Eyebrow makeup

Eyebrow makeup

Modern beauty-industry has focused on the natural image and today natural eyebrows are in fashion - thick, bushy and well-groomed. Being natural does not mean putting off mascara, pencil and foundation, it means choosing the right texture and finish for a decorative product. And, of course, this fully applies to the eyebrows.


Eyebrows are the “face of the face,” Elena Krygina once said, Russia's leading makeup artist. Fashionable eyebrows today have the most natural shape and color, they are always laid and not always neatly, depending on the image they can be casually combed up or laid along a natural growth line, hairs can be additionally colored with ink or do without it.

Proper eyebrow makeup allows you to solve several problems in the makeup and has several features:

  • They allow you to arrange accents in makeup;
  • Must harmonize with eyes, but not attached to them, for example, if you place emphasis on lips, then eyebrows can still be large and spreading. Conversely, if the makeup is in the style of "Smokey Ice" or in the east, we still make eyebrows voluminous;
  • They must have the correct form, which is selected by makeup artists or brow masters, you can do it yourself. It is easy to create for 7-14 days with henna or paint, or for one day with decorative cosmetics;
  • Exists lots of ways to transform eyebrows: eye shadow, pencil, mascara, lipstick, gels;
  • Well-groomed eyebrows of the correct form can replace makeup or set him in the mood;
  • Without their design can not imagine not a single modern woman: pay attention to domestic and western celebrities, politicians, models - all of them have eyebrows and they are as natural as possible;
  • Visually fashionable bushy eyebrows allow you to do the eyes are larger and the nose is smaller.

Fashionable shape and trends of the season

Makeup eyebrows today emphasizes their natural form, and does not create it again (as it was 5-7 years ago). In the absence of own eyebrows make-up allows you to create them anew and, depending on the method, it could be:

  • Tattoo make-up, or tattoo;
  • Microblading;
  • Coloring with henna or paint;
  • Decorative cosmetics (including permanent).

Girls with thick hair and eyebrows are most fortunate: they just have to give them the correct shape for the type of face, care for hair and use makeup to the minimum - just one fixing gel or mascara. The rest can be given the only advice - provide additional night care for hairs and grow them. Natural eyebrows promise to stay at the peak of fashion for a long time!

If we talk about the actual shade of hairs - it is natural, as close as possible to the natural hair color (at the roots) or differing by 1-2 tones (lighter or darker). The bluish-black hairs are out of fashion now, exactly like eyebrows-thin stripes. Podium models represent the fashion trend of the season - discolored, but the emphasis is on perfect porcelain skin and puffy lips. It is unlikely that this fashion will take root in everyday life, but it makes it clear that eyebrows can be bright (especially if you are blonde). White or light are contraindicated in oriental beauties and dark-haired lady with brown eyes, shown to blondes (natural and dyed), light-blond, in a word, to girls with a non-contrast appearance.

Fashionable form - the one that goes to the face. Makeup artists long ago brought out her formula and offered to get acquainted with the calculations.

We draw the perfect eyebrow points and connect the contours with a dark pencil - a kind of scheme is ready.

Draw a straight line from the wing of the nose through the inner corner of the eye to the top - our eyebrow will begin here. Through the wing of the nose draw a line through the outer corner - there it will end. To determine its bend, draw a straight line from the wing of the nose through the center of the pupil - here will be the highest point.

Making eyebrows at home allows you to find your ideal form by trial and error, but this method is a great opportunity to get to know yourself and the features of your face. It is important not to get involved in tweezers and not to remove excess hairs, it is enough to walk in shape and leave a few “eyebrows” in stock - today it is fashionable to have slightly sloppy eyebrows.

In a trend, the eyebrows of a natural average “landing”: low ones will make your eyes look sullen, too high - all the time amazing. It is important to observe the golden mean and to focus on naturally planted ones.


  • Blondes Natural fair-haired individuals go their natural eyebrows, that is, of natural origin. They can be colored with henna or paint 1-2 tones darker - this will make the look more expressive.

