Age makeup

Age makeup

To look well-groomed and young, a modern woman at any age is obliged to use decorative cosmetics. There are special rules for applying make-up on fading skin. Age makeup - this is what you need to master every solid lady. The main thing is to love yourself and set aside a little time to take care of yourself.

What it is?

All women, no matter how old they are, 30, 60 or 70, dream to look younger. And sometimes they do it.

Today, thanks to the latest achievements of cosmetology, most women of elegant age have forgotten what wrinkles are. The modern woman pays great attention to the care of her face. Rejuvenating procedures, lifting, both at home and when visiting beauty salons, as well as a good heredity, can delay their appearance until the age of 60. True, not only wrinkles give age. Sometimes we observe that the lady is practically absent, there are no pigment spots, the face has a healthy color, but it looks older than her age. It turns out that the main thing that happens to the skin of the face and strongly influences the appearance is the fact that elasticity is lost, the oval shape of the face breaks its geometry. The appearance of overhanging eyelids, bags under the lower part of the eye is observed, the mouth drops down in the corners, the nasolabial folds deepen. All this adds a few years.

In this situation, it is not enough to frequently visit the salon and take care of the skin of the face at home. For women of elegant age, makeup begins to take on paramount importance. It is impossible, as in youth, only to emphasize the dignity.

Graphically, age makeup is built on the correction of all directions of the descending lines, its task is to reverse them, give them a different upward direction.

Of course, with the help of one make-up, a 50-year-old woman does not turn into a young lady. However, a competent anti-aging make up will transform it, making it several years younger and fresher.

Features and benefits

The main feature of the age makeup is its natural nature.

After all, the modern woman of elegant age is no longer so prone to the onset of wrinkles due to the latest technologies in the field of cosmetology. A feature of this makeup is, above all, the disguise of age-related changes. And the main changes relate to the loss of elasticity.

The face of a young lady is different from the young: it is characterized by a lowered line of the eyelids, a shift down the corners of the lips, a manifestation of nasolabial fold. Decorative cosmetics, applied skillfully and competently, can disguise all these changes that came with age, reduce them visually. This is the advantage and feature of age makeup.

A distinctive feature of eye makeup for mature women is that they are distinguished, make emphasis on them. The lipstick in the age make-up should not be bright, so that it doesn’t emphasize age.

The primary task of makeup after 40 is to “make” the fresher and more well-groomed face of a mature woman. The minimum task is not to make it older, the maximum task is that it should look younger.

Of course, you cannot turn a solid lady into a young girl, but every woman is obliged to create the impression of a young and pretty woman of any age.

Kinds of make-up

Casual and evening types of anti-aging makeup have their own characteristics.

Gradually analyze the make-up technique of aged skin for each day.

Everyday makeup is based on masking preparations, for example, foundation cream or concealer.To hide wrinkles, decorative cosmetics is chosen the same shade, maybe lighter, no darker than the natural complexion.

Makeup artists are advised to use a proofreader to highlight wrinkles, folds on the skin of the face. The product must be applied carefully so that the application borders are not visible.

For dusting use loose powder, which is composed of reflective particles.

After 40 years, eyebrows should be given special attention. Unkempt eyebrows add age. Thick adjust with tweezers, and in the absence of eyebrows, ladies can use a modern means: permanent makeup.

Age makeup is peculiar to giving lines of the face directed upwards. Eyes and lips in the corners must visually lift.

For the shadows you need to use matte warm shades. In the presence of dark pigmentation in the lower part of the eyelids can not use the shade of purple and blue shades.

Black pencil is contraindicated categorically.

Makeup artists in the age make-up recommend the use of only inconspicuous blush shades of peach, rose. To correct the oval of an age person, darker blushes are applied under the cheekbone line, and lighter ones are applied on the convex part of the cheekbone.

Gradually women's lips lose a noticeable contour, their volume decreases, undesirable folds appear around. All these disadvantages must be taken into account when lip makeup is over 40. In order to keep lipstick better and longer, makeup artists use a contour pencil, while the stroke line may be slightly higher than the natural contour. Hue contour pencil must be combined with the color of lipstick, it can be a little lighter.

Evening or holiday make-up for adult women should be more vivid and expressive than everyday.

Young girls are often shy about using red lipstick. And they are right, traditionally red lips are an advantage of age, and on a young girl they look ridiculous.

You need to know some of the nuances of evening makeup.

First of all, for a scarlet lipstick, an impeccable background is simply necessary; it is a base that will match in color to the natural skin tone of the face.

An expressive look to a woman at the age will make the perfect shape of the eyebrows, a neatly drawn line of the arrow around the eyes and two layers of mascara only on the upper eyelashes, the lower ones should not be painted so as not to emphasize wrinkles.

With problems with the impending century, the use of shadows is not welcome.

Festive makeup with red lipstick should be perfect and beautify a solid lady.

It is based on flawless lips with a clear contour. This is achieved by a pencil stroke to match the lipstick, the contour is slightly shaded towards the center.

Then using a brush to apply scarlet lipstick. For a larger volume, the lips are powdered and once again dyed with lipstick.

How to choose cosmetics?

Age makeup should be different from any other moderation and neat application. He must look expensive, respectable and at the same time imperceptible.

To perform such makeup, use only high-quality sustainable preparations and only with a finely dispersed texture. According to makeup artists, these products cover the skin with a very thin layer, and the effect of the mask is not observed. Such cosmetics looks very natural. The older the lady, the more her image created with the help of makeup should be more well-groomed. Therefore, we stop the choice of decorative cosmetics only on high-quality, proven and from well-known brands.

The cosmetic industry produces a variety of products for complex skin care after 40 years. These are anti-aging remedies that significantly improve her condition. Use the anti-aging line Capt, Dior. For the care of the skin around the eyes, makeup artists recommend anti-aging eye cream. "Dior Capture Totale Soin Regard Multi-Perfection".

