Makeup with arrows

Makeup with arrows

It is said that the eyes are the window to the soul. Perhaps this explains why the fair sex pay great attention to eye makeup. On the other hand, women are often motivated by the simple desire to look beautiful and highlight their eyes, making them more expressive, more. For this purpose, various techniques and tools are used, and one of the most popular options for correcting the shape of the eyes is makeup with arrows.

What is makeup with arrows?

There are many different versions of this make-up, but the so-called Egyptian style has been considered a classic option for a long time. This makeup is very popular, it justifies its long history.

This type of make-up provides ample opportunities for experiments, because there is no single template that demonstrates how this makeup should look like. Usually, girls are guided by their own imagination and ideas, which they then embody in their eyes - either as makeup for every day, or as an evening look.

First you need to understand what types of arrows are and how they differ from each other. So:

  • Thin arrows They are a great way to highlight your eyes without doing a bright makeup. It will be convenient for the everyday image, because creating a barely noticeable arrows does not take much time. This procedure does not require a high level of skills.
  • Double arrow suitable for those girls who are tired of a fairly simple and unobtrusive make-up. That is why you can first make one arrow, and then - an active focus on the lower eyelid.
  • Feather arrowProbably one of the most versatile tricks. It is suitable for an everyday look with delicate tones, weightless textures and smooth lines. It will be the perfect solution for the evening. It is enough to change the color scheme, add a shimmer - and here is a luxurious image ready!

Features and benefits

In different situations, different options are required - for example, sometimes you need a gentle makeup that will look natural and make the image more “light”. In such cases, the arrows are indispensable to help create a beautiful, feminine and delicate look. On the other hand, this make-up is rather simple to transform into fatal and seductive, using a combination of arrows with red lipstick. She will act as an accent in this make-up, which will add seduction to the look of the girl.

In these two examples one can easily see that the arrows are a very versatile technique in visage. It can be used for various occasions and events occurring in life. It is thanks to this that the arrows will never go out of fashion and will always be popular.

Moreover, there are a large number of different variations of the arrows, which are already due to certain trends of the season. Recently popular arrows with feathering, which are famous for their versatility. They are perfectly combined with a bright make-up and perfectly fit into a gentle image. Universal and famous makeup with two arrows. However, planning to experiment, it is necessary to find out what kind of this make-up fits the individual external features. This must be borne in mind when choosing the color of the liner and pencil.

The colored arrows are a hit this season.Especially popular are not only multicolored, but also brilliant variants - they will create a different effect on the eyes, they will be able to correct their shape.

Many girls, choosing the color of the eyeliner, are guided by considerations of their favorite color, but this position is wrong, because it often leads to the creation of an absurd image. The palette of cosmetics must be combined with external data.

The classic version of this make-up is the black arrows, which gained popularity in the middle of the last century. This is due to the popularity of such Hollywood beauties as Marilyn Monroe and Audrey Hepburnwho all their views showed a luxurious image, where the main accent were let down eyes.

Black arrows are suitable for absolutely everyone, because it is an extremely universal shade that combines with any type of appearance and in any way. The only minus that can be found in this makeup is a possible visual reduction of the eyes. The smaller the eyes, the thinner the arrow should be. For this reason, the girls turn to colored eyeliners - they not only refresh the makeup, but also visually enlarge the eyes, creating the effect of an open look.

This is especially true for those women who have narrow eyes. This option is a great opportunity to correct them.

However, it is important to know that you need to choose a palette of pencils that will match the color of the iris.

As for the "shimmer" it is worth noting that they are able to give expressiveness to the look. Popular gold and silver liner. They will play interestingly both in sunshine and in evening light. Due to the intensity of such shades it is not recommended to use them in combination with bright shadows - when doing makeup for every day.

Kinds of make up

As noted above, the technique of the shooter is very diverse, to learn it is not so easy. However, in order to create a truly beautiful image, it is necessary to understand what options of visage exist.

Since the art of leading the eyes spread throughout the world from the East, then for a start it is worth considering the so-called oriental makeup. It is known that the main distinctive feature of the East Asian region is strictness in morals, which is reflected in all spheres of life, including the appearance of a girl.

