How to increase with the help of eye makeup?

How to increase with the help of eye makeup?

Women know how to charm. The languid look and plump lips drive the opposite sex crazy. And few men know that in some cases, the perfect appearance becomes possible only with the right makeup. Makeup artists are happy to share secrets of how to increase with the help of eye makeup.

Benefits and features

Big clear eyes have always been considered one of the criteria for female beauty. The ideals of body shape and hairstyle changed, but the eyes always remained open to the soul, and therefore intuitively we always reach out to people with open eyes, testing subconscious trust in him. From the point of view of psychology, here lies the main advantage of big-eyed women, who are able to endear themselves to their appearance.

However, today it is not necessary to have the unique natural beautyto be considered an attractive girl. Increase your look with the help of eye make-up, knowledge of applying cosmetics will help make it wider.

  • The first and most important factor A successful make-up is to give your eyebrows a natural, well-groomed shape. Too wide, sloppy eyebrows, which have taken on a poor-quality tattoo, are already aimed at failing to make up. Before you begin the transformation of the eye, it is important to pay attention to them. A form conducive to a magnifying makeup should be natural without unnecessary accents. Today, makeup artists prefer to dye their eyebrows with henna.
  • Second feature make-up small eyes consider the choice of multi-colored monochromatic or complementary palette of shadows. Organically combined light and dark colors, located on the correct zones of the eyelids, will open the doors of the soul with a new power.

Will help for this purpose and arrows held in pencil or eyeliner. No, these are not the fat coal shooters that once painted the informal beauties of show business. We are talking here about a fine line of eyelashes and a careful shading.

And, of course, to achieve a languid look is impossible without fluffy eyelashes. Notice, namely, fluffy and light, and not glued with five layers of carcass. A good mascara, cilia, curled with tweezers and two layers - all that is needed for the visual increase of women's eyes. Cosmetics at the same time should be natural tones that match your color type.

And features such makeup contain a small list of categorical prohibitions:

  • drawing the contour of the lower eyelid dark pencil or eyeliner;
  • compound the upper and lower contours of the eyelids or a circular underline;
  • using The shadows are of extremely dark color.

Knowledge of these features will help to fulfill a huge number of options to make upHowever, for those who are still guessing and afraid to make a mistake, the makeup artists offered some fresh and win-win ideas for visual magnification.

Kinds of make up

Like any other makeup for small eyes it is subdivided into day and evening. The daytime version does not differ by the riot of colors, however, as well as the evening one, it needs thoroughness and accuracy. Evening subspecies are replete with rich tones and allows that which is unacceptable in preparing for the working day in the office. And in fact, and in another version has its own varieties, which helps to easily find "your" style.

So, day makeup to increase It will be simple and beautiful if the tone of the shadows is cast in bronze. The color itself should be light, almost peach with a note of nacre.It is worth saying that the shimmering effect is ideal for small-sized eyes, because its modulations visually add depth to the eye. Light shadows in this version are applied to the entire eyelid, reaching the eyebrow line. Further, the upper and lower lashes are carefully stained with mascara.

And if the first kind of make-up may seem too simple, then another enhancement will require some skills and professional cosmetics, such as:

  • bright shadows with a shimmer;
  • white pencil;
  • ink;
  • liquid eyeliner

Make up Begins with shimmering shadows on both the lower and upper eyelid area. Further, a white pencil is applied to the inner corner and the line of the lower lashes. Note that the contour of white color and the selection of a corner by him is irreplaceable for close-set eyes, expanding the space between them. The arrows are drawn from the middle of the century, executed in the form of neat, thin lines with an extension. Should start from the outside corner, slowly moving to the inside. All the boundaries of the contour must be shaded and painted over lush cilia.

Another natural image for owners of wide eyebrows will help to perform eyeliner and mascara. Here the eyelids are covered only with a matte base. From the middle of the moving century, a graphic arrow is drawn with an extension and a playful tail bent upwards. The arrow should not go beyond the boundaries of the eyeball. Eyelashes are covered with lengthening mascara. If there is not much time left for morning make-up, you can use a universal one, and therefore a unique make up for small eyes. A white contour pencil is applied to the lower contour and the inner corner, and the eyelashes are covered with ink on top and bottom. A natural and at the same time accented image is ready.

