Makeup for the impending century

Makeup for the impending century

Properly applied makeup - This, of course, the key to the success of every woman. That he is able to give freshness to the face and hide the existing shortcomings and problem areas. Thanks to different techniques, it is possible to correct the incision of the eyes or the hanging eyelid of some women. To achieve an irresistible look with the help of cosmetic products is possible only if you place the accents correctly. To delve into the details of the application, it is necessary to consider a number of some features.


In order for the hanging eyelid not to cause inconvenience when applying makeup, you need to know some tricks that will help you choose a color palette of shadows, a pencil or specially designed gels. The following recommendations will help to learn about some of the subtleties that emphasize the advantages and hide the disadvantages:

  1. Use makeup type, which will hide the zone of the impending century, is only necessary with the help of dark shades of shadows. Light or shiny effect will highlight. They can be applied to the corners of the eye, because they are in this part literally open look.
  2. Women over 50 You need a nutritional base for makeup. It will not allow the shadows to roll and clog up in wrinkles.
  3. If you are the owner of the impending century, it means that liquid eyeliner is strictly prohibited. It can be changed to a black pencil. Need to draw arrows only from the middle of the century. Another technique of drawing arrows will only aggravate the situation and make the eyes look more languid and sad.
  4. Women with this type of eyelids need to monitor the condition of the eyebrows. They should distract from the hood, to be as lifted and extended as possible. This will create a visual effect.
  5. It is worth forgetting to apply any funds on the lower eyelid. The selection of this area with a pencil or shadow can only worsen everything.
  6. Look, you need to give expressiveness with the help of shadows and applying a light haze, highlighting it with a dark layer of a feathered palette of shadows.
  7. For this kind of makeup you should choose good resistant products that will not be erased and will not slip from the mobile age in a few hours. You need to purchase a high-quality brush that can shade the shadows and make-up using the smoky eyes technique.
  8. Need to pay attention to the eyelashes. Thick layers of mascara will only spoil the makeup - it should be applied with a thin layer, after having curled the eyelashes with forceps. This emphasis will open the eyes and make it more profound.
  9. Remember that that the dark shades of the shadows are applied to the outer corner of the eyelid, light - to the inner, and the middle - to the middle or lower part.

Make-up artists receptions

Eyelids of the impending type give a look of languor, fatigue and inexpressiveness. To hide this, make-up artists use a huge number of techniques that allow you to forget about this little flaw. Correctly correct this feature will help some of the techniques that are popular among experts:

  • To hide the heavy upper eyelids, initially you need to pay attention to the eyebrows. They should be lifted with a pencil or other special means - for example, shadows. Giving them geometry, you need to lower the eyebrows with a highlighter from below, which will visually lift them.

If there is no base for make-up, you can use concealer before applying eye shadow. Each applied layer must be shaded towards the temples. Light tones - in the corners of the eyes, more saturated or dark - in the upper eyelid.Using this technique, the shadows can be applied and shaded, going beyond the boundaries of the eyelids. It is necessary to put a ban on liquid liner, which will only make the eyes look heavy.

  • To increase the lowered eyes, makeup artists use several secrets. The first is to emphasize the eyebrows, but not with a pencil, but only with shadows (in a small amount and with the help of a beveled brush). Lift the bottom line with the help of a highlighter.

The second secret is the distraction of attention from the eyelids - with the help of shadows of natural shades. The most successful combination is beige and brown colors, applied on the perimeter of the eyelid and beyond.

The final secret is to replace eyeliner on the shadows. Eyeliner makes the eyes small and close-set, which will spoil the visual impression.

  • One of the most popular techniques is the pencil loop, which everyone can master. She is quite spectacular and extravagant. This technique helps to make the view more open, it can increase the distance between the eyes.

Using such a technique, it is necessary to take into account that light and pearl colors are categorically not suitable. It is necessary to use only shadows with a dense basis - preferably three or more shades.

With the help of such a technique, a loop will eventually emerge on the eyelid. The loop effect is great for owners of the impending century, because it lifts it and distracts from the bag. This makeup is performed in any range, it is quite light and simple, suitable for both day and evening image.

  • There is also a lifting makeup that gives the face a rejuvenating effect. However, its implementation requires more attention and time than regular makeup.

Makeup artists lighten all available facial cavities with the help of correctors, and the bulges mask under a layer of dense dark foundation or powder. The main task of this technique is to lift the contours of the face with the help of correctly drawn parallel lines. For such make-up bright shades of lipstick, brilliant tonal means, various eyeliners and powders will not work.

Major mistakes

Makeup is a kind of tool that you need to know how to use. It was created in order to improve the female features, to give a well-groomed and fresh look to the face, to emphasize the existing advantages. But there is a certain number of mistakes that women make without even noticing and not realizing it.

