Beautiful eye makeup

Beautiful eye makeup

Eyes - the basis of any makeup and the object of attention of others. How they make up depends on the mood of the woman and her self-confidence. Professional makeup artists pay a lot of attention to the correct approach to emphasizing the eyes. It is important to emphasize their beauty, but not to deprive of their natural charm. Beautiful eye makeup is a theme that excites many women.


Make-up eye today is comparable to the art of the artist. The task of the makeup artist is to show the depth and expressiveness of the gaze, while leaving the woman the right to individuality. Using different makeup techniques, you can create the appropriate images to any style. The shape of the eyes of each representative of the fair sex is individual. It determines the method of applying cosmetics.

Due to the changeable mood, the woman is constantly in search of the perfect makeup that would present her in the best light. Due to such experiments, eye makeup today is so diverse that it allows you to try on any image with regard to the most demanding preferences.

It should be noted that eye makeup of different colors differs in a number of nuances. What is good for a brunette, does not suit blonde. In addition, you need to keep in mind the color type and skin tone.

What is needed?

When selecting cosmetics for the eyes, a lot of factors should be taken into account. In addition to the arsenal of the right cosmetics and brushes for application, you need to take care of the preparation of the skin. In addition, to choose the perfect makeup, you need to take into account the color, incision and depth of the eyes.

The basic rule of flawless makeup is perfect skin. The eyes do not look beautiful if they are surrounded by pigment spots and acne. Hygiene and care of the dermis is a must, so you must first put in order the skin.

Prepare a smooth background

The choice of cosmetics can not be accidental. It is advisable to buy products marked with HD, providing the most natural result with a dense layer of application, when you need to hide the flaws of the skin. To make a face look perfect, you will need:

  • Base makeup;
  • concealer;
  • concealer;
  • loose powder.

In the cosmetic bag should always be two shades of foundation: a dark tone is needed to align the base, a light mask that is not possible to hide the first layer.

In addition to tonalnikov, you need a concealer. It gives the skin a perfect look and the tone should be one shade lighter than the skin. It evens the complexion and is irreplaceable if there is no light foundation. Powder is necessary friable: it lays down with a thin, translucent layer, at the same time gives skin a dullness.

Cosmetics and tools

Eye makeup is complete without using brushes:

  • gloss with beveled nap (eyebrow shaping);
  • narrow round (placement of accents);
  • small (applying shadows);
  • round middle (shading shadows).

Make-up eyes cannot be realized without beautiful shadows. Their texture can be matte, glitter (glitter), shimmer. Shadows come in several varieties:

  • dry (single or in a set with an applicator);
  • in the form of a pencil (convenient option for beginners);
  • liquid (ultra resistant, alternative to liquid eyeliner);
  • shadow cream (softened pencil

The most necessary are dry, others are chosen at will.

Flash and acid paints are not allowed: The color palette of shadows should be noble. If you want to add creativity and luxury, you can use rhinestones.

To highlight the eyes, to make the eyes wide and expressive, we need the appropriate accents. In the pouch should be a pencil and eyeliner.For a change in style, you should buy two colors mascara: brown and black. The first is appropriate in the afternoon, the second is irreplaceable in the evening and is the accent of solemn makeup.

Beautiful eye makeup does not tolerate monotony: one pencil is not enough. Often make up is done in two or even three shades. Therefore, brown, black and white pencils are required. Blondes should add a gray pencil to this palette: in combination with shadows, it is able to bring lightness and naturalness to the image.

Few people pay attention to this, but without a smooth, clear and symmetrical eyebrow shape, perfect eye makeup is impossible. Today, the fashion industry offers a variety of makeup tools. For a flawless look, eyebrow stencils will be needed. This simple technique allows you to make them symmetrical, while varying the shape.

The minimum makeup for eyebrows is a pencil. Do not buy a product of black color: the focus of makeup are the eyes. All the rest is secondary. When adding a pencil to a cosmetic bag, you need to take into account its tone, taking into account the hair color:

  1. Brunette brilliant eyebrows should be lighter in tone than hair;
  2. Blondes' brows are a bit darker than the natural color of the curls.

