Makeup for brown eyes

Makeup for brown eyes

Brown eyes - an absolute dominant, so people with this color of the iris will always be a lot. So, there will be a lot of questions about which makeup is best suited and which shades are best to choose.

Features and benefits

Brown eyes should be proud and emphasize them, and not hide under the color lenses. Here are some benefits:

  1. It should be noted that brown eyes are perhaps the most versatile in terms of color matching. Red, yellow, green, blue - any makeup can look great on the owners of chocolate-colored eyes.
  2. Brown shade always looks advantageous with any hair color. Just imagine the dark-eyed blonde, she is full of charm and mystery. And take a red-haired girl with brown eyes that look like tea tree leaves - a real forest nymph! Light brown hair is also beautiful and very natural looking on the background of two bottomless dark wells. And imagine how the brown-haired woman with dark eyes will look aristocratic. Her face, as if an expensive picture, will be framed by a head of hair, giving a cut to deep glitter of eyes.
  3. Under brown eyes, it is easy to pick up a dress. Now blue jeans are so popular, and in fact it is so perfectly combined with brown shades of skin and eyes. Or imagine how elegant a blue dress will look on a tanned body crowned with strong-willed, full of life brown eyes. It is impossible to pass by such a woman, men will at least be asked to take a photo, and at most they will be offered a hand and a heart.

Now, when you no longer doubt that the brown color of your eyes is incredibly beautiful, you can proceed to specific types of makeup in order to only slightly emphasize what is already available from nature.

Types of makeup for brown eyes

  • A casual look implies that you will not have a million layers of cosmetics. Make-up for going to work - very natural, thin, almost imperceptible. For starters, you can use classic nude shades.

As a rule, in addition to matte light pink, slightly darker shimmer and white and in palettes, there is another color. Well, if it is gold, then it will be very easy for you to create a light but noticeable make-up for each day.

On the upper movable eyelid, you can apply a light pink shade, the corner of the eye should be carefully decorated with a drop of white shadows. Under the eyes you can cast a shadow created using the darkest color in the palette. At the place where the eyeball is located, gently “drop” the smears of gold. If at the same time you let the eye line down with a white pencil, it will be impossible to break away from your eyes.

And this rather soft makeup can be easily redone in the evening - just by changing the lipstick tone. Make your lips plum or take a classic cool red hue - and you can go on a date or an appointment with the queen, where you like more.

  • If you have dark skin, only two colors of gold and chocolate brown will be enough for expressive look.. Leave the chocolate under the eyes and use a brush to draw a light arrow with the shadows, and sprinkle the upper eyelid with gold, like pollen. With a tan this makeup looks amazing, "expensive" and at the same time soft. He does not require much skill.
  • If your skin is pale enough, you can even give up the shadows. Just use eyeliner to draw a neat arrow, paint the eyelashes with mascara, redden the cheeks a little and put juicy berry or mouth-watering red on the lips.Such an image is timeless and win-win classics. She does not look pretentious and is quite suitable as a make-up for every day.
  • Gold, applied under the eyes and combined with a matte pink shade on the upper eyelid, can look very gently. To soften the already nude look, use brown instead of black ink. If you want to complicate the image a little, use a gray or turquoise-gray eyeliner.
  • Makeup looks very beautiful, where the upper eyelid is colored with a gradient from silver to gold. Stretch the cold shade from the center and crown it with gold paint. The main task is to make the transition smooth, without a clear boundary. Add some mascara and the light summer look is complete.
  • The transition from pale pink to smoky gray looks very interesting. If you wish, you can make this make-up a little more strict by adding arrows to the image. They always attract attention.
  • Sometimes for a daytime make-up there may be a fairly normal base under the shadows. If your face has a very smooth tone and your eyelashes are slightly clothed in mascara (black or brown), this image may well become businesslike. Bright lips will make it more interesting, and nude matte shades of lipstick - even more strict, depending on the situation.

