Permanent eye makeup

Permanent eye makeup

Permanent eye makeup is another name for tattooing.. This type of permanent makeup can replace the everyday daily make-up and even eyelash extensions in case it is impossible for any reason. With this procedure, you can make the eyelashes more visually lush, and the eyes are larger and more expressive. This is a very convenient technique of makeup, which has its own characteristics that you definitely need to learn before this procedure.

What it is?

Permanent eye makeup is a procedure in which the eyelids are drawn with special pigments on the lower part, on the top or on one of them of your choice. In this case, this procedure is done using a thin needle, which is not similar to the one used to create a tattoo. The pigment that is driven into the skin is called a permanent, so this eye makeup is called permanent. It can be applied both on the line along the eyelids and on its entire surface. Moreover, the feature of this procedure is that it can be done absolutely at any age.

This make-up allows young girls to spend much less time on a regular make-up, because thanks to the tattoo you can forget about the standard procedures of eyelash coloring and drawing arrows on the eyelids.

In adulthood, this makeup also looks very impressive, because it can help make the eyelids visually younger and completely change your look. With it, you can return to your makeup brightness, and it will look very natural. Permanent makeup may look completely different: The most common is the form in which masters paint the gaps between the cilia in order to make them visually thick. Another way of applying a tattoo on the eyes is to draw arrows on the upper or lower eyelids. In addition, this arrow can be shaded. Permanent makeup can also have an appearance that is very similar to shadows. It can perfectly replace both mascara, pencil or eyeliner and even shadow.

Does it hurt?

Many women worry that tattooing is a painful procedure.because the pigment is punctured with a special needle. But in fact, tattoo - it does not hurt at all. All masters before using it use special anesthetic gels, which, being absorbed into the thin skin of the eyelids, completely relieve painful sensations. It will not hurt you at all, on the contrary, you may even become tickled, this is especially true in the case of filling in the space between the spaces.

Even if the so-called freezing starts to go away during the application of permanent makeup, you will feel a very slight tingling, which will not be painful. In this case, you should tell the master that you feel a tingling sensation, and he will repeat the anesthesia procedure, applying the remedy again. You may not feel even a slight pain, and the freeze will soon go away after the procedure.

In case you are very afraid of this procedure, the masters recommend using a sedative, for example, valerian.


Types of permanent makeup varies depending on which area the pigment is applied. There are species such as Powered by IPB, Foras, Forum. Some species can even save you from dark circles and bruises under the eyes. The most popular type is the cross-slider. In this case, there are gaps between the hairs along the eyelid, and this line is very clear, it is customized to the shape of your eyes.This way you can make the look more vivid and expressive.

Also, cross-page drawing is done with thin strokes that allow you to create the effect of lush eyelashes, making them appear thicker and eyes brighter.

This type of tattoo is very common, because it is considered basic, because if you don’t want to be beautiful, you can create an image with such makeup, but it is also an excellent base for applying ordinary types of cosmetics.

The next view is this is the creation of arrows. The master draws fine lines along the upper or lower eyelids, which may be straight or curved. You can also choose their color, its intensity, as well as the length and width of the line. This type of tattoo is absolutely suitable for any eye shape, but it is considered not very universal, because with the arrows it will be difficult to apply other cosmetics on the eyelids.

But this is a great way to create a classic thin black arrow, especially it will help you out if you cannot draw lines along the eyelids so that they are the same, even and neat.

The next type of permanent makeup is This feathers arrows. With it, you can create the appearance of haze on the eyes, this is a very beautiful option, which is brighter than the above, it will replace the very popular and universal shades of gray. Thus, it is very interesting to adjust the shape of the eyes, both visually stretching them and rounded. In addition, you can even create such a kind of make-up, as "Smokey-ice", but this too bright tattoo is not practical, because it is not suitable for every occasion.

The next type of tattoo - This is a makeup of the eyelids or permanent decorative makeup. It is made in different colors, the design depends on your desire. As a rule, such a tattoo is chosen according to the eye color or according to the type of appearance. This is a very interesting and original version, which is suitable for extravagant beauties. The only negative point of this makeup is that it is not very versatile.

What does it look like?