Makeup, applied the wrong way, can not only make the face ridiculous, but also add age.

To avoid such situations, it is necessary to parse the errors:

  1. When drawing arrows avoid the effect of downward care. Such a mistake will make the view more sad than it really is.
  2. Eye when applying shadows should be closed. With open eyes, the cosmetic can be applied unevenly, intermittently, unevenly.
  3. Shadows with Pearlescent Shade and sequins, only focus on the problem. They can make the eyelids swollen and heavy, because they have a shiny oil base. Such shadows can be applied only under the line of the eyebrows to maximize them.
  4. Inner corner of the eye it is impossible to paint with iridescent shadows, it is necessary to use only light shades that do not give the effect of disproportionality of the eyes.
  5. It is necessary to abandon the direct and curved eyebrows, because the former will enhance the effect of the eyelids, and the latter will give the face a frightened expression.
  6. Liquid eyeliner need to be eliminated replacing it with a pencil.
  7. Do not leave clear and even lines. Putting shadows, they need to be shaded from layer to layer. Even when using a pencil, they should not be noticeable, since they can make all the disadvantages more visible.
  8. The main error is ignoring base under makeup. Without it, the shadows can lie ugly and roll down, which will give carelessness and carelessness.
  9. The most common mistake is noncompliance. Excessive colors and shades will spoil the image, thereby aggravating the situation.
  10. Do not forget to curl eyelashes. Long open eyelashes will only open the eyes and increase the eyes, hiding the hanging eyelid.

The problem of the impending century is masked quite easily and simply. It is only necessary to know some tricks, skillfully put them into action, and most importantly, avoid obvious mistakes that introduce disharmony in the make-up.

How to apply?

To make-up look spectacular, it is not enough to have high-quality expensive cosmetics. Much depends on the application technique and own skills. To attract the attention of others, to emphasize the existing advantages and to call admiring glances will help tips that are based only on the correct application of cosmetics.

Brown eyes are the most common, they are suitable for almost the entire color palette of shadows and pencils. For this eye color there is a special technique of application. It is worth considering in stages:

  1. First, prepare your skin for applying makeup, after removing the oily shine by special means.
  2. Pay special attention to the eyebrows. Carefully draw the outline and fill in the blanks with eyebrow shadows, creating the desired shape.
  3. For brown eyes are suitable chocolate, green and golden shadows. Apply the selected palette to the upper eyelid, gently shading. It can also be applied just above the surface of the eyelid.
  4. Brush with shadows draw a border. above the upper eyelid and the corner at an angle to the top of the eyebrow.
  5. Under the eyebrows brush with light shadows, to visually raise the brow line.
  6. Lower eyelid color shadows medium shades.
  7. Apply a dark shade along the eyelashes, gently shading.
  8. Pay special attention to the coloring of the eyelashes. They should be painted with a middle layer and look neat, without stuck together lumps.

This technique will make the view bright and open.

Experts believe that the green color of the eyes is the most versatile, since almost any shade of shadows and pencils suits them. From the most suitable - bronze, copper, violet and green shades. They make the look easy. To create this effect, you need to follow the basic recommendations:

  1. Matte pigment color the upper part of the eyelid. Pink pigment is suitable for fair skin, and brown or black for dark skin.
  2. Basic rule - careful shading of borders and lines, creating the effect of light haze.
  3. At the fold of the century, draw a line blend it, get a dark stripe.
  4. In the outer corner blend dark shadows, With a brush, make a smooth line towards the inner corner of the eye, thus hiding the existing border.
  5. Lower eyelid (namely, the upper part) paint with green shadows, blend and hide the border again.
  6. Swag brush from the pupil swipe line to the outer corner. If it is omitted, use a brush with shadows to draw a strip along the eyelid (closer to the temple), visually lifting these corners.
  7. Pay attention to the eyebrows. Pencil draw lines, imitating hairs where there are gaps.

The technique of applying shadows for blue and gray eyes has the same features. Stylists recommend pink, gold, silver and turquoise hues. The procedure is as follows:

  1. Apply silvery shade on the upper eyelid and paint it with lavender shadows, carefully shading so that a sharp transition is not visible.
  2. From the middle of the century To the corner of the eye, connect the purple shadows in the shape of the letter V, blend.
  3. Underline the lower part of the eye with a pencil.
  4. Paint the eyelashes.

Makeup schemes for different eye shapes

Each type of eye is suitable for different application techniques and different colors of the shadows. If a girl has beautiful eyes of narrow Asian shape, you need to find out how to paint them and what shades to choose for quality make-up:

  1. Above the upper eyelid need to hold the line.
  2. Connect two formed lines.
  3. Apply matte shades on the inner corner of the eye and on the upper eyelid, giving the look depth.
  4. Lower eyelid color shadows dark palette, mostly black and brown. Blend.
  5. Over eyelashes put a pencil.
  6. Curl eyelashes with forceps, apply mascara, removing excess.

