Wedding make-up

Wedding make-up

One of the most significant events in the life of every girl is a wedding. It is on this day that everything should be perfect. The representatives of the fair sex pay attention to every little thing, including the correctly chosen make-up. After all, on this day the bride should shine in all its glory. In this article we will look at the main features of a wedding make-up, as well as how to create an individual bow correctly.


All brides dream to embody the wedding of their dreams. Moreover, every girl wants to be the most compelling and attractive on this day. That is why you should pay particular attention to wedding makeup. Consider its main features:

  • Stylish Wedding Makeup must emphasize the beauty and happiness of your face. It is worth noting that this makeup is different from the evening, as it is performed less frequently, and therefore it should be perfect.
  • Don't forget that all items of clothing, dress, accessories should be successfully combined with make-up. Only in this case, you can make a finished wedding bow.
  • With the help of well-chosen and the created image you will not be reflected in the photo. But it is the pictures that in the future will warm you with pleasant memories of this solemn event.
  • You have to look perfect and dayand in the evening light. In addition, makeup should be persistent. After all, the wedding will begin in the morning and end late in the evening. Therefore, all means should be chosen appropriately, and the make-up itself should be something average between the evening option and the light daytime.
  • Perfect Wedding Makeup should emphasize the dignity of the bride and actively hide all the flaws. Only then will you feel confident and nothing can ruin your mood.
  • Pick and necessary hairstyles to your style. In general, it is better to think in advance about the concept of the image and make trial options. Then you will know for sure that on your most important day you will look irresistible.
  • If you get married in winter, It is worth applying a base for makeup. Use also a dense tinting agent and always waterproof mascara and eyeliner.
  • If you decide to seal your family union in the summer, be sure to keep on hand thermal water. Also pack up a light BB cream, corrector. Do not do at such a time and without light powder, matting wipes, waterproof mascara and eyeliner.
  • For lips it is better to use persistent lipstick. and balsam in winter.
  • To make the look more expressive, You can resort to cosmetic procedures and eyelashes. So you can conquer all your attractive look.
  • Do not forget to prepare the face dermis for make-up. This is a rather important event that should not be neglected. After all, unhealthy skin is very difficult to hide, even under the best cosmetics. You should definitely make a face peel, peels for a certain time before the wedding.
  • Don't forget all the details. Accent can be any little thing. So, it is necessary to adjust the eyebrows, give them the desired shape.
  • Also worth paying attention on the differences in make-up for red-haired beauties, brunettes and blondes. It is necessary to carefully select all the elements of makeup. Then your image will be perfect.

Kinds of make-up

There are many types of make-up that you can apply, including for this event. One of the most common is the natural natural option. It is also called gentle, light.The fair sex appreciate its simplicity, versatility and at the same time attractiveness. Thus, you simply emphasize your advantages, hiding the disadvantages. Usually such options involve the use of cosmetics of natural shades. It can be beige, chocolate, bronze and others. It is worth noting that such makeup is easy to create, even at home.

If you prefer to use a brighter make-up, you can emphasize your originality, for example, with red lipstick or create a spectacular and piercing look with arrows. A popular option now is "Smokey Ice". Smoky eyes designed to hit every man in the heart. You will get a deep and expressive look. In this case, you can apply a variety of shades.

It is worth remembering that the same style for red, dark and light hair will not work.

These nuances will be discussed below in the article. On a wedding and options with false eyelashes are fashionable. Of course, they certainly look spectacular, but they can cause significant discomfort. It is better to choose a special mascara, which will help to achieve a similar effect.

How to choose cosmetics?

It is worth remembering that buying cosmetics should be only in professional stores. Otherwise, you can run into a fake and spoil not only your mood, but also your health. Therefore, be sure to check each product for its quality, tightness, etc.

Accordingly, it is worth choosing a suitable cosmetic products. Many ladies prefer to use extended cilia. Other ladies prefer to use the appropriate mascara, which will help to create a similar effect without cosmetic intervention.

  • For dark-haired ladies should apply a darker tone in make-up. Accordingly, tone, blush, eyeliner and eye shadow and other cosmetics can be used to tone darker. But experts advise eyebrows to highlight two shades of darker color more than the selected color range. Wedding makeup should be elegant, but not flashy. Remember this.
  • If you have light curls, then you should use gentle peach tones in make-up. It should be neat with a pink color. That tenderness will allow such ladies to emphasize their attractiveness. Accordingly, creams, pencils, blush and lipstick, which do not have a sharp contrast with the natural tone of the dermis of the face, should be used. However, if you decide to draw arrows, then you can choose lipstick more juicy shades. By the way, this makeup will be optimal for small eyes.
  • For red-haired beauties is to choose your option. Usually these women have too light skin. Pay special attention to soothing shades. Perfectly fit to the image of coral, beige shades, products in brown tones. But pink and orange is better not to apply.

