Prom makeup

Prom makeup

In my prom I want to be beautiful from hair to toes. The image, dress and accessories of the girls begin to think long before the promised day. This is not surprising, because the graduation is almost as important as your own wedding. In order to have only the best memories of this day, it is important to take seriously the choice of makeup, because people look at their faces more often, especially at their eyes.


  • Girls will still have time to play the femme fatal women, so it is not customary to appear at the graduation in extreme war paint - even though the event has an evening character. Gentle, light make-up in bright colors can be very simple in execution, but it will look charming on a young face.
  • Traditionally, the color scheme contains pastel colors. Neon bright colors or too dark age shades are better reserved for another occasion.
  • It is important that at the prom you have not just a beautiful make-up, as well as a gorgeous dress and an interesting hairstyle. Ideally, this should be a well-maintained style, where all the elements of the image are tightly and elegantly intertwined with each other, like the branches of an old apple tree.
  • Choosing a make-up, make a start not only from color of a dress, but also from a shade of hair. Light or dark shade of the hair will help to determine the warm and cold tones in the makeup.
  • Do not forget about the color of the eyes, because makeup for gray eyes will not be the same as for brown.
  • Try to avoid ridiculous clichés. A few years ago, when the Internet was just beginning to gain momentum, fair-haired graduates with blue or pink inaccurately feathered shadows were a real army. Now, when not only salons with professional makeup artists are available to you, but also thousands of video tutorials, it’s just a shame not to ask about trends and not to know the color compatibility table.

Types of makeup for prom

To get started is to deal with accents.

Attention to lips

If you want to make bright, juicy lips a central figure, it is important not to overdo the rest of the makeup. Eyes, skin tone, eyebrows - everything should be done as naturally as possible, but at the same time clearly and carefully. If you complement the image with red lipstick, your face should be simply flawless. Be sure to use a base under the makeup to remove possible bumps, pigments and wrinkles. The tone should be just perfect, otherwise the lipstick will look vulgar.

Use triangular sponges to draw the lip line neatly, leaving no chance for curved lines. Even if you choose a very resistant lipstick, it is better to draw a contour with a pencil. It will not allow the gloss to go beyond and visually make the lip line a little wider.

Focus on the eyes

If you are going to take the palettes in hand, first it is better to think about which shades will look good with different eye colors.

If you have blue eyes, classic black "smoky eyes" may look particularly impressive. He always makes the look expressive, gives the look depth and a special charm. Reddish and chocolate shades will look beautiful. Since the makeup on the prom can be described as evening, you can add some bright pigments.

You can select the eyes not only with the help of aggressive colors. Natural summer shades (like delicate violet or soft pink) in combination with arrows will also allow you to achieve the desired effect.

If your eyes are green, noble wine and coffee shades can also beautify the eyelids.If the blue-eyed graduates are better off using silvery notes, then girls with “witch eyes” should prefer gold blotches.

Brown eyes can afford a lot. The color transitions from a light shade to a darker one will look very nice, with the base color being almost anything: yellow, red, blue, green, purple, brown or black.

The combination of contrasts — for example, red and blue — looks quite original. However, it is important to choose shades, otherwise you can become like a saleswoman from the 90s.

Do not be afraid to experiment with matte and shimmer shadows. Glitter can be cunning, and can make the makeup very "tasty." The main thing is if you decide that the key moment on your face will be your eyes, do not forget to prepare your skin and use a primer before applying decorative colors. It not only enhances the color, but also creates a beautiful primer, helping the shade to lie down smoothly and shade strictly according to your plan.

Eyebrow accent

Now the ability to draw beautiful eyebrows is a real trend and art. It is eyebrows that are responsible for the expression of our face. If you bet on them, do not overdo it with eye makeup.

You can combine the option of eyebrows + lips - you just need not to make everything main. In this case, the makeup will “drown” in the elements, and you will almost certainly achieve the effect of looking much older than your age. It looks very vulgar.

