Permanent lip makeup

Permanent lip makeup

The fair sex, who loves to daily lipstick lipstick, knows how difficult it is to maintain their makeup in perfect condition all day long. It is always necessary to keep on hand the very lipstick, mirror, napkins, and besides, constantly have to worry about the appearance of the lips themselves. But all this may now remain in the past, because many beauty salons offer such a service as permanent lip makeup.

What it is?

Permanent lip makeup is a permanent makeup. Today, experts identify several types of it, each of which will be discussed in more detail below. The main advantages of this type of makeup is the ability to choose the color and its intensity and high level of pigment durability.

Often such a procedure is called a tattoo. However, this term should not be taken quite literally. As a rule, lip makeup completely disappears after three years. If necessary, you can remove it before using laser correction.

A beautiful tattoo of the lips is able to emphasize their contour, hide the flaws, and also give them a small volume and expressiveness. But to achieve this effect, you need to find a truly professional permanent makeup artist.

In some cases, after performing such a tattoo, a correction may be needed, because, unfortunately, even the most experienced master cannot always say exactly how the pigment applied to thin skin in this area will behave. Some girls who remain satisfied with the result, in the future also resort only to the correction of the lips, bypassing the full procedure of permanent makeup.


Depending on what end result you want to achieve, the master can offer you a choice of several varieties of such a procedure:

  1. Lip contour stroke. This variation is suitable if the customer is not satisfied with the natural contour. The master selects a pigment that is as identical as possible to the natural pigment of sponges. As a result, they become more expressive and outlined. This technique can be either complete or partial.
  2. Watercolor technology of such a long-term make-up allows you to create the most natural and natural makeup. this part of the face. When choosing this technique, the master takes into account several parameters at once, starting from the intensity of the pigment and ending with the depth of its introduction, due to which the ideal appearance of the lips is achieved. When choosing a watercolor technique, the contour of the lips does not stand out separately, so this makeup looks the most natural and natural. Watercolor is the choice of those who appreciate beauty and maximum naturalness.
  3. Contour feathering. This technique has two varieties: full or partial. Initially, the master contours the outline with persistent pigment, and then begins to shade it, thanks to this, a natural, light coloring of the lips is created.
  4. Full tattoo or permanent lipstick. This option is ideal for those who like to use lipstick every day, but for some reason do not want to do it. When choosing this tattoo technique, a woman can forget about the need to use lipstick for at least the next two years.
  5. Today, the technique of light Kayal is also quite remarkable and rather in demand, it is also often called the tattoo effect 3D. In this case, the master applies a light pigment over the upper lip line, slightly protruding behind it.A small amount of paint is applied to the upper part of the lips. The result of the technique is more plump, attractive and embossed lips.

It should be particularly noted that the long-term make-up of the mouth area with any kind of feathering has the common name Temata. Therefore, turning to a specialist, you need to clarify exactly what kind of long-term makeup you want.


An important role in choosing the final color of the dye plays a natural skin tone in this area. It is worth knowing and remembering that the lighter the skin, the brighter and more intense the pigment on the lips, and vice versa - the darker and bluer the natural shade of the lips, the paler the color will eventually be.

All masters subdivide their palettes with flowers into two large groups - warm and cold shades. It is recommended to select the color in accordance with the natural color type of the skin. Fair-skinned girls It is better to give preference to warmer and calmer tones, but hot brunette even very dark or too bright pigments may be suitable. But such recommendations are mostly advisory in nature, and each woman can choose the pigment she likes on her own, depending on personal preferences.

The following shades have received the greatest popularity among warm colors: pink, beige, caramel and light brown. Dark tones are burgundy, dark brown and chocolate. Do not forget about the bright pigments: red, purple, orange and even blue.

When choosing the final pigment, you should not forget that the light color in the case of an unsatisfactory result can always be blocked by a darker one. But to correct the dark shade of color correction alone will not work.


