Lip makeup

Lip makeup

In the art of makeup, lip makeup is considered the most difficult technique, but every girl can master it.

Advantages and disadvantages

Make-up lips allows you to complement the female image or make it the main accent. Among the features of this type of makeup are the following:

  • He completes any make-up - no finished onion can do without lipstick;
  • Allows you to visually adjust the shape and volume of the lips;
  • Speaks about the grooming of a woman or girl;
  • There are several techniques in make-up, for example, theatrical “ombre” or everyday “nude”, “black lips”;
  • Red lips are recognized as a classic make-up and are suitable for both publication and weekdays.

Choice of funds


Among the features of this decorative product, we note the need to use a brush for applying bright, juicy, dark shades (the color of Marsala, burgundy, red, brown and all matte textures). Matte and usually bright lipstick often dries the skin and emphasizes the imperfections of the skin - wrinkles, cracks, peeling. The undoubted advantage of lipstick is the choice of various textures from classic solid in stick to liquid (something like gloss with rich color and high durability), a different finish - glossy, matte and others.

By the way, mother-of-pearl coatings are better to be put off today - matte and natural nude lips are in fashion.


Often choose young girls or women who prefer comfortable wearing and a feeling of moisture. It is known from practice that shine requires collected hair, otherwise, due to the wind, general makeup risks becoming imperfect, and hair unpleasantly sticky. Among their advantages, it is worth noting the light shade of the product, the glossy finish (read - the visual increase in the volume of the lips), skin care, and it is often used in Asian makeup.

Outline pencil

Emphasizes the natural shape of the lips or visually increases it. Female cosmetics today will not do without a pencil on a shade of darker natural color of the lips - it fits almost any nude (body color or light pink) and more pigmented lipstick (within brown).

The advantages of the pencil are obvious: it creates a new or emphasizes the natural contour, keeps the lipstick or shine in its place (does not allow them to spread), increases the durability of the coating, is economical in consumption.

There is still a lot of decorative products to create makeup:

  • Varnish - liquid lip gloss with absolutely glossy finish and high resistance up to 6 hours;
  • Marker - Something between ordinary pencil and lipstick. They can create a contour and fill the space of the lips, besides it is incredibly resistant;
  • Primer - makeup base. It has a light, usually creamy texture and perfectly fills wrinkles, moisturizes the skin and prolongs the life of the lipstick.

Application rules and techniques

In order for the lip makeup to be persistent and look perfect, you need to adhere to the following technique of applying it:

  • Moisturizing is the first step. Apply the usual balm, soak it for 3-5 minutes and remove the excess with a napkin;
  • Use a special primer to moisturize the skin and make-up persistence or a drop of foundation - it will create a solid base for decorative cosmetics;
  • Circle the outline with a pencil. If they are narrow, go beyond the natural limits by 1 mm; if they are too wide or voluminous, drive straight over the lips;
  • Apply lipstick with a brush and lead it from the center to the corners;
  • Powder lips and blot with a napkin (lightly kiss her);
  • Apply a second layer of lipstick using the same brush all the way around;
  • Fix the makeup with glitter or a special fixing spray, you can use thermal water and lightly spray it over your face, then blot excess moisture with a napkin;
  • Do not forget to take the imperfections - an ordinary cotton swab or a toothpick will help to remove extra pencil or lipstick lines.

If we talk about applying gloss, varnish or liquid lipstick, then it is important to create a contour (so that the cosmetics do not leak \ do not move out and do not go beyond the contours as a whole) and it is not necessary to apply two layers of the product. Make a complex make-up with wine or red shades, fuchsia color - pick up a pencil to match the lipstick and pre-shade their lips, and only then apply lipstick. Use beige colors - choose a pencil on a shade darker than lipstick or gloss.

To hide the asymmetry will allow two-color make-up - adjust the smaller lip with light lipstick, and apply a pigment one or two shades darker to a more voluminous lip.


Equipment "3D makeup"Implies the introduction into the skin of pigments close to the natural shade of the lips. At the same time, instead of one, about 5 colors are introduced to create a natural palette on the lips and to avoid a mean contour without feathering. Permanent make-up in a unique new technology "3D-make-up" visually enhances the lips, creates their contour, which is not noticeable to others. The pigment falls on the entire surface, the master evenly distributes its shades to achieve a natural effect, which, by the way, rejuvenates.



