Makeup under the red dress

Makeup under the red dress

At the celebrations you always want to be the most-most. A woman who is ready to become the brightest at a celebration can choose a scarlet or red outfit. To do this, you must be decisive, as a woman in such a dress will certainly attract attention. To enhance the effect, you need to choose the right accessories and makeup. When the jewelry is already selected, you need the final touch - thoughtful makeup.


First you need to remember which colors emphasize red and which, on the contrary, reduce its brightness. The selection of colors depends on the color type, but some shades are equally good for everyone. For example, orange or pink lipstick on lips will add sexuality. The same effect can be achieved with coral lipstick. In addition, you can take the beige, pastel and vanilla colors.

More courageous and confident girls use gradient lipsticks from black to red and bright scarlet lips that repeat the color of the dress. It is desirable that the color of the lipstick coincides with the color of the dress (although this does not apply to all color types) or be more saturated, but not too bright.

Pearl lipsticks and lip gloss will not suit the image, it is better to choose matte shades.

Not all women prefer lipstick when applying make-up. Under the red dress, they can choose lip gloss. Its shade may be pink, brown (for lipsticks in this make-up this color is unacceptable), red. It is in this makeup, as in no other, you need to choose what will be the focus: on the lips or on the eyes. Often this choice depends on the color type to which the woman can relate.

Exceptions when choosing an accent make-up in nude tones, but with them you should be careful, as they do not fit every dress in red tone.

Legendary make up

Legendary beauty Marilyn Monroe adored red color. Thanks to him, men fell at her feet. Modern women, too, can take advantage of the tricks of a movie star.

For makeup under Merlin Monroe fit light beige, white and silver shades of shadows. This makeup is universal, it is suitable for all women, regardless of hair color and color type. Best of all, it will suit blondes, but on brunettes and redheads, Monroe's makeup will be spectacular.

  • Girls whose color type refers to Winter, black shadows will do, the rest is light pink and mother of pearl. To make the right makeup a la Marilyn Monroe, you need to carefully but gently powder the eyelids. They need to put light shadows. Depending on the wishes and the celebration to be, the shadows can be taken white. No less successful in this case will be silver shades.
  • The next step should be applied black eyeliner. With its help, you need to draw arrows in retro style to enlarge the eyes. Such an arrow has a thin base and wide end.
  • After applying mascara should go to eyebrow makeup. The color should not be too dark and radically different from the natural, otherwise the makeup will look vulgar.
  • Make-up lips need a pencil and scarlet lipstick. It is necessary to work out lips accurately to give them drama. The last stage of makeup under Marilyn will work with the cheeks.
  • On the cheekbones need to put light blush. Without them, the face may look flat, and this will spoil the impression of a bright dress.

How to make makeup in style Marilyn Monroe see in the video below.


Red dresses are different according to different activities.Therefore it is impossible not to take into account the peculiarity of the event when applying makeup. First of all, you need to distinguish between evening and day makeup. The first will emphasize the confidence of the girl, and the second will be her companion on weekdays.

Most often, a red dress is chosen for events that are held in the evening, although in the afternoon a girl in red can look amazing. Make-up under a red dress will suit everyone: blondes, blond, red, brunette (red-black combination always attracts attention in the first place). But it will look good if it comes to applying it responsibly, because a bright outfit will certainly attract the attention of others.

Often girls choose a red dress at the prom. Hairstyle for such a dress should not be difficult. Often, women pick up loose and slightly twisted hair for a red outfit without making complicated hairstyles.


Bright girls who choose a red dress should focus on either their lips or their eyes. For evening make-up the best way to make-up in the style of "Smokey ice". Women of the Tsvetotip Winter can make it in smoky-gray tones, the rest - in classic shades.

Light-skinned girls will look brighter if they focus on the lips. Under the red dress such makeup is often chosen. Sexy red lips in girls with porcelain skin should be perfectly combined with nails. Manicure in this case requires a special approach.

Girls with puffy lips should beware of such makeup, it may not suit them. In that case, if you still want to focus on the lips, the choice should be made in favor of unsaturated and dull shades of lipstick. In this case, the eye should be emphasized eyeliner. If the choice falls on the shadow, then they should be gold or silver with glitter.

Mascara should not be applied too tightly. For any type of skin in evening make-up, shimmering powder will look spectacular.

Different make-up should be for girls with different hair color. The first stage of makeup is the same for everyone: it is necessary to cleanse the skin of the face, hide the bumps and imperfections of the skin, to dust.

For dark hair

The most difficult thing with a make-up for this outfit will have brunettes, since this type requires the most care in strokes. If dark is not only hair, but also skin, then pink shades are contraindicated. They, in combination with the red dress, will strengthen all the irregularities and give the skin of the face an unpleasant pink color that will look vulgar.

  • Let's start with eye makeupFor which you need shadows and charcoal pencil. The colors of the shadows should be white, gray and black. First, we apply white, covering them all over the eyelid. Next, the eyebrows cover the skin with gray shadows. As a result of this action should be a thin gray strip or, in other words, semi-oval.
  • Next we take a charcoal pencil. It should be applied to the entire eyelid: the lower and the upper part. So the image will not look unnecessarily sharp. Black shadows give a soft look. Eye makeup for brunettes completes the application of voluminous black mascara.
  • New make-up styleThe one that is very popular is the best in this case. This style is ombre. To make it, you need a black pencil again. It should be applied to the contour so that the lips appear narrow. They may seem very dark, but not for long. Next, you need a lipstick of a suitable color, on which we extinguish a pencil. The result should be a gradient that seems very interesting to others. To give the lips sensuality in the center of the lips is added a drop of white lipstick. The color used for the ombre can be any, the main thing is that the pencil should be darker, this will create a transition from one color to another.
  • At the end of makeup need to emphasize the cheekbones. To do this, take a peach or pink blush.


