Light makeup

Light makeup

To date, the pace of life is extremely high, because of which often do not have time for themselves. Despite this, women still find time for meticulous self-care, careful makeup and following fashion trends. The latter can significantly change, but natural makeup will never lose its relevance. Due to the natural beauty and the absence of "war paint" the girl will look the most advantageous.

Benefits and features

Many stylists talk about the demand for natural makeup among the fair sex. The reason for this is that this makeup is able to disguise the defects and emphasize all the advantages of the girl's appearance.

If you make it right, your face will shine with freshness and healthy shine, because this make-up version is quite weightless and it will not look like a layer of plaster on the face.

He is not conspicuousand the woman wearing it looks the most natural way, as a result of which even a small amount of cosmetics does not attract attention. Another important advantage is the fact that everyday make up does not require much time and skill, because it looks easy and unnoticeable.

This creates effect "make-up without make-up". For those who have every minute on their account, it will be the best solution, since many, hurrying to work or study, do not want to waste precious minutes on creating an image.

That is why an easy make-up is a great solution for such ladies.

With it, they can easily bring themselves into a presentable form, without spending hours standing in front of a mirror. In addition, it is often the case that when they are late, women do not always do beautiful makeup, which negatively affects the impression of them in general and their appearance in particular.

In order to learn how to properly perform this kind of make-up, you need to familiarize yourself with some of its features. Some people mistakenly believe that this type of makeup is the easiest.

However, his technique also needs to be learned, because one must carefully select and apply cosmetics to create the effect of weightlessness.

It is provided with the right choice of palette. and consistency of decorative cosmetics. This is due to the type of appearance, shade of hair and eye color.

Green eyed beauties

So, for owners of green eyes You can advise to carefully handle the color scheme, because if it is too bright, it will override their shade, so the emphasis will be shifted from the expressiveness of the look. For green-eyed women, a purple palette is perfect.

Starting from soft lavender and ending with dark deep indigo, which will be interesting to look at brunette girls.

However, speaking of everyday make-up, we note that it would be more appropriate to turn to delicate and airy colors, but if you still want to add zest, you can use colored ink, for example, purple: it will be dark enough to look strictly but playful.


Brown-eyed beautiesThose who actively follow modern trends in the fashion sphere cannot do without a gentle warm palette in the palette of shadows in make-up. Unsaturated, soft, peach tones are also recommended for girls when choosing lipstick.

If there is a desire to make the image more fatal, then everyday makeup is easily transformed through the use of deep wine tones in lipstick, the same solution is perfect for evening looks.

Berry shades are suitable for women, who have brown eyes and porcelain skin. This is interesting in combination with light golden shadows, which, on the one hand, look luxurious, but on the other do not weigh down the image.

Blue, gray and blue eyes

Easy everyday makeup for blue, gray and blue eyes somewhat ambiguous, because in some cases you can play on the contrast of colors, but you can do the opposite - to emphasize the sky blue eyes.

To highlight a natural shade, you should refer to light, but cold shades, for example, pearl, cornflower or the so-called “Niagara” color - play with this palette depending on your mood.

However, it is important not to get involved in such a game, otherwise the image runs the risk of getting bright, and in order to avoid this, use traditional lipstick of a natural range, preferably matte.

It is important to note that everyday images are not limited to the use of a palette of shadows; it can be replaced by a pencil and eyeliner - the main thing is not to overdo it with your eyes and not draw yourself huge fat arrows. No, they are not bad at all, they simply do not fit the concept of light makeup and a gentle look.

Since this type of make-up is a significant bet on naturalness, it will be useful to make your face as healthy as possible, namely, to get rid of rashes, redness and other imperfections. In this case, the process of creating makeup is much easier.

Perfect skin is the basis and guarantee of a natural look.therefore, it needs to be made fresh, for this you need to monitor your diet, do not eat a lot of fat to prevent shine. Walking in the fresh air, especially outside the city, is necessary because they will help the skin to breathe, and sound sleep will allow the skin to rest and refresh.

In addition, it is also important to perform everyday care, that is, to use various creams and means to maintain the balance of fluid in the skin, but you must remember your skin type and act on the basis of its natural data. At least once every two weeks you should do a peeling, followed by nourishing masks. Another key aspect of everyday makeup is a set of high-quality cosmetics and accessories.

