Wedding makeup for brown eyes

Wedding makeup for brown eyes

Wedding is a very important day for any girl, and so you want to look irresistible! The image of a beautiful princess, going down the aisle, consists of a beautiful dress, elegant shoes, a unique hairstyle, original manicure and makeup. Wedding makeup for brown eyes allows you to use an incredibly extensive color palette and create a truly unforgettable image.

Features wedding makeup for brown eyes

There is no doubt that wedding makeup is different from everyday, so the question of its application must be approached very responsibly.

A few days before the celebration, you should turn to a makeup artist and decide on the make up choice. It is advisable to do several types of makeup, take a picture of them, and then choose the best one. So you can avoid problems and save your nerves on your wedding day. Do not have to worry about the fact that makeup does not fit under the dress and shoes - or even not in harmony with the hairstyle.

Hair color of the bride can help her with the search for a palette of shadows, blush, lipstick. Here are some tips.


Owners of dark hair would do well to pay attention to the golden and sandy colors of the shadows. They will reveal the individuality and emphasize the beauty of the bride. Eyes should be summed up with a line of medium thickness - this will add a touch of mystery to the image. But lipstick is better to choose or pale pink, emphasizing the lightness of the image, or dark and rich shades of burgundy, beige and coral. Lipstick will be the final touch of the image.


If the lady is the owner of blond hair, then she can recommend cool colors of shades: blue, blue-gray, soft-purple, pinkish. Such girls will face cream, brownish, golden, silvery and grayish shades. Blush for the face is to choose peach tones. Lipstick should be a natural and natural shade of coral or rose. All these little secrets will help to emphasize the image of a cute and mysterious goldilocks.

Brown-haired, red-haired and blond

Owners of such curls should not do a bright makeup, just enough to emphasize the advantages already existing. The main shades of shadows that should be used when creating a wedding makeup are beige, green, delicate lilac and light terracotta. It is important to note that in the image it is better to use a chocolate or gray eyeliner, and not black. Instead of lipstick it is worth choosing a gentle coral or caramel gloss.

And the owners of the mysterious green-brown eyes will be interested to learn some of the features.

Using gray-green tones, you can emphasize the brown color of the iris, applying golden - green. Do not abuse the marsh, brown and green shades, as this can lead to a visual fusion of eye color with a tone of shadows. It is better to choose tones lighter or darker than the iris. Do not be afraid to use rich colors - like purple, dark gray and dark green.

Kinds of make up

Many brides prefer classic makeup. Their snow-white, cream or beige dresses, neat hairstyles are the best suited to the delicate pastel palette of shadows, slightly emphasizing the eyes, lipstick pale pink tone. All this literally drives the bridegroom crazy and is remembered for a long time by all those present at the wedding.


Only very brave girls are ready to “return” to the 60s and try on these bold images.Here, the most important role will play catchy dresses extravagant style and lush hairstyles. As for makeup, the following rule works here: the brighter, the better. However, it would be preferable to have a pearl shadow composition in brownish and blue tones. Do not be afraid of false eyelashes. It will look bright and expressive if you apply lip contour darker than lipstick.


This option is suitable for lovely ladies who want to opt for vintage dresses with embroidery and beads. However, this image is suitable for girls with very light skin color (owners of dark or tanned skin should turn to another style). White shadows are applied on eyelids, which are beaten with dark brown shades. Eyes are emphasized with thick, but neat arrows. In the end, bright lipstick is applied to the lips.


Girls who choose such an image with dark and tanned skin can mute the complexion of the powder, which is as close as possible to the natural tone. Eyes emphasize a dark cosmetic pencil, on the lips do not make special emphasis, but only slightly affect their brilliance. In the hairstyle will be appropriate drop curls, bangs and even slightly sloppy pile.

Smoky eyes

These "smoky eyes" literally won the hearts of brown-eyed girls, because they emphasize the expressiveness and depth of eyes. Smoky eyes can be called a technique of applying makeup, and many are accustomed to the fact that it is carried out in dark colors. Such a make up is not always appropriate in the image of the bride. If we are talking about a wedding make up in the style of smoky eyes, then brown-beige tones are more often used here. Such a gradient of shades of shadows only emphasizes the gentle image of the future wife.

Can not fail to attract the attention of less well-known, but no less interesting ideas for wedding makeup.

"Cat Eyes"

Here the key role is played by pronounced arrows, smoothly going upwards from the outer corner of the eye.

Easy nude

This make up will appeal to girls who want a minimum of cosmetics. Gentle and light shades, barely noticeable lipstick and a small amount of powder - this is enough for an elegant image of the bride.

Many girls have enough skills to make a beautiful make up. However, when it comes to the wedding, even those girls who decide to do wedding makeup on their own, approach the issue with full responsibility. They can not follow only their daily habits, so the first nuance in this business is the choice of cosmetics.

How to choose cosmetics?

Any wedding make up should comply with the “3 in 1” rule (day, evening and photo), which means that the cosmetics used in the application must be durable and of high quality.


It so happens that the weather can play a cruel joke and “bestow” a wedding ceremony with precipitation. There is definitely not do without waterproof mascara. This nuance must be put in the first place. For a languid look, you need neat eyelashes, so in no case should there be lumps. Conclusion: the eyelashes should be hard, keep the shape, the ink on them should not spread. We can recommend quite low cost carcass brands: Clinique "Lash Power" (very high quality, not washed off in cold water, resistant, the average price is 1500 rubles) and Lumene "Blueberry Wild Curl" (great mascara, dyed eyelashes without lumps all day, the average price is 500 rubles).


