Makeup for blue eyes

Makeup for blue eyes

How different blue eyes can be! In some ladies, the gaze is full of tenderness, like a box of kittens, and in others it pierces with ice, like the sword of a skilled warrior. Cleverly set the correct tone helps makeup. How cleverly to play with colors, shapes and undertones, so that from the Snow Queen in a couple of strokes of the brush turn into an angel, let us tell you right now.


In short, the key feature of the makeup will be the ability to go from extreme to extreme. Blue-eyed insanely go the brightest, sweetest shades of nude frosted palettes, but also look can decorate aggressive red sparkles, and it will look just amazing. Even the maximum black color only emphasizes the brightness of the blue. Eyes will not be lost and will not fade in the abundance of the color surrounding them.

If you want to make a gentle makeup, do not be afraid to use pink shades. It can be either the lightest, barely perceptible shade, or rather saturated pink, the classic color of Barbie. All shades of beige and light gray are also at your complete disposal.

When it comes to a brighter evening make-up, all shades of metallic shades (gold, silver, bronze, rose gold) are perfect for blue-eyed people. Black "smoky eyes" - a win-win. Deep wine tones or blood-red colors also perfectly highlight the blue and highlight the look, making it more predatory.

Actual color solutions

Blue eyes are difficult to spoil, so the makeup can be bright, dark, nude, in brown tones, purple, pink, beige - absolutely any. The rest is nuances that are quite numerous: the shape of the eye and face, hair color, age, outfit ... However, color solutions are not all the features that need to be discussed. Pay attention to the location and shape of the eyes.

For deep set

Your main goal will be to smooth the differences in the depth of the eyebrow and eyelid. Most often for these receptions the light color scale is used, pastel tones will be especially good. The movable eyelid should turn to darker "clothes." The lower line of eyelash growth and the area of ​​the outer corner of the eye are also visually enlarged using dark colors. The region bordering the upper fold of the eyelid should be covered with a transitional middle shade, and the area above the eyebrow can be dyed with the brightest, even pearl tone. Extra shine will help to make the look even wider, so you can use a highlighter instead of shadows.

For little ones

The first thing you need to remember if you have small eyes - black eyeliner - your Achilles heel. Throw it away if you already have one, and if not, never buy. You cannot use it for good. Your faithful companion should be a white pencil that should be applied to the inner eyelid.

Another useful tool in your beautician is a curling iron.

Twisted eyelashes open the eyes, visually making the eyes more than they really are. It is not recommended to use false eyelashes. They, like the black thick arrows very much hide the space. If you want to increase their weight, increase eyelashes, but not too thick. You can try using bundles, but with them you also need to know the measure.

An ash-gray palette is suitable for blue eyes. With it you can add a good volume and at the same time emphasize the color of the iris. Below you will find a step-by-step instruction “smoky eyes” in gray tones, which you can repeat without the help of an experienced makeup artist.

For large

At first glance, such eyes are a dream, but their owners may also face some difficulties. For example, big eyes may be too round. In this case, it is best to use the arrows. Give your eyes a bit of eastern aesthetics, slightly pull the corners to achieve greater expressiveness.

If the problem of large eyes is that they are too bulging, use a minimum of eyeliner and a maximum of shadows.

With mascara, too, try not to overdo it. Several layers of raven color will make you a comical Elvira, mistress of darkness. If you want to make a contour, apply it with a pencil and on the inside of the eye. Apply dark shades of shadows on the moving part of the eyelid, and paint the area under the eyebrow in light colors. The main thing - do not use pearl shades for this, they will add unnecessary volume, but only matte even colors. If you want to strengthen the pigment, use a primer.

Having defined the shape of the eyes, let's not forget about such an important factor as hair color. Depending on the shade and temperature, makeup can vary greatly.

We select in accordance with the hair color

For the blond

Classical Russian beauty has gray-blue eyes and brown hair. Girls with such data do not want to overload the multi-layered difficult makeup. They are very suitable as simple and natural look. A little mascara, even complexion with drops of rouge orange or pink shades, as well as small neat arrows or slightly dusty light makeup in gray tones - this will be enough to look amazing. If this is evening makeup, you can add a little gold or even rusty shades, creating a semblance of “smoky eyes”. Smooth transitions - the main secret of successful makeup.

