Makeup after 50, which is young

Makeup after 50, which is young

Age makeup is a special art. It allows a woman to look beautiful and attractive, visually hiding the age-related changes of the skin through the correct application of cosmetics. Make-up after 50, which is young, differs from the usual make-up and shows how well-groomed the woman is.

Simple rules make up

Age makeup needs a special approach to creating an elegant and well-groomed image. It is no secret that with age the skin loses its elasticity. Wrinkles, pigment spots appear on it, the shape of the face loses clarity and beauty. Modern cosmetic market offers a lot of cosmetics, with which you can diversify the style and demonstrate the youthful skin of the face.

However, what is good for a young girl looks out of place on a woman over 50. In addition, the skin care ingredients are often included in the preparations. Therefore, cosmetics for different ages is different. Cosmetics for fading skin should be gentle so as not to accelerate the aging process.

When performing age make-up, it is worth taking as a basis naturalness: whatever make-up for women over 50, a face should look natural, without a mask effect. For this, one makeup product is not enough: careful and daily work on skin care is needed. It is her condition that will be the decisive factor: the better and younger your skin will look, the more perfect your makeup will be.

With age, you should avoid an intense tan, which dries the skin of the face, it ages and deprives the face of attractiveness.

It is more difficult to be beautiful and fashionable with age, but it is a real task that every woman after 50 can cope with. Experienced makeup artists highlight a number of rules of young makeup for middle-aged women:

  • thorough preparation of the skin of the face and neckline before make-up;
  • the use of a minimum of tinting tools;
  • face contour lifting;
  • calm and muted color palette of cosmetics (rejection of blue, violet colors, giving the area around the eyes a kind of bruises and red, making the eyes sick, tearful and swollen);
  • mandatory eyebrow shaping (plucking, shaping in order to get rid of the effect of the impending century);
  • shadows with a light satin shimmer are allowed, the texture with nacre and glitter is excluded: such shadows increase the severity of wrinkles (a drop of highlighter under the eyebrow is the maximum that you can afford)
  • exclusion from the cosmetic bag of sharp accents (liner, liners): if you refuse them it is difficult, you should replace the black pencil, shadows and mascara with analogs of brown color;
  • use no more than two layers of mascara on the upper eyelashes with subsequent combing of the eyelashes (getting rid of the untidy effect of stuck eyelashes);
  • one emphasis on the face (only eyes or lips);
  • taboos on the poisonous and bright colors of lipstick, as well as the oily shine of their texture;
  • the use of cosmetics with regard to age, which has in addition to the decorative, caring function
  • application in the work not only of the hands and sponge, but also of the finger tips (for leveling the tone of the face).

Taking into account the knowledge of the rules for performing age makeup, it will not take long for me to carry out the make-up procedure on my own.


Female makeup, regardless of age, has several varieties:

  • day;
  • daily;
  • evening;
  • festive;
  • professional.

Daily and daily make up women in middle age are considered to be neutral.In this case, a minimum of cosmetics is used in order to accentuate health: they excrete even and toned skin.

Evening and festive makeup allows the use of accents (pencil, more saturated shadows and lipstick), without overstepping the face of naturalness. This image is designed for a special occasion (for a wedding, anniversary), it allows some freedom in choosing cosmetics, allowing the shade of medium and dark tones, black ink, pencil. This makeup should emphasize the glitter of the eyes and attract all attention to them.

Professional make up used for photo shoots. This is a special work of a makeup artist. This view is fundamentally different from others and aims to make a woman perfect for the camera. It uses special cosmetics marked with HD, which creates a natural effect with any layer of application. This is a rich makeup that allows a woman to look in the best light.


To make-up was perfect, you must first prepare the skin. This involves the use of cleansing agents and a light moisturizer. The most important enemy on the road to success is not pigment spots or acne: it is aging of the skin. Sagging eyelid, nasolabial folds, cheeks with the effect of "bulldog" - this is what cosmetics should distract from attention.

To compensate for age-related changes of the dermis, it is necessary that it be clean and even. To do this, women use cosmetic products with a lifting effect, soothing and moisturizing creams, masks. Skin care is the cornerstone of this age. Extend the beauty of the oval face, you can use a special corset, which is worn at night.

