Halloween Makeup

Halloween Makeup

Halloween - some 15 years ago only a few knew about this holiday in Russia, but now young people are eagerly celebrating this day, not only by gathering at home, but also by coming to bars, clubs and restaurants. They gladly support this tradition. Perhaps the Russian people have missed the Christmas time, mummers and fun. Whatever the reasons, the result is one. For lovers of makeup, Halloween is another reason to show your make-up artist skills in all its glory.

What is Halloween makeup?

Since the holiday originally took its origins from the Celtic history, implying a violation of the distinction between the world of the living and the world of the dead, the leitmotif of the holiday, to this day remains all evil. Skeletons, zombies, vampires, werewolves, leprechauns - any more or less magical character has the right to be recreated on this holiday.

Later, when the celebration gained mass, the boundaries were erased, and now you can be a fairy, a beautiful mermaid, a slightly rotten bride or a catwoman. All that is enough for your imagination and materials, now has the right to exist.

Key features and benefits

  1. First, there can be a lot of makeup. This is not just a skillful treatment of shadows and bases, it is a real make-up, a mask, behind which the true face is skillfully hidden.
  2. You can not worry about the evenness of the application and skin defects. The worse your appearance is, the better. Torn bloody wounds made with latex and paints, green skin, skull with whitened bones, witch with a hooked nose. Dilute your make-up artist with elements of costume, sparkles, algae, tree bark, feathers ...
  3. It is also important that you can not only paint your face, but also, for example, your arms, neck, legs, even your stomach. It can be said that Halloween is a celebration of body art, not makeup, but for such a rich coating special paints are required. What - you will find out right now.

How to choose cosmetics?

Of course, it is best to buy a face painting or ordinary makeup, which is used by the actors. The reasons are simple: it keeps well, does not dry out the skin, is easy to apply and does not flow, even if you feel very hot from dancing and fun.

It is important to choose quality materials - especially if you plan to create a children's makeup. Often the face painting is made of hypoallergenic materials, and this is very important, because children love when their face is completely painted - even the area around the eyes, and she is the most sensitive.

If you do not want to spend money on special paints, you can try the more popular options for shadows and palettes. The main tool, about which you can never forget - this is a primer, as well as the base under the eyes.

This is an important makeup element for several reasons:

  1. Primer protect your skin from the harmful effects of decorative cosmetics.
  2. The foundation It is very similar to the primer, which not only smoothes the color of your face, preparing it for applying makeup, but also “seals” small wrinkles and unevenness. Thanks to this, it will be very easy to shade and dye.
  3. Base enhances the color pigments contained in the shadows and blush. Most likely, you will want to make bright color transitions, get the most out of your available colors, so do not neglect the basics of makeup.

As for decorative color cosmetics, every year popular brands necessarily release themed product lines for the holiday. You can pay attention to them.

Take Mac, for example.The company even produces special videos, where with the help of its products it shows how to transform into a cyborg, a ghost, an alien from space and so on.

It is worth going through certain products that you may find useful for 100%:

  1. In addition to the base, the need for which you understood earlier, black eyeliner or eyeliner will definitely be superfluous. It doesn’t matter whether you’ve got your masculine, feminine, or children's makeup. You still have to draw some contours, select areas, or even completely paint over certain areas. You will not make it a marker. Even to draw an ordinary black nose, you will need a tool.
  2. Vampire, zombie, sugar skull - for these images in your makeup should appear two shades of lipstick. One is darker, the other is lighter. This is necessary in order to give your lips a slightly painful, cracked look. You can take the lightest color in the line and, for example, cherry. Make the edges of the lips pale, as if all the heat from you is pumped out by a pump, and apply a dark color on the inside of the lips. You can make a smooth ombra, you can make a sharp transition. And in fact, and in another case, the lips will look mysterious, strange - exactly what you need.
  3. Sequins or rhinestones that can be glued to glue for eyelashes. You can borrow small sparkles from the nail art kits, and then use the rest to create a manicure.
  4. If you want to create some beautiful fairy image of a fairy, elf or little mermaid Ariel, you can purchase colored hair sprays.. This is better than throwing money at wigs that will gather dust on the shelves. Spray you can use and then - for example, paint the ends of your hair and make a variety of hairstyles.

Since the topic has touched specific images, it is worth going to them.

Kinds of make up

Agree, not everyone can boast straight arms. Even if you skillfully apply everyday make-up and are able to make smoky eyes, it’s not a fact that you can manage a terrible make-up of a pirate or a pirate with the same ease, so start with simple options that you can find a lot of examples.

We turn our face into a skull. Effective, beautiful - and not too difficult. To perform such makeup you may have 3 colors: white, black and, for example, purple.

To begin with, apply white paint or shadows to the whole face, and then start gently drawing the contours with black. You can draw an inverted heart on the nose, creating the effect of nasal nostrils. Paint your eyes black to make the eye sockets look like an abyss.

If you want to add a twist, draw your eyes over the eyelids. For inspiration, you can watch the video Panic! At The Disco "I Write Sins Not Tragedies".

Next, you will need to highlight a little cheekbones, and then you will help purple hue. Apply a black stripe on the natural structure of your cheek, blend it and everything under the cheekbone line, paint it in neat strokes with purple.

The final touch is to draw the teeth over your lips. The main thing here is not an anatomical correspondence, but an awesome effect, so do not worry if you have 40 painted instead of 32 teeth.

The Little Mermaid is one of the most popular Disney princesses at this holiday.. Most of the image, of course, is a costume (tail, wig or dyed hair, shells), but you can add real fish scales to this image.

