Nude makeup

Nude makeup

"Naked face" - so you can call the makeup in the style of "nud"The actual trend is gaining more and more fans every day. Today, naturalness is in fashion. Nude tones make-up emphasize the natural beauty of a woman, there is nothing superfluous and defiant, she looks fresh and natural and appropriate for different occasions.

Features and benefits

The main advantage of makeup in the style of "nud" - is that it is ideal for women of any age.. We all strive to have our face with a beautiful, smooth, radiant skin, a fresh and delicate blush, expressive eyes and long eyelashes. Nude makeup gives us this effect. Natural makeup for the face does not imply bright colors and clear lines.

Its purpose is only to emphasize the expressive features, hiding the flaws, to give freshness and radiance to healthy skin.

This makeup makes the face younger, so it is perfect for women after forty years. The golden rule - the older the woman, the less bright cosmetics, no one has canceled. Despite the fact that light colors are used in make-up, they should be applied very carefully and carefully. The face should look natural and fresh and the means to create this effect should not be visible on it.

Who is suitable?

Make-up in the style of "nud" can be safely used to create your own images of the owner of any color of hair, eyes and skinand. For each type of female appearance has its own range of shades. For women with dark skin, brown eyes and dark hair, golden shades of brown and beige are suitable for nude makeup. For those who have fair skin, green eyes and light brown hair, it is best to use delicate beige-pink shades.

Knowing the palette that fits well with your color type, you can choose colors that are perfect for your appearance.

For brunettes

For brunettes in the creation of makeup in natural colors are used more pronounced shades. To make the face not look dull and expressionless against the background of dark hair, you need to highlight the eyes, emphasize the lips and shape the eyebrows. A brown or bronze eyeliner is ideal for this type of appearance. In order to emphasize the eyes, but not to make a strong emphasis on them, the eyeliner lines should be well shaded. For eyelids, select a light shade of beige or delicate peach with a matte effect. It all depends on the skin tone.

Lip gloss or lipstick will suit the same shades. Blush should not stand out strongly, but their hue should emphasize cheekbones well. For the foundation we use a tonal tool with matting effect.

If makeup is needed for an evening out, you can add mother-of-pearl on the eyelids and apply a shining fluid on your face.

For brown-haired women

Makeup in the style of "nud" looks perfect on the brown-haired. Light pastel colors are well combined with hair color. The contrast between them is softened, not as pronounced as that of brunettes, facial features are emphasized and expressive. The image of brown-haired with makeup in nude tones looks great. For an even complexion, you must use a tonal tool to tone lighter than the skin.

A pencil for eyes and eyebrows of brown tones. Shadows perfectly suit warm beige shades to the skin color. The structure of the shadows is better than silk, which has light-reflecting particles. So the eyelid will look even and smooth, and small wrinkles are hidden. Blush perfectly beige shades, lip gloss - transparent or beige-pink.

Lipstick - soft warm shades of brown, beige and peach flowers.

For blondes

Unlike brunettes, for blondes, nude makeup can play a cruel joke - “erase” your face. Therefore, you need to carefully select the shades and technique.It is recommended to use soft pencils for the contour of the eyes and lips. A prerequisite - they must be light brown or gray shades and carefully shaded. For blondes, it is imperative to emphasize facial contour and highlight cheekbones using a special palette for contouring. This is necessary so that the face does not blend in with the hair color. And the protruding parts - nose bridge, forehead, cheeks and chin, on the contrary, lighten it with a highlighter. So the face will not look flat and monochrome, beautiful relief and volume will appear.

You can highlight the eyes with a dark shade of shadows. It should be applied along the lash line of the upper eyelid and well shaded. To lengthen the eye line, you can draw a small thin arrow.

Complete eye makeup with a single layer of brown mascara. On lips better transparent gloss or matte pale pink lipstick.

For owners of red hair

The tonal framework should be in tone natural skin color. If the skin color has a warm tint, you need to pick up tonal means peach gamma. For a cold range of skin tone, neutral beige-pink shades are best suited. One must be careful in using pink shades of tonal means. Too much pink will make your face reddened. It is better to choose a tonal base with a yellowish or golden tint. This foundation always looks good in combination with red hair.

Eyeliner and mascara is better to choose a brown color for day makeup, for the evening, you can use black. Depending on the eye color, gray, olive, greenish shades will do. They should be matte for day makeup.