Evening makeup should have greater brightness and saturation, and therefore a two-color coating of the eyelids with shadows will be a good solution. After applying the base of the eyelids are covered with light shadows with a shimmer. A dark shade is applied to the outer corners and is qualitatively shaded to form a smooth transition. Again the arrow is held until the middle of the century, because this maneuver perfectly reveals the view, followed by a lengthening mascara. Also suitable for the evening bright "Smokey Ice". It must be said that it is performed for small forms not according to the classic recipe. Here, unlike the conventional make up, only smoky tones without black strokes are used. The inner contour of the eye is not drawn.

For a large face a great option will be luxurious arrows on bright shades of shadows. Their "tails" should go beyond the boundary of the eyeball, while looking as natural as possible. Talking about the shooters, some girls spend them in the evening make-up and on the lower eyelid, retreating some distance from the eyelash line. The effect of wide gaze is to some extent observed, but professional stylists do not advise too much to get involved in such methods, because the eyes look extremely unnatural.

How to choose cosmetics?

When the eyes are not allocated significant size, cosmetics should be chosen as accurately as possible. So, the tonal basis should match the skin tone, and the shadows should be in harmony with the color of the iris.

When the eyes are not allocated significant size, cosmetics should be chosen as accurately as possible. So, the tonal basis should match the skin tone, and the shadows should be in harmony with the color of the iris. A beautiful make up should consist of light shades of shadows.

  • For brown Perfectly suited peach tones of the base, as well as beige-brown shades. Among the second dark tone brown eyes will find a response in the khaki color palette, deep chocolate, muted emeralds and moss.
  • Blue tint iris beautiful in delicate lilac base, as well as smoky graffiti and brown contrast.
  • Green iris enveloped in more mysteriousness with light lilac and blue-gray color palettes.
  • Beige, the blue base will decorate a gray iris.

When choosing shadows also worth paying attention to the flickering tones. Vanilla, milky and sandy shades with a shimmer and overflow effect will cover the entire eyelid to the eyebrows, and therefore their choice should be as thorough as possible. Shadow color selection - not the only condition of the correct cosmetics. Dry skin will look more well-groomed with creamy shadows, and oily in tandem with dry and light gel-like. Shadows should not roll into the folds of the eyelids.

And everyday and evening make up can not do without good carcass. As mentioned earlier, the technique of its application provides for small eyes no more than two layers, which means that cosmetics should really be good. A rubber brush that separates as much as possible and has no excess villi will be a successful acquisition. Mascara in eyelash to increase the eyes must meet the characteristics of eyelashes, because they can be thin and long, short, but thick and so on. So, for long eyelashes that lack the thickness, it is better to choose bulk mascara. It usually has rare bristles, made in the form of a spiral. With short cilia can not do without lengthening mascara with sparse bristles and a thin body, with which it is convenient to paint every hair. If the cilia are famous for their length and thickness, it is not recommended to overload them with extra layers of mascara, Using the model with a twist effect.

White outline pencil must also be selected thoroughly. Their choice today is amazing. Plastic and wooden, they should fit tightly on the inner contour of the century. Stylists stop at wooden varieties, as at any time they are easy to sharpen. Light in structure, the composition should be quite soft.

The contour will require a black pencil or liquid eyeliner. Eyeliner is a simple way to make makeup more accurate, but the arrows are easier to shade with a pencil, and therefore any of the tools should be selected according to your own skills and type of makeup. For example, it is impossible to do without a soft black pencil to make a smock in the Smokey Ice technique.

How to apply?

There is no universal makeup for small eyes, because everything depends on their shape.

They can be:

  • deep planted;
  • almond-shaped;
  • with hanging century;
  • slanting;
  • close planted;
  • wide set apart

Thousands of celebrities have deep-set eyes and look breathtakingly at the same time. Proper makeup for deep-set eyes will help reduce eyebrow area and open the eyes. To implement our plans, you need to use three shades of shadows - from dark to light, as well as an outline pencil. Light shadows are applied to the whole eyelid, darker from the middle of the moving eyelid, the darkest tone is applied to the outer corner of the upper and lower. Eyes fail as subtly and naturally as possible; some makeup artists advise that this procedure be carried out before applying shadows. Tricolor make-up for deep-set eyes resemble the ombra technique, because each of the colors here should have a smooth transition. For this purpose, a special brush with a soft base or villi will do.