It is done as simply as possible. Choose the color you want to dye your scales with. Shadows can be completely normal. They are not necessarily bright, scales can be made with the help of classic mother-of-pearl shades.

Next, take the usual tights in a fine mesh and a brush for blush. Wear tights on your head, arms or legs (depending on which part of your body needs scales) and boldly put shadows on top of the mesh.You can mix several colors, creating interesting transitions, you can stay on one. The main thing - when you take off the tights, you will have very clear traced contours, similar to scales.

Animals are a favorite topic. Cats and deer are very popular. To turn into them, it will be enough to draw a neat spout, black or pink. If you can add white highlights, it will be very good.

Cat dorisovyvat mustache, neat strokes of eyeliner, you can add wool.

To transform into Bambi, blend orange or brown shadows on the forehead, cheeks, chin and nose. Apply neat white specks over the shadows.

You can make beautiful eyes of a deer - for this you need to create "reverse arrows". Stretch the tip of the arrow not to the ears, but inside the face. The line may even go for some time parallel to the nose. False eyelashes add to the image of softness and charm. If you want to immerse yourself in the image completely, add colored lenses.

Another favorite image borrowed from Mexico. It is a bit like gypsy makeup, but it looks much more impressive. Of course, this is a sugar skull.

Variations on this topic very much. The main rules are the bleached tone of the face, eyes decorated with a color pattern, small elements on the nose, chin and a beautiful ornament on the forehead. Most of the makeup can be done with eyeliner, and color imparted with shadows or make-up paints.

Scary dolls are also often featured in costume parties. You can even out the tone of the face, creating the effect of porcelain skin, and draw a black eyeliner crack. Eyes above and below for more dolls decorate with false eyelashes (or paint eyelashes with eyeliner). Add a little blush and be sure to curl the curls.

Another type of doll may be more like a puppet. Many people remember the terrible image from the movie "Saw". For a party in honor of the holiday, he will be very in topic. Lighten your face, make the darkest smoky on your eyes as much as possible, draw characteristic red spirals on your cheeks, clearly outline your lips with red, slightly exaggerating the length of the corners, and draw two parallel lines from the corners of your mouth to the chin with two neat strokes.

If you want to do something delicate, but princesses are not your theme, try comic makeup in pop art style. Surely you remember this stylized panache of women, with the loud phrases “Oh NO!” Or “POW” breaking from their lips.

To achieve the desired result, you need a device that is convenient to draw even circles. This may be a stick for cleaning the ears, you can make a stencil with a hole punch and a piece of paper or a piece of plastic (try using a folder for files). Perhaps you have just a round pencil of the required color - in general, show imagination. Do not forget to add highlights and make neat contour strokes black, and your image will be ready.

You, too, can make a cloud of thoughts yourself - from cardboard. Attach it to a sushi stick and chat at a party in such an interesting way.

Another classic move is the reincarnation of a woman into a man. Draw a mustache, add stubble. A few bags under the eyes and painted wrinkles with thick eyebrows will give you a dangerous gangster look. If you have a suitable suit and hat - all the chances that you will be the star of the party.

The last image that can not be missed is a terrible clown. Makeup is simple because it does not need a lot of colors. White, black and red are the three colors of the base that will allow you to create a full-fledged image.

Paint your face white, make your eyes dark. You can dilute all the four-pointed stars, or simply create the effect of spilled paint - and make a long triangle from eye to cheek.

Be sure to paint the eyebrows and wrinkles. And, of course, add a red nose and a mad smile.

How to apply?

If you decide to make up at home, be sure to ensure that your skin is well prepared. If you are going to impose a thick layer of cosmetics, charge your face with vitamins and nutrients, because the next few hours with this makeup will be a real challenge for the dermis. Useful recommendations:

  1. Make a mask. Well, if it will have a moisturizing and soothing effect. Separately, patches can be used to prepare the delicate skin around the eyes for further manipulations.
  2. After masks carefully clean the skin. Use washing gels or tonics, many girls also prefer micellar water. The main thing is that the skin does not have fat, it will complicate your task during painting.
  3. Apply a moisturizer and let it soak.

After these three preparatory steps, you can proceed directly to applying makeup.

The sequence of applying layers will depend on your image. It is clear that pirate makeup will be different from the face of the princess, but you should always start with the basics. Do not grasp the drawing of fine details until the base is made.

Apply a primer and set the tone, make all the major important strokes - and only then proceed to the nuances.

You can start with the lips, if the main difficulty lies in them, with eyebrows or with eyes. Assess the situation and remember that the closer to the end - the more you get tired, the harder it will be to take on difficult parts.

It is also recommended to prepare. If your make-up will take a couple of hours, it is better to leave the manipulations with the mouth at last, otherwise you will not be able to drink without disturbing the makeup.

Makeup artists secrets

Perhaps the main secret is that all creatives are not afraid to use the available tools to achieve their goals. Recall the same tights in a grid for creating scales.

Look around you - maybe your eye will catch on something that can make your image a highlight of the program. Maybe an old feather boa was lying in the corner with which you can decorate a haircut or add makeup. Shells brought from the sea can be painted and stuck to the face to appear as a sea witch to your friends. To make large wounds, you can use soaked and colored toilet paper. A couple of years ago was popular makeup using a regular snake. Ladies with unbuttoned faces were at every turn.

Old glitter, pebbles, ribbons and stencils - use everything, and then your image will turn out really original and memorable.

How to make makeup for Halloween, see the following video.

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