Eyebrow permanent makeup

Eyebrow permanent makeup

Graceful eyebrows, having a well-chosen shape, color and bend, are able to beautify a face, divert attention from its flaws and emphasize beauty and shine of the eyes. For the correction of eyebrows in the case when they lack expressiveness, various techniques of permanent makeup are used.

What it is?

Permanent makeup is a cosmetic procedure that helps improve the appearance of existing eyebrows. With its help, you can drastically adjust their contour, paint over rare eyebrows, add color and brightness to bright, inexpressive eyebrows and generally eliminate the need for daily care.

In addition, such a correction can significantly increase the self-esteem of people who do not have natural eyebrows as a result of illness, genetic problems or medical procedures.

The basis of all the techniques used in applying permanent makeup is the penetration of the coloring pigment under the skin, so you can surely call this procedure a type of classical tattoo.

Does it hurt?

As you know, any tattooing is performed with the use of needles that have a different thickness and make the dye under the client's skin. An anesthetic is applied to the surface of the skin before injecting, usually a gel containing an anesthetic substance (for example, lidocaine).

Judging by the reviews of girls who have made permanent eyebrow makeup, this procedure is quite painful, the degree of discomfort depends on the chosen technique and on the individual pain threshold of the person.

The least painful is the process of powder spraying, this is due to the small depth of punctures and the fact that this technique does not require a dense filling of the entire eyebrow space with pigment. However, a minus of such a technique can be called a much shorter preservation of the result: powdery eyebrows will last a year and a half. The most painful feelings are described by clients who have made themselves a classic tattoo procedure designed for a period of three to five years.

Types and methods

Beauty salons that provide services for applying permanent eyebrow makeup call this procedure a variety of different names. Methods of applying tattoo on the surface of the eyebrows, currently used, can be reduced to three main types:

  • Hair tattoo of eyebrows, which may be classical (European) or Eastern;
  • Microblading, also called 6D technology, biotatutage, HD line brows, eyebrow micropigmentation 6D;
  • Powder eyebrow spraying techniques that have other names: tattooing with shading, stitching, velvet spraying, watercolor, pixel, dotted, shadow, etc.

What is the difference?


This technique got its name from the method of drawing used by the master. When applying the pigment, he draws each of the imaginary hairs in the pattern, creating their length, thickness, direction of growth. When using a technique called European hair, the drawn eyebrows are about the same length and lie in the direction of growth. The Eastern technique is more complicated, it requires the master to imitate a natural intersection of hairs that have different length and shade, while the tattoo looks more natural.

Putting a pigment is carried out by means of the special machine. The effect lasts from three to five years.


With this method of applying tattoo, the hairs are drawn more subtly, they have different thickness, imitates their natural curvature and various shades.In this case, the penetration of the dye occurs at a shallower depth of the epidermis, which means that the pain from the injections is less sensitive and healing is faster.

When conducting microblading, a handle is applied, which differs from a tattoo machine by a more benign effect. Applied eyebrows require additional correction, which is carried out after a half or two months. The effect lasts about three years.

Powder technology

This procedure is multi-layered, the final appearance of the eyebrows, their saturation and the period for which the effect will last will depend on the number of corrections. When performing this correction, the master device, which looks like a felt-tip pen, sprays the smallest spray of pigment under the skin, creating an eyebrow outline according to a pre-selected pattern.

The duration of the pigment is about a year, durability and color saturation will depend on the number of corrections.

Often, an experienced master can recommend a client to combine some of the techniques for a more natural effect.

How do?

All types of permanent eyebrow correction performed in the salon.

It is very important to choose an experienced master with a good artistic taste, who is a specialist in permanent eyebrow makeup. An inexperienced technician may inadvertently draw eyebrows in a very unexpected form. Of course, in the case of an unsuccessful tattoo, panning can be eliminated using laser removal, but we must remember that this can lead to damage to the hair follicles, and eventually to the loss of the existing eyebrow.

It is important to start taking allergy medications even before visiting the salon, approximately three days before the prescribed procedure. On the day of the visit, you should not get carried away with coffee or drink alcoholic beverages, which can contribute to excessive bleeding from the punctures, since this will also cause the pigment to flow out along with the ichor, which will negate the application of paint.

Initially, the client, together with the wizard, selects the form — the template and the technique in which the correction procedure will be performed. This stage takes quite a long time, not less than an hour, because the appearance of the eyebrows will depend on the well-chosen template and the compliance of the technique of execution. The shape of the template is applied to the skin surface with a cosmetic pencil.