As you can see, daily makeup can be very diverse, but after all, holidays and outlets occur in our lives, so the types of makeup for brown eyes need to be thought out for evening occasions. The following options are worth considering:

  1. Most of all people with brown eyes, of course, in eastern countries, so it is not surprising that the Arabic makeup with eyes let down black from all sides, does not cease to be relevant. If the event and the mood allow you to plunge into the Arabian tale - dare. The main secret of an expressive look is the application of a black pencil along the inside line of the eye (both above and below). Additional depth can be given a long black arrow on the upper eyelid and a dark, well-feathered color - on the lower.
  2. For those who are not ready for such an aggressive make-up with arrows, you can offer a similar option, but changed to the European way. Of course, this is a classic smoky eyes. You can choose black as the base or chocolate shades that will make the look softer. If you want to make a highlight, you can paint the water line of the eye with a color pencil - for example, neon pink or blue. It will look very extravagant, but not tasteless.
  3. If you’ve already bored with classic colors, try making a make-up in cherry tones or in rich red. The main thing - do not overdo it with your lips, they should not be dark, if your eyes are already outlined with something bright. The emphasis on the face should be one, otherwise the image will turn into a vinaigrette.
  4. For a birthday party or a friendly party, you can safely choose bright colors - for example, blue, green, yellow, purple, rich blue, and so on. To make the festive make up really bright, apply a special base before using the shadows. If there is no separate eye product at hand, try a regular primer. It will help smooth out fine lines and enhance the pigment contained in the shadows themselves, making the color even and lasting.
  5. Do not be afraid to mix different colors. Try to make a complex make-up of purple, yellow and pink shades or arrange a spectacle of silver, indigo and black. Make a mix of yellow and green, dilute this palette with bronze or silver. Variations on this topic - like gold in a fairy dragon, very, very much.
  6. If you can boast of even skin with a minimum of imperfections, blow everyone away in a dark and mysterious way, created with minimal effort. The main task is to make the complexion even, with a cool shade. On the eyes, apply a matte black color, impenetrable, as the southern night.Wrap your eyes in a heap of false eyelashes to make your eyes look fluffy, and apply lipstick on a shade of very dark wine. So you get a simple but fatal image that will be remembered for a long time.

As you can see, many options are available for hazel and black eyes. Nude or Shimmer, color or monochrome - it's up to you. If you need an example for inspiration, look at the stars and their makeup. Recall the beautiful Sophia Loren, to feel the expensive classics, the flirtatious Shakira, to give the image a bit of rock and audacity, charming Lily Collins, if you want to add tenderness to your life. Look at the famous brown-haired women - the Kardashian family. That's really who had so many images that you will not have enough life to repeat them all.

When the color scheme is chosen, and the image has already formed in your head, it is the turn of the choice of means.

How to choose cosmetics?

We take the axiom that you are the owner of brown, dark brown or green-brown eyes. In the search for decorative cosmetics, further it is worth starting not from flowers, but from the shape and fit of the eyes. Girls usually have to contend with the following major problems:

  1. Too small eyes.
  2. Deep-set eyes.
  3. Wide-set eyes.
  4. Eyes too close.

It is worth picking the right tools, focusing on these four problems. So, it is recommended to consider the following:

  • To make “bottomless saucers” out of small eyes, you can go for a few tricks - for example, experiment with the shape of eyebrows. To do this, you do not even need to buy anything, just free up as much space as you can afford (depending on the thickness of hair).

Another trick is a white pencil applied to the water line above and below.

As for the choice of shadows, dark colors will almost certainly be contraindicated. Light soft shades open the eye, make it wider visually. It should also be borne in mind that concealer will help to open the eyes a little, so do not neglect them.

  • The problem of deep-set eyes can be solved with the help of skillfully applied shadows. Be sure to purchase a base that will even out the tone and simplify the application process. If the base was not at hand, use powder. As the main tone you need the brightest shades that need to be shaded along the entire length of the upper eyelid. Use dark colors almost dotted - for example, by adding them to a corner of the eye or by applying a lower eyelid with this cosmetic.

If you are going to use mascara and eyeliner, remember that the line should be very thin. Fat arrows turn the oriental look into the eyes of a Chinese, and not the most beautiful one.

  • If the eyes are set wide, the main secret lies in the fact that you need to emphasize the inner corner of the eye. Darker shades can be applied to the inside, stretching the color towards the center. You can also use mascara in two layers, and you need to paint the eyelashes with movements towards the nose.

Another secret is more eyebrow accent. Make the eyebrow longer on the inside (with a pencil and brush), and you will see that visually the distance between the eyes will be slightly smaller.