It is because of this that women create a dull everyday make-up with the help of black arrows, which perfectly lengthen the eyes, making them almond-shaped (as some say, “cat”).

The so-called classic form of arrows originated at the turn of the 50s and 60s of the last century. In this version of the woman fails eyelids, not so much in order to adjust the shape of the eyes. They do this in order to give them empathy and an emphasis on this area. Since then, these images are often used by divas on the red carpet, various evening events. Today, stylists perform this technique with light, light shadows, because this creates additional contrast and gives the look dynamism.

Some girls like to create shocking looks, and for this they draw wide, thick arrows - following the example of the once popular Amy Winehouse. However, it is important to understand that the performer had a stage image that was not used very often in everyday life. This is the main mistake made by women: such decisions are not suitable for day makeup, because they are too bright for everyday look.

Moreover, these arrows categorically can not be used as makeup for the impending century, because they will make the facial expression tired, and the look - dull and heavy. Due to the intensity of the eyeliner, the eyes themselves will look small.

In these cases, you need to turn to light eye makeup, which will be presented, for example, nude shadows and the finest black, gray or brown arrows. The combination of the shadows of a natural palette and a not very catchy eyeliner is a fairly simple solution to create a simple, delicate and delicate make-up for every day.

Multi-colored and metallized cosmetics will be appropriate for an evening out. A look framed by gold or silver shine will amaze those around you with its beauty. The girl will be considered very brave, because even today, not every lady will decide to create such a catchy look.

We can recommend a smooth transition from classic to avant-garde as an intermediate version with colored arrows. Orange and crimson are hardly worth using in everyday life, because they require a professional approach and an understanding of the product specifics. But dark green, indigo or saturated wine will provide all girls with ample opportunities for experiments.

The main rule for creating any appearance is moderation. Agree, it looks ridiculous when a business lady comes to work with evening makeup, so you need to be guided not only by your imagination. It should be limited to the social context and activities to which this or that make up is performed.

What to draw?

Today, the beauty market is filled with a variety of cosmetic products, therefore, to create a “turnout” make-up, they use not only a pencil, but also many other means.

Very popular liquid eyeliner with brush. Such cosmetics will be an ideal option for those girls who have already trained and can confidently draw even arrows. When using this tool, it is necessary to take into account the liquid consistency of the product and not to overdo it with the amount of eyeliner on the brush, otherwise you will get thick wide arrows that go far from everyone. Excessive liner will be imprinted on the upper eyelid - it will only spoil the image.

These liners are available in various colors, including a metallized palette.

Eyeliner marker It has a number of advantages when compared with conventional liquid. Due to its shape, it lies comfortably in the hand, and the position of the marker directly affects the shape of the arrows and their direction. The problem of excess funds on the brush is absent here, because when applying this type of eyeliner, cosmetics are always used evenly and economically. The problem with this product is only that it dries quickly enough, so there is no way to correct the resulting errors. The tool should be used as carefully as possible.

Pencil is the traditional way to create such makeup. Such arrows will help to unobtrusively correct the shape of the eyes. You can not be afraid of mistakes, because the pencil is easily erased. For those who are just beginning to learn the shooters, the most suitable product will be a soft pencil - or a powder-based tool, which will result in a not very clear outline. However, it should be noted that with all the ease of use minus pencils is the fact that such a coating can smear or fade.

Shadows interesting because they allow you to create a soft make-up - for example, a feathered arrow, the basis for which is often the same shadows. This option is especially appropriate for a daily image, in which there are no clear lines, but there is lightness.

Eyeliners with gel or cream textures used mainly by professional makeup artists, because such cosmetics require a high level of skills and sufficient experience with complex tools. The arrows drawn in this way fit perfectly - nor do they dry out immediately when applied, so there is an opportunity to correct some shortcomings and inaccuracies.Moreover, gels and creams are persistent.

It is important to have with you special accessories for applying this product - flat beveled brushes.

It is important to understand that the choice of cosmetics depends on what effect you want to achieve. If the goal is to create a chic evening make-up with a slight touch of vintage, you should use a liquid eyeliner - perhaps using glitter and metallized particles. On the other hand, if you create a gentle makeup, you should turn to the shadows, pencils or various pigments. Such arrows will be equally advantageous to look at the daytime image, in the form of "soloists" of makeup, and at the evening.

