Makeup with red lipstick for brunettes

Makeup with red lipstick for brunettes

Bright red lips - this accent, which in the makeup is not all girls. But here brunettes, with their expressive appearance of lipstick saturated red shades very even fit. With the help of a red cosmetic product, you can easily create both an everyday look and a spectacular make-up solution. From this article you will learn which shades of red are suitable for whom, and how to choose a lipstick in such a way as to maximize the benefits of your appearance.


Red lipstick is not a luxury at all, but a necessity. In almost every girl's cosmetics bag there is at least one of the existing red lipsticks. Especially if you are a spectacular brunette who wants to emphasize her sexuality.

First of all, it is worth mentioning that red lipstick, like all others, can be presented in a different form. The most common option is classic glossy. Depending on how brilliant the product you need, you can choose simple varnishes or lip products with a light shimmer. The most popular option is a light gloss that looks appropriate and neat.

In addition to this classic, the trend is now also matte lip. Lipsticks with a matte or satin finish make makeup more “expensive” and are popular among girls and women of different ages. Such lipstick combined with impeccable tone and evening dress will complement your ideal look on the way out.

How to choose?

In order to choose a beautiful lipstick, which will be beneficial to emphasize the features of your appearance, you need to know what to look for. Many girls consider red lipstick makeup too provocative, but in reality it is not. Makeup with red lips will suit all young ladies who want to look impressive at any time of the year. This color gives confidence, so many of the fair sex use it for evening receptions and festive events.

When choosing a product for makeup lips, you need to consider that the brighter the lipstick, the whiter your teeth, because bright lipstick will highlight the yellowness of your enamel. The same applies to products with a yellowish or brown subtone. Try to buy a product with a beautiful cold subtone that will not spoil your appearance.

When buying color cosmetics should be tested on your skin. After all, if you pay attention to the tester on white paper, then the product will eventually look different from your skin. So, if there is no possibility, or you do not want to put the product on the lips, then it is enough just to distribute the color on the lips.

Lipstick is matched to the color of the eyes and under the skin. Therefore you should not be surprised if the same makeup product does not suit you as a dark-skinned beauty. There are several primary colors of skin, under which red lipsticks are selected.

If you have light skin with a light pinkish subtone, then you are lucky, because you can use almost all shades of red. Girls with darker skin can buy the means of saturated dark shades. So, for example, you can choose a matte wine lipstick that will look luxurious on your lips. Especially good makeup with a burgundy shade looks like in the evening make-up.

European skin often has a beautiful olive undertone.If this is true for you, then lipsticks of soft shades are perfect for you. They will not look inappropriate and spoil your image. Choose a red lipstick that will not make your skin more dull, or emphasize the shortcomings of the appearance.

What color is suitable?

Often stylists advise girls to choose the color of the product based on the color type. For dark brunette with dark skin and the same eyes, expressive lipstick of rich cherry color will do. For swarthy blondes should not choose a lipstick with a light tone. So, orange or brown lipstick on your lips will not look so impressive.

Girls with light skin, that is, the winter type of brunettes is almost any lipstick. Best of all, it goes classic red with a wine undertone. When choosing a lipstick, stylists recommend applying it on the wrist to check how tightly this tool covers the skin, and how the shade looks like.

The color of your eyes also plays an important role. Let's look at how to pick up lipstick so that it maximally favorably emphasizes the beauty of your eyes.

Brown eyes

Brown-eyed girls are best suited as rich shades of red. At the same time, they can have a subtone of any kind, even light pink, even beige. All of them will look on your face for maximum benefit. Brown-eyed brunettes, even without make-up, look very impressive, so whatever product you choose, they all make your appearance only better.

Green eyes

For green-eyed and dark-haired beauties they create many beautiful berry shades. Lipstick dark pink, almost currant tone is perfect for brunettes with green eyes, as well as the classic scarlet, which looks like juicy cherries. Choose interesting shades, and your look will become more drowsy, and the color - saturated.

With blue eyes

For fair-skinned, blue-eyed girls, stylists are advised to choose a pink-tone lipstick. Such lipstick looks best on classic blondes of the Slavic type, but also brunettes with blue eyes can choose a product with a pink undertone and not be disappointed. Such bright lipstick will dilute your image and make it many times more interesting and brighter in several shades.

With gray eyes

Gray-eyed girls are advised to choose a cold lip glosser. If your appearance is bright and cold enough, then the lip product must be matched with the appropriate one — not too warm, but not pink.

Fashionable shades

It would seem that red lipstick is the simplest cosmetic product in which there is nothing interesting. But in fact, he has many interesting shades. Even without mixing this lip liner with other shades of lipstick or pencils, you can get an interesting makeup option.