A good master will surely explain exactly how the pigment will be applied to the tattoo, natural or synthetic. He will also do a test for possible allergies.

Before the procedure, an anesthetic gel is applied to the skin surface, which contributes to the anesthesia of this area. During the tattooing procedure, disposable needles are required, which the master opens immediately before the performance.

The drawing should be applied only in the sitting position of the client. If the master offers to lie down, there is a danger of getting eyebrows of various thickness.

When applying the hair tattoo, the punctures are made to a small depth inside the epidermis, but this is enough to cause blood or lymph to start to stand out from the wounds. Microblading is a more benign technique. The least traumatic will be powdery feathering, which is considered a bloodless procedure, in which the pigment is sprayed into the upper layer of the epidermis.

The time required for the master to apply the pattern will also vary depending on the chosen technique. On average, work on each eyebrow takes from half an hour to an hour.

Adverse reactions to treatments may include local irritation, swelling, pain, redness, and the risk of infection. In addition, a hematoma may occur in the application area. Although the risk of infection is very low, if sterile needles are used during the procedure, the infection can still penetrate wounds. Signs of infection may include severe swelling, drainage of the wound and fever.If an infection occurs, antibiotics may be needed to avoid complications such as scarring, so you will need to consult a doctor.

Usually after the end of the procedure, the master instructs the client in detail on how to behave for the best healing of tattooed areas and gives out a tube of anti-inflammatory ointment.

How much is holding up?

Permanent eyebrow makeup can last from several months to five years. How long a beautiful and well-groomed edge lasts depends on several factors:

  1. Selected application technique;
  2. Pigment used;
  3. The number of corrections.

The eyebrows made in the hair technique will last for the longest time, they can last for more than three years (maximum up to five years), especially if the dye contains inorganic pigments. Vegetable dye will collapse faster, especially during peelings and other cosmetic procedures, rather than mineral. In any case, you should not expose permanent eyebrows to similar influences.

In no case can not apply a tattoo of eyebrows with the same colors that are used to perform classical tattoos. In this case, the picture will last a lifetime, while acquiring a bluish tint.

Eyebrows made in the microblading technique will require mandatory correction in a month and a half, because the pigment is applied shallowly under the skin and therefore is rejected faster by the body. The client's skin type is important, since on oily and high-regenerating skin the pattern will disappear faster. Perhaps a fragmentary fading of the eyebrow, with a timely correction in the salon will help to correct the situation.

How long the powder coating will last depends on the number of layers of paint applied to the skin. Usually in one visit to the studio you can make one layer of spraying, maximum two. Moreover, the effect lasted about a year, you need about five layers of the dye. These nuances should definitely negotiate with the master when choosing the technique of performance.

Comparison before and after

After applying a permanent makeup on the eyebrows, they will look noticeably more well-groomed, as if they were just tinted at any time of the day and in all weather conditions. Especially it is effectively shown during a rest at sea or in a hike, in conditions when there is no time to do makeup.

After the hair drawing, the eyebrows will get their permanent appearance in about 8-10 days, although you can see the approximate result when you exit the salon. The color obtained immediately after the application of the pigment will be brighter and more saturated, later it will find its true shade. The shape of the eyebrows will remain the same that the master drew, although if the client does not like something, it can be corrected, but only in the direction of increasing the area.

Microblading will also allow you to see a preliminary result in the first minutes after drawing the pattern, then the color will fade, partially pigment will be rejected by the body, and therefore, after 40 or 45 days, corrective painting will be required.

The most impressive look immediately after the application of contour makeup eyebrows, made using the technique of powder spraying. They are immediately “alive”, rather thick, beautifully and softly feather. The color will fade within a month, it can even completely disappear, which is caused by the rejection of the coloring pigment by the body's immune system, so you should not wait for a similar result, it is better to come to the correction early and keep the eyebrow contour that you like and become familiar. At the same time, if the eyebrow design during this time seemed to the client not entirely successful, she can wait for the pigment to wash out and redo it with the new template.

Care after the procedure

After finishing the work, the master must consult the client about how long the tattoo heals and how to care for the eyebrows at this time in order to get the best result. On the first day of the injection site, it tingles; some girls even say that they have to take pain pills. Eyebrows look unnaturally bright, edema can appear, they must be moistened with chlorhexine solution every hour, treated with ointment "Bepanten +". On the second day, the reddening may pass, but it is still necessary to continue the treatment with disinfectants, not to wet the eyebrows with water and not to go outside, so as not to cause an infection. After 2 days, the edema subsides, but the color of the eyebrows remains excessively saturated; still requires care in the form of a healing ointment.