Eye tattooing may look like ordinary cosmetics, but unlike it, it is a very stable make-up. Also, it may look so natural that your look will be very bright and languid, but the people around you will not notice the makeup on the eyes, especially with regard to inter-page staining. Eye tattoo looks very impressive, in addition, it allows you to make your eyes brighter and change their shape. This way you will have a clearer line along the eyelid or its light shading. This procedure can even replace eyelash extensions, as well as any daily classic makeup.

How to do?

As a rule, permanent eye makeup is done in the salon. The wizard initially learns which effect you want to get from this procedure. At the eye tattoo session, you can bring along classic cosmetics and visually portray the makeup artist what you want to get; the master can repeat this result without difficulty.

You can choose the type of permanent makeup, its color, as well as the width and length of the arrows, the types of contours.

After that go directly to the procedure of applying pigment on the eyelids. Initially, they are disinfected by applying a special antiseptic, and then degreased. After that, a special “felt-tip pen” is applied to the eyelids with the intended makeup, which you evaluate and subsequently approve. If you do not like a particular design of makeup, you can easily change it. After you approve the version you like, the master will proceed to the procedure of applying tattoo. As a rule, a good master will give you familiarity with all the tools that he will use in the process of applying a tattoo. He must certify that all of them are completely hygienic and meet sanitary standards.

Then the procedure of anesthesia takes place: those areas where the pigment will be applied, the master treats with an anesthetic that will have an anesthetic effect. In some cases, cosmetologists do the injection.

After a few minutes, this procedure is activated, you will not feel the touch. Then, using special devices that look like a rather large handle, special liquid pigments are introduced into the skin of the eyelids. This procedure is very long, all masters perform it long and carefully, so as not to be mistaken.

What needles are used?

Usually, silver-coated needles are used for tattooing, as it has a disinfecting effect. Their surface must be very smooth, and sharpening is very sharp. The length and thickness of such a tool will depend on the desire and skill of the master.

How much is holding up?

Permanent makeup is a very durable and long-lasting make-up look.This is especially true of the eyelids, because in this case the masters put on very stable pigments that last for about 5 years, and in some cases up to 10 years, if you do a remake or correction. It all depends on your desire and on the type of pigment that the master will use. That is why you better make a permanent makeup that you do not get tired of design. Try not to do a very bright and vulgar tattoo, because for some cases it will be inappropriate, and you will not be able to get rid of it for a long time. Try to give preference to the classic tattoo, which is relevant in its design not only at the moment, but will be relevant for a long time. Thus, you will save yourself from the hassle of painting your permanent makeup with other cosmetics and you will always look perfect.

Comparison before and after

Eye tattoo is a procedure that can dramatically change the look.. It becomes more piercing, the eyes are visually wider, and the eyelashes are more magnificent. This applies to both the inter-pad dyeing procedure and the arrow drawing procedure. After tattooing it seems as if eyes are made up, but it looks very natural and the effect is better than from ordinary cosmetics. After permanent makeup, you can forget about the daily make-up application procedure for a long time, you can only in some cases, for example, make a brighter classic make-up for some special occasion.

Laser correction

In order to correct or update the eye makeup, you need to contact the salon, where a doctor or a beautician will update this makeup using a special laser. In addition, if you first made a permanent make-up, you can correct it and bring it to perfection during the correction. This way you can draw lines more clearly and make them brighter. As a rule, laser correction is carried out a month after the tattoo procedure. Best of all, if you come in about two months, but it’s better not to delay it, otherwise your permanent makeup will lose its original appearance. Also, you can not adjust the shape of your tattoo, but only to update its color.

For this, it is also necessary to attend correction procedures that will make the contours more pronounced and saturated.

Care after the procedure

The procedure of permanent makeup involves the subsequent care of the eyes for a certain time. On the first day after you have done this makeup, you should wipe your eyes with a cotton swab to which chlorhexidine is applied. This is a disinfectant that will protect your eyes and eyelids, and also help avoid irritation. In some cases, the eyes feel itchy and burning, while it is better to use moisturizing drops, for example, "Vizin".Further, the appearance of edema is possible, so for about 2 days it is better to treat that part of the eyes, on which the tattoo is applied, with a special eye ointment called “Hydrocortisone". It can be purchased at any pharmacy.

If you do not have swelling for a long time, you can make compresses or apply frozen pieces of ice to your eyelids., and it is better that you put icicles made from distilled water, because it is the safest. Otherwise, it is better to remove the pieces of ice in thin bags and put them on your eyelids through it. Also, eye care after a permanent makeup procedure implies that you will not use ordinary cosmetics for at least a week after this procedure.