Beautiful eye makeup emphasizes the correct lipstick.

Looking for soft, muted colors, otherwise lipstick will kill the accent of the eye. The best tones are translucent, natural. You can use a bright color, but only in special cases or when lips become an accent.

Kinds of make up

The main tools that determine the type of makeup are the shadow, pencil or eyeliner. From them depends on the intensity and nature of makeup. Depending on the destination, make-up can be:

  • everyday (naturally);
  • puppet (for Asian eyes);
  • in the evening (rich and bright);
  • professional (for photo shoots).

Makeup for every day different natural.

This is a light and simple make up eye. Basically, cosmetics are used natural and muted tones.

Puppet make-up in the style of Korean women is universal and is distinguished by the presence of light shades of shadows and cosmetics of the nude range. This is a gentle make-up for drooping eyelids with the effect of an open look.

Evening image can not be faded: welcome bright, rich and even dark tones of the palette. In the course are not only brown, but blue, green, gold, silver shadows, as well as black accents in the form of liner and carcass.

Professional makeup is performed by a make-up artist and implies the correct placement of accents for the camera. He is always saturated, but not vulgar, takes into account a certain image, age, gender and subject matter. The palette of tones can be varied. In addition, there can be used additional decor (rhinestones, face-art).

In addition to the main types, beautiful eye makeup is performed using the following techniques:

  1. "banana" (the design of the rolling century resembles an exotic fruit);
  2. "Bird" (a technique that makes the upper eyelids look like the open wings of a bird);
  3. Cat's eye (changing the shape of the eye through eyeliner, giving it a slanting look);
  4. pencil (makeup with pencils);
  5. "Smoky eyes" (smoky make-up eyes, ideal for evening and ceremonial events).

Beginner Lessons

Make a beautiful eye makeup according to the forces of any girl. You can follow the step-by-step ritual of professional makeup artists, applying their schemes and different techniques in practice. To make make-up correctly and prevent mistakes, it is better not to experiment with the instructions of professionals.

Depending on the shape and cut of the eyes, the technique of applying cosmetics may be:

  1. classical;
  2. horizontal;
  3. vertical;
  4. diagonal.

All techniques are good for deep-set eyes. Classic universal and designed for the eyes of any type and incision. Horizontal can be applied to owners of bulging and round eyes.

Using different techniques, you can easily change the shape of the eyes, make them expressive and present them in the best light.

For round eyes

The main task is to change the shape in the almond-shaped direction. Matt shadows of medium and dark tone are taken as a basis (mother-of-pearl and light shade will strengthen the roundness of the eyes).

A tone lighter needs to be applied to the eyelid area from the ciliary edge to the eyebrow line. A dark shade accentuates the outer corner and slightly emphasizes the lower (fixed) eyelid, reducing the roundness of the eyes.

Mandatory adjustment in the form of an arrow on a mobile century, be it a pencil, a special marker or eyeliner. For expressive eyes, mascara is best applied to the upper lashes, increasing the intensity of the layer to the outer corner. The shape of the eyebrows should be clear, but without creative bends.

For almond-shaped

Almond shape of the eye allows a lot of experiments. Select cat or Asian eyes is easy: we need bright shadows, pencil and mascara. To remove the severity of the look, you need to work with the shape of the eyebrows, slightly lifting the outer edge.

If you want to increase the size of the eyes, you need light shadows: they are applied to the upper eyelid and slightly emphasize the lower one.

Then a tone of darker accent external corner.

To enhance the effect, a thin line of white shadows or a pencil is needed. The brown contour from the center of the mobile eyelid and slightly at the bottom will change the shape to the desired one. The final stroke will be mascara in two layers on the upper and one on the lower eyelid. With the arrows you need to be careful: they can make the eyes already.

For light

This eye color needs light shades of shades and an emphasis on lips. Dark shadows are not desirable, but if the hair is dark, it is acceptable. The choice of a palette of cosmetics depends on the specific case and time of day. It is important not to overload the image with an excess of cosmetics.