If you like dark lipstick, then saturated maroon, wine or plum lipstick will definitely appeal to you. These shades of the girls are most often chosen for the fall, when the makeup can be a little more dramatic than usual. Also makeup with dark lipstick is well suited for luxurious evening bows, complemented by expensive jewelry.

To create a neutral make-up, select not too bright tones of red. Of course, the red color is more noticeable and spectacular than nude, but it can also be worn on a daily basis. Peach, beige or brown undertones make the classic cherry shade more interesting. In addition, such lipstick will suit even those who, in principle, do not wear red on their lips, considering it too fatal.

All purple shades of red fondant look interesting. Plum, lilac, or fuchsia is now in trend, as well as scarlet lipstick with such a subtone. These colors make the image more unusual, and are not all. Unusually look and lipstick with a pink or raspberry shade.But they are able to significantly revive the image of a brunette.

Shades of coral, orange or brown are now less popular. But if you like these tones, and they are well suited to the peculiarities of your color type, then you should not neglect the reddish red hues. Tones of red lipstick today, there is a huge amount. Therefore, you can calmly select exactly the tone that you like and is right for you among the range from any manufacturer.

Makeup options

With a red tint, you can create many interesting makeup options. In everyday life, red lips may seem too bright, but this will only make your image noticeable and spectacular. “Make friends” red lipstick with base shadows, do not get fooled by liner and highlighters, and your image will look good both on a walk and on a date.

For every day you should choose not too bright lipstick, which will be beneficial to emphasize the features of your appearance. First you need to create the perfect base for makeup, cleansing the skin, moisturizing it, and evening the tone of the face. Remember that red lipstick is able to emphasize all, even the most subtle flaws in appearance. So they need to be carefully adjusted with the help of a concealer, a pencil or a light layer of powder. Only, creating a perfect background, you can wear red lipstick and not worry that it will highlight all the redness.

After that you need to emphasize the eyes with mascara. If you like the option of makeup with arrows, then they should be done just at this stage. Until the moment when you begin to highlight the lips, everything else should already be perfect.

Evening make-up is more complex and interesting. In this case, you can focus on the eyes. But in order for everything to look organic, the eyes should not be isolated too much. For the evening, a neutral smoky Smokey suit. They are perfectly combined with red fudge. You can also use eyeliner to draw graphite arrows that will make your look look spectacular.

For brunettes red lipstick may well be used in a wedding makeup. In this case, the eyes should be carefully emphasized with light shadows, so that against the background of the white dress your face would not be too bright. Especially good red lipstick looks on the background of a dress with a scarlet ribbon instead of a belt. Or, if you complement your image of the bride with spectacular decorations or shoes of an unusual color.

In general, makeup with red color is done according to certain standards. But you can safely change everything on your own, adjusting the standard makeup for themselves. The main thing is that you do not combine too many bright accents, otherwise the makeup will turn out really vulgar, and you will remain disappointed with your way in general.

Application Tips

There are certain subtleties of applying red lipstick, which should be remembered to create a truly beautiful makeup. So, for example, in order not to permanently correct your make-up, powder your lips or use a base before applying lipstick. Lips do not hurt, and the color does not spoil. Makeup will still look neat and beautiful.

But if your lips are naturally too dry or spoiled by matte lipsticks, then you should use a moisturizing base on the contrary before you make up. It can be hygienic lipstick or even a simple children's cream. Such a soft tool will make the cracks less noticeable, and the skin - softer. Also, many manufacturers make lipstick, which is already supplemented with components that help moisturize the lips. If you buy such lipstick, then it can be used even on a daily basis, without fear that your lips will crack and be covered with microcracks.

You can create beautiful makeup using red lipstick even without using a contour pencil. The main thing is very clearly draw the line with lipstick.If something goes a little wrong, and you go beyond the edges, then everything can be corrected with a simple cotton swab dipped in warm water. A neat contour and a make-up can be made more effective by a concealer or a light pencil. Circle the lips along the contour and gently blend the line along the contour so that it is not too clear.

But if you have the opportunity, it’s better still to use a lip liner pencil - so you will make them noticeably plumper and more beautiful. And if you have them slightly asymmetrical, then also correct this shortcoming. And then red lipstick will really look on your lips as sexy as possible.

It is also important not to forget that in order for red lipstick to look good on you, the rest of the makeup must be perfect. Adjust the flaws, make the correct eyebrow shape, and then make-up as a whole will be spectacular and stylish. If you choose “your” lipstick and apply it according to all these rules, then this cosmetic product can be one of your favorites.

Spectacular brunettes who are not afraid to attract attention to themselves, red lipstick fits perfectly. This is the easiest way to profitably emphasize its advantages and divert attention from the minuses. So, you can safely experiment with different tones of lipstick, without fear of someone else's opinion and not thinking about stereotypes.

This video presents 3 lip makeup options with red lipstick.

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