For an evening out, you can add shadows with glitter, with gold or silver splashes.


The "Nud Look" style is perfect for any season and is appropriate for any occasion.. By species it can be daytime and evening. Since the makeup in soft pastel shades looks light and fresh, does not overload the face and emphasizes the natural beauty, it is ideal for a casual look. Makeup "nud" easily transformed from day to evening. To do this, add a highlighter to the face for shining, shading with a shimmering or pearlescent effect, more clearly highlight the cheekbones and add gloss to the lips. The result is a beautiful evening look in nude tones.

This is the most popular trend of the summer season this year.

Cosmetics manufacturers

To create a makeup in the style of "nud" you can easily choose color cosmetics for each type of female appearance, taking into account individual characteristics. Many companies offer products with a large selection of shades, textures and aromas, as well as a different price range. On the market are brands from Couture, such as Dior, YSL, Givenchyas well as products of budget brands Sephora, Maybelline, Stellary. Consider the main companies and their products that are perfect for nude makeup.

For tonal basis, we recommend using BB or CC cream. They are light in texture and adapt well to your own skin tone. For example, CC cream from Mary kay with SPF 15. It comes in three shades, has a light texture, is applied to the skin with a thin layer, does not dry out and does not weigh down.

CC Cream "Camera Ready" from Smashbox with a sunscreen, it perfectly corrects the tone and tightens the pores, well moisturizes the skin of the face and masks the pigment spots.

BB Eye Cream "Eye Touche Parfaite" - new from Erborian. It gives full care, perfectly removes dark circles and fine wrinkles, protects from the sun.

BB cream “Idealia” by Vichy has a stunning aroma, consisting of a mixture of floral, tea and woody notes. Due to the mineral pigments, the skin instantly transforms, becomes smooth and fresh.

For shining skin, use the “Dior Nude” tonal fluid.. The light, velvety texture delicately corrects the skin, giving it a natural glow. The perfect result of shine will be fixed by compact powder. "Nude Compact" from Dior.

Excellent fluid properties Fluid Finish Lasting Velvet from Sensai They work wonders, making the skin fresh with a lasting velvety effect. Givenchy's “Teint Couture” fluid perfectly evens out skin tone and has an additional nourishing and regenerating effect.

At the powder-veil "Fini Pétale" by Serge Lutens manufactured using nanotechnology. Means with a light, transparent texture that gives a matte glow to the skin is available in eight shades.

Company Mary kay lets out remarkable compact and friable powder with minerals. It makes the skin dull, making it silky, radiant. Mineral particles create a thin veil on the face, do not clog pores.

You can make your eyes with a palette from Maybelline "The Blushed Nudes" to create day makeup, and with "The Rock Nudes" create an evening look. Warm natural shades of shadows Sephora's "Infinity Nude" allow you to create a sophisticated natural makeup. Eyeshadow Palette "Gosh Eye Shadow Pallete Smokey Nudes" consists of 10 colors, which make it possible to create both day and evening make-up for owners of any eye color. Stunning palettes - from Dior "BackStage Eye Reviever" with a magical shine YSL's Couture Variation Palette to create fashionable makeup and Givency's "Palette Yeux Glacee".

Mascara is better to choose brown marks Estee Lauder "Sumptuous Extreme" or increasing volume from Mary Kay.

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To highlight your cheekbones and give your face freshness, use Lancôme Blush Subtil Palette. They are represented by two palettes. Rose Flush and Nectar Lace. Each consists of three shades that blend well with each other. Powder rouge from Givenchy "Le Prisme Blush" consisting of four shades, give the skin a slight glow for a long time.

The image is completed with lip gloss Croisiere Baume Gloss Natural from Givenchy, “Robe Noire” by Guerlain, “NouriShine Plus” by Mary Kay or lipstick from MAS "Mineralize Lune Naturale", "Color Sensational" from Maybelline or Creamy Lips from Stellary.

Application technique

Makeup in the style of "nud" - one of the most difficult to perform. The technique of its application has its own secrets and pitfalls. To get the perfect result, you need to follow and carefully work through all the stages of application, use decorative tools that are well suited for your color type. This makeup can be done every day to work in the office, to meet with friends, on a date and for evening exits. Following the plan, where steps are given recommendations for applying makeup, you can make a beautiful make-up at home on your own. Here is what you need for a nude makeup:

  • Good moisturizing. Moisturizing the skin is a mandatory step for any skin type, not just dry. Apply a moisturizer to the cleansed face and spread it lightly along the massage lines. It is necessary to give time to the cream soak.