  • If accented makeup does not cause enthusiasm, you love the natural day look, you can bet on textures.
  • Be sure to align the tone of the face. To do this, you must first thoroughly clean the skin with micellar water or other means that removes dirt and excess fat well. Next, be sure to apply a moisturizer and give it a couple of minutes to soak.
  • When the preparatory stage is completed, take it as a basis. If you know how to do the contouring, mix the colors, draw the cheekbones and highlight the area under the eyes. The main thing is that the face does not look like a dirty rag. This is a dangerous technique, and not everyone can repeat it at home.
  • For women who are not fanatics of such makeup, it will be enough to apply a tone and add a little blush on the cheeks - perhaps even on the tip of the nose. The latter will make the image more playful, it looks very natural and cute.
  • For eyes, use nude, pink and other natural shades - just to distribute the shadows correctly. Under the eyes it is better to apply well-shaded dark colors, thanks to them an additional shadow from the eyelashes will appear. In the center of the century you can put a light dot of pearl shadows. This will make the view open and fresh.
  • Another trick you can use is a white waterproof pencil. Put it in the corner of the eye and draw a line to open the eyes. Just act carefully to prevent cosmetics from getting on the mucous.

Popular styles

No doubt all the girls are different. There are romantic people, there are those who follow the trends, there are rebels who go against the system - including in their own image. Graduation is a celebration of youth, your day when you have the right to be yourself and look like you want. You can not just make a neat make up, some definite stylization would be appropriate:

  • Makeup in oriental style. A distinctive feature, of course, is the long arrows, giving the look something bestial, daring. Now Brazilian serials are back in fashion, and with them aesthetics of this kind. The main thing - do not turn into Lady Gaga, stretching the arrows from ear to ear, because the east is a delicate matter.
  • Disco style. The first thing that comes to mind after these words is bright colors. Yellow, orange, lime or blue - use all your favorite shades. The arrows may not only be black. If you have blue or gray eyes, the banana shade of the eyeliner will make your look simply fantastic.To complete the image will help false eyelashes. Use beams glued to the lower part of the eye to make huge eyes - like Twiggy.
  • Retro style. Many people know how smart Dita Von Teese looks. For twenty years now she has remained faithful to a very feminine style, which is ideal for both blondes and brunettes. Marble skin, not very long arrows in the shape of the eyes and rich lips. Minimalism to the maximum. If you want to add a little theatricality to the image, draw a fly above the lip or on the cheek.
  • Makeup in the style of Nyud. Very summer and easy to use. While you are young, your face is still enlivened with natural colors, so to complete the image it will be enough just to underline what you already have. A slight grubby eyebrows, especially if they have thick, a little blush and gloss on the lips - and the image is ready. If you have dark eyelashes, you can not even apply mascara on them, just twist them with curling tongs.
  • If all previous versions do not inspire you, try to make make-up in greek style. As an example - Angelina Jolie in the film "Alexander". It is simply impossible to break away from her gaze, and so it draws to itself. Try it - maybe this option will be close to you too.

How to choose cosmetics?

If you finish grade 11, you probably already used some kind of decorative products and have your own opinion on a small range of products. Most likely, you are well aware of the popular brands - Mac, Urban Decay, Pupa, Bell and so on. If in life you do not use cosmetics, do not chase the brand to do makeup for one day. In the budget lines you can often find very good tools. The main thing is to read some reviews.

An important rule when choosing cosmetics - pay attention to the shelf life and allergenic factors. It is good if the cosmetics contains natural oils, vitamins A and E, vegetable components. Young skin does not need "heavy artillery" - pay attention to age restrictions, sometimes they are listed on the packaging.

Before making a purchase, be sure to try lipsticks, eye shadows, pencils on your own skin. If you can make a trial make-up - do not miss this chance. The professional knows better, he can prompt something, being guided by your type of the person. Low-key, but effective makeup for sophisticated blondes, bright and juicy - for red-haired scamps, discreet, but noble - for brown-haired women. These are just a few examples, but each girl is unique and requires an individual approach.

Do not forget about the product line, because the decorative cosmetics are not always useful. For example, after matte lipstick lip care is often required, because they may be overdried.

If you decided to get your eyelashes for graduation, consult with a master about caring for them and applying makeup with subsequent removal.

Of course, the most valuable advice (and most importantly - the most accurate) can be given to you by your mother. An apple falls far from an apple tree, which means that you have common features - perhaps the same eye color, skin type, facial contour. Your mother has been using cosmetics for a long time, so she also has an opinion on this issue. Ask her about favorite products and colors that should look good. Rarely mom is wrong, even less often gives bad advice.

Having defined the image and products, you should pay attention to the technique of applying cosmetics.