You should not neglect the shade of your eyes.. For those who have brown color, it is better to apply eyeliner and shadows of dark shades. For example, chocolate is well suited. Also brown eyes will be suitable blue or silver wedding makeup. Individuality and lilac, pink, brown and beige shades are well emphasized. Eyeliner and mascara let it be black tones.

Green eyes will look favorably with a black, green or brown eyeliner. Shadows should use calm tone. Suitable pink options, brown. You can also experiment with coral shades. For blue-eyed representatives of the fair sex, as well as for gray eyes, gentle tonalities of brown, peach, beige, silver colors are suitable.

Instructions for each application of cosmetics is quite simple. If you wish, you can create a stylish make-up at home.The most important thing is to initially decide on the concept of a bow, whether you will create an image in the Greek style or want to show all the luxury and beauty of a wedding dress.

How to apply?

Wedding - a bright event, memorable, but in most cases, costly. Of course, you can turn to the help of highly paid professional stylists, makeup artists, hairdressers to create a fashionable bow. However, those women who want to save time, effort and money can make up on their own. In this case, you will be able to embody exactly the image that suits you. So you insure yourself against unpleasant surprises on such a crucial day.

Thus, make up your own hands is easy. Technique can be different. Consider step by step one of the options:

  • To perform quality and stylish make up you will need all the necessary tools and facilities. Therefore, it is worth a responsible approach to the selection of each cosmetic product.
  • Obligatory stage will be cleansing the dermis of the face.. After all, unkempt skin can not be hidden even under a thick layer of cosmetics. It is necessary to make the skin moisturize. This will help evenly distribute makeup on the face.
  • For normal alignment of complexion suitable primer. It will help to actively hide the flaws and give make-up stability. Also using this cosmetic product can make the skin surface dull or shimmer.
  • The next step will be applying a tonal framework. It is she who in combination with the primer will give your face a velvety shade. It should be noted that the toner should be distributed not only on the dermis of the face, but also in the hairline, as well as in the area of ​​the neck and decollete. It should be closely monitored so that you do not have color contrasts and everything is well shaded.
  • Then pay special attention to the eye area.. To do this, stock up on a suitable proofreader. It will help to hide age spots, wrinkles, pimples and redness. Also, this tool will help you to lie down well to other decorative cosmetics.
  • Now you can proceed to the process of applying blush. Spread the fingers along the cheekbones using light movements of the fingertips. It is worth doing up to the growth line of curls. But do not go above the temples. Do not overdo it. Excessive substance will not look attractive on your face. It is important and right to choose the shade of a cosmetic product.
  • To look spectacular at a wedding, and even more so in photos, do not neglect the bronzer. It is usually neatly distributed under the cheekbones. So the lines become even more expressive.
  • Now came the turn of the highlighter. With this tool you can make light the right areas of the dermis, thereby emphasizing the attractive shape of your face. This should also be done carefully and carefully. Swipe the eye through the inner corner of the eye, under the eyebrows, the contour of the lips.
  • Now you need to emphasize the line brovok. Accordingly, it is worth making their correction, staining if necessary. You can also use contour special pencils or a special fixing gel.
  • Then you can apply on the eyelids selected shadows. It is better to choose nude option. It is better if the cosmetic products are gentle, as close as possible to the color of your eyes and skin tone. You can also choose from lilac, chocolate, gold. Everything will depend on your image and the color type of the bride herself. It is worth remembering that the light shade should be applied to the inner corner of the eye, and the darkest - to the outer corner, respectively. Thoroughly blend everything and achieve smooth transitions.
  • If you have small eyes, do not be upset. You can achieve their visual magnification with a white cosmetic pencil. They need to carefully paint over the inside of the corners of the eyes. Move along the lower eyelid.
  • To emphasize the expressiveness of the look, It is necessary to apply a contour pencil. Light strokes emphasize the line of growth of the lower cilia. Using a liquid eyeliner draw a neat thin arrow on the upper eyelid. Experts advise to apply eyeliner as close as possible to the eyelashes, leaving no gaps.
  • Now go to the cilia themselves. Armed with tweezers, we curl them. After that we fix the result with the help of the mascara. Some ladies like to decorate eyelids with rhinestones. Here the main conditions - do not overdo it.
  • Will attract special attention and your lips. Pre-powder them. Then circle the outline with a suitable pencil. It should be soft. Then you can apply lipstick, shine, give your lips a seductive look. Usually brides prefer to share makeup with pink lips. However, you can experiment with other shades. The main thing is that they fit you.