Blondes who have blue eyes, it will be more difficult to pick up makeup to the side along with red, but using our advice, they will cope with the task.

  • Blonde eyeswho decide to wear a red dress should be painted with pearl or blue-white shades. The second layer of shadows should be taken from cold shades. They can be green and purple depending on the color of the eyes. You can take a blue tint.
  • Before applying mascara should use liner. It should be applied under the eyelashes. Strict black arrows only spoil the face of a woman with blond hair.
  • To make-up does not come out too bright, it should be muffled by lip makeup. Glitter of a delicate tone is applied on them, for example, pink, beige. You should carefully consider the selection of rouge for a red outfit. Makeup artists recommend using salmon tones.

For the blond

Girls with such a touch of curls will be ideally suited for “Smokey Ice”. It is important to remember that all makeup should be done in cool shades in order to perfectly highlight the natural and natural beauty. Deliberately nude makeup can look impressive, but the selected pastel colors can play a cruel joke and a girl with light brown hair will look inconspicuous.

  • First, as usual, paint the eyes. Apply a thick layer of gray shadows to the folds of the eyebrows. Dark gray finish creating the effect of "Smokey". It is important to ensure that it is not too noticeable. Using more than two shades of shadows is undesirable.
  • Graphite-colored liner will add to the eyes expressiveness. The peculiarity of the type of appearance is that pale skin and bright eyes look too faded and the face needs to be expressive.
  • Lips with this makeup should be the only accent. It is precisely for fair-haired girls that bright red shades of lipstick will suit the best. Pale pink will help to remove excessive pallor. But it is important not to overdo it so that the face from the nobly pale does not turn into an unhealthy pinkish.

For redheads

Fiery beauty in a red dress - a win-win to attract attention. But for the image to be really beautiful, it requires careful makeup. This is especially true of those girls who want to hide the freckles characteristic of redheads.

  • Shadows should choose a shade so that they are in harmony with the hair color. These can be brown, bronze. In some cases, beige look good. Effectively emphasize the eyes of coffee and chocolate shades. The “Smokey ice” effect from gray-gray-gray shades will look very sexy. Ginger need to abandon the use of eyeliner makeup.
  • Black mascara can spoil the impression from the color of the eyes, so you should choose a brown and more close to the hair color range. The color of the lipstick should not repeat the color of the dress, although they should echo. It is important to remember that lips are not the main accent. They only emphasize the beauty of the dress.

How to choose cosmetics?

Girls who often use cosmetics know well what suits them, but evening makeup requires a special approach. You should not use a dense foundation. In this case, the most successful will be the choice of light BB cream. In addition, the proofreader will come to the rescue.

It is important that the cosmetics were of good quality, do not cause allergies. To avoid this, you need to check how it interacts with the skin in advance. After all, few people will be pleased with a sudden rash on the body a couple of hours before the holiday! It is important a few days before the event to get rid of excess hair on the face, make hair removal and check the effects of cosmetics. To avoid inflammation, you should not check immediately after hair removal.

For New Year's or wedding makeup, it is appropriate to use glitter cosmetics, such as gold and silver eye shadows. But there is a danger of overdoing and this effect is not always good for brown-haired women.

The selection of eye shadow should depend on the color of the eyes.For example, blue-eyed girls should prefer white, gray, dark gray, and black shadows. For greater effect, they can be combined by working through different parts of the century in different colors and different brushes. The same applies to green-eyed girls.

In red, women with brown eyes will have effects if they choose light shadows. In addition, they will be successful makeup with arrows extended to the base.

How to apply?

  • To shine in a red dress and highlight its brightness, you need to step by step and gently make a beautiful makeup. All tinting products must match the complexion exactly. They need to be applied without rubbing. To do this, use the sponge or fingertips. For powder you will need a wide brush.
  • Must not forget about dusting the neckline, if it is provided with a dress cut.
  • To look more aristocratic, should work nose makeup. It is necessary to apply a thin layer of foundation and shade on the wings of the nose. Tonalnik should be light. With artificial lighting face will look most aristocratic.
  • Makeup should be applied only when the hairstyle is ready. This is due to the fact that with make-up you need to take into account the shadows that will create hair that falls on the forehead and touches the cheeks.
  • For this makeup well suited shadows of any texture: cream, powder, baked. They can be applied both dry and wet.

Makeup artists secrets

To shine on a holiday, it is not enough to wear a red long dress in the floor. The most spectacular woman at the event should be able to make up so that it is beneficial to present both herself and the costume.. Experts advise to carefully prepare for applying makeup. This is necessary so that he does not "float" and stayed in excellent shape throughout the holiday.

  • What do you need to do for this? First of all, make-up artists are advised, it is required to thoroughly clean the skin. Then you should moisturize your face with a day cream, but do not overdo it with its amount. The next step will be the application of a special primer. This tool will allow you to evenly and gently distribute the tonal tool on the skin of the face.
  • Thanks to the primer foundation will remain on the face throughout the evening. Primer will help save eye makeup. Special base under the shadows will not allow them to gradually disappear from the face. When using matte and rich scarlet lipstick, the primer is all the more necessary.
  • Winning option may become a makeup in natural tones. The skin should not be too pale, but it is also dangerous to overdo it with bronzers, because these extremes will spoil the image. Red dress attracts attention, so you should pay attention to the skin of the body, neck, hands.
  • Extra sequins on the body can spoil the look, but the brightness of the dress must be emphasized neat fresh and professional makeup. When choosing colors can not forget about their color type. It should carefully pick the palette for the upcoming celebration.

How to make makeup under the red dress, see the following video.

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