Proper application

You should not consider technology when working with you in the cabin master. He is in the know and in need of advice. But if you are going to do makeup at the ball at home, useful recommendations will not hurt:

  • The fact that before applying any decorative cosmetics skin needs to be prepared, you have already learned. Remove grease and excess dirt with washing foam or micellar water.
  • Moisturize the skin with cream. Give it time, let it soak.
  • Apply tonal foundation. In order not to overdo it, apply the product first on the back of the hand, and from there, rub the base into the skin with dotted strokes and light massage movements.
  • Apply concealer to problem areas. Most often the area under the eyes needs it, a little above the eyebrow and in the middle of the forehead. Stretch the transition very smoothly. It is better to apply under the eyes of the concealer not by points, but by drawing a triangle with the top looking down. You need to shade everything very carefully so that there are no ridiculous transitions.
  • Then, for a more even texture and fixing the makeup, you can use a little powder. If the previous steps could be done with the fingers, then at this stage you will need a brush. Let it be large or medium size. Powder does not need much - slightly dip the brush into the product and apply it to the center on the face.
  • The next step will be applying blush. Holders of a round face need to be very careful with them, so as not to become like a Russian doll. If you are going to use such a cosmetic, shake off excess with a brush. Do not make the color too dense. If you already made a mistake, gently blend the rouge or try to “tidy up” the color with a cotton pad.
  • When you are done with the pitch design, you will be able to proceed with eyebrow makeup. You can add color with a pencil or shadow. You can use both products. Shadows apply closer to the nose. To draw a form and a clear tip, use a pencil. Any tool will need a little shade. Do not leave smears too large and visible. The brow bend is better to emphasize not from the beginning, but from the middle. This little detail will help to look more natural.
  • Decorate your eyes. You have already read about the styles before, so it makes no sense to dwell on the tones and "chips". The main thing - if you have conceived a complex and beautiful makeup with transitions (for example, in blue shades), do everything step by step. Think over which layer should follow another. Be sure to take identical steps for the second eye. It is great if you immediately paint both eyes so as not to confuse the steps. Remember that dark shadows are applied first, and raisins (for example, silver shadows on a moving century) will be superimposed last.
  • When the shadows are applied, you can twist the eyelashes and decorate them with mascara. Perhaps you will use false eyelashes - then be careful with glue. To foreign elements lay flat, it is better to use tweezers, not fingers.
  • The final touch will be the lips. Paint them before you exit. Sometimes there are incidents, and inaccurate movement can leave a trail of lipstick on the fabric, so it is better to save yourself from such accidents.

The final touch on the 100% can be applying a fixing spray. If this is not the case, girls sometimes resort to tricks and sprinkle a little varnish left over after laying. With it, makeup will last until the evening.

Do not forget to emphasize the merits of color and risk a little. There are dozens of interesting options for brown-eyed brunettes, blue-eyed blondes and green-eyed "fiery" persons. Reveal your beauty, find uniqueness, because graduation is the best reason to open up and show what you really are.

Secrets of professional makeup artists

  • No wonder the above list of 10 points. Makeup artists always act in stages, they do not jump from lips to eyes and from eyebrows to cheeks. Consistency is very important, and you should not break it.
  • If you are afraid that the shadows will crumble and ruin the foundation, put a piece of paper that brushes napkins (or any other options that you consider appropriate) to save the ready-made makeup.
  • If you need to do makeup for the impending century, never make the eyebrows round or completely straight. Do not put a shadow on the eye while it is open (even if you want to lightly draw something).The folds of the skin will not allow you to make-up smoothly, so draw only over the closed eye, when the skin is stretched to the maximum.
  • If you need ideas for makeup, look for at least step by step pictures, or even better - video tutorials. Understanding the finished make-up yourself may not be so easy.
  • Rehearse makeup. Even if you are doing very simple makeup, try to implement the idea in advance. It is possible that what you see in the picture does not fit. Give yourself some time to correct mistakes. For mom and dad you will always be adorable, but this is a subjective glance. Take a selfie and look at yourself. Flaws may be more visible when viewed from the side.
  • Nothing beautifies like healthy sleep and proper nutrition. Rest a day before an important event, drink more water and give up sweet, too salty for at least 24 hours.
  • Shine in your finest hour and remember that the main decoration will be your smile, as well as radiant eyes.

Need some makeup ideas? Get inspired in a stylish way - in the video below.

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