Green Eye Makeup

Green Eye Makeup

There are very few green-eyed people on Earth - only about 2% of the world's population. It is believed that this is due to the inquisition. After all, green eyes have a special attracting power: they even folded verses and songs, they were mentioned in legends and fairy tales.

The time of empty superstitions has sunk into oblivion, but magnetism remains. And now the cute owners of emerald-colored eyes are looking for ways to emphasize natural beauty with makeup.


Makeup artists distinguish a rich range of shades of green eyes. Each is characterized by an individual selection of colors using shadows. It is based on emphasizing the natural beauty and depth of the eyes, giving them shine and expressiveness. Therefore, the first step in the successful makeup of green-eyed girls will be the determination of the shade of the iris.

There are only four main levels:

  1. Light green with gold streaks. They are somewhat reminiscent of the rays of the sun. This is the most common shade. There is a little secret when choosing palettes for such a gradient: the color of cosmetics can not be strongly pigmented, they do not use richer colors than the iris. It is important to stay exceptionally light options;
  2. Saturated green. It is the darkest of all shades of emerald eyes. The perfect choice would be warm brown colors. Cold is better to avoid - they give the look of transparency;
  3. Green with a grayish sheen. This is a very soft, attractive gradation. Its owners need to choose the most delicate palette of shadows. In some cases, you can use light green. But you need to be very careful not to interrupt the natural color of the eyes;
  4. Azure green with turquoise subtone. People sometimes call them blue-green. But it is not so. The most remarkable thing for their owners is that the perfect eyeliner and shades of blue will suit them.

No less important is the classification by color type. But they are by no means different; rather, some parallel can be drawn. All four points correspond to the "seasons", ranging from spring to winter.

  1. Spring-style girls are characterized by all light-colored skin, hair, eyes. Perhaps the presence of freckles. This is a warm color type, so when choosing a color range, you need to focus on warm shades. This concerns not only makeup, but also clothing and style in general;
  2. Summer. Girls cold color type. In addition, it is a type of contrasts - it is characterized by light skin and dark hair, or light skin and light ashy hair. "Summer" is the majority of the population of women in Russia;
  3. Autumn is warm. The skin is rather light, pale, sunburning heavily. Hair - with a golden sheen. Among the owners of green eyes outweighs belonging to this color type. But the blue-eyed girls are automatically excluded;
  4. Winter. Cold type Rich dark hair, light skin, easy to tan - a classic example of a girl, "Winter". There are no women with red hair in this color type.

Another important feature - pick up makeup, suitable for age. After all, the main function of cosmetics - to hide the flaws and emphasize the advantages.

Age makeup - this is not an offensive phrase for a woman. Many begin to apply it after 30 years, as soon as the first clearly visible wrinkles appear.Here you can and even need to use cosmetics with a lifting effect, do not forget about proper care and thorough preparation of the face.

When applying beauty products, in addition to the eyes, very active attention is paid to tinting agents. Often, girls skip the advice about the base, but this is also quite important for the skin product - timely protection prevents many skin problems in the future.

And, of course, do not forget about clothes. If the clothes are casual, then the eyes should not stand out brightly and be an inappropriate bright spot. The whole image as a whole must be executed discreetly and technically. Selecting the option of an emphasis on the eyes for an evening dress, are already guided by other rules: combinations of color schemes, the decision to focus on or kakah or stick to the classics.

The main thing, remember that between the vulgarity and chic is a very thin line.

Color spectrum

And now we will understand more deeply in questions of selection of flowers.

Such a life hack is acceptable - a spectral circle. In it all the colors are numbered, adjacent gradations are located in the neighborhood, and opposite each other are successfully harmonized. You should choose the tone of the eye and see what color palette is in front of him. As a rule, these are contrasting, but harmonious tones.

When choosing a palette, the most important thing to remember is that you cannot mix warm and light colors.

Tri-color palettes are ideal for day makeup. For the evening, you can use more or make a classic smoky-eyes feathering.

  • For iris, combining the two ebb and shade can be described as a caret-green, all the gradations of violet, green closer to the khaki, marsh-green, pale lilac shadows will suit perfectly;
  • With the predominant emerald color, the eyes are already considered green-brown. In this case, you should choose peach, copper, golden shades;
  • Quite a common type of gray-green ebb in the eyes. The main rule for their owners is not to use blue shadows. Not just bluish, but also including all tones and half tones in the list: blue, azure, turquoise, aqua. It should be chosen colors of gray, black, green, peach, plum, cold pink shades. The main rule is that blue does not fit gray, avoid it on your eyelids;
  • There are green and blue eyes. They are often referred to as chameleons. Everything is simple here: any light shades will do;
  • Also found another type - the eyes, which are called cat. This is such a golden-green play in the iris. There are quite a few intersperses of different shades of yellow. Makeup artists advise using a shade a little lighter than the shade of the iris. And if the girl has red hair, then golden shades are perfect;
  • As for monophonic emerald eyes, with or without impregnations, the following rule applies - use the colors that are present in the iris. Whether it is shades of green or yellow, golden, brown interspersed with inclusions.