In addition, you can not rub your eyes or wash them with any cleaning agents and even water.

To flush them, you can only use chlorhexidine solution. This is a very important rule that must be observed. In addition, it is no secret that after the procedure of a tattoo on the eyelids a thin crust appears, but do not be intimidated: This is a standard protective reaction of the skin, which will soon pass. In no case, you can not tear it off or rub your eyes in order to get rid of this crust, she herself can go after a certain period of time. It is important that this happen without intervention. As a rule, the crust disappears after three to five days.

Also, initially you will think that the tattoo looks very bright, in addition, the lines will seem wider than desired.

But after the crust subsides, it will pass and you will get the effect you need. Eye care should be carried out throughout the week. After this period, the eyelids will heal and you will not need to constantly wipe them.

Also, cosmetologists point out that two weeks after the date of applying permanent makeup, you should not take a bath, and also be in a bath or sauna. After that, you can lead a normal life without worrying about the tattoo. With the right care after two or three weeks, your permanent makeup will have the same appearance, you can enjoy its beauty.

How to delete?

Removal of the tattoo is possible both in the salon with a laser and at home. This procedure is quite expensive, for this you need to use a special laser. He is able to destroy the color pigment, returning the skin of the eyelids initial appearance. This procedure is painful, you may feel a burning sensation during the pigment removal process. The duration of the pigment removal procedure with a laser is about 5 minutes, and you should repeat it 5 to 7 times. After that, you completely get rid of the color pigment.

The next type of getting rid of the tattoo is the introduction of a special drug that can save you from any coloring pigments. Such tools are even used to get rid of tattoos. This method is painful, so before removing the pigment with this drug, the skin is anesthetized with a special cream.

As a rule, this procedure is shorter, in addition, you can completely get rid of the tattoo after one or two sessions.


The most common consequence of eye tattooing is eyelid edema. It implies swelling and redness, which can be avoided if properly cared for. As a rule, these edemas are not very noticeable, but if you have too sensitive skin of a given area of ​​the face, the edema can be seen not only close. As a rule, they appear the day after you have made a tattoo. You can not worry: usually the edema subsides in no more than 2 days.

In some cases, women do not even face the phenomenon of swelling of the eyelids, but may feel itching and redness, as well as dry eyes.But some of these symptoms are not even familiar to some, all the primary signs of these effects of the tattoo disappear in 50% of women a few hours after this procedure. This is a completely safe and painless type of makeup that has very few negative effects.

Some women complained that at the end of the procedure of permanent makeup, they faced conjunctivitis. But cosmetologists explain this by the fact that they improperly care for eyes after tattooing. Conjunctivitis can be a consequence of injections only if you allow dirt to get into your eyes.


Analysis of reviews of women who carried out the procedure of permanent makeup showed that the tattoo is not suitable for all women. Girls with very sensitive skin write that they encountered edema that did not fall down for a very long time, and their eyes were red and swollen. In addition, they felt itchy and irritated. Some women faced such a problem as feeling the sand in their eyes, but they recommended getting rid of it with the help of ordinary moisturizing drops.

Also, for women, the negative consequence was that a crust could appear before our eyes. The fair sex is recommended not to tear off her, but only to treat moisturizing and nourishing cream, which can be applied with a cotton swab until the end of healing. In addition, women indicate that it is necessary to follow all the rules for care, because otherwise you can achieve a negative effect, such as redness of the eyes and irritation.

But many women also praise this procedure, pointing out that in this way they get the effect of an expressive look, moreover, the fair sex seduces that permanent makeup is very durable.

Many women use such a procedure as a tattoo of the eyes, making a permanent correction, and they use permanent makeup for 10 years. They like very much that such a make-up allows them to get rid of their annoying makeup procedures every day. They write that they use cosmetics only if there is any solemn occasion for this.

The girls also write that this way you can very nicely sum up the eyes and thereby change their shape. Owners of almond-shaped eyes most often choose the procedure of interracial staining. For some people, permanent makeup is a universal basis for ordinary eye makeup, and for someone - an independent make-up, which they do not paint over and do not spend time on applying ordinary cosmetics.

In the next video - a review of the technique of applying permanent eye makeup "arrows with shading."

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