Makeup with brown shadows

Makeup with brown shadows

One of the most popular is makeup based on brown tones. This make-up seems to never go out of style. These shadows can be successfully used throughout the year, to create both everyday images and holiday. It is worth considering the main advantages and features of make-up with brown shadows.

Advantages and disadvantages

It should be noted that masterfully made make-up using brown shadows will allow you to reveal your beauty and attractiveness, to find yourself. This option will suit every woman, and to any clothes and any holiday.

Properly selected make-up will help to effectively hide minor flaws, to emphasize the beauty of female eyes.

If you want to emphasize naturalness, then you should use beige, brown tones of a cosmetic product. If you want to highlight the expressive look, you should choose the colorful, mixing brown shades with brighter ones.

The main advantages of make-up with brown shadows include the following:

  • Suitable for a variety of eye color. You can create a bright attractive image. In this case, it is necessary to choose the right tone and under your clothes.
  • You can easily create the necessary make-up. To do this, just pick the most suitable cosmetics.
  • Availability of goods. You can buy shades of brown tones in any store, they are called differently. Of course, it is necessary to give preference to professional means. So you can definitely avoid fakes.
  • Democratic price. This is another important parameter that buyers are guided by. You can choose your own shadow not only to your taste, but also to your wallet. In this case, you do not spend all your savings.
  • You can find a phased process of creating successful makeup with brown shades of shadows. You just need to be patient. A bit of practice - and the result will be no worse than in any expensive salon.
  • Great mood. By creating a make-up that is stylish and appropriate for you, you will receive only positive emotions and good mood. Such a state of mind will be the key to success in all areas of life.

As for the shortcomings, we can distinguish only the following:

  • It is important not to overdo it. Correctly select colors, their saturation, combine them with your style. Then you will look attractive, and all men will look after you enthusiastically.
  • Experts recommend Do not use orange-red and brown-red tones. By applying them you risk passing for a vulgar person.
  • You can not use the lipstick yellow-brown hue. This color will make your face rather pale and unattractive. But dark brown in combination with this makeup will help emphasize the whiteness of the teeth.
  • Do not ignore your color type. Warm brown shades will not go to ladies with a summer color type. If you do not take into account this recommendation, the eyes will look tired, and the face itself will become a painful look.

The main thing when creating a unique image is to choose the right cosmetic products that will help highlight your strengths and hide flaws.

Who is suitable?

Brown is believed to be the optimal tone. It will organically fit into make-up for any shades of eyes. It can also be successfully combined with shadows of different colors. This will help make your make-up more spectacular, emphasize the natural beauty of the eyes.

This cosmetic product is suitable for women of different ages.. It can be successfully applied and blue-eyed / green-eyed beauties, and those with brown eyes. You can easily choose the right shade.

If you want to use several shades, then it is worth harmoniously combining half tones. If you are going to apply the tool on the eyelids, blend the shadow of the desired shade on the back of your hand. Now take a look at how the combination of cosmetic products will look like.

It is also necessary to choose the right tool, focusing on the time of day. In the daytime, let it be lighter and more natural tones (regardless of your appearance). But in the evening you can already emphasize the depth of your gaze with, for example, smoky eyes or more saturated brown shades.

When you select the desired shade, you should rely on your eye color. If you have blue eyes, then you should pay attention to the tone of cocoa, coffee, cinnamon. It will be the way gray-brown shades, golden-bronze, mahogany.

Many makeup artists believe that the brown palette goes well with green eyes. Of course, the choice of cosmetics will depend on the color of the eyes. For example, light bronze tones, green chameleon, are suitable for light greens. If you have gray eyes, you should look at the beige shades, the color of cocoa with milk.

Brown-eyed beauties can enjoy the whole palette of brown shadows. However, remember that the best result is achieved when there is a contrast. Of course, with such a makeup should be taken into account and the right choice of lipstick. Always the way will be brown-pink cosmetics.

What tools to use?

To create the perfect makeup, you should arm yourself not only with knowledge, but also with all the necessary tools, cosmetic substances. It is important to choose the right cosmetic product.

The brown palette will be successfully used along with silvery, white shades. Depth and expressive look give mint tone.

As for the very structure of the cosmetic product, you can use cream, liquid textures or get dry friable shadows. Makeup with the use of a cosmetic product Urban Decay will be successful. The functional palette represents various shades. You can make your own makeup with light movements.

About the palette of brown shadows can be viewed in the next video.