How to choose cosmetics?

To apply a flawless green-eyed girl, you will need a basic set of cosmetics - tonal tools, shadows, eyeliner (if you want to make an oriental make-up or simply emphasize the volume of your eyelashes with arrows), mascara, eyebrow-drawing product, lipstick or glitter of a suitable style.

There are colors that do not fit green-eyed girls. And these enemies need to know in person:

  • Blue and all its shades. For gray-green eyes is not suitable categorically, but for a shade of aqua can be used. The remaining shades of the eyes do not harmonize well with the blue shadows;
  • The black. Arrows, eyeliner of this color can significantly weight look. Therefore, it is better to use dark brown colors of pencils, eyeliners and shadows. This rule applies to daily options, while creating a bright festive makeup black eyeliner would be quite appropriate. Especially for big eyes.Long arrows will look very impressive;
  • Pink. This is not a categorically inappropriate color - for some owners of green eyes, it still fits. But it is better to use cold, light shades of pink. And forget about him if you have dark skin;
  • Silver. Let's leave it with owners of gray eyes, and green-eyed eyes get golden and emerald shades. There are lots of great ideas with shimmering shadows as a highlight in makeup;
  • Cold bronze shades are best avoided - they will give the look of gravity. And deep-set eyes will not distinguish, but on the contrary, they will make an exhausted look.

As for shimmer and matte shadows, you can use both. Makeup they can not spoil. It all depends on the type of event for which it is intended. For evening, shimmer suits are best, and for everyday wear, nudes.

Eyeliner Green-eyed girls are not recommended to use a black eyeliner. It is better to replace it with dark brown or coal-gray. But, whatever one may say, black is best for evening makeup, so it should be in the arsenal.

Also palettes can be selected, focusing on the color of hair. Brown and red-haired girls will suit brown shades, brunettes - shades of lilac, peach and purple. Blondes - olive tones with a golden sheen.


The main rule of creating a flawless make up is that it must be matched to the event or place for which it is being performed. At work, for every day, gatherings with friends and parties, makeup styles will be quite different. The main thing is to strictly observe the line between them.


It is suitable for everyday use - for work, business negotiations, for an “unexpected” meeting with old acquaintances. The peculiarity of this makeup - it is almost imperceptible, very light. Restraint, modesty, naturalness - three whales. Do not use for the correction of bronzer, shimmer shadows, bright colors from the palette. The same technique is used to carry it out for a round face, for an oval, and for other types.

Evening (festive)

When performing it, the master of visage is not afraid to apply the most catchy and shining gradients of shadows and liner. Such a make up is done on a party, birthday, date.

When you create it you should not be afraid to experiment - often the more shades shaded, the better. The main rule is that everything is done carefully and there are no blots left. Primary colors for use are harmonious and reflecting colors of the iris. The faithful assistant will serve as a spectral circle.

It is in this type of makeup that expressive arrows are used, which gives some oriental beauty to girls. You can make an Arab make-up by brightly highlighting the eyes and eyebrows. The entire outline of the eye is drawn, in a circle, and a fat black arrow is drawn from above. The image is completed with golden shimmer shadows.

If you know that the event will be a pale lighting, you need to do a discreet make-up, which still will give some emphasis on the face. This is achieved through the use of transitional colors of the shadows. Shimmer fit, black arrows are also appropriate.

If you have bleached hair, it will look good gloss on the lips.


This type of makeup is gaining more and more popularity. This is a gentle natural make-up, which can be both everyday and evening option. This option is a perfect summer - there is no need to apply a lot of cosmetics, you adjust the amount of tonal resources yourself. Their main task is to create a smooth tone of the face, not a wax mask.

How to apply?

The basic technique of applying decorative cosmetics for eyelids is one, and it is quite simple - three gradients of a harmonious tone are selected - a dark shade, slightly lighter and transparent.Through all the mobile eyelid, slightly going beyond the outer edge of the eye - in order to lengthen it, the darkest tone is shaded. Under the brow up to the mobile eyelid, they put a medium tone and carefully shade it. And the most difficult stage is completed with a predetermined transparent shade along the outer edge under the eye (lower eyelid). Complete the entire make-up eyeliner and mascara. That's all the description of a beautiful make-up in stages. We will analyze step by step each of the species.

