All about makeup

All about makeup

Nothing decorates a woman like a properly chosen, professionally applied and appropriate makeup. He can not only hide wrinkles or create a blush on the cheeks, but also change the face beyond recognition. In order to always look perfect, you need to know everything about makeup and even more.

What it is?

Most experts give the following definition of makeup - it is a focused process of changing the facial features for the better due to the correctly selected colors and shades of decorative cosmetics.

Here it should be noted just the focus of makeup. It is important to determine for yourself why to apply this or that element of cosmetics. Makeup should change the appearance for the better. And, of course, the correctness of the selected colors is important. Makeup works wonders only if it is applied with the mind, to improve the appearance, and not to highlight its shortcomings.


Make-up, as it is not strange, existed in a primitive society. And it was used exclusively for men. They applied bright colors to the faces of the tribal leaders. And today in some African tribes you can meet such a tradition.

Familiar cosmetics for women appeared in ancient Egypt. The Egyptians first appeared makeup cult. The make-up of that time looked almost like a modern: its eyes were thick with coal, eyelids covered with green copper, lips and cheeks covered with red clay powder, face and shoulders covered with white lead powder. And even the mirrors were at that time!

By the way, it was Cleopatra who compiled the first collection of cosmetic recipes, where she described all the processes of creating cosmetics of that time and its application. It turns out that the first beauty blogger was the queen of ancient Egypt.

In the Middle Ages, cosmetics were considered a manifestation of service to the Devil, so women were even afraid to put something on their face. However, in Italy produced cosmetics and perfumes.

In the era of Louis XVI, it became fashionable to apply a huge layer of powder on the face. Both men and women did this. It was fashionable to isolate the vessels, so the artists-make-up artists of that time painted veins on the face on top of the layer of whitewash. Obviously, rouge was forbidden to use at that time. It was also fashionable to wear fabric black flies, each of them had its own meaning, for example, a fly over the lip meant coquetry.

It was only in the middle of the XIX century that enterprises appeared that produced cosmetic and perfumed products. Emerged science - cosmetology. Gradually, decorative tools began not only to decorate the face, but also to care for it.

With the advent of cinema, women's views on makeup have changed. It was during this period that long eyelashes, dark eyelids and scarlet lips became popular. Everyone began to like the sensuality and femininity of women. The benchmark began to be considered girls in the style of Marilyn Monroe.

In the late 60s, on the contrary, women ceased to highlight their lips with color, thickly painted eyes came into fashion. Makeup artists began to add black shadows and false eyelashes to the usual mascara. They even painted on the white skin of the face. An example of such a fashion is the Twiggy model.

In the 70s, women switched to a natural appearance - after all, hippie culture came into fashion. But this era did not last long, and already in the 80s women walked with brightly painted pink lips and yellow shadows.

Features and benefits

The first impression is created by the appearance of a woman, whatever they say about soul and humanity.Properly applied makeup can not only remove the flaws of the exterior and highlight the merits, but also completely change it.

Professionals distinguish between decorative and medical cosmetics, but all this is a process of one action - the creation of makeup. Therefore, do not think that applying a day cream is not makeup. This makeup and it also requires knowledge and skills.

According to the technique of make-up artists make-up is divided into simple and complex. Complicated corrects skin imperfections, for example, draws the cheekbones. Simple emphasizes individuality and makes perfect facial features more expressive.

Most often, women put on simple makeup and have no idea about the complex. But to create a perfect face you need to learn, first of all, difficult, and then hone your skills with a simple make-up.

Kinds of make-up

In the classical school of make-up, evening, business, wedding, daytime, romantic, casual, stage, permanent, lifting makeup and others are distinguished.


The peculiarity of evening makeup is that it is considered the most expressive of all types of makeup. In this version, it is considered appropriate to highlight both the eyes and the lips with color. Perfect evening make up should be applied after face sculpting. This is done with the help of a dark foundation or means for sculpting.

In such a make-up, it would be appropriate to put wide black arrows on the eyes, thickly make up the eyelashes and even stick overhead. Emphasis on the eyes can be made dark shadows, such as purple hue. Lips are usually painted with bright lipstick, before that a pencil is applied to the contour of the lips. It is better to fix this makeup with a special tool so that it lasts as long as possible.

Such a make-up should be done by a professional, otherwise the holiday may be spoiled by poorly applied cosmetics. The make-up artist will quickly and efficiently make a beautiful make-up that will last as long as possible.