To obtain a high-quality, beautiful, and most importantly, durable result, it is necessary to properly prepare for the upcoming procedure. The preparatory stage includes several simple, but rather important steps:

  1. Prevention of herpes. This step is the most important and fundamental in the preparatory stage. Indeed, more than 80% of the entire population of our country suffers from this disease, and after performing a tattoo, herpes can actively manifest itself. Therefore, it is necessary to consult with a good specialist who can choose the most suitable antiviral drug.
  2. If on the surface of the skin in this area there are any damages, such as cracks or peeling, it is necessary to repair them. You should use moisturizing and healing ointments, as well as high quality hygienic lipstick.
  3. It is recommended to choose the time of the visit to the master so that in the next couple of days there would be no need to leave the house and visit public places.
  4. Be sure to take to the master you need to take a beautician. This will help a professional to evaluate your usual colors in make-up, will help facilitate the selection of pigment, as well as allow the specialist to help you slightly improve your usual image.

These simple steps will prepare for the upcoming procedure and tune in the necessary fashion.

How do?

During a visit to the master, be prepared for the fact that the process itself takes quite a long time. Depending on the technique chosen, the procedure can last from one and a half to three hours.

  • The preparatory stage for such a long-term make-up is to fill out a medical outpatient card. In it, the master should list all the materials used by him, as well as indicate whether the patient is allergic to any medications. Therefore, it is necessary to know in advance if you have an allergic reaction, especially to anesthetics.
  • Further, the specialist with the help of special markers will draw the contour of the lips and carry out their feathering. This is necessary in order to show the client the final result of the work.At this stage, if you are not satisfied with something, you should immediately report it to the master. It will adjust the future shape of the lips, their volume and color intensity until you see the desired effect in the mirror.
  • Since the procedure itself is quite painful, the master should apply local anesthesia. It can be rubbing in a painkiller gel, spray spray with an anesthetic effect, or an injection with an analgesic. It all depends on the type of tattoo, as well as on the individual characteristics and preferences of the client.
  • After about half an hour after anesthesia, the master will proceed directly to the most permanent makeup. To do this, in a special device in the form of a ballpoint pen called dermopigmenator pour the selected pigment and begin to inject it into the skin, and if necessary, further shade.

Watch the video how to properly make permanent lip makeup.

Comparison before and after

Immediately after the procedure, it will be simply impossible to evaluate the actual result. The fact is that for some time the mouth will still be slightly swollen, and the hue of the lips is far from true. It will be possible to fully evaluate the result only after a few days.

If you compare the appearance of the lips before and after the procedure, then you can immediately see their increased volume, brighter and more expressive color, as well as a pronounced relief. Many girls point out that they immediately appreciated the advantageously changed contour. In order to evaluate the result and compare it with what was before the procedure, it is recommended to take a photo of the lips in close-up. So you can easily and visually compare what you had before visiting a specialist and what happened after the procedure.

How much is holding up?

Earlier it has been repeatedly said that permanent makeup has a rather long-term result. The final term of its action is determined by the skill of the specialist, the quality of the ingredients he uses, the individual characteristics of the skin, and also depends on compliance with the recommendations for care after the procedure.

On average, the minimum period of resistance of such makeup is about two years. The maximum time to save the resulting effect is six years. But as practice shows, on average, the persistence of such a tattoo is equal to three and a half years. But even three years is enough to enjoy the result and decide on new changes in the image.

Care after the procedure

For the first few days after visiting the master, the skin exposed to the pigment needs special care.. Within a few hours after the end of the tattoo, the lips may be slightly swollen and reddened, but these problems should disappear after 5-8 hours. Skin care should be immediately, without the appearance of any unpleasant sensations.

In the first 24 hours, drops of liquid may appear on the surface of the lips, they must be removed with a napkin with light protracitating movements. Pre-tissue must be moistened with a small amount of chlorhexedin.

Then the skin will be covered with a rather dense crust, which cannot be removed from the skin on its own. With a strong feeling of tightness and dryness, the surface of such a peel can be lubricated with a special ointment., which should recommend the master performing the tattoo. There will be a simultaneous healing of the surface of the epidermis and the elimination of unpleasant sensations.