To do day makeup, the following operations are performed:

  • Masking skin irregularities. The main base is applied, dense concealer and foundation sunscreen are used;
  • Be sure to use the base under the shadows. We do not need, by the end of the working day, all efforts to roll into unpleasant lumps and accumulate in the corners of the eyes;
  • On the upper movable eyelid, careful shading of light, sometimes white shadows from the palette is carried out. It is golden, beige, pale pink;
  • To emphasize the clear line of the eye, a thin line is drawn from the middle of the eye to the outer corner. Sometimes it is more convenient to do it in the opposite direction. Tools - a pencil or a thin brush. It is not advisable to make the line dark, in the classic recommended version it is green;
  • Symmetrically, the same operation is performed on the lower border of the eye. Correctly taking the gradient is a bit lighter than the one used previously - such manipulation will make the eyes more wide open;
  • Apply a second layer of shadows. In the recommended example, it is marsh green. When selecting shades on their own, it is not recommended to take contrasting colors;
  • Everything is carefully shaded, eyelashes are covered with mascara.

Nude makeup is done as follows:

  • Primer, base for make-up are used. Although this is the most natural of all the options, the skin tone must be aligned. Therefore, do not forget about the foundation and powder;
  • For nude makeup apply a gentle pastel blush. They are applied gently with a fluffy brush on the apples of the cheeks;
  • As for the eyes, they emphasize the dark brown line at the growth of eyelashes. It is best to use a pencil, rather than a shadow or eyeliner;
  • Mascara is applied with only one layer. Often they use not even black, but brown mascara;
  • If desired, you can curl eyelashes tweezers, but this is not necessary;
  • If you want to use the shadows, then you should choose pastel pale shades or even white;
  • Be sure to adjust the eyebrows. But this is done with shadows, not with a special wax pencil - everything should be natural;
  • On the lips do not apply gloss. Use matte lipstick in soft colors and shade it with your fingers.

How to make an evening makeup:

  • Alignment of tone of the face. Resistant tonal aids are used for practical reasons - you can sweat, and poor-quality cosmetics will gather into lumps;
  • Drawing and edging eyebrows in the usual way;
  • Under the outer tip of the eyebrow is applied a shimmer or light shadows;
  • A warm and rich shade of shadows that matches the milestone reaching the eyebrow is chosen from the palette suitable for the natural tone of the iris;
  • A darker tone is applied to the moving part of the century with a second layer, possibly a golden or shimmer gradient from a palette;
  • Also with golden glitter shadows can highlight the corner of the eye near the nose and down. Be sure everything is well shaded;
  • The lower eyelid under the eyelashes is distinguished by brown shades. Shaded;
  • A black wide arrow is drawn with a liquid eyeliner. Its tip is removed by a moving eyelid by 0.5-1 cm and lifted upwards;
  • Apply mascara in 3 layers;
  • Lips should be highlighted with bright lipstick only if there are neutral shadows on the eyes and they are not a bright accent of the image. Then this emphasis can be lips. In all other cases, use a dull matte lipstick or colorless gloss.

Makeup artists secrets

Professionals have their own secret maneuvers to get the best effect from the use of decorative cosmetics. Many such tricks are kept in the strictest confidence, but some are still available.

For a successful accentuation of small eyes, the main task is to open the eyes wide. You can not do smoky makeup, "cat's eye", summed up and on the lower mucosa of the eye. Such manipulations will only make the eyes narrower and smaller. To emphasize them, you need:

  1. Use light shades of shadows. In our case, it is also a warm tone. With light skin, pink gradients are allowed;
  2. Carefully monitor the skin around the eyes. - mimic wrinkles, swelling, blue under the eyes will only visually reduce their size. And besides, in itself it looks ugly. Therefore, we carefully care for our skin, and if it is difficult to fight wrinkles, then masks and lotions from edema and blue can be done regularly;
  3. Eyebrow fracture. This manipulation also makes the eye more open. Underground space increases, which should be lightened with light shades;
  4. Eyelashes can be tinted on both the upper and lower eyelids. Only if at the top we actively select them, then at the bottom we only make them more visible. You can use brown mascara.

In 2017, actual arrows, long eyelashes, nude lipstick. Classic smoky-eyes, bright lips, metallic (you can use sparkles).

Tips for age make-up: no matter how old you are - 30, 50, or more, if the skin loses its elasticity, then make-up is used much more often than while it is in good condition.

So, the main points:

  • Avoid bright colors. It all depends on age and solidity. In 40 years, you should not paint the bright purple shades or bright red. It is better to choose the matte shades of these colors, if they suit you and are in harmony with the selected image;
  • Glitter on the lips - not the best beauty tool. They don’t even go to all teenagers. In addition, they accumulate the harmful effects of sunlight, which has a very negative effect on such delicate skin;
  • Arrows will look inappropriate. A great alternative to them is the drawing of the upper lash line and a slightly raised tip of the line up;
  • For women with gray hair very light blue or pale brown eyeliner;
  • The texture of the shadows is important. Cream should not be used - they very quickly roll off and gather in the crease of the century.

How to make a day makeup for green eyes, see the following video.

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