Remember that an attractive and stylish makeup you can create with your own hands. The main thing is to select the right and high-quality products.

How to make a wedding makeup on their own, see the following video.

Professional makeup tips

Make the most stylish wedding makeup can be easily and simply if you listen to the advice of experts in their field. The very first recommendation that make-up artists give is a rehearsal. In order to exclude all sorts of unpleasant surprises and surprises on the most important day for you, you must do at least once a make-up that you will create for the wedding. This is necessary first of all for you to understand whether you have chosen the right cosmetics and placed all the color accents. At least rehearsal makeup has not hurt anyone.

If the wedding will take place in the summer, you need to stock up on thermal water. Such a spray will immediately refresh your face, make it attractive. For the impending century, experts advise not to build up the makeup process along the eyelid crease (as in the classic version), but to form the eyelid directly along the impending part. So your look will become more expressive, and you can correct small flaws.

Do not think that the colors and shades that you like are perfect for your look. For brown-haired women, brunettes, blondes, redheads have their own gamut of successful colors and, accordingly, make-up. It is worth adhering to. Simple, but important advice is given by all cosmetologists - be sure to go through the face cleaning. Of course, this should be done not on the eve of the identity, but at least in a week.

There are also important recommendations that should be followed. Switch to a lighter diet. It is necessary to abandon the sharp, salty, fried, chocolate. It is these products that cause skin rashes. It is better to take care of your health and beauty of the dermis, drink two liters of non-carbonated purified water per day. So you can not only remove toxins, but also improve the overall condition of the body.

It is necessary to comply with the correct mode. Healthy sleep has a great influence on the appearance and condition of the dermis of the face. Remember to sleep 8 hours. At the same time no more than 10 hours. On the eve of the wedding day you should have a good sleep, take a relaxing bath, relax.

The selection of shades of makeup will depend on your chosen bow. In this case, play a significant role and clothing, and accessories, and the style of wedding decoration. Remember that beige tones will be universal. They are perfectly combined with any color type and fit any image.

When you picked up the right makeup, created your make-up, be sure to try to take some photos with a flash. Makeup should not be oversaturated or, conversely, too pale. Remember, the holiday will last all day, which means you should choose matte and resistant options.

Well, the final, but an important stage in creating the perfect make-up is a smile. This is your wedding, the day you have been waiting for since childhood, and let nothing be able to darken your holiday.A happy day should be filled with smiles.

Fashion trends and ideas

  • The fashion trends of this year include a variety of trends. So, remains at the peak of popularity make up in the style of Nyud. It is a natural or natural image that attracts attention, makes the bride fascinating, light and elegant. By the way, you can create such a style at home. It is only important to follow the recommendations of professionals in a phased manner.
  • Also this year white leather comes into fashion. So, now do not torture yourself before an important day, go to the solarium. In the trend and curly arrows. They will help to highlight your personality, and bright lips will place the main accents.
  • To create a romantic bride bow Mostly apply classic makeup. Here you can use biscuit, peach, pink tones. Do not forget the lip gloss and blush.
  • The effect of wet skin has become fashionable this year. Haze fades into the background. It is necessary to apply the tonal framework as transparent and light as possible. Use loose powder with shimmering effect.
  • Smoke's ice helps to emphasize the beauty and depth of the bride's gaze. This style is also gaining popularity. Do not forget to shade cosmetics well.

Whichever option you choose, the main thing is a good mood and a positive attitude.

See more about fashion trends in wedding make-up 2017 in the video below.


Numerous reviews of the fair sex suggest that you can create your own wedding bow in your own home. Many ladies at the same time pay attention to the dress, try to make the image harmonious and stylish. All women agree that the cosmetic bag should be of high quality, which means that it should be purchased only in professional stores.

Women emphasize that pastel colors are best suited to any image. Yes, and this makeup looks more natural. Girls note that it is best to do make-up using daylight. So you can make it the most accurate and attractive.

It should be guided by the advice of makeup artists and create images suitable for brown-eyed, green-eyed, blue-eyed beauties, etc. Consider the shape of the eyes. So, for example, something that is suitable for Asian people will not seem attractive to large eyes.

Pick up and suitable equipment. It can be a pencil or with a large application of cosmetics. Do not take the time to test options. So you can understand what exactly suits you and there will be time for corrections.

We looked at how you can create an attractive and trendy wedding makeup. Now you just have to decide on the concept of your event, choose the appropriate style and color scheme. Do not forget about all the recommendations of professional specialists, then your work will be perfect, and the wedding will be even better than you expected.

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