During the first three days you should avoid strong frosts and winds.and also try to contact your lips with water as little as possible. Liquids can only be drunk through a straw, avoiding very hot drinks.

In the next 14 days you can not visit the pool, sauna or solarium. And if the procedure was performed in the summer, then for 21 days before going outside it is necessary to abundantly apply a layer of sunscreen on the lips.

On average, the surface of the lips heals completely and is restored after 30 days after the implementation of permanent makeup.

How to delete?

Sometimes for some reason, the removal of pigment from the skin is required. In this case, you can go two ways:

  1. Contact the salon where the procedure was carried out. The master will assess the condition of the skin and prescribe laser therapy. It can last for several sessions of 2-3 hours. Remember that removing the pigment is much more difficult than driving it under the skin.
  2. Take advantage of popular recipes and try to get rid of this type of makeup at home on your own. To ensure a positive desired effect in this case is quite difficult, but you can still try. To do this, daily lips must be scrubbed for 2-3 minutes twice a day. It is better to give preference to products with small and soft exfoliating particles, and you can buy a special oil in the cabin and use it according to the instructions.

Regardless of what method of permanent makeup removal you choose, consulting a good master will not be superfluous anyway.


As with any other cosmetic procedure, this also has certain contraindications to perform:

  1. Any hereditary diseases.
  2. Health problems that are heart-related.
  3. The presence of AIDS, HIV and other serious viral diseases.
  4. Epilepsy and diabetes.

Is it possible during pregnancy?

The answer is definitely no! Any kind of permanent makeup, and especially the lips, is absolutely contraindicated for women as carrying a child, and lactating. In these cases, it is impossible to predict the reaction of the mother and child to the pigments injected under the skin, and the final makeup result may differ significantly from the desired.

In all other cases, the implementation of this procedure is quite possible.

Advantages and disadvantages

Among the undeniable advantages of permanent makeup are the following:

  • The duration of the effect.
  • Safe composition of pigments.
  • Wide color palette of shades.
  • Ability to select a specific technique.
  • The ability to create both natural and bright and expressive lip tattoo.

But this procedure has its drawbacks:

  1. The possibility of a severe allergic reaction.
  2. There is a possibility of obtaining the opposite of the desired result.
  3. Difficulty finding a truly experienced and qualified master.

Does it hurt?

By cons also can be attributed, and quite painful during the procedure. It all depends on the individual characteristics of the organism. Someone during the performance of the tattoo does not feel pain at all, while others, on the contrary, complain that even anesthetic drugs do not help. Therefore, to give a definite answer to this question is impossible.


Going to the master directly on the procedure, it is worth knowing about the consequences that may arise in the future.

Swelling occurs most often, it can be as small, almost imperceptible to others, and quite strong. In addition, on the lips necessarily appear impartial peel, which will be removed independently after a couple of days. Severe itching or burning may also occur.

If we talk about more serious consequences, then with regular abuse of this procedure lips may become too wrinkled, and their corners will start to drop sharply visas.

If speak about pleasant "bonuses" of such a procedure, they are as follows: more voluminous, expressive, smooth lips with a beautiful shadethat will delight you for at least two years.

How much is?

Permanent lip makeup is not a cheap procedure. Its final cost directly depends on the professionalism of the master, the quality of the ingredients used, the make-up technique, the presence or absence of spraying or feathering.

On average, the cost of such a service is 5-7 thousand rubles.The cost of correction is from 2500 rubles per session.


Reviews of women who used this service vary significantly, and they depend on the professionalism of the master who performed the tattoo.

So, the fair sex, who fell into the hands of a good specialist say that such a tattoo is worth the money, it saves a lot of time in the future, and the result is simply wonderful.

Negative reviews mainly concern non-professional work of the master, as well as getting the wrong lip color or shape that was originally promised.

From this we can conclude that parchment lip makeup is really a necessary and important cosmetological service. But in order to evaluate all its advantages on itself, it is necessary to find a first-class specialist in such a tattoo.

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