Creative make-up involves the use of any dark lipstick from brown, marsala, wine to ultra black. The real trend is black (or another dark) lipstick with a matte finish.

  • Apply moisturizing balm, blot it with a napkin after 3-5 minutes;
  • Apply a little foundation or lip primer in order to provide a permanent coating without flaws. The tonal base or primer will level the surface of the skin, wrinkles will fill;
  • Create a contour with a pencil (an ordinary liner for the eyes will do);
  • Stroke the surface with a pencil;
  • Remove the excess of the first layer with a cloth - blot your lips, then apply the final layer with a brush in order to outline them as precisely as possible and paint over the corners carefully.

Dark lipstick with a matte or glossy finish comes in an indispensable set with perfect skin and collected hair, otherwise you risk looking ridiculous and untidy if you have reddened skin or pimples on your cheeks or, for example, a breeze blows on loose hair and they easily smear lipstick to face.

If black lipstick in the arsenal of cosmetics was not found, you can use an ordinary lip pencil. Coverage with him will be short-lived, but for a photo shoot, this method will come off. Apply a pencil, blend with a cotton swab and fix with a transparent shine. Creating black lips for make-up Topic requires care, with the slightest error, you can use a cotton swab (remove excess product and adjust the shape) and concealer - apply it on a thin brush and go over it below the contour of the lips.


Beautiful make-up comes down to creating a natural look - choose light pink, bodily shades that will ideally be combined with skin tone and eye color. The advantage of this type of make-up can be considered a visual increase in volume due to the bright pigment of lipstick, so it is ideal for naturally thin lips. Gradually, this makeup is as follows:

  • Create a three-dimensional contour, choose a pencil one-on-one to lipstick or one shade darker than the natural color of the lips;
  • Select the check mark above the lip and lightly walk along the top edge;
  • Lip up the lips and overlap the contour of the pencil;
  • Additionally, you can use the gloss of the color of lipstick - glossy finish will additionally add volume.

Natural nude make-up is suitable for creating a romantic, business and any other image. Nude is a new classic.


Semi-permanent makeup has stamina, and what exactly it will be - you decide.

  • A primer or regular tone foundation provides a solid base and coating for up to 12 hours - apply a drop of the product on pre-moistened lips;
  • There should not be a lot of foundation cream or foundation - a small pea is enough that needs to be shaded on the lips and slightly go beyond their contour;
  • Powder the surface with regular powder;
  • Create a contour and tint the surface with lipstick, blot a layer with a napkin;
  • Apply a little powder once again;
  • In the end - the finishing layer.

If the lipstick falls on the powder unevenly, it crumples and does not look very attractive, sprinkle your lips with water (so that the makeup does not drip) and blot with a napkin. Or reduce the amount of powder - it should not resemble plaster.


The technique of shading allows you to visually adjust the shape of the lips, make them larger or smaller, add variety to the makeup or make the lower part of the face an accent in the image. Ombre can be vertical and horizontal.

Vertical ombre means applying shades of straight vertical lines on the lower and upper lip.

  • A vertical strip of light shade in the center of the lips visually enlarges them;
  • If you put a strip of dark lipstick on light lipstick, it will visually reduce the lips;

Horizontal ombre uses different shades on the upper and lower lip.

  • Balance lips help technique of applying dark lipstick on the contour of the lips and light - in their center. Then they will be voluminous.
  • To focus on the upper lip will allow it to color in a uniform dark shade, you can put light lipstick on the bottom lip and draw the eyeliner line at the bottom with the first color.

For everyday make-up, make-up artists recommend using shades in the same color scheme, but in a different tone: light pink and dark, beige and brown. For a festive make-up, red and black will suit - paint your lips with red matte lipstick, apply black pigment to the corners of your lips (eyeliner will do) and blend it to the center. The unusual ombre technique allows you to create both theatrical and everyday make-up, it all depends on the chosen shades.

Beginners should not use more than two colors in one or use a stencil to distribute several pigments.