Combination with other colors

It is no secret that the brown gamma can be perfectly combined with a variety of colors. You can successfully make up with pink, green, black, gold, purple, gray, burgundy, silver, bright orange, bronze, pale emerald shades, emphasizing their individuality.

Of course, in any case, you should focus on the shade of your own eyes. It is worth considering a successful combination:

  • For blue and gray eyes. Makeup in brown style for these ladies will be just right. Such shadows will look best with cool tones of gray and blue. This range will organically emphasize the color of the eyes, their saturation, will give the gaze of mystery. For blue-eyed girls it is worth picking up gray-brown shadows. They can be well combined with gold or beige. If you have gray eyes, then by the way will fall the warm tones of brown (in combination with gold and beige tones).
  • Green-eyed representatives Wonderful chocolate shades should be used for the fair sex. They are able to highlight the attractiveness and depth of your eyes. You can also add a stylish make-up with peach, golden, gray-brown shades.
  • For brown-eyed beauties This make-up will also be useful. However, be careful. You should not choose the exact same hue of the shadows as the eye color. It is worth choosing a tone that would be in the interval between medium brown and dark brown.

For dark brown eyes it is worth using light tones of a brown palette.. You can pick up the average color saturation. So you can quickly and easily create an elegant makeup. It will be appropriate to look in any situation, help to place all the necessary accents, emphasize the depth of the look.

Do not be afraid to experiment with different colors - not only with a brown gamut. Express your personality, but let it look stylish and harmonious.

How to apply?

It is worth noting that the correct application of a cosmetic product is already half the success of your makeup with brown shades. Here it is necessary to remember the main thing.

It is worth putting dark shadows on a mobile eyelid.

Do it from the middle to the outer corner of the eye. Under the eyebrow it is worth shading light colors. For each makeup, the main thing is a smooth transition from one shade to another.

It is necessary to consider step by step instructions on how to apply makeup:

  • Should remember that makeup should be applied only on a clean face. It is necessary to clean the surface of the dermis and prepare the skin for the procedure.
  • Using primer eliminate defects of the skin. It will create a solid foundation for make-up. Concealer can cover up dark circles under the eyes.
  • Now on the mobile eyelid It is worth putting matte shadows. This should be done to the eyebrow line. It is worth noting that the color should resemble coffee with milk. You can emphasize the lower eyelid. The line should be quite thin and neat.
  • With dark chocolate shadows highlight the outer corner of each eye. Now thoroughly blend the tool to the middle of the rolling age. It is necessary to achieve a smooth transition.
  • Take a black or dark brown pencil and create an arrow above the lash line on the upper eyelid. Now blend the created line a little.
  • To create a bright image It is necessary to complete the whole procedure with black ink. You can apply and brown (for the office).

As a result, you get an attractive smoky make-up. It fits almost every woman, regardless of her color type. You can also apply the shadows of other tones.

You can create many different makeup options. Now the most popular style is "smoky eyes".

See how to do makeup "smoky eyes" in shades of brown in the next video.

To create an expressive look, you will need:

  • Soft eyeliner. It is better to choose a chestnut shade.
  • Stock up and a palette with matte shadows. Choose a palette of light palette with beige, pink, peach, gold, mother of pearl, coffee shades. You can take and add options with sparkles, yellow tones, two-color shadows.
  • The blush will become an obligatory touch. Do not think that such an element is not very important. It is this cosmetic product will help to sculpture the face and further highlight the eyes.
  • Lips worth the gloss or lipstick milky.

Do not forget that the most important thing is to do everything in stages. You can optionally combine eye shadow with red, turquoise, lilac options, use them for the lower eyelid. At the same time, remember that a correctly created make-up will cause only admiration from others. If you are not confident in your abilities, use the advice of experts.

Makeup artists secrets

You can visit a beauty salon, where experienced specialists will fix your face, help you create an unrivaled make-up. Wherein You can make up yourself beautifully, houses. To do this, you can find special lessons and improve their skills.

With regular practice, you will see that you can do your own makeup no worse than professional masters.

The most important thing is to stock up on high-quality tools and professional cosmetics. This will not only help you to achieve your goals. You also will not worry about your health.

All experienced makeup artists advise to prepare a face for applying makeup. Do not neglect this rule, because otherwise you not only do not get the desired effect, but also harm the dermis of the face. It is necessary to thoroughly clean the skin from dirt or remnants of decorative cosmetics. This should be done with the help of special cosmetics.

Then you can apply a tonal foundation. This is done with the help of sponge or fingertips. It is better to apply concealer to the area around the eyes. With it, you will effectively mask the dark circles under the eyes. This tool will help disguise and such defects of the dermis as pimples. Then, experts advise to fix the tone with the help of powder. It will make the skin surface velvety and matte, and make-up will become more resistant.