It is not necessary to buy the most advanced and expensive brands, by no means - you just need to make sure that the composition of cosmetics is natural, and the chemical elements are as gentle as possible.

If your financial situation allows, pay attention to professional products that are the benchmark for quality, durability and safety. Thanks to them, the creation of makeup, even the most complex, will turn into pleasure. An equally important aspect is the set of accessories used, namely brushes, sponges and applicators. They will allow to create a more refined and in some ways even a “salon” make-up.


There are no rules in the beauty sphere every girl when creating an image is experimenting in one degree or another, because by adding only one detail, you can drastically change the image. Therefore, you can safely say that there are countless options for creating makeup.

Casual light make-up is quite fast and simple, but requires basic knowledge and skills, so it will suit teenage girls.

It can only be made by young ladies who begin their journey in the beauty sphere, practically without experience and a wide arsenal of cosmetics. This daily natural make-up is an excellent option for summer holidays, when there is neither a special desire, nor time to waste time on applying a complex fantasy make-up.

Interestingly, this “make-up for every day” can also be used for many evening and special events, such as a birthday party in a cafe.To create a luxurious image you need to add makeup shadows of dark and deep shades.

The same look is suitable for a date, but it is important to understand under what circumstances it will take place. If this is a carefree walk in the park, then it would be advisable to apply light day makeup, appearing before his chosen one in the most natural way possible.

On the other hand, if the event occurs in the evening and under more pompous conditions, for example, dinner will take place in a restaurant, it is necessary to beat and diversify the natural image, adding a fatal note to it.

How to choose cosmetics?

Based on the above, it has become clear that high-quality cosmetics - the key to a truly beautiful makeup. That is why you should pay special attention to the selection of decorative products. First of all, the right color selection requires. Since everyday makeup involves going to work or school, the palette should be as soft as possible.

We advise you to choose airy, barely noticeable tones for shadows and lipstick. However, remember that these are not always nude colors.

It may be pale pink, delicate lavender, or sky blue or muted greens. Particularly important are not so much the colors themselves, as the ability to combine them correctly, in which the texture and consistency of the means play a big role. Be sure to remember that pearl products will look tasteless, creating a mixed effect in the makeup. It will be out of place in a gentle way.

With regard to the shadows, we say that, ideally, they should be crumbly, because they are best shaded. Good shading and no visible borders - The key point in this type of make-up, besides, it will ensure its transparency and naturalness.

This is also characteristic of lip liners: they should be a dull shade, preferably nude or so-called primed pink color - such lipsticks, although they will not catch the eye, will make the image as feminine and tender as possible.

The texture will also contribute to this: now at the peak of fashion trends there is a matte finish, but you can use shimmering tools - the main thing is that the lip gloss doesn't look too intense.

Girls should remember that in addition to the basic set of lipsticks, eye shadows and eyeliners, you need to have many other cosmetic products with you.

It can be:

  • Cleansing tonic or micellar water. They will help get rid of some skin defects, as well as maintain a healthy fluid balance in the skin.
  • Matting gel. It is perfect for those who suffer from oily skin, this tool is able to save the girl from unnecessary shine that appears on the face during the day. In addition, thanks to this product, the makeup will not spread, which is especially important on hot days.
  • Special primerwhich will act as a basis for make-up. It can be replaced with a face cream suitable for skin type. If you do not use this makeup, it is likely that makeup is about slipping or clogging in the pores.

Now you should pay attention to the principle of choice of decorative cosmetics, because its quality determines the level of makeup. So, the main tool in everyday light makeup is a foundation. When choosing this product you should pay attention to the lightest textures and coatings, such as CC-cream. It is also good in that it combines the two most important functions of the cream.

Not only tones and masks the imperfections of the skin, but also provides full care for it. It must be chosen based on the type of skin and its natural tone.

Another concealer is concealer.which is indispensable for getting rid of such obvious deficiencies as redness or the so-called “bruises” under the eyes.There are many types and colors of this tool - they all have their own purpose, for example, blue and green will help eliminate pigment spots and redness, pink will help remove purple circles and swelling around the eyes.

Choosing the shadows, consider the product range: better buy a palette of shadows, which will be presented maximum number of shades. There are sets of 28 and 56 colors each, however, they are intended for professionals, so you should stop choosing the best options in the form of 9-12 shades. In addition, it must be remembered that the wider the color range, the more freedom and opportunity for experimentation.

In the palette must be present gradation both in temperature and saturation.