The use of light shades will give the view ease. If you apply make-up, excessively highlighting the eyes in the “smoky eyes” style during the day, and even make up your lips with bright lipstick, the look will be vulgar and devoid of taste. Lightness is easier to create by means of light, almost white shadows at the inner corner, beige in the center and a shade of cocoa - in the zone of the outer corner. To highlight the eyes, you can use a dark gray eyeliner or a pencil of a similar shade. Mascara on the upper eyelid - the final touch.

For marsh

Swamp eyes are unusual and need an accent by means of a pencil or shadows. Such makeup up obeys the rules of cosmetics for hazel and green eyes. In fact, you can use any shades of cosmetics, the game of contrasts is welcomed, but the coincidence of the tone of the iris and the shadows is not allowed.

A black soft pencil is a great solution. It emphasizes the upper and lower eyelids and draws an arrow, which should not be too thin or wide. Shiny shadows are undesirable, but opaque light on the inside and dark on the outside eyelid are the perfect solution. Eyebrows should not be emphasized with a pencil, but with shades to match hair.

For brown

The perfect shade needs the right accent. Light colors of cosmetics are good for a casual look, evening make-up needs a bright palette, liner and black mascara. The lines should be as thin as possible: it will open the eyes and not reduce the size of the eyes. An excellent option would be shading shadows with the effect of ombre: sharp transitions are unacceptable, otherwise you will not be able to emphasize the natural beauty.

Oriental-style makeup allows arrows to be thicker, but it does not necessarily make them too long: this can close the look. Eyelashes can be increased by crumbly powder or special two-phase mascara. The choice of eyeliner for brown-eyed girls is unlimited: using the technique of contrast with the shadows, it can be brown, purple, green, purple.

For blue

Blue-eyed natures better not to overload the beauty of the eyes with a whole artillery of cosmetics.Heavenly shade can become dull against the background of a wide eyeliner and black shadows. This make up is subject to the rules for bright eyes and needs lightness. Only this way it will be perfect. Bright colors are allowed for the evening, but then the lip accent is excluded.

Frequent mistakes

Eye makeup does not accept errors. Before applying cosmetics, one should consider the experience of makeup artists, explaining the reason for the unsuccessful make-up:

  • the lack of a base under the shade reduces the resistance of cosmetics;
  • too dense layers of foundation create a mask effect;
  • too light concealer gives eyes a bulge and makes bags under the eyes brighter;
  • the effect of illuminated eyes is created by means of a corrector (not a concealer!);
  • unkempt eyebrows spoil the overall impression, too thin add age and deprive facial features;
  • mascara lumps and the effect of stickiness destroys the perfect makeup (requires a special comb and no more than three layers of cosmetics);
  • blue color of shadows is permissible only for brown-eyed and blue-eyed girls (in some cases and on the podium);
  • the use of shadows of more than three shades is unacceptable and ugly;
  • pearl shadows in the outer corner of the eye spoil the conceived style: the shine of the eyes is achieved with the help of a shimmering liner or mother of pearl in the center of the eyelid;
  • eyeliner on a fixed eyelid ages the face, eliminates the wide open and expressive look, makes the eyes smaller;
  • the abundance of rouge deprives the image of ease;
  • sharp borders without a smooth transition spoil the whole make-up (need shading);
  • eyeliner kayal makes eyes smaller;
  • shiny shadows increase the size of the eyes, matte - reduce;
  • identical color of eyes and shadows is unacceptable (as a last resort, only pencil or eyeliner can save makeup);
  • the red color of the shadows makes the eyes sick, swollen and tearful;
  • accentuating the eyes, do not excrete eyebrows or lips.

Knowing the authoritative opinion of stylists, make beautiful eye makeup is not difficult.

What to shoot?

Makeup removal is a prerequisite that allows the skin to keep youth and beauty longer. If you do not remove makeup in time, it will cause pores to clog, acne, acne, wrinkles and premature aging of the skin.