Sculpting Secrets

The problem of small thin lips is easily solved with the help of sculpture - the imposition of dark and light shades of proofreaders on certain parts of the face. Makeup artists secrets and walkthrough:

  • This technique will visually make the lips more voluminous: spread the highlighter above the upper lip, outline the sponges above and below the contour, select the check mark;
  • Apply a little highlighter to the lower parts, under the lips, without affecting the center and the corners;
  • To make the lips richer, apply a little highlighter in their center: make a "duck" and put a finger with a highlighter on the central area;
  • Glossy shine will help to give juiciness - apply it only on the center, without painting over the corners;
  • To smooth the asymmetry of the lips, paint the smaller of them with a lipstick a shade lighter than the main one.

Now let's talk about the correction in general:

  • Dark lip liner will help to make plump lips visually less - darken their corners;
  • Visually reduce lips will help lipstick with a matte finish. The darker the color, the smaller the lips will appear.

The contour pencil allows you to change the natural shape and volume, the main rule is to carefully shade the contour so that it is invisible. When drawing the contour of the lips, protrude no more than 1 mm - this will be quite enough, and do not get carried away drawing the lower lip, it is better to add the volume of the upper one.

Purple make-up is at the peak of popularity, and the main focus is matte finish. Red is an old new classic, today matte and glossy finish (including a semi-gloss) is relevant. "Wearing" red matte lipstick is particularly appropriate during the day, as well as crimson, lilac, pink and beige colors in combination with light brown, blond and dark curls. Makeup in gold tones - a great opportunity to emphasize the dark or tanned skin, give the charm of an aristocratic appearance. Gold should be not only on the lips, but also the eyes and cheekbones.

Professional makeup tips

To properly perform the makeup of the lips, follow the unspoken rules of specialists visage:

  • Once or twice a week, make a light scrub: store products, a mixture of honey and sugar, or a regular toothbrush (massage your lips with it while brushing your teeth) will do. It is necessary to make a peeling immediately before the make-up - it will remove the cornified cells and smooth the skin surface;
  • Every day, moisturize the skin with a balm and do not go outside without applying it;
  • Before creating make-up, experts advise you to apply a light moisturizing balm, hold it for 3-5 minutes and blot with a napkin.

The rules that must be considered when creating any makeup - from nude to fatal:

  • Use a pencil. It is easy for them to adjust the natural shape or modify it - add volume, remove asymmetry. Draw a pencil along the natural contour or slightly beyond it, to make the lips a little smaller, draw them directly on them (just above the natural contour).
  • Pencil pick in tone to the lipstick to create a classic makeup.
  • Apply lipstick from the center to the corners.
  • One more lifefack - powder the skin before applying the contour - this will allow the pencil to leave a saturated and resistant line. You can powder the sponges again after applying the first layer of lipstick before the second one.
  • Lipstick with a glossy finish will help to achieve a volumetric effect. Do not forget about the pencil - apply it, a little speaking for the natural contour.
  • Dark shades of lipstick visually "eat up" the volume of the lips.
  • True professionals apply lipstick or shine with a brush: it is convenient for her to put pigment in the corners of her lips and evenly distribute it in the center, besides, the brush controls the amount of lipstick and does not allow to overdo it.
  • To choose pink lipstick, focus on the shade of your own gums.
  • To visually make your mouth bigger, paint over the corners. If the lips are wide from nature, draw a lower and upper line with a pencil not to the end.

In the creation of make-up professional makeup artists turn to the oval of the face: if the face is round or oval, the rounded lines do not need anything to him - draw “straight” lips without excessive shapes. A lean rectangular or triangular person, on the contrary, curved lip shapes will be the way, like a finish gloss. Fashion trends also exist for makeup: today, in a trend, a combination of red and black, for example, scarlet lips and black eyeliner on the eyes or vice versa - a red liner and black matte lipstick. It is surprising that the fashionable lip coloring in natural shades is still preserved on the catwalk and in life.

Concealer will help to hide the nasolabial folds: apply it on the problem areas of the face, and lip gloss or lipstick with a light texture and a subtle tint. By the way, dark and heavy lipsticks often emphasize imperfect proportions and facial contour, so they are not always suitable for anti-age makeup.

With the help of a competent make-up, you can hide herpes: use light opaque lipstick, if a wound forms on the surface of the lip and an additional foundation, if it goes beyond the contours.

In this video tutorial, you will learn how to easily and visually enlarge lips with makeup.

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