Business makeup consists of black arrows on the eyes and red lipstick on the lips. No matter how strange it may sound, business makeup should draw maximum attention to itself with minimal effort. This does not mean that you need to come to work in war paint, everything should be in moderation.

To create it you need the perfect skin tone, which can be created with the help of high-quality foundation and powder. Then apply clear arrows on the eyes, apply black mascara to the eyelashes, apply blush on the cheeks. Apply a pencil along the contour of the lips, shade the contour. Apply red lipstick on top, powder the first layer, then make up the lips with the second layer, blot the excess with a napkin.


There are separate wedding makeup courses for make-up artists, because it has its own nuances, which need to be studied in as much detail as possible. So that the bride does not look ridiculous and the wedding makeup did not spoil the holiday, it’s better to turn to a professional for him.

The make-up of the bride should look as natural and gentle as possible, because in combination with a white dress, bright makeup will look vulgar. For him, you need to buy a special makeup for wedding makeup, it lasts as long as possible on the face and does not harm the skin.

Shades of shadows are better to choose in beige or pink tones. Eyes need to brown pencil or Kayal (light eyeliner). Mascara should be brown. Lipstick or lip gloss is also better to choose in bright colors.


Daily or daily make up should not contain a large amount of cosmetics. Most women just have to apply blush and mascara with lip balm, and makeup is ready. The summer version of this makeup is completely applied without blush: only lip balm and mascara.

If it is completely uncomfortable without makeup, it is better to choose today’s nude makeup option. This is when all the colors and shades of decorative cosmetics are close to the natural shades of the face.If the lipstick is slightly darker than the lips, if the mascara, then it is transparent for dark eyelashes and light brown for light ones.


Romantic makeup should combine pastel colors: peach, beige, ivory, pink and other shades. In this make-up, it is important that the skin looks as fresh as possible. Therefore, it is better to apply a face mask before applying decorative tools, and apply a highlighter over the foundation.

In this way it is important not to feel sorry for the mascara, it is worth making the lashes as thick and long as possible. You can not use lipstick, only lip gloss. Romantic makeup does not like the emphasis on the lips. It is better to use pink blush - they will complete the image of an innocent girl.


Creating a stage makeup is best left to a professional. Such meiktap distinguishes the complexity of execution and the presence of a large number of additional tools. Eyelash feathers, bright lips, eyeshadow are the main characteristics of stage make up. Cosmetics for this option should also be special, it is important that it holds for a long time and does not roll down after a few hours.


This salvation is for those who do not like to be painted in the morning. This makeup is done once and for three years. He, without damaging the skin, can create a contour lines. With the help of permanent makeup, you can change the shape of the lips, eyebrows and eyes. For such a procedure, it is best to find a professional who will do the perfect makeup, because such paint can no longer be washed off with a makeup remover.


Lifting makeup can make a woman 10-15 years younger than her age. For such make-up, special cosmetics are needed, which is called - for lifting makeup. Makeup artists applying make-up knowledge. As in professional make-up, make-up requires knowledge of the basics of light correction, which allows you to create the effect of even skin. For example, wrinkles in the area of ​​the lips are lightened by a special means so that they become barely noticeable.

All shades of cosmetics in a lifting make-up should be light or muted tones. Women with the appearance of the first wrinkles are generally forbidden to use dark colors and shades.

How to make a lifting makeup, see the video below.

How to choose cosmetics?

When choosing cosmetics it is important to adhere to several rules:

  1. Shelf life should not exceed six months. If the shelf life of a cosmetic product is very high, it means that there are a lot of preservatives in it that can spoil the delicate skin.
  2. Natural cosmetics never smell. The pronounced smell indicates a large number of synthetic substances among the components.
  3. Do not save on decorative tools. To make-up easily removed and applied, cosmetics should not be cheap.
  4. The texture of the foundation should be uniform and have a nice texture. For dark skin, creams should be softer to the touch than for fair skin.
  5. It is better to refuse powder, which showered. High-quality cosmetics will go to an even layer. You can choose the desired tone using a special tester. To create porcelain skin on your face like that of Japanese women, it is better to consider options for a dense type of powder.
  6. Blush should be well shaded. If the tester shows a poor distribution on the skin - it is better not to buy such a rouge.
  7. If after applying the lipstick there is a feeling of tightness - it is better to refuse such means. Lipstick is better to take in the form of a palette, so you can try several colors at once, especially if they are new items of collections.
  8. High-quality shadows will not fall off the finger. A good palette of shadows will contain several colors and two or three brushes for different variants of application.
  9. When choosing mascara, it is important to pay attention to its shelf life. It should not exceed three months.In order not to use false eyelashes, but to create a spectacular look with the help of the mascara itself, it is better to pay attention to its consistency. It should resemble a cream - not very liquid, but not dry.

