"Smoky eyes"

Smoky eyes

In the modern world, women with a huge choice of makeup styles remain true to the classics, the standard of which has been the “smoky eyes” make-up for a long time. He is laconic in any situation and emphasizes the beauty of a female face of various types.

What is "smoky eyes"?

Based on the name, which translates from English as “smoky look”, a vivid emphasis on the eyes is an integral feature of this make-up style. Thanks to a special technique of applying shadows, an effect of an alluring look is created. It attracts attention due to the smooth gradation of color from a calm to a rich dark or bright shade. Bright tone highlighted areas of the inner corner of the eye and under the line of the eyebrows. The rest of the fill in more saturated colors of the selected palette.

Appearance history

The style of smoky eyes appeared in the 20s of the XX century due to silent films. In the postwar years, this genre was popular in many countries. It was then that the actresses began to make bright eye makeup. It helped to express the feelings and emotions of the characters, made a strong impression on the audience and created a dramatic atmosphere. Abundant feathering around the eyes and red lipstick in the shape of a heart became the hallmark of the decade and the origin of the style famous for many years. For black and white cinema, there was no need to use blush. Eyebrows were plucked and lowered at the outer edges.

After the 30s of XX century, make-up has undergone many changes. But in the 70s, social upheavals and the rise of feminism contributed to a repeated smoky boom. The girls declared themselves, and in their extravagant make-up expressed a peculiar cry of the soul of a significant part of the female population of a restless era. He was supported by representatives of the rock industry developing in those years. They introduced style into everyday life and popularized smoky as a trendy version of evening makeup.

In the 21st century, the tendency has returned to arrest attention with the help of eyes, saturated with shadows. Look, "shrouded in mist" of various shades can now be seen in many Hollywood stars, socialites and fashion icons. But the rest of the fair sex does not lag behind celebrities and actively apply and improve the "smoky eyes" makeup technique.

Features and benefits

The main feature of the smoky make-up is feathering. Each component, starting with a pencil and ending with shadows, should be smoothly distributed over the surface of the eyelid, avoiding sharp boundaries between shades. Soft transitions of one color to another - the basis of makeup. They are needed to create the effect of haze.

Make-up "smoky eyes" is done using a wide palette of colors in addition to gray and black. But the basis is always three pre-selected shades that are in harmony with each other. They are selected in accordance with the characteristics of skin tone, hair, eye structure and other facial features. For example, beige, gold and chocolate tones are perfectly combined, suitable for girls with fair skin and green eyes. Using the "smoky" style, you can visually adjust the shape of the eyelids and the size of the eyes, making the color of the iris deeper and richer.

The lower eyelid should be outlined along the contour. The saturation of the shaded cosmetics in the inner corner of the eye should be much less than in the outer. Two or three layers of dark mascara is an important part of an evening smoky diva look. An exceptional feature of make-up is the replacement of red, hot pink, coral, orange lipsticks with pastels.Transparent or light lip gloss can be used as an alternative to lipstick. Such a contrast helps to emphasize the eyes and avoid the vulgarity in the image.

The undoubted advantage of "smoky eyes" is the ability to hide plump cheeks. With intensely highlighted eyes, the volume of the face visually decreases, becoming much more elegant. This technique is favorably used by many smokey make-up fans.

Types of makeup

For a modern girl, there are no strict regulations on the fact that Smokey can be worn only in the evening or solemnly. There are two main types of classic smoky make-up - it is daytime and evening. The basis of makeup for every day are bright, pastel shades. Smoky in natural colors perfectly complements the business image, and in combination with pale pink blush will perfectly decorate any summer bow. The evening version dilutes the style with rich colors, intensely highlighted eyelids give a share of charm.

In addition to everyday style, smoky eyes are actively used by representatives of various musical subcultures, starting with emo and ready and ending with the grunge flow. A characteristic feature of the Gothic variant is the dominance of black and dark gray color combinations in the make-up. Representatives of emo culture, in addition to dark, use color variations - golden, pink or purple hues. Bright make-up with sparkles and mother of pearl is inherent in the style of glam. Negligible makeup strokes are typical for the grunge industry.