Professionals are advised not to use bright and shiny tones for daytime make-up.

It is better to apply the shadow of soft shades along the curve of the upper eyelid. On the fold it is worth taking advantage of dark brown tones. Let the focus be on the outer corner of the century. Apply this product a little lower than the previous shade. In this case, all edges should be soft.

Lower eyelids should be covered with dark brown shades with shading. But the line under the eyebrows should be with light shadows. So you can visually open the eyes and make it more alluring and expressive. Then you can draw arrows. This is done eyeliner on the upper eyelid, and then everything is shaded. Repeat the procedure with the lower eyelids. Then you can use mascara and lipstick.

By the way, experienced makeup artists advise to pay attention to any details. For example, the shiny shadows in the corners of the eyes will flicker attractively in the sun, giving your eyes maximum expressiveness.

Additional recommendations of experts:

  • It is necessary to learn how to store cosmetics. Professionals do not recommend a bathroom. Shadows (and all cosmetic products) should be in a dry and dark place. For these purposes, a perfect locker or bedside table. There the funds will be safe. Avoid exposure to sunlight - they can damage the structure of the product.
  • Do not use expired shadows. Such a product can harm your health. That is why you should carefully examine the packaging of any cosmetics before purchasing. Be sure to find the release date.
  • To not buy a fake, you should buy shadows only in professional stores. In this case, do not be lazy to spend your time - carefully examine the product. It must be sealed.

Do not use the tool if you feel a sharp smell. Perhaps it is also a fake, which will not lead to anything good. If you buy goods through the World Wide Web, then it is worth being extremely attentive. Often it is there that all the machinations of the quality of the goods occur.

  • Apply makeup in good light. (preferably in daylight). Only in this case, you can see exactly all the transitions, make them smoother.
  • Do not impose too many shadows. A lot - it does not mean that you will look more stylish and spectacular. In all it is necessary to comply with the measure. Only then your make-up will look natural and stylish.
  • Another rule is regular care for your skin. Care should be taken about the condition of the dermis, otherwise no cosmetic products can give it a healthy and radiant appearance. To do this, use a suitable cosmetic products and do not neglect the rules of applying and removing makeup.

Remember that every woman can create a stylish image. The main thing - do not neglect the basic rules and choose for themselves the appropriate cosmetics. Then you will be satisfied, and everyone around you will be delighted with your attractiveness.


Numerous reviews of the fair sex talk about the versatility of makeup with brown shades. Girls like that this option fits absolutely all beautiesEach lady offers to have such a magic tool in her cosmetic bag.

Many customers note the high quality of the product. Such products are worth buying only in specialized stores. In this case, you can avoid fakes.

If you buy cosmetics through the Internet, be extremely careful and cautious. Do not forget to carefully inspect it before purchasing a product. If there are any defects, damage to the packaging or anything else, it is better to postpone the purchase.

Girls like the democratic price of the goods. You can purchase shades of brown palette at a variety of prices. Everything will depend on your preferences and the desire to spend a certain amount on cosmetics. Now you no longer need to visit expensive beauty salons.

You can create an attractive and trendy make-up with brown shadows. At the same time, sometimes it turns out even better than that of professional craftsmen. It should only actively and regularly train, gain additional skills.

Many customers Highlight the Burberry Mocha Shadows. A small palette with shades of coffee is quite compact and convenient. It is perfect as a road option. It includes very attractive shades that perfectly highlight the expressiveness of your look. Creamy, caramel, warm brown, the darkest shade - all these colors will help to create a natural and very attractive make-up.

Celebrate ladies and Maybelline "Color Tattoo". These cream shades will help create a permanent makeup for any occasion. They have an optimal texture, keep up to 24 hours.

Attracts the attention of women and products Max Factor. These tools will help to perform both day and evening makeup. Attracts beauties and "Easy Smoky Eye" from Sephora.

Pretty fashion makeup "smoky eyes" allow your eyes to look stylish, the look will find depth and mystery. Make it not very difficult. It is only important to stock up on suitable shades. Let each process of creating makeup gives you only pleasure. Having done everything correctly, you will get admiring glances of passersby and positive emotions. Starting to apply a product, be sure of yourself.

Now you have reviewed the main features, advantages, disadvantages of makeup with brown shades and can choose a palette to tint your eyes to create a trendy look. Remember that measure is important in everything. Now natural fashion is in fashion. Practice - and you will succeed.

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