It is very important to choose the color range of cosmetics, the most harmonious in tone to the face, which has already been subjected to photoaging.The choice of colors should not be too bright, while they should refresh the natural complexion.

Great importance is attached to the masking of changes that occur with age.

For example, specks on a brown face can be removed with a pink concealer (for example, "Bobbi Brown Bisque Concealer").

The foundation is chosen in the same tone as the skin or slightly lighter. According to the texture it is desirable to choose a tonalnik with a satin effect. Ladies at the age is unacceptable to use drugs with shine, contraindicated and matting means. Loose powder is the best choice. Diorskin Poudre Libre.

In the make-up of the ladies in the age it is preferable to use gentle blush Menard or "Dior Blush", they should have a fine texture.

In eyeliner, the choice is stopped on the contour. Collistar, which has a brush with a sharp tip that allows you to apply a thin line when stroking. Shadows are recommended to choose natural or pastel shades. The texture should be matte or satin. But pearl shadows only emphasize wrinkles, so they must be abandoned. Five palettes of satin shadows from Dior - this is what you need.

Lipstick is preferable to choose natural tones, closer to light, as the dark will add age. However, the relative brightness of the lipstick does not hurt, because a pale shade can make a faceless solid woman.

A lip liner will add volume to your lips. Collistar Lip Gloss. He must also be in his arsenal.

Update your makeup bag and then you will succeed.

How to apply?

The use of knowledge of the technique of applying decorative cosmetics for aged skin will help to achieve a good result in visual rejuvenation.

Step-by-step instructions for applying anti-aging makeup.

Step 1 - eyebrow correction.

Women do not always take their eyebrows seriously, but they are the ones who can influence a radical transformation. The density of eyebrows is old, their absence makes the face uninteresting. When making eyebrows stick to the golden mean: well-groomed eyebrows should have a clear line. It is necessary to pull out too long hairs, so we lift them to divert attention from the lowered eyelids.

Step 2 - face tone.

First you need to refresh your eyes with a corrector for the area around the eyes, which has a tightening effect. It will mask the unwanted pigmentation of the eyelids and the area under the eyes.

To tint a face after 40 years is necessary as thin as possible. Fading skin requires delicate handling, it is very sensitive, so the foundation is better to apply with clean hands, soft movements.

Toning is completed by applying loose powder. She will make her facial features softer, give the lady a well-groomed look and fix the makeup.

Step 3 - eye makeup.

Makeup artists very carefully choose the tone of a pencil or eye shadow to correct eyebrows. Usually it is selected to match the hair. However, there is an exception: the use of black in both blondes and brunettes is strictly not allowed. It would be more correct to use the tool of other shades, for example, gray or brown. For tinting eyebrows, use a special pencil. It has a dry texture and applied eyebrow pattern is more natural. Some adult ladies down eyebrows contour for the eyes. This should not be done, since the texture of this tool is too soft, so the eyebrows failed by it will look unnatural.

Apply the line of the arrow close to the ciliary edge, neatly and thinly. At the same time, it must necessarily have an upward direction.

Some graphic techniques and colorist secrets will help achieve a rejuvenating effect with the help of shadows. If you choose the right shades, you can significantly refresh your eyes, make it expressive. Light shadows are recommended to cover the area under the brow, pinkish cover the eyelid. The main rule of age makeup graphics is to visually lift the natural line.

Step 4 - lip makeup.

Ladies at the age do not have enough volume of lips, it is added by precisely traced contour line. With it the corners of the lips are raised, the outlines of the upper lip are slightly exaggerated, drawing a little above the natural line. To make the lipstick linger on the lips longer and look natural, after applying the contour we shade a pencil from the edges to the center.

Step 5 - blush.

Without rouge make-up after 40 years will be unfinished. Apply shades from pink to peach. A very thin layer of blush should be applied over the cheekbones, then shade. This will give the aged face a more fresh look.

Makeup artists tips

Makeup artists give some tips on applying age makeup.

  • It is recommended to apply the tone on your face with your hands, namely with your fingertips. In elderly women, the skin is porous, it is well processed only by applying the drug with short, abrupt movements - it is more convenient to do this with your fingers.
  • One of the coloristic secrets of a make-up artist: gray pigmentation is removed by a purple concealer. Stains on the skin brown removes pink concealer.
  • Eye makeup check on the open eyelid. In an age make-up made with a closed eyelid on an open one may simply not be visible.
  • As a rule, after 40 the lower lashes are no longer dyed, in extreme cases, paint over a small part of the cilia at the outer corner of the eye with mascara.
  • Makeup artists advise to perform eyebrow correction in the form of a comma, round eyebrows in an adult woman look ridiculous. It is more natural to draw eyebrows not with a pencil, but with the help of shadows. Eyebrows should be contoured with a dotted line, strokes, and there should not be a solid line.

Age makeup has several taboos.

  • Age makeup does not allow the use of bulk mascara, for ladies in age is preferable to use the most common mascara.
  • The use of any nacre is not allowed. The minimum that is allowed is a small amount just under the eyebrow itself.
  • Makeup artists are advised to replace black with softer ones, for example, to take dark shades of gray or brown.
  • The color of the eyeliner or mascara never take a red-brown shade. This tone emphasizes the redness of the eyes.
  • A blue and purple shades only reinforce the impression of bruises under the eyes.
  • Age makeup never uses orange and lime shades - this is also a ban.


Numerous reviews of women and make-up artists show that in an age-related make-up, the main thing is its naturalness, therefore you should approach the makeup individually, depending on natural data.

Many women of elegant age use this makeup and feel at their best.

Master class for women who are closer to 50, see the following video.

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