For red

If red is your natural color, it means that you have naturally got pale skin. In this situation, the eyes on your face already stand out a bright spot. To make an interesting make-up, a little mascara and light shimmer pink-gray shades will suffice. This makeup looks quite expensive and not too difficult to perform.

Also, you belong to the type of girls, which in order to stand out from the crowd will be just enough bright lipstick.

Juicy cyclamen color on your lips, a little blush on your cheeks, we remove freckles with the help of a primer and a good base and you are ready to go. Red-haired beauties and so not much, but such spectacular and even more so, so do not worry, you will definitely remember.

If the red color is acquired, plus everything you like to sunbathe, gold shades will look best on you. Experimenting with rainbow colors, you have a chance to look like a schoolgirl who secretly used a cosmetic bag from her mother. Do not use flashy colors and nuclear nuances. If you want to revive the face, do it at the expense of lipstick. Everything will suit you, starting from maroon and ending with nude beige, almost transparent.

For brown-haired women

If you are such a Megan Fox, almost everything will suit you. Treacherous orange, dangerous purple or even snake emerald green, everything can be “in time”. The only thing you need to pay attention to is tone. Cold or warm - that is the question. Do not interfere with the colors of different temperature regimes. If your hair gives red, you should not use cold shades in makeup. This will cause discord of the image. Your ensemble should be harmonious, so pay attention to the reflections and features of the pigments, interspersing the sparkles and the behavior of the shadows in natural light. Before you put makeup on the eyes, you can try it on the back of the hand.

Select by type of person

The most important role in adjusting the makeup on the face of the face will be blush, highlighters, bronzers, in general, everything that can be attributed to the sculpturing technique.

Directly the very color of the eyes will affect the tone of the same powder.For example, with pale skin and blue eyes, pink sugar colors will always look great, and on a more tanned coral orange it will perfectly emphasize a blue tint. You can use the so-called "baked" blush, where, in addition to the main matte color, there is often a shimmer gloss. Blue-eyed is better to choose powder with gold granules, and not with a cold glow.


A long chin and high forehead will need to be balanced. Visually round the cheeks, putting blush in the center and shading in the horizontal direction. Apply a fairly prominent blush in the middle of the chin. It is better to shade the color with your fingers from the middle to the edges, exactly on the face oval. Additionally, you can highlight the cheekbones, a little powder them bronze.

Shadows are better to pick up light shades, because they visually open their eyes. Don't forget the highlighter. Apply it under the brow and over the cheekbones. Additionally, you can lighten the outer corner of the eye, the same highlighter or white matte shadows will do an excellent job with this.


Fighting need to lack of sharp corners and well-defined lines. To do this, you will need to take powder a couple of tones darker than your natural skin tone and darken the cheekbone area. If you want to add rouge, put them in the shape of a triangle from cheek to nose with a sharp end directed to the ear. To highlight the eyes, you can use brown or black staining along the contour. The main thing - well blend the line. It’s better to give up clear arrows, do more make-up with shadows in order to play with volumes the way you need it.


A wide forehead and practically parallel to it the same wide lower jaw suggest that the makeup will smooth out a little rough lines. Be sure to use the tonal base to set the bright tone of the lower part of the cheeks and chin. You can use bronzer or powder a couple of tones darker than usual to darken the lower jaw and cheekbones. Try to achieve a triangular face.

An important aspect in this form will be the eyebrows.

You need to make sure that they have a bend, so that they repeat the shape of your eye. At the same time the line should not be too geometric. The transition should be soft, smooth, like a gentle sea wave.

As for the shadows, do not use bright colors or many different colors in one image, they will only attract attention to the high forehead. When making a contour, forget about the black eyeliner, with blue eyes it would be better to look brown, gray or purple pencil.

Kinds of make-up

Makeup for blue eyes, however, as for any other is the following types:

  1. Daily. Pastel colors, very careful shading and the most natural look are the key concepts of makeup for every day. It should not be too catchy, so as not to distract from work, but it is stylish enough to make you feel at your best.

  2. Classical. Even tone of face, eyes with arrows, neat and small, summer natural blush and rich lips.

  3. Natural. Its feature is not just a minimum of cosmetics, it can be not so little, the main thing is to use shades close to more natural colors. Replace the black mascara with a brown one, be sure to blend the eyeliner with a sponge, the shade of opaque flowers is a priority, and lips can be painted in pencil for a softer tone. This is a great summer option.