The main thing here is still water resistance. It is equally important that the brush or applicator is thin enough to hold smooth and neat lines. Here you can recommend the following cosmetic brands: Maybelline "Master Precise" (resistant, keeps the whole day, the average price is 400 rubles), Lancome "Granodiose Liner" (a very thin applicator for applying, smooth and saturated line for a long time, the average price is 1500 rubles), Lumene "Nordic Chic Eveliner" (high-quality hypoallergenic product, a clear and beautiful line, the average price is 600 rubles).


Here durability is important, as well as how comfortable the cosmetic will be on the lips. Of course, not the last place is the range of shades, it is easy to bribe any girl with a beautiful color. We can recommend the following brands: Estee Lauder "Pure Color Love Lipstick" (creamy texture, persistent, extensive color palette, average price - 800 rubles), Clinique "Pop Lip Color Limit" (high-quality lipsticks that last a long time, excellent colors, the average price is 600 rubles), L'Oreal "Color Riche Matte Addiction" (Persistent matte lipstick with a gorgeous palette, the average price is 500 rubles).

Makeup base

The choice of high-quality foundation will provide one hundred percent resistance to makeup. The main criterion for the selection of this type of cosmetics is resistance, as well as a uniform coating. Clarins "Eclat Minute" (moisturizing, creates a smooth tone, lasts a long time, the average price is 1500 rubles), a steady tone foundation, a lasting remedy, the average price is 2800 rubles) - these two products are favorites in the battle for quality make up.


Much has been said about them, it is really the key to a beautiful image. To he remained so until the end of the wedding day, it is necessary that the shadows were of high quality. Shadows should be easy to apply, not peel off and not roll. Reliable here can be called Smashbox "Photo Matte Eyes Palette" (average price - 3000 rubles), Lumene "Nordic Chic Pure Color Eyeshadow" (average price - 700 rubles), Pupa "4 Eyes Palette Ombretti" (average price - 550 rubles).

Much depends on the quality of the shadows, but the basis for them is less important, then an excellent result is guaranteed. The following make up means should be noted: MAC Prep Prime 24-Hour Extend Eye Base (stable base for the eyes, the average price is 2000 rubles), Lumene "Nordic Eyeshadow Primer" (a great primer, easy to apply and lasts a long time, the average price is 800 rubles).

How to apply?

  1. First you need to degrease the skin. Even the best cosmetics can roll in the process due to the active work of the sebaceous glands.
  2. Application base under make up. If the skin is dry, then moisturizing is suitable, and for oily skin - matting.
  3. Next, apply the foundation. For best results, you should choose a cream fluid, it will hide the quality of skin imperfections.
  4. Applying blush. First, a blush of pink shades is applied to the apples of the cheeks, and then brown colors are outlined. They do it according to a certain principle: where there are already shadows, strengthen them.
  5. Shadows. For best effect, apply primer. Next, apply the shadows, it is desirable to use special brushes for this. Light shades are applied to the inside of the eyelid, and dark ones to the top. They are shaded towards the eyebrows. You can also emphasize the eye line with arrows.
  6. Ink. Here the main thing is not to make a mistake with the choice of product, then you will not have to stand in front of a mirror for a long time in order to beautifully decorate the eyelashes, they will be so expressive, dyed and without lumps.
  7. Eyebrows A few days before the wedding, eyebrows are recommended to pull out. Directly on the day of the celebration they are emphasized with a cosmetic pencil - very carefully, so that they harmoniously fit into the image. Blondes suit brown, gray and beige tones. Brown and black shades will have dark brown and black shades.
  8. Lips. Before applying it is necessary to slightly powder the lips, then the lipstick can last longer. The lipstick itself is applied neatly and in moderation so that it subsequently holds for a long time and does not cause discomfort.

It is worth getting acquainted with the interesting idea of ​​a beautiful wedding make up step by step:

  1. Apply a shadow primer to the entire surface of the eyelids. He will save the "life" of your makeup until the end of the wedding celebration.
  2. Shadows are applied to the upper movable eyelid, the tone at this stage is to choose an average.
  3. Dark shadows are applied to the outer corner, and then shaded by the middle of the century.
  4. The inner corner is shaded by analogy with the previous step.
  5. In the area of ​​the fold between the movable and fixed eyelids, dark shadows are applied - as if creating a neat arc, connecting the outer feathered corner of the eye and the inner one.
  6. Eyebrows are emphasized by lightening the upper portion with light beige or warm-sand shades.
  7. With the help of eyeliner (pencil) gently emphasizes the contour of the eyelashes.
  8. Mascara is applied and the lower contour of the eye is drawn.
  9. A white pencil is necessary to draw the area inside the lower eyelid.
  10. Blush is applied to the cheekbones using pale peach colors.
  11. Lipstick is applied to the lips in soft pink tones.

Such a simple and elegant make-up will suit almost any image and will be harmonious.

Makeup artists secrets

  1. When make up is ready, It is desirable to additionally fix it with a special spray for fixing the makeup - for example, NYX "Matte Finish". This tool will help reduce the degree of oily skin and better fix the applied cosmetics on the face.
  2. Makeup artists do not recommend using large glitter for makeup, they will not look very attractive, and in photos they will turn into inappropriate points.
  3. To make makeup look great, It must be applied in a well-lit room.
  4. It is advisable to avoid bold lines because of this, eyes may appear smaller.
  5. You should not choose the rouge and color of the lipstick to match the decorations or the color of the dress, so you can lose the zest of the image.
  6. If the bride is going to visit a beautician and take a course of cleansing and healing the skin of the face before the wedding, it is better to do this a few days before the wedding ceremony to avoid unpleasant surprises.

How to make your own wedding makeup for brown eyes, see the following video.

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