It is unacceptable to sleep with makeup: from this eyelashes become fragile and weakened, dark circles around the eyes stand out brighter, and the skin of the eyelids gets senile tone and flabbiness.

Correct makeup is removed like this: first, lipstick, then eyes, and then - face and décolleté skin. Eye makeup is removed in the direction from the inner corner to the outside with delicate movements. A cotton pad can be moistened with water, after which a cleanser is added: this will save makeup remover.

It is better to use lotion, micellar water or milk: their action is more gentle than soap. Other means of removing make-up include oils: castor, peach, almond. You can remove the makeup using the Japanese technique: using oil applied to the entire face. In this case, after the massage procedure, mousse washing is provided, after which a moisturizing lotion is used.

The foam has a drying effect, so it is undesirable to use it, as it will dry the skin of the eyelids.

How to choose colors?

In order not to be mistaken in the choice of the color palette, it is worth starting from your own eye color:

  • blue eyed shades of peach and coral color are suitable for natures with beige tones, cosmetics in beige and brown tones are in perfect harmony with the skin tone “ivory”;
  • green-eyed girls with a warm skin tint are shown nude and lilac colors of the palette, and if the skin tone is cold, it is better to use a brick and coffee color;
  • owners of gray eyes Powder and terracotta shades of the palette are ideal for a warm tone of the skin; for a cool skin tone, pay attention to beige and purple colors;
  • with hazel eyes blend in purple, blue and emerald shade of cosmetics;
  • dark brown eyes need bronze, dark nude, marsh and emerald color of the shadows;
  • for chameleon eyes (blue-gray), You can use steel, light blue, diluted blue paint, graphite color, purple, beige, silver-coral, copper and grassy shades of the palette, depending on the tone of cosmetics;
  • interesting solution for brown and swamp eyes there will be black and white smokey make up.

In addition, you can take into account the type of appearance ("lightness").

For example, the light type (light tone of the skin, hair and eyes) is better suited to the bright colors of cosmetics, while dark and unusual shadows will look better on owners of dark hair and dark skin.

Master Classes

Using the techniques of makeup artists, you can repeat any make-up tutorial.

For chameleon eyes

Aligning the skin tone and using the base under the shadow, start creating a bright makeup:

  • using the shadow of the pencil on the ciliary line of the upper eyelid draw an arrow;
  • using the brush, the arrow is shaded in the direction from the inner corner to the outer one;
  • the remnants of the shadows spend a couple of strokes along the lower eyelid, intensifying the color to the inner corner of the eye;
  • then dark shadows are needed to accent the inner corner;
  • along the line of growth of eyelashes along the lower eyelid, black draws a thin line, the arrow on the top should be wider;
  • in order to give a shimmering look, liquid shadows with glitter are added at the base of the eyelashes;
  • It remains to make up the eyelashes and comb them with a special brush.

"Smoky eyes"

Chic makeup haze today is one of the most popular. He is able to bring in the image of luxury and solemnity. And this make up is simple:

  • to keep the shadows for a long time, put a base;
  • then use black shadows or a special pencil, indicating the crease of the upper eyelid and not touching the center;
  • using a flat brush, perform a feathering, after which the edge of the brush emphasizes the lower eyelid and softens the transition;
  • the center of the upper eyelid is filled with a shadow of a contrasting color (for example, blue) and stretch the tone to the corners of the eye, combining two shades of shadows;
  • with the help of a pencil, the contour of the eye is distinguished by a thin line;
  • the outer corner is darkened and bleached;
  • Finally, the eyelashes are painted with black mascara: two or three layers are the top and one or two are the bottom ones (having painted the eyelashes, they are combed, eliminating the effect of “spider legs” - stickiness and lumps).

When performing beautiful eye makeup, you should not forget about the shape of the eyebrows: it should be well-groomed.

If you want to highlight the bend and demonstrate clarity, light shadows are applied to the tone of the face lighter color at the lower line of brow growth.

You will learn a detailed video tutorial on creating a beautiful make-up from the following video.

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