Owners of round small eyes need to shade the existing fold using the technique described below:

  1. Lighten the whole part of the century. up to the lower line of the eyebrow with light shadows. Draw a thin line of the future fold with dark shadows.
  2. Dim the middle part of the eye, to hide the bulging eyeball. Lighten the inner corner.
  3. From the middle of the eye sideways darken part of the eyelid, creating a light haze. This will make the apple not so prominent.
  4. Under the eyebrow line and in the corner of the eye Apply light shadows or highlighter, shading means as much as possible.
  5. Well painted eyelashes will be the final touch in makeup.

Another eye shape is almond-shaped. Owners of this form have the opportunity not to do complex makeup, which takes a long time. They can only emphasize the advantages of a light make-up. You can, for example, mark the outer and inner corners of the eye, stretching the lines to the temples. The most important feature will be long eyelashes.

This effect can be achieved through a thorough mascara or false eyelashes. That is what will give the maximum depth of view.

Girls who have deep-set eyes may appear frowned and displeased due to improper makeup. To avoid this, you need to remember the make-up application technique for this type of eye:

  1. Choose light shades and apply one of the selected on the entire surface of the century and a little higher.
  2. Draw arrows which must necessarily have a thin line that closely fits the eyelashes.
  3. It is necessary to give volume to the eyelashes with mascara, which need to be applied in 2-3 layers. For the most expressive look, you can increase eyelashes.
  4. For deep-set eyes thick brows are suitable, but not too low.
  5. Lips with enough a soft make-up should stand out and catch the eye.

At present, the correct application of makeup can hide even such a small flaw, as close-set eyes, which gives many women discomfort and discomfort. It is worth noting that many stars have the same problem, but they skillfully correct it and make it a highlight. For this you need to take into account the key secrets:

  1. Apply to the corner of the eye and the middle of the upper eyelid bright shadows. They should be only light tones, but not pearl and brilliant.
  2. Apply dark shades to the outer corner. It is necessary to take into account that it is not necessary to shade them at all.
  3. Draw arrows with liquid liner. It should be noted that the line should start from the inner edge, smoothly moving to the outer. It is not necessary to thicken the arrow; it should be as close as possible to the eyelash growth line, without obscuring the open part of the eyelid.
  4. With this arrangement of the eye lashes, accrued over the entire diameter is strictly prohibited. It is necessary to dye or grow eyelashes only from the outer edge, not reaching the middle.
  5. Eyebrows for close set eyes must be thinned at the base, the tip must be made longer.

Many celebrities have long proved that wide-set eyes are not a flaw, but a distinctive feature that makes a woman special and unique. This will help the correct implementation of makeup, which visually reduces the distance:

  1. As knownEyebrow should start where the nose wings end. If the eyebrows are located close to each other, and the eyes are wider, this is a plus, as it visually helps to bring the eyes together. If the eyebrows are located further, it is necessary to draw them with a pencil.
  2. For this type of eye shadow can be combined, combined, applying them in a special way.If dark and light shades are chosen, dark ones are applied from the outer part and shade by the middle of the century. Light are applied to the corner of the eye and shade to the middle.
  3. MYou can use eyeliner but without arrows. The line must necessarily go to a thin strip from the middle of the eye and thicken to the outer part.

Star examples

At the present time, the stars by their example make some special changes in both clothes and makeup. Often when viewing photos of secular girls I want to repeat the makeup and look just as extravagant. To do this, you can consider some variants of the star make-up and adopt them.

Experimenting in make-up is currently welcome. Eva GreentAuger uses this technique, and quite successfully. Wine lipstick, lower eyelid and gray-green smoky eyes emphasized all the virtues of the French actress and added a zest to her evening make-up.

Emma Stone - the owner of such features as the hanging eyelid. For daytime makeup, the American actress took advantage of the liner, making arrows, and highlighted the inner part of the century. The main role in such a light make-up was played by fluffy eyelashes.

Summer makeup Rachel McAdams different natural, he nyudovy. She only made up her eyelashes and highlighted her lips with pink lipstick, but it was these little strokes that brought lightness and airiness to her image.

Amanda Seyfried sticks to makeup in shades of brown, uses black shadows. Smoky eyes shadows and voluminous eyelashes made the image more aggressive, but did not deprive of femininity.

For everyday makeup Masha Ivakova uses only nude shades of lipstick and mascara, thereby emphasizing the eyelashes. This is enough to make the face look fresh and rested.

As a festive makeup on the red carpet model Doutzen Cruz used smoky brown-green shades, smoky eyes, accentuated by voluminous eyelashes. Of course, not without nude pink lipstick.

Makeup for the impending century - in the next video.

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