Makeup artists recommend dyed blondes to lighten their eyebrows with a dye in light brown and even beige tones, since no make-up will make them lighter, and dark hair will look ridiculous. In the trend of this year - bleached eyebrows, they go to non-contrast blondes and look good on the catwalk, in everyday life, examples, alas, are not always successful. For fair eyebrows to look decent, you need to have perfect skin tone.

  • Redheads. Natural carrot-colored hair does not always come complete with eyebrows: choose a terracotta or copper pencil \ shadow \ lipstick. If you are a light brown-haired woman, your colors are mostly from a cold gamut or classic brown.
  • Dark hair. If your brows are naturally dark and thick, you are lucky. Luxurious dark curls entail a sprawling eyebrows of natural shape and not painted, lightly laid and sub-shaped. It happens that nature has awarded hair, but not eyebrows - thin hairs need to be corrected with a pencil or shadows in a brown scale. For brown-haired women and brunettes, it is universal, you only have to choose a shade of 1-2 tones darker than the natural color of the hair roots. If you want to rejuvenate, brighten up natural dark hairs or choose a “decorative” one 1-2 shades lighter than the natural (or not) shade of the hair.

The curls in the range of cappuccino blend well with the gray subtone, chestnut with the classic brown.

  • Black. Blue-black curls are combined with cool shades of eyebrows. Eliminate any brown with red and choose a gray subtone of decorative cosmetics.

Tips for choosing

  • The main rule is choose warm shades of cosmetics for a warm appearance (subton skin), and cold - for cold. Your hair color can be anything, and only the skin tone is constant and allows you to choose the right means for a harmonious makeup of eyebrows;
  • Before buying a pencil or shadow do not be lazy put the pigment in the store and take a walk outside - the sunlight will allow you to look at the “makeup” even on an overcast day;
  • Shades of cosmetics can be easily combined between each other and mix to get the perfect. Of course, if we are talking about shadows.

What make-up artists do?

The easiest way to transform and correct eyebrows is to use a pencil, make-up artists say. A well-sharpened pencil allows you to finish the missing hairs or literally create new ones from scratch, but it does not last long - before washing or contacting with water.

Shadows are an excellent way to get natural thick eyebrows.. They fill the gaps between the hairs well and give them volume, but, like a pencil, they hold about one day.Professional makeup artists often use eyebrow lipstick - a creamy, pigmented composition that is applied to the eyebrows with a thin beveled brush and allows you to draw eyebrows in a hair technique and fill in the gaps between the hairs. There is a combination of several decorative products: with a pencil, the masters draw hairs and create a contour, a bend and a shape, fill it with shadows.

Makeup artists use eyebrow dye - it persists on the skin and hairs for 2-3 weeks, or henna (its durability is about 14 days).

  • What do you need? We present a list of tools for decorating eyebrows at home, they are usually used by makeup artists:
  1. Brush with stiff bristles. It can be a professional comb or a clean brush from an old mascara.
  2. Thin bevel brush.
  3. Tweezers.

Hair must be combed each time before makeup - this allows you to correctly fill the gaps or form a contour. After creating the shape with a pencil, brush them with a stiff bristle brush - they additionally blend the pigment. Slanted brush is useful for working with eye shadows or lipstick. The shape of the tool allows you to draw hairs or simply fill the gaps between existing ones with pigment. Tweezers - the old resident of any lady's makeup. It removes hairs, but today you should not get involved in them, otherwise you can lose an elegant natural shape.

  • What is applied? Pencils, dark shadows, lipstick, mascara, gel - all this is used by makeup artists. The most resistant coating gives lipstick or semi-permanent liner, less - classic shade and pencil. Makeup artists almost always use gel or mascara - they firmly fix hairs and give them extra volume, length.

Step-by-step guide at home

How to draw shadows?

Talk about how to create eyebrows with shadows. To do this, you need: shade and shade as close as possible to the hair color at the roots or 1-2 tones darker / lighter, beveled brush, comb for hairs.