But addiction to "smoky eyes" is dictated not only by the desire for self-expression. Depending on the shape of the eyes, girls choose shades that hide flaws. With a small eye size or a slightly overhanging eyelid, cold shades of violet or blue are used in "smoky eyes". In addition, you can emphasize the zone of growth of eyelashes, drawing elegant arrows with the eyeliner. A couple of layers of carcass will finally help to make the eyes wide open and mask the hanging eyelid.

A separate art form of modern visage is considered "smoky eyes" for a wedding. The main goal in creating the image of the bride is to highlight the contrast between the depth and rich eye color and the delicate dress of a light tone. The characteristic colors here are beige, coffee, mother-of-pearl. The contour pencil participates in a make-up absolutely a little, in order to avoid an excess of dark color. The bride, having chosen such a make-up, can be sure that he will only embellish her image, and that in all wedding photos her eyes will retain their expressiveness and radiance.

Who is suitable?

"Smoky eyes" is one of the few makeup options that goes for almost everyone, regardless of color type, face shape and size, features of national features and skin color. But each woman should take into account the specifics of her appearance when choosing colors for make-up. It is important to make up your eyes so as to focus on their color, to give it brightness and expressiveness.

Gray eyes are universal for decorative cosmetics of any shades. Coal and lead shadows will make the look more deep. These colors look particularly advantageous in combination with chocolate or agate tones of mascara. Brown-eyed girls are perfect dark shadow palette, including coffee and olive color, it is permissible to use lilac and lilac shades. Golden and emerald colors are a good choice to highlight the beauty of green eyes, while blue-eyed ones are better off choosing warm colors.

Adjusting the size of the eyes is a whole art that can be repeatedly brought to life with the help of "smoky eyes". Owners of small eyes should tint the mucosa of the lower eyelid with light shades. They give the look of openness, while the dark - even more narrow the incision. Cold and warm colors are suitable for the Asian type, but red and close tones should be avoided. They give the eyes the effect of inflammation and tears.

Blondes when creating a smoky make-up should use black very carefully or replace it with a beige, brown or gray color. They will make the image more natural. Dark-haired girls, on the contrary, should not be afraid to use dark colors and emphasize eyelashes with mascara with the effect of volume. In the presence of a warm shade of shadows in a make-up, lipstick for lips of a cool burgundy color is permissible. Ginger girls should prefer brown shades if their makeup is dark and choose cool shades for smoky colors.


Manufacturers of cosmetics produce a huge number of products designed specifically for the makeup "smoky eyes". Competing firms such as Max Factor, Oriflame, Faberlic and others produce entire lines of cosmetic products for maximum convenience when creating a smoky make-up: eye shadow, taking into account the compatibility of colors, decorative brushes, mascaras, pencils and eyeliners, tonal tools and lipstick for every taste. Each company has the distinctive features of the proposed cosmetic products.

Companies Bourjois and L'oreal They are famous for a wide selection of mother-of-pearl shades, perfectly suited for creating an evening Smokey-meyk. Feature of the company Artdeco - palette perfectly matte shades for smoky eyes, which are suitable for the eyes and eyebrows. Neinelle created a palette of shadows in unobtrusive tones, ideal for smoky everyday makeup.

The company is especially popular in the cosmetic market. Mary kay. On the store's website, you can see a whole list of the necessary tools to create a "smoky eyes" and recommendations on the use of each product. Among the shadows are offered both flickering and matte shades. A rich palette allows you to choose the shadows that are suitable for any skin type. With a light texture, they remain on the eyelids for a long time and do not roll down.

How to apply?

Among the many options for makeup can be distinguished 3 schemes: from light to dark, arrows and "smoky eyes". All of these options can be mixed with each other, but you can always understand which algorithm is underlying. The choice of a profitable scheme depends entirely on the structure of the eyelids. In the art of visage make-up "smoky eyes" is the most winning scheme.

Before you start applying cosmetics, you need to examine how the eyelid works. It consists of upper and lower sections. The upper includes a movable eyelid, located between the ciliary contour and the dividing fold and stationary, located in the area from the fold to the eyebrows.

When creating a smoky eyes make-up, it is necessary to take into account 3 main criteria - color of hair, skin and iris. The combination of these factors is the main principle when choosing a palette for makeup. When you have decided on tones, you should make sure you have all the necessary cosmetics. Their list is as follows:

  • shadows 3 shades selected by you;
  • mascara with effect increase the volume of eyelashes;
  • powder;
  • rouge;
  • pencil for eyes;
  • eye brushes (flat, spongy, beveled);
  • sponge;
  • tonal cream;
  • big brush for blush;
  • concealer;
  • lipstick or gloss for the lips of your chosen tone;
  • the foundation under the shadows.