The main thing is that the textures are combined with each other and are appropriate for a particular event.

Step by step application and used techniques

Having dealt with the types of makeup and the necessary tools, it is worth talking about how to make make-up. From the first time, the arrows are far from being obtained by everyone, so you should not be upset if you suddenly encounter errors. They are inevitable, and they can only be fixed by regular practitioners. To avoid most of the typical problems, you should understand the lesson where the process of creating eye makeup is described in stages.

Before applying eyeliner need to do the tone of the face. To do this conceal concealer problem areas. It is necessary to even out the tone of the face with a tonal tool. It is necessary to prepare the eyelids. To do this, they need to be degreased and put on them a special lotion, in which there is no alcohol, and after that - a primer.

If you plan to use shadows, you do not need to “play” with colors. It is better to use a nude shade - perhaps with light sparkles. This will create a natural image, which is especially important for summer makeup. On the other hand, if you create eye-catching eye makeup, then you should look at the dense consistency with a dark palette: blue, green, brown.

Henna arrows are especially beautiful, but this material is quite difficult to use, so it is not used very often. You can play on the contrast and create makeup with white or shiny arrows that looks avant-garde and revolutionary. Cover your eyes and carefully draw a line. If it turned out uneven, it can be corrected. To avoid mistakes, you can use special stencils that allow you to draw perfect arrows. It is better to draw thin lines, because it will be easier to add a few strokes than to remove errors.

Try to draw the arrows as close as possible to the lash line. To do this, you can pull a little eyelid. Paint the eyelashes with mascara, but avoid the effect of "spider legs". It reduces the cost of the image. The shooters look especially impressive with long (for example, false) eyelashes. Remember that the individual details of the appearance should be combined with each other, so match the lipstick to the shape, color and type of arrows. A win-win is to use a dusty pink tint as a coating on the lips.

To learn how to create perfect makeup, learn more step-by-step video instructions and practice more.

Who is suitable?

There are a huge number of ideas on the execution of arrows in make up. So who cares what:

  • For almond eyes arrows of any thickness, length and bend are suitable. The main thing - do not get involved in experiments, because this shape of the eyes is perfect. There is no need to correct something, but you can spoil everything. Therefore, for a girl with this type of eyes, it is better to use the time-tested options of the arrows: double, feather and classical.
  • Round eyes correction in the form of their elongation is necessary, therefore women use a liquid eyeliner, drawing a long arrow. This technique involves removing the arrow beyond the eye.
  • Asian You need to draw a wide line along the lash line. It is able to visually round the eyes, but it is important not to make the eyes heavy.
  • Girls who have deep-set eyesIt must be remembered that the line of the arrow should not be too hard and thick. Use soft textures and underline the lower eyelid with a white pencil. This will make the look “easy”.
  • With bulging eyes need to hide excess volume. To do this, use a not very saturated brown or gray (choose pencils). This will hide the puffiness under the eyes.
  • Visually highlight the upper eyelid You can, leading the arrow line to the temple - but not very much, so as not to get the effect of a heavy look.
  • The most difficult case in the makeup of the eye - hanging eyelid, it does not allow to fully unlock the potential of makeup and makes you refuse to use arrows. Even if they are done, all the same they will overlap the upper eyelid, which hangs over the moving part. In this case, it is necessary to limit the shadows and mascara. Even with these uncomplicated tools, you can create a luxurious makeup.

The shape of the eyes is not the only criterion by which the type of arrows should be selected. An important point is the color type - for example, brunettes and brown women are suitable for almost all shades of the eyeliner, but for blondes the choice is limited only to light and gray shades that will not contrast with the appearance.

Arrows - one of the most popular types of makeup that can transform a girl, making her look "open" and expressive. To achieve the right effect, you need to train a lot. Each time the eye make-up will get better and better, and the images will be luxurious, but at the same time delicate.

The arrows will help to emphasize the expressiveness of large eyes and visually enlarge small eyes. In this video, collected 6 options for different shooters.

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