Almond eyes can be painted with any of the above methods, but you should avoid eyeliner on the lower and upper eyelids, which visually reduces them. This rule also applies to small round eyes. With the help of eyeliner on the upper eyelid, they are given a visually more elongated shape, painting and shading shadows or contour pencil on the outer corner of the upper eyelid.

Walkthrough for eyes with a hanging eyelid implies an artificial drawing of dark shadows folds of the eyelids. The darkest line selected for MikeCap tones applied to the hanging eyelid in the form of a well-feathered arc. This achieves the effect of open eyes. The eyeliner in this case is applied with open eyes.Leading the eye with the looming eyelid is an interesting process that is far from the classical scheme. Application here takes place in two steps from the outer to the inner corner. A thin outline is drawn with the eye open at the level of the eyelashes. The second line runs along the line of the hanging fold. Further the corner connecting two lines is drawn. The space between the contours is painted over and a graphic arrow appears with the light expanding at the outer eyelid.

Face with slanting eyes has a high inner corner. It exceeds the external level, and therefore must be carefully covered with light pearly shadows. This opens the eyes visually.

As the stylists say, make-up in order to visually enlarge the eyes is not difficult. Do not forget about light shades and precise underlining of the eyelids.

Makeup artists have in the arsenal of their secrets and tricks in pursuit of wide-open eyes. They pay much attention not only to the make-up technique, but also to the preparation for it.

  • soin order for small eyes to appear larger and their size closer to the ideal, it is necessary to apply ice compresses. Makeup artists use cooling patches, however, as professionals assure, even a piece of ice placed in a rag, with regular procedures, will make the area around the eyes more elastic and remove all the manifestations of bags under the eyes.
  • Second tip make-up artists again touched the preparation for makeup. Removal of dark circles under the eyes is an important step in revealing beauty. And here experts talk about regularity. Cosmetics for the eyelids with a lifting effect twice a day and a concealer of a warm shade at the moment of make-up perfectly “whiten” the dark zones. The secret of the masters is in the uniform and natural form of concealer, which is mixed with a light tonal basis.
  • In one voice Make-up artists, curlers, or eyelash curlers known to everyone, praise everyone. Narrow eyes with straight eyelashes become even smaller, because they cast a shadow on the area under the eyes. Therefore, a careful perm of hairs, which takes no more than a minute for girls, is simply necessary for both round and almond-shaped and narrow eyes.
  • Besides, the cut and the shape perfectly corrects the mascara. Makeup artists love silicone brushes that are not capable of creating lumps even with multilayer coating. However, the secret is different here: the eyelashes at the outer corner of the eye stain additionally. This is especially true for a round shape, because as a result, the cut turns out to be close to almond-shaped.
  • With increasing Mike Ape eyes are not recommended by masters of matte shadows. The fact is that they do not reflect the light, making the view more age and closed. Glossy or shimmer shades look much more appropriate in this case.
  • Not bypassed attention make-up artists and light contour pencils for the mucous. In addition to the white tone, they recommend to buy also beige and light pink shades. They will look more natural even in relation to proteins far from pure tone.
  • They say here and comprehensive care. So, eyebrows for make-up artists are almost half the success. Girls with European appearance and sandy eyebrows in tandem with light brown hair are recommended to apply eyebrow shade 1-2 tones darker than hair. This will not affect the naturalness of the mikapup, but will make the look more expressive and accentuated.
  • Makeup artists sureThat successful makeup for small eyes can be created at home. At the same time, you should stock up with exceptionally good salon cosmetics. Mascara has no right to crumble and negate the efforts of concealer, which should have a soft and uniform consistency. Shadows with a small scatter of spangles should also remain on the desired areas of the eyelids even after prolonged wearing of makeup, and the pencil should not have the ability to roll down and clog the folds.

Having learned almost all the secrets of specialists in the field of make up, you can start creating and creating a new eye shape, wide open for the whole world.There is no need for the effect of puppet big round eyes, because the trend of the last few seasons is the natural beauty, which Russian girls are so famous for.

Watch a video on how to increase eyes with makeup.

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