every girl knows that it is ugly and looks ridiculous. However, without the necessary skills and rules for applying cosmetics, the result simply cannot be perfect.

It is important to understand that cosmetics is selected based on age. If you use the arsenal of my mother's cosmetics, you can harm the health of the skin, cause allergies, irritation of ederma or skin itching.

The first rule of cosmetics - naturalness. Makeup should be invisible and easy. It is a cute, natural appearance that will create a better impression.

The second rule of makeup - facial skin care. Due to changes in hormonal levels (against the background of maturation of the body), during this period, the skin is often faced with a deterioration in their condition. If a girl considers herself an adult, you need to start with a thorough skin care. Otherwise, you can lose the beauty and health of the dermis, as well as become a hostage to your own complexes.

If you ignore the condition of the skin and apply cosmetics to untreated and diseased skin, not only health, but also appearance will suffer.

Skin in adolescence is especially vulnerable. Choosing the first cosmetics, you need to give preference to high quality mineral products. It is desirable that the drugs are hypoallergenic and suitable for very sensitive, delicate skin. Rule number three - the choice of high-quality cosmetics with a calming and healing effect.

The fourth rule is age accent. Professional stylists emphasize that the purpose of teenagers' makeup is to emphasize the charm of youth. In no case is it allowed to coarsen facial features using all available beauty artillery.

First cosmetic bag: accessories and cosmetics

High-quality makeup involves the use of special tools. They should not be much: the main thing is that they are applied correctly:

  • large round brush - for powder;
  • small brush - for blush;
  • two small (flat and volumetric) - for feathering shadows;
  • eyelash curler;
  • small brush - for stretching lipstick.

The necessary makeup a teenager include:

  • bactericidal concealer;
  • loose powder;
  • base under the shade;
  • the shadows;
  • mascara dark gray or brown;
  • pomade;
  • transparent lip gloss.

Young natures are not recommended to use a pencil or eyeliner: this can change the facial features for the worse, add age. If you do not want to give up the pencil, you need to purchase a tool to match the hair color. And the task will be to ensure that the pencil on the face could not be seen: it must be gently shaded to create the effect of naturalness.

It is important to understand that any relevant makeup is not a reason to demonstrate the entire existing arsenal of cosmetics. Do not be equal to adult women, make-up which screams with all acid paints.

Whatever the reason for makeup (day, evening, everyday, summer, school), the real art of the stylist is to apply makeup as if it is not on the face.It is necessary to emphasize the perfect skin and show the beauty of the eyes.

Color solutions

The choice of a shade of powder, blush should strive in the direction of natural colors, as close as possible to the natural skin tone. Allowed shades with the addition of peach and pinkish subtone (depending on skin type). The concealer should be half tone lighter than the natural complexion.

Shadows can take two or four shades. This will create a natural effect when shading. You should not buy acidic, pink or blue shades: cold colors look ugly, pink and reddish make your eyes look sick and swollen. Experiments with aggressive tones are unacceptable: it is impossible to destroy the natural beauty.

The color of the lipstick is ideally transparent. In adolescence, the girl’s lips are characterized by natural brightness. You can buy a transparent shine. And if you want a small accent, then you should look at coral, coffee, nude and light terracotta shades. It is better to refrain from nacre: this effect requires clean skin and whiteness of teeth.

An undesirable effect of high gloss: this type of lipstick does not suit teenagers.

Eye shadow and eyebrow pencil - a separate topic. It seems to teenagers that too bright and wide eyebrows are a beauty standard. In fact, they should not stand out, it is tasteless and looks rude.

We can not allow a sea of ​​accents on the face: in this case, they cease to be accents, creating from the girl the image of a gypsy. At any age it is important to emphasize the health of the skin and the expressiveness of the look. We must show their natural beauty.

Therefore, the perfect color of the eyebrows should be one tone lighter than the hair color.

Recommendations of specialists

Stylists working in the fashion sphere recommend that adolescents start using cosmetics at the same time as a caring series for their skin. Do not apply make-up on untreated skin. In addition, it is necessary to remove makeup in the evening: it is unacceptable to sleep with makeup on the face.

Among the tips there are some indisputable rules:

  • with sore and injured skin, makeup looks deplorable;
  • before applying cosmetics it is important to moisturize and prepare the dermis;
  • select shades of cosmetic products should be in accordance with the color of the eyes, skin and hair, and also taking into account the specific case (for lessons, birthday, disco);
  • you can not use a dense masking agent: it will create a mask effect and emphasize the lesions of the rash;
  • dramatic tone in makeup should be minimized (less dark colors that create a negative effect);
  • You should never copy someone's style, imitating a particular person: it is important to remain yourself, this will allow you to be individual;
  • there is no need to use mascara every day: this can cause a decrease in the number of eyelashes.

One of the terrible trends prevalent among schoolgirls is the effect of "duck lips". It is necessary to understand one thing: it is beautiful to be natural. Even having put on lips, it is not necessary to show cosmetics and a form in a similar way.