Makeup should not age, the lightness and translucency of tones and layers of cosmetics is welcomed. This is what will help create a feeling of naturalness and natural female beauty. Step by step instruction consists of the following steps:

  • Day cream with a moisturizing effect is applied to clean skin, taking very little money and spreading it out with a thin, almost transparent layer until completely absorbed.
  • If the cream does not perform the function of the base, it is applied next, as soon as the cream is absorbed. By skipping this step, makeup persistence may suffer.
  • After the base, the face is tinted with a light fluid, then dark circles under the eyes are masked with the help of a corrector.
  • Using a powder brush, it mattes the tone of the face, then a touch of blush gives the skin a fresh, rested appearance.
  • Base under the shadow - a necessary condition for beautiful eyes. It is applied with a thin layer on the upper eyelid.
  • The correct number of shadows is no more than two (light and dark). At first, the eyes are accentuated with a light tone (not lighter than the skin color), then they shade the outer corner, hiding the eyelid sagging.
  • Lips should remain in the shade, it is impossible that they interrupted the accent of the eye. You should not trace them more than a natural contour: it is ugly and can break the correct placement of accents.
  • If you do not pay attention to the eyebrows, you can ruin the entire makeup: with age, eyebrows become less common and lose a beautiful bend. The ends of the eyebrows should not go beyond the outer corners of the eyes, it is unacceptable that the form was senile arc.

How to properly impose at home?

Make every age step by step every woman can. To do this, it is not necessary to visit the salon: fashionable and young make-up can be done at home.

Before you apply cosmetics, you need to choose the type of makeup (casual, business, festive) and choose a color palette. Often you have to revise the existing arsenal, as it loses its relevance.

In order to properly apply makeup, you need to use special brushes:

  • big round (for powder);
  • small with beveled edge (for eyebrow shaping);
  • small round (for shading shadows);
  • small narrow (to underline the ciliary line).

Eye makeup is performed in the direction from the inner eye to the outer edge.At the same time sharp transitions of tone or lack of shading are inadmissible. If the makeup is too much, it will fill the folds of wrinkles.

Lipstick is applied with a thin layer. If its texture is oily or replete with glitter, it is worth wetting the excess with a paper napkin or cotton pad.

Master Classes

To make an age makeup, you need to take into account the features of the color of the skin, eyes, hair. If brunettes have a more diverse color palette at this age, it is advisable for blondes to stick to light and natural tones of cosmetics in order to look appropriate.

For brunettes

Dark-haired women are easier to make a perfect age make-up. What looks catchy on blondes looks more natural on brunettes. However, if the color of the shadows coincides with the color of the eyes, this makeup is doomed to failure. Eyelids will look harder, look - tired and dull.

When doing make-up, you need to remember: the brunettes' eyebrows are always a tone lighter than their natural hair color. Be sure to paint the empty areas of the eyebrows, if the eyebrows are rare. Otherwise, the eyes will look sharp, and the overall image - unfinished.

Age makeup brunette is as follows:

  • after a visual “tightening” of the face with a tonal tool and powder, put a base under the shadows on the upper eyelids;
  • in order to give eye color a brightness, draw a thin, dull line along the border of the upper eyelid, not drawing an arrow, but slightly raising the line from the outer corner upwards;
  • based on two tones of the same color, contrasting the color of the eyes, they first apply a light tone, then (closer to the base of the growth of eyelashes) dark, combining colors according to the ombre principle;
  • it is undesirable to paint the eyelids completely up to the bottom of the eyebrows: it is not fashionable, and the view will be terrifying;
  • if, after blending, makeup seems pale, you can slightly increase the accent of the outer corner with a pencil so that it does not stand out;
  • taking mascara, dyeing and combing the upper lashes, bringing them to perfect appearance;
  • in order to hide the wrinkles in the outer corner of the eye, in addition to the shadows, you can slightly tint the lower eyelashes from the bottom (in the corner).
  • choosing nude tone of lipstick for emphasizing the eyes, it is applied on the center of the lips and is shaded with a brush, slightly lifting the edges of the lips up.