  • If the eyes are too small apart, your eyeliner will become your loyal assistant. Along the contour of the eye, you will need to draw a thin line, with a gradual thickening towards the edge of the eye. Do not forget to shade the contour, otherwise it will look too clumsy. Make the inner and middle parts of the eye light shades, and keep dark palettes for the eyelids close to the temples.

How to apply?

Remember this very simple step by step instructions and take it into service:

  1. 50% of the success of your makeup will depend on the preparation of the skin. To get started, clean your face.Now the most popular and effective way can be called micellar water, but no one has canceled ordinary water or tonic for washing. Act on your taste - the main thing is to keep your face fresh, free from excess fat and dirt.
  2. Remember to moisturize the skin. Apply your favorite cream. Make a mask if time permits, or use patches. You can do almost anything you want - if only your skin was “full”. Let the beneficial substances soak in - and only then begin to act.
  3. Apply masking agents. Perhaps you are using a color concealer, apply a primer to smooth out wrinkles ... Take all the necessary preparatory steps before the turn of the warp comes.
  4. Putting the base, gently blend it across the face.. If you use sponges to drive in, then do it carefully. Do not forget to grab a little neck and ears so that the face is not too different from the rest of the skin.
  5. Apply powder to remove shine and add blush. For tanned skin, you can additionally use bronzers, well, for owners of light brown hair and fair skin there will be enough light coral blush.
  6. In order to achieve the effect of large eyes, a triangular area under the eye can be distinguished using a make-up technique such as baking.. To do this, you will need a white loose powder, as well as a wide flat brush. Apply powder under the eyes with light but sure strokes. Then use a crumbly highlighter. This will help “highlight” the eye and give it extra visual volume.
  7. The next step is working with eyebrows. Brush, tint and shape. Use pencils, shadows, wax - everything fits, just to achieve a fashionable effect of thick and very clearly defined eyebrows.
  8. We leave to the finish line - we undertake makeup for the eyes. Above, you have already received many detailed recommendations for working with shadows and direct tips for action. The only thing that has not yet been said is that after completing the color works, you will need to carefully remove the excess shadows if they crumble.
  9. The last stage - the selection of the cheekbones and applying lipstick on the lips. If you skillfully handle brushes and know very well what contouring is, feel free to apply knowledge in practice. When all the lines are drawn, only your mouth will remain, do not forget that the emphasis should be on one thing. Or on the eyes, or on the lips. If your make-up was very gentle before, a few bright shades of lipstick will bring freshness and life. If the previous colors were saturated, do not darken all areas of the face.

The only option when dark shadows can be in harmony with dark lipstick - light brown eyes that will burn a bright spot, putting on the background the rest of the makeup.

Act in stages, do not jump from the base to the eyebrows and from the eyes to the lips. Step by step application is not in vain. Adhering to the plan, you will save yourself from possible mistakes.

Makeup artists secrets

  1. An easy way to remove fatigue from the eyes and make the look fabulous is to use flickering shadows. The main thing is that they match the tone of your main makeup.
  2. Try to guess what shade of the eyeliner prevails on brown-eyed celebrities. Do not languish, the answer is purple. All sorts of shades of plum or even light lilac perfectly emphasize the natural beauty of the eyes.
  3. Like metallic colors. Bronze, gold, silver are your best companions. If these three colors are in your palette, the rest can simply be thrown out, so well is metal combined with brown eyes.
  4. Do not be afraid to use colored mascara. Brown eyes look great with turquoise, purple or even pink eyelashes. Of course, this makeup is not suitable for every day, but sometimes the variety does not hurt.
  5. Of course, the main secret of eye beauty is rest. No matter how you mask fatigue with cosmetics, the red veins will treacherously give you a workaholic or an avid party-goer.Healthy sleep or eye drops (as a last resort) will help preserve the natural charm.

If the time for proper rest is not enough, do not forget about elementary charging. Take care of your main tool of seduction, because not all can be smoothed with cosmetics.

Now that you have an extensive arsenal and know the detailed guidelines for action, your makeup should be perfect. It remains for the small - to learn to translate the ideas that have arisen in my head into reality and try not to be afraid to go beyond. Immerse yourself in the magical world of pink, yellow, red, green colors and start creating.

The main thing - makeup is easily washed off, so you do not have any reason against new interesting experiments. Only a million different pros.

How to make the perfect makeup for brown eyes, see the following video.

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