In order to remove excess cream, you can blot your face with a napkin. So the face will be prepared for applying the next layers. Will not feel a sense of tightness and discomfort.

  • Create a base for makeup. In order to even out skin texture, make it matte, narrow pores and hide fine wrinkles, you will need a primer. Using primer makes makeup more resistant. According to the types of primer is matting and moisturizing. Moisturizing is suitable for dry skin, matting - for oily and combination. You can apply moisturizing on the whole face, and matte on the T-zone.
  • Align the tone of the face. To hide unevenness in color, pigmentation, capillary mesh, it is necessary to use a palette for color correction. The green shade well masks reddening and closely located capillaries. Lilac will make skin lighter, remove excess yellowness. Pink will mask freckles and blemishes. Yellow will remove bruises under the eyes. It is necessary to use corrective primers locally, only where it is required.

Next, you need to apply a tonal framework, which is selected according to your type and condition of the skin. Nowadays, many tonal means have an airy light texture that is well absorbed, does not leave a greasy luster, but gives a good, dense tone. Therefore, you can use fluids and mousses. The main rule - the tonal tool should create a perfect even tone and not stand out on the face. To do this, the tonal framework must be carefully shaded at the hairline and along the contour of the face.To give your face a rested and fresh look, you can add a drop of highlighter to your tonal tool.

Anything that does not hide the tonal basis, you can disguise concealer. A yellowish tint will mask the bruises, beige-pink will remove pigment spots, and olive redness. Apply concealer need point-slapping movements. Concealers for the area around the eyes are composed of reflective particles that even out skin tone, hide fine wrinkles.

To adjust the face and make skin glow, use a highlighter.

There are many options for its application. It all depends on the individual characteristics of the face and the desired result. If it is applied to the cheekbones, they will visually appear higher. For the effect of an open and fresh look, the highlighter should be applied under the eyebrows and on the inner corners of the eyes. To increase the volume of the lips, it is enough to walk along the depression above the upper lip. You can also adjust the oval of the face, make it more narrow and expressive. For this, the middle of the forehead, the back of the nose and the middle of the chin are highlighted.

  • Apply blush. For an image in nude tones, you can not use blush. But it is better to give the face freshness with a light shade. Blush is recommended to use matte beige shades of peach, coral or pink. For tanned or tanned skin is perfect bronzer. Blush should be applied with a soft brush from the protruding part of the cheeks to the temples and shade them. They should not be bright and visible on the face.
  • For eyelids, it is better to use different variants of matte beige shadows., shades of sand or gray are also well suited. For owners of blue eyes, choose pastel shades from turquoise to gray-blue, peach and golden hues. Women with green eyes can use delicate pink, whitened lilac or light brown shades of shadows. For brown eyes suitable various shades - light gray, greenish, light purple, pale orange and pastel gamut of brown shades.

If you need to adjust the individual characteristics, such as the hanging eyelids, close or wide arrangement of the eyes, you need to use the darker shades of chocolate and nutty shades. Cilia isolated by brown mascara with lengthening effect. Apply mascara in one layer.

If the eyelashes have their own dark shade and good length, you can apply a transparent gel base on them.

  • Make out eyebrows. A very important step in creating a natural makeup. They should be expressive and neatly underlined. To do this, you can use a brow pencil, eye shadow or tinting gel. Brunettes fit dark brown shades. Blonde or red hair is better to use light-brown tools for eyebrows.
  • We emphasize lips. The final stage of creating makeup is lips. It is better to use lipstick with a matte effect. Lips do not need to fail, it is better to apply lipstick with a brush or fingers. If you need to add volume, add a transparent sheen. The lips should have color, but the means used should not be noticeable. For lips, you should choose nude or pink shades of lipstick and gloss. Some time after applying the lip should be wetted with a napkin. The color will remain, but the funds will not be visible. It is also good to apply tint balms. Lips will have color and in addition will receive careful leaving.

This is the technique of applying for day makeup nude. With the help of small additions, daytime makeup is easy to transform into evening. For an evening out, it is enough to add intensity of shades and more brilliance.

To do this, you can use the shade with mother of pearl, shimmering fluid for the face and lip coating with shimmer.

Nude makeup from a professional makeup artist, see the following video.

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