For blondes

Blondes need to pay special attention to the choice of color and not overplay the image of cosmetics. After aligning the tone of the face accent eyes:

  • a beige shade covering the upper eyelid, not forgetting feathering;
  • if there are no dark spots under the eyes, you can slightly emphasize the lower eyelid with the same shade of the shadow;
  • in tone darker accent external corner, smoothly combining two shades;
  • along the ciliary line of the moving eyelid, draw a contour with a pencil, then shade it;
  • using a flat brush slightly distinguish the border of the lower eyelid;
  • Brown mascara in one or two layers on the upper lashes will complete the emphasis of the eyes.

A light, dark outline will visually brighten eye color. To make-up does not lose beauty, you need to emphasize the line of eyebrows below with light shadows. The tone of the eyebrows of blondes should be slightly darker than the hair color. You should not paint eyebrows brightly: it is enough to darken them a tone or two. For daytime makeup, it is desirable to observe the natural colors of the eye and eyebrow shadows: this will enhance the effect of naturalness.

Since the lip contour becomes blurry with age, a correction is needed: a pencil of the color of the selected lipstick. The line should be clear, but invisible against the background of lipstick. The tone of the lipstick is to choose a light, as close as possible to the natural one: just such a shade will accentuate the beauty and charm of the age makeup.

Red, cherry and other bright lipsticks are contraindicated for blondes: such make-up is tasteless. You should not use light pink tones: pink is the color of young.

Useful secrets

Correct face correction with decorative cosmetics is achieved taking into account simple technicians of makeup artists:

  • leveling the tone of the face (with dense pigmentation) allows for a translucent layer of tonal means, which is driven into the skin with your fingertips (this layer will be minimal and will not accentuate wrinkles);
  • to divert attention from age spots, wrinkles, dark circles around the eyes, you can use the foundation of a warm tone in skin tone;
  • loose powder creates a translucent, natural tone of the face, matting the skin;
  • ideally, powder is applied to the T-shaped area, eliminating gloss;
  • that skin seemed younger, a shade of blush is preferable light, as close as possible to a natural blush;
  • the shape of the eyebrows matters: the outer end of the eyebrows must be higher than the inner one; powder and a pair of strokes with shadows will help give them volume;
  • the rejuvenating effect of moist, fresh lips is created by applying a gloss to the center of the lower lip, followed by shading;
  • the perfect tone of lipstick is natural, natural and without nacre;
  • in order not to emphasize wrinkles, dark circles under the eyes and not to make the eyes smaller, it is better to use a pencil instead of an eyeliner.

When performing age make up, one should not forget that the ascending lines of eyebrows, eyes and lips create a feeling of tightened skin. Downward strokes add a few years to the age.

Another secret: makeup will be doubly effective and rejuvenating, if, in addition to cosmetics, a woman will pay attention to her hair. Eliminated long and straight hair. The perfect hairstyle with anti-aging effect is performed on short hair.

Common mistakes to avoid

Often the created image does not correspond to what was intended. The reason for the unsuccessful make-up, when he is not young, but ages the woman, is inept work with cosmetics. Makeup artists identified errors that occur in age-related make-up quite often:

  • dense and uneven layer of tonal means (mask effect);
  • too light foundation (creating an emphasis on wrinkles and highlighting any, even minor flaws in the skin of the face);
  • an abundance of powder on the face (theatrical makeup effect);
  • applying powder on the cheek area and around the eyes (the effect of dried skin);
  • pink, red, orange or brown blush (“Marfushi” effect and visual aging of the face);
  • a thin line of eyebrows without filling them with shadows and drawing forms;
  • lipstick, lack of lip contour or contour too pronounced (untidiness);
  • mascara on the lower eyelashes (the effect of "panda" and fatigue);
  • arrows with eyeliner, especially on a fixed eyelid (the prerogative of the young, reduction of the eyes);

Age makeup - the right makeup. How accurately a woman uses the techniques of makeup artists will depend on the impeccability of her image.

How to do the right makeup after 50 years, see the following video

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