  4. Output image Dark shades, glitter, bright colors - all this you can afford in the evening. Your face can turn into a work of art of any genre - pop art, Japanese motifs, vintage and so on. The key word in this makeup - "image".

Ideas for spectacular images that can be implemented independently:

  1. Oriental makeup. If you want your attention to get all the attention, there is nothing better than to choose such a southern technique. She is both frank and mysterious.A very thick layer of eyelashes and long black arrows that capture both the upper eyelid and the lower row of eyelashes frame the look like an expensive baguette picture.

  2. Bright festive. It is not so important where you are going: for a birthday party, corporate party or just to meet with friends, this evening you can afford a little paint. Try, for example, to add juicy orange hues. When from the nose of their nose will shade pearl shine, and from the other edge you make a dark transition, the makeup will look magical and perfectly highlight the blue of your eyes.

  3. Theatrical. It differs dramatic image and bright colors. This is a makeup that will be visible from distant rows. Long false eyelashes, aquamarine tone on the water line, light feathering of dense dark eye rims, graceful arrow and thick “smoky eyes” in violet tones. It is intriguing, mesmerizing and could well be done on its own.

  4. Make up for a specific dress or outfit. Of course, most of the girls are interested in makeup under a white dress. Yes, wedding make up is one of the most popular types. Do not overload the image of the bride with bright shadows. Most often, the eyes are decorated with smoky and pink flowers. To make the image more noble, use matte shades. Very soft arrows drawn with the help of dark shadows will also bring romance into the image, and a lush row of false eyelashes will add a picture of dollness, innocence and freshness.

    Do not forget the blush and very gentle, slightly glossy lip gloss.

    Often, girls with blue eyes love to pick up dresses to match the iris, so a blue or turquoise dress is a popular option. Makeup in this case can be very similar to the wedding. The same light and soft, but at the same time quite multi-layered and attractive.

Choose make up depending on age:

  • Youth makeup could be more vivid. Want to add yellow - please try red - delicious. Youth is good because it is very difficult to spoil it, so if you want experiments, there’s no better time to do it. You can use sparkles, rhinestones, feathers, false eyelashes - any new items and trends will look important to you.

  • Age makeup for women over 50 should be more restrained. More attention should be paid to skin tone and leveling of the relief than to bright colors. Use primers to make wrinkles less visible, a tonal foundation or dense powder will help to hide pigmentation and imperfections. A little blush will give freshness, a beautiful, slightly corrected shape of eyebrows will reduce years, and natural colors will make the look brighter.

Beginner Step-by-Step Guide

Let us examine one of the most versatile techniques that can create both a light tone and a dense evening cover. This style does not limit age, dress or hair color. Of course, we are talking about smoky eyes.

We will create an image on the example of a smoky gray tint, which is ideally suited to blue eyes. We act in stages:

  1. Initially prepare the eyes, putting the base under the shadow. This is important because the tool not only levels the surface and allows you to very gently shade the shadows, but also enhances the color. Also, the primer prolongs the makeup resistance, which for many will become an important factor.

  2. Lower eyelid we clothe in a train of gray shadows. It is better if they are waterproof or super-resistant, because the shadows under the eye during the day can crumble and blur the contour.

  3. The upper movable eyelid is painted in the same tone drawing slightly almond shape. The center of the century can additionally be decorated with a shimmer lighter shade of gray.

  4. Water line as above and below clearly outline with a black pencil. It is also important that it is water resistant, otherwise the whole structure will fall apart in a couple of hours.

  5. On the upper fold of the century apply a dark brown tone and blend it very well.

  6. Space under the brow You can lighten using a highlighter or matte white shadows.

  7. In the inner corner eyes add accent from bright coral shadows.

  8. Eyelashes curl and tint with mascara. You can apply multiple layers.

As you can see, this is a fairly simple way to look interesting, and despite the fact that “smoky eyes” are used to seeing everything in black dense colors, the makeup will be very light, full-time.

Now that you have completely different examples and options for inspiration, you can easily change your makeup every day. Try to emphasize all the advantages, especially to highlight the blue of the eye, because it is such a rarity. Daily, evening, festive, even wedding makeup will now always be perfect, because you know what will suit you and how you can skillfully hide flaws.

Be beautiful and do not forget that the best decoration that can emphasize the brightness of the eyes is your sincere smile.

You will learn more about how to create the perfect makeup for blue and blue eyes from the following video.

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