  1. Comb brushing hairs in the direction of natural growth;
  2. Apply on the brush some shadows, draw it on the arm with a slight movement (this will remove the excess pigment) and draw the eyebrow outline with a discreet line;
  3. Eyebrow line can mark in advance or lead already on the finished (or by eye). Start to lead its bottom, slightly retreating at the base and to the very tip, and from about 2/3 of the eyebrow on top;
  4. At the base make a couple of strokes up, as if drawing hairs;
  5. Color the space inside with the help of a hair technique - apply some shadows on the brush and start painting lines upwards;
  6. Pay attention to the natural growth of hairs and repeat them with a brush, movements should be sharp and steep for the most natural effect;
  7. Space after top point paint over in the direction of the hairs down a bit, here drawing hairs is not appropriate;
  8. After one more time comb through eyebrows comb - it is evenly and once again distribute the pigment shadows and slightly blends it.

Comb with stiff bristles, so as not to feather the pigment completely, and evenly distribute along the hairs and between them. The technique of feathering is atypical here, that is, it is not necessary to make a monotonous spot out of an eyebrow, it is necessary to recreate the hairs and to slightly shade them.

A few home lessons allow you to master the technique step by step and make your eyebrows a role model, the main thing is training and a mirror, high-quality cosmetics and the foundation of the basics is the correct form.


Eyebrow makeup can be permanent, then it will be about microblading and tattooing. Tattoo resembles a tattoo - the pigment is applied under the skin and lasts for several years. Microbling is different technique - hairs are applied to the skin, and the effect of the procedure seems more realistic. However, microblading is not suitable for everyone, but especially for girls with oily skin.The fact is that the pigment blurs over time and an incredible gruel is formed instead of hairs.

Tattoo is suitable for absolutely everyone and requires correction (like microblading, and dyeing with paint or henna). Correction of the tattoo occurs approximately 3-5 weeks after the initial procedure. After the first hike to the master you need to wait until the pigment “settles down”, the crusts descend and the skin heals completely. Then it is necessary to “finish off” the eyebrows in a literal sense and fill the resulting gaps with paint, correct the form, or even slightly change it.

Photos before and after tattooing may scare or delight - depending on what master and what year you will find tattoo. Modern technologies, materials and experience of the masters allows you to make it high quality and wearable, it does not turn blue and does not become a purple spot with timely correction and when referring to an experienced master.

Master Classes

Determine the shape of the eyebrows by face type:

  • Crescent or Comma Shape suitable chubby girls, exclude any sharp and curved lines;
  • Square the shape of the face is corrected by soft curved eyebrows like a rainbow;
  • Too long face to balance almost straight lines eyebrows without bending;
  • Adjust the face-triangle will help short eyebrows with a curved tip.

Skin must be prepared before clearance: clean it, apply a moisturizer and tone - the latter is created before starting to work with eyebrows and eyes in general.

  1. Comb brush hairs upwards and pick up a well-sharpened slate pencil;
  2. Start drawing eyebrow from its base, hold a pencil at a right angle of 90 degrees and lead it on the bottom under the eyebrow. Closer to the bend, turn the pencil in the side, which will make the contour softer and more natural and continue to lead the line to the tip. Lines should not be clear;
  3. When the outline is ready, need to fill his space is stroked, so the pencil must be well sharpened;
  4. After a good comb through brushing hairs upwards;
  5. You can fix their clear gel or mascara.

Any makeup is suitable for wide brows. And especially smoky - light "Smoky-ice", as well as arrows of any width and length, not going beyond the eyebrows and nude lips.

Frequent mistakes

  • Plucking eyebrows before coloring - the most important mistake. Pre-create the shape of the eyebrows with a pencil, paint them with paint or henna and only after that remove excess hair.
  • Application of foundation after eyebrow makeup. Makeup artists are primarily advised to create a complexion.
  • Eyebrows too dark. If the hair color is warm brown - black eyebrows should be excluded. Today, they should be excluded from each and every one, replaced with cold shadows with a gray subtone, if the hair has the color of a raven wing from nature (or from a stylist).
  • Too thin. Do not be fond of plucking hairs, especially before creating a shape.
  • Too curved. This form goes to girls only with a square face.

Eyebrow makeup from makeup artist Irina Grinchenko, see the following video.

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