Beautiful teen make-up is self-expression, seeming simplicity, but an elaborate image.

What and when is appropriate?

Every age has its limitations. What is good at 16 and 17 years old is totally inappropriate at 12. In order not to overpower the face with an excess of cosmetics, you should pay attention to the girl's age:

  • 12 years - Emphasis on skin health, subtle shadows and a transparent sheen instead of lipstick. An alternative variant is suitable as an eyelash mascara (transparent mascara-gel with vitamins A, E).
  • 13 years old - skin cleaning components, connecting concealer to conceal skin imperfections, healing mascara and peach colored translucent lipstick.
  • 14 years old - light mineral powder is added to the concealer (to correct the imperfections of the dermis). The make-up allows light variations of shades of shadows, pinkish lipstick of light texture and appearance of mascara for eyelashes (1 layer).
  • 15 years - time of occurrence of a light foundation, eyeliner and eyebrows. The mascara is still used in a minimal amount, carefully combing the eyelashes and preventing them from sticking. Lipstick is getting a little richer.
  • 16 years - Hone work with eyeliner and eyebrows, the natural color of the shadows with a smooth transition of colors, a minimum of lipstick. Make-up 16-year-old girl allows you to emphasize the expressiveness of the look.
  • 17 years - selection of makeup shades for a specific style. Time deliberated experiments. The concealer, powder, concealer, brown pencil or gel for eyebrows, easy texture of lipstick is allowed.

To school

In most cases, the purpose of everyday makeup will be associated with the school:

  • Daily. School make-up of girls is subject to strict dress code like adult women working in the office. Bright colors are not allowed - it is inappropriate. There can be no shooters and weights: this is daytime makeup, which is light and emphasizes the freshness of the face. The main focus is skin health.
  • On September 1. A special day allows some solemnity. Be sure to highlight the blush, show a fresh, rested face tone. Strengthen a good impression better neat hair.
  • On the last bell. 9 and 11 class - transitional time. The days of farewell to the school are a little sad, but especially solemn. In these cases, some freedom of makeup is permitted. You can enhance the focus of the eye, choose a more saturated color of the shadows.

In addition, there are other cases for the use of adolescent cosmetics:

  • Circle, extracurricular event. Traditional modesty, a minimum of brilliance and moderation of shadows. If possible, do without a pencil. This is the case when class is not important (6, 7, 9, etc.): it is important to make a good impression on others.
  • For birthday. The reason to diversify the style, emphasizing the sense of taste. You can add a pink lipstick tone, a darker brown hue of the shadows and a bit of a shimmer for the eyes.
  • To the disco. Vivid experiments within reason. Matte lipstick nude tones, black mascara and a slight selection of the eyebrow line are allowed. At 16-17 years of age, you can accent the view with a thin strip of eyeliner without the effect of "cat's eyes."
  • Stage makeup. The intensity depends on the specific character. In some cases, make-up requires solid make-up using tonal means, concealer, eyeliner and several layers of mascara (for the effect of large eyes).

How to do?

Make-up beautifully itself is not as difficult as it seems at first glance. By completing all the steps of the instruction step by step, you can easily master the simple tricks of teen makeup.

The basis is taken standard technique. If it does not imply the use of tonal means (the skin is clean and does not need it), this step is skipped.

  • Excretion purity of the skin. Before applying cosmetics, it is important to wash the skin and rinse it with cold water: this will narrow the pores.
  • A dried peel-sized foundation is applied to the dried skin, spreading over the T-shaped area, nose, forehead, chin and cheeks.
  • For feathering, use a large brush. The layer should turn out thin, imperceptible.
  • Hiding the flaws of the skin, using concealer get rid of dark circles around the eyes, visible acne or inflammation.
  • The final touch of flawless skin is a light layer of mineral powder, which is applied with a powder puff.
  • With the help of a brown pencil eyebrows make a little bit brighter, outlining the shape and shading it. There should be no visible contour lines: everything is as natural as possible.
  • On a mobile eyelid put shades of a light shade. With the help of the shadows of a dark tone emit an outer corner. Light tone passes through the lower eyelid (barely noticeable).
  • In order to visually increase the size of the eyes, a thin, almost invisible bar with white shadows is held along the lash line.The same can be done on the bottom edge.
  • If without a pencil in any way, they draw a soft, dim line along the growth of eyelashes.
  • Using mascara, paint the upper lashes in one layer. The bottom can not touch, but if you really want, you can barely straighten them with ink. It is important that the eyelashes look natural, so after applying mascara, they need to be combed.
  • Lipstick is selected in lip tone. At this age there can be no pencil strokes. It is enough to put a little pigment in the center of the lips and with a brush to stretch the lipstick to the borders. To keep your lips from looking dry, you can go above with a transparent sheen. However, the surplus should be wet with a paper napkin.

Makeup for teens involves regular care not only for the skin, but also accessories. Brushes should be washed with baby soap, they should always be clean, so as not to provoke acne or inflammation.

For more information on teen make-up, see the video below.

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