After three days, crusts appear on the eyebrows, which itch a lot, cannot be torn off, since the pigment can fall off along with them; they must be treated with a healing ointment and wait until they come off themselves. The fifth and sixth days of the crust are gradually exfoliated, leaving lighter brows that have an almost finished look. The final color of the eyebrows is obtained only in a month. During the entire period of healing can not wet his eyebrows, go to the sauna or pool.


In the case when the form, lines or location of permanent eyebrow makeup does not suit their owner, you can remove the drawn contours, but this is associated with some difficulties.

The easiest way to remove the tattoo, made with plant pigments. This applies to all types of techniques. Powder coating is also easily washed off, since it is applied very shallowly and the epidermis, being updated in a natural way, gets rid of the dye.

Wash off an objectionable shade, lightening permanent makeup with several tones can help professional tattoo bleaching fluid or 3% hydrogen peroxide solution.

In order to completely remove the picture, you have to carry out laser removal of makeup. For persistent mineral dyes will need several sessions.

What is better - microblading or tattoo?

The question that many girls ask when choosing which particular technique to use for permanent eyebrow makeup may sound somewhat different. It is worth comparing the hair method with microblading, since they have similar methods of drawing eyebrow hairs, the difference is only in the openness of the lines. In this comparison, the microblading technique undoubtedly has an advantage, since the drawing is more subtle and natural.

Advantages and disadvantages

When girls decide to create a permanent make-up, they are well aware that this procedure has both undoubted advantages and disadvantages.

The positive points include the following:

  1. Permanent eyebrow makeup adorns the face, making it more expressive and well-groomed;
  2. Helps girls who have inexpressive eyebrows look brighter and more spectacular;
  3. This is a fashion trend that is at the peak of popularity at this time;
  4. Eyebrow tattoo saves time to create a make-up;
  5. Allows you to be "fully prepared" on the beach or hiking;
  6. If the eyebrows had any pronounced defects (uneven hair growth, bald spots, scars, age spots), they can be hidden.

Cons of permanent eyebrow makeup are understandable, if we recall that this procedure has a lasting effect:

  1. Unsuccessfully executed drawing is difficult and expensive to reduce, especially if it is made with mineral pigment using hair drawing techniques;
  2. This procedure is very painful and requires several days to heal wounds (the exception is powder coating);
  3. With regular permanent makeup you can damage the follicles of eyebrow hairs and disrupt their growth;
  4. Hair tattooing is not worth trying for girls who have oily skin, since the lines will subsequently spread out and become ugly;
  5. Lynerhist (master of permanent makeup) can make mistakes that even cannot be blamed on him, a not very beautiful eyebrow bend or a poorly chosen shade.


To carry out the procedure of applying permanent makeup in some cases should not be. A complete contraindication is the presence of such serious diseases as:

  1. Diabetes;
  2. Oncological diseases;
  3. Epilepsy;
  4. HIV;
  5. Serious cardiovascular pathology.

Partial contraindications (until recovery) will be such conditions as:

  1. Conjunctivitis;
  2. Blepharitis;
  3. Colds;
  4. Scratches and inflammations in the area of ​​tattooing;
  5. Monthly.

Is it possible to do during pregnancy?

Pregnant women often want to look well-groomed and beautiful in any situation. Therefore, they decide on the procedure of creating a permanent make-up. But it should be understood that all manipulations with the body during this period can affect the health of the unborn child. powder coating, which is not so painful and does not bring a significant amount of pigment into the body.

How much is?

The cost of permanent eyebrow makeup in salons differs depending on the technique used. The price is also influenced by the amount of paint, the popularity of the salon, the level of professionalism of the master, the cost of anesthesia.

On average, prices for the initial application of tattoo in the hair technique or microblading range from 3 thousand rubles to 7 thousand. Correction costs two times less.

Powder equipment will cost much more - from 7 thousand rubles. up to 15 thousand


The girls, who decided to tattoo eyebrows, write in the reviews about all kinds of "pitfalls" that occur along the way. Most often they complain about “Krivoruk” masters who can spoil the shape of eyebrows, incorrectly choose the color of the pigment (everyone can interact with a certain skin type in different ways) or work the surface unevenly. Many find it difficult to endure the pain during the procedure and during the first days of healing. There are complaints that over time such eyebrows can change color to blue or blue-green and generally look like a tattoo.

Therefore, the advice presented in the reviews comes down to one thing: the choice of the master is the key to the success of the procedure and obtaining exactly the appearance of the eyebrows that will please the client.

In the next video nA permanent make-up of eyebrows using the hair technique with a 3D effect.

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