Keep in mind that this rule does not work in relation to the pencil. For blondes, we recommend not using black eyeliners, as they will create discord with hair color, so it’s best to turn to brown shades that will not look too sharp on the face. This principle should be guided in the choice of a pencil or lipstick for eyebrows: they should be either in tone to the hair, or one shade darker.

Eye makeup is simply unthinkable without mascara, because they play a big role in building the image: they can open the eye or make it look like. So, you need to focus on what result we want: it can be lengthening, giving volume, rich color or divided eyelashes without lumps. Traditionally, girls buy black mascara, which looks strictly and universally. It is suitable for light makeup, so it's best to forget about the blue or red shades when choosing mascara.

Lipstick helps to complement the image, so its choice should be approached meaningfully.

The classic option is to cover natural colors., which emphasizes the beauty of the lips. The texture can be any: pearl, glossy or matte - it is left to the personal discretion, but the main thing is not to use a lot of shimmer. Finally, the last element - powder, it would be best if it has a crumbly structure, because it will fix the makeup without weighing it down and not making the face a mask. Having dealt with the necessary cosmetic products, you can proceed to the guide on creating a light make-up.

How to apply?

Now it's time to talk about the technique of proper everyday makeup. Running it at home is not so difficult: you just need to follow the step by step instructions and have a minimum set of cosmetics in front of you.

Step by step instructions for applying makeup:

  • First you need to clean the skin using tonic or micellar water and cotton pad. So we can prepare the skin for the subsequent application of cosmetics. It is also possible to use a matting gel, which will allow the skin to become matte.
  • Next, apply a primer or the most common day cream for the face, thanks to which the skin will become velvety, and the cosmetics applied to these products will firmly hold for a long period of time.
  • Identify skin imperfections and mask them. With the help of a multicolored concealer, this will even out the skin tone. The product applied to the problem areas will make the defects on the skin almost invisible. The perfect result can be achieved using a special cosmetic brush.
  • She can use and when applying the pitch. If it is inconvenient to do this with a brush, then it is better to use a sponge, which will absorb the excess means and at the same time evenly distribute the foundation over the skin, “hammering” it tightly into the pores.
  • You can resort to the strobing technique, applying a highlighter to the projecting and most illuminated parts of the face. This will refresh the face and add a healthy glow to it.Owners of oily skin such a technique is strictly prohibited, because it only adds greasy shine to the face that will look unaesthetic.
  • To fix the tone you need to barely powder the face with powder, especially in the T-zone, which is the most oily in all types of skin.
  • After that, you need to select eyebrow line, for this you need to carefully comb them to put hair, then use special accessories: pencil, eye shadow or lipstick. First, select the eyebrow curve, then draw the outlines, and then fill the light areas with the pigment.
  • To create a beautiful and elegant makeup the eye needs to make up with nude or pink shadows in the direction from the inner corner of the eye, where it is necessary to put the lightest shade. Having a smooth gradient transition, you can add a thin outline of the eye with a pencil, but this will make the make-up brighter. That is why for work or for school it is recommended to do light makeup without catchy black arrows.
  • One of the final chords in the creation of the image - the mascara, which should be a thin layer falls on the eyelashes, without creating the effect of spider legs.
  • Refusing colored lipstick, easy to ennoble the image. However, this is typical for those cases where eye makeup is very rich, and for a neutral and pale make-up of the eyes you can use a more juicy, but still not screaming lipstick.

How to make light makeup at home, you can see in the next video.

Makeup artists secrets

Since light makeup is always up to date, stylists do not stop sharing their tips and ideas about it.

Makeup tips are as follows:

  • The healthier the skinthe less makeup you need to use. If a person is free from defects, then you can refuse the foundation, the owners of thick eyebrows and eyelashes can not tint them.
  • In summer and spring It’s best to turn to light shades and weightless textures that allow your skin to breathe.
  • First of all Make-up should be done in stages, proceed to the next step when the previous one is completed. So you can avoid the most common mistakes when applying makeup.
  • This makeup ideal for a photo shoot in nature or studio shooting, but it is important to remember that in fantasy shooting - for example, for Halloween, it will look pale. For home furnishings, as well as a gothic party, light makeup will not work.
  • Brown tones not everyone goes, so you should not abuse them. Before using them, analyze your color type.

Makeup artist tips on how to do makeup for every day, you can see in the next video.

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