How to apply?

The rules for applying decorative products for each type of make-up are different, but there are universal norms that will suit any type of make-up, be it a romantic look or a lifting make-up.

  1. Before you apply makeup, you need to prepare your skin. To do this, you can make a face mask or wash your face, wipe your skin with a tonic and apply cream to your skin.
  2. After that, you need to apply a foundation for makeup. Make it better with a brush for tone.
  3. Then apply foundation
  4. Then concealer hide skin flaws and bruises under the eyes. In order to create a chic makeup, it is better to mix a few tones, for example, beige and pink. So make up will look as natural as possible.
  5. On the eyebrows You need to apply eye shadow and eyebrow wax to fix the desired shape.
  6. Forever Better to put the base under the shade. It is necessary even for cosmetics in pastel colors.
  7. With no experience applying arrows better to bring eyelids eyeliner. If it is incorrectly carried, it can be shaded without losing the image.
  8. Famous makeup artists at their master classes recommend powder the eyelashes before applying mascara. Due to this, the eyelashes do not stick together and the paint will evenly fall on the eyelashes.
  9. In order not to create a clown effect on your lips, It is necessary to make up the lips contour with a red pencil and properly shade this line. It is better to apply as little paint as possible and to thoroughly feather the cheek area.
  10. For visual freshness of the face need to apply highlighter to the cheekbones. Pearlescent eye shadows can be used instead.

How to apply makeup, see the following video.

Makeup artists secrets

Every make-up artist has his own secrets for creating the perfect makeup. Most of them are professionals willing to share, many lessons can be used at home.

  1. To keep the shadows from falling it is better to powder them with ordinary powder.
  2. Maximize make up The following rule will help: after applying the makeup, you need to spray your face with thermal water.
  3. To keep lipstick long it is better to powder the lips after the first layer, then apply the second layer and powder the lips again.
  4. To make a cool make up, Before applying lipstick, you need to cover your lips with a balm, let it soak in, only after that apply lipstick.
  5. Makeup trends make most makeup artists make make up more natural. In order for lipstick to look as natural as possible, it is better to apply it with your fingers.
  6. To keep lips plump, they need to make up a lot of lip balm. The scheme for applying make-up is as follows: apply a pencil and lipstick on the lips and add a large layer of lip balm on top. It is better not to replace it with lip gloss.
  7. Ideas of makeup artists simply amaze with the imagination: to make the eyes more almond-shaped, and the look as attractive as possible, you need to cut the false eyelashes into two parts and glue them to the corners of the eyes.
  8. Learn to properly apply eye shadow help ordinary brush for watercolors. She well shading cosmetics, allowing the shadows to fall evenly over the eyes.
  9. To make your eyes sparkle need to use sparkles. A small amount of them applied to the eyelids will make the eyes bright.
  10. Instead of matte lipstick you can use a pencil - put it on all lips and rub in carefully.

Common mistakes

Today in make-up you can almost everything. But there are main points that need to be remembered so as not to spoil the image.

  1. The most common mistake in makeup - This is the purchase of cheap decorative tools. You can not save on cosmetics.
  2. No need to blindly follow make up trends. Make-up should be selected under the main features of your face.What suits one does not always suit another.
  3. Many girls before applying cosmetics do not clean the face - and this is one of the main mistakes. The skin should be thoroughly cleansed and moisturized.
  4. Incorrectly selected face tint creates a mask effect. To choose the right foundation, you need to put it on the neck - there is the lightest part of the face.
  5. Incorrect texture foundation can ruin the entire makeup. Thick cream is not suitable in the summer, and vice versa.
  6. Eyebrow makeup need to build on its natural form.
  7. Bust with glitter and nacre is not for everyoneIt all depends on the specific shape of the face and skin type. The effect of wet makeup can create the appearance of oily skin.
  8. It is better not to paint over the face than to overdo it with cosmetics. Eyebrows, false eyelashes, bright lipstick and blush on the cheeks - all this together has not made anyone attractive. The main thing in any makeup is moderation and naturalness.
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