Guided by step-by-step instructions, you can do makeup even at home by gradually performing the following steps:

  1. Carefully rid the skin of the face from dirt, apply and distribute the sponge tone base.
  2. Use concealer, to hide the darkening under the eyes.
  3. To even out the complexion, apply powder on top of foundation. It is important to remember that there are no significant differences between the hue of the foundation and the natural tone of your skin.
  4. Base under the shade is required for the strength of the makeup. It is necessary to lay the foundation on the mobile eyelid.
  5. Draw a wide line pencil along the upper lashes.
  6. Feather the pencil up to the bend of the mobile eyelid with a beveled brush.
  7. Create a soft color gradient. near the outer edges of the century.
  8. Apply with a flat brush. along the pencil line, a layer of dark shadows or another color of your choice, creating a uniform transition between the pencil and the shadows.
  9. The rest of the mobile age cover with shadows. At the eyelashes, apply the darkest tone, and under the line of growth of eyebrows - the most light.
  10. To look shining, choose pearl shades for the inner corner of the eye and the area under the eyebrow.
  11. Brush gently with a brush. between the shadows of different colors.
  12. Circle pencil mucous lower eyelid and area between lower lashes.
  13. A brush along the lower eyelid apply a thin line of shadows, not reaching the inner corner.
  14. Complete eye makeup applying mascara or false eyelashes.
  15. Make your lips light lipstick or gloss.
  16. Apply on cheekbones if desired. a small amount of rouge of your chosen tone.

If your eyes are located close to each other, then light shadows on the inner corner of the eye can visually increase the distance between them. Dark pencil, on the contrary, should be applied only closer to the outer corner.

Girls with Asian appearance should postpone a pink palette of powder and blush. Shades with gold or bronze tint are much better suited.

At the initial stages of studying the features of Smokey Make-up, you can make a few common mistakes. Excessive amounts of cornflower blue, blue or lavender in the eyes can make the eyes look painful. A similar effect can be with an excess of ruby ​​and coral tones. Too thick a line of black pencil or eyeliner can lead to a "panda effect." Due to the contact with the tonal base, black shadows may further blur, which will make the whole image grubby.

An important addition to the Smokey make-up are neat eyebrows with a clearly highlighted shape. They should not be too light or thin. Even if you have blond hair, it is recommended to make the eyebrow shade at least a tone darker. Each girl can quickly and easily change the color of the eyebrows using matte shadows or a special pencil of the desired shade.

To supplement the image with artificial eyelashes is most relevant in solemn occasions. For daytime makeup, this option overloads the eyes and looks inharmoniously with the calm tones of the entire make-up. Remember that the success of the result depends on the quality of the cosmetics used.

Following the basic principles and advice presented, you will learn how to create the perfect "smoky eyes" for different occasions and discover the possibility of endless experiments with a variety of colors - from classic black to eccentric and bright hues.

Makeup artists tips

To get a hand in the performance of smoky eyes makeup, you should hone the technique gradually. In numerous workshops conducted by professional makeup artists, many tips for beginners and step-by-step creation of a beautiful make-up "smoky eyes" are presented.

Some makeup artists advise to diversify the makeup by applying arrows along the growth line of the eyelashes with a colored pencil (green, turquoise, purple) instead of the classic black. It is recommended to get rid of excess cosmetics on the eyelids with a small amount of powder.

Professionals in the field of makeup adhere to the principle of mandatory focus on the line of growth of eyelashes. Oriental "smoky eyes" is considered to be winning, when darkening occurs only on the upper movable and lower movable eyelids. This type of makeup can be seen in the stars Nicole Scherzinger, Cameron Diaz, Aishwarya Rai.

Masters emphasize the first step - thoroughly preparing the skin for applying makeup. They advise the use of a lifting mask that provides a complete cleansing of the face. To give magnetism to the eye, it is recommended to paint the lower cilia with mascara and use a stencil for the accuracy of this process.

Most stylists and make-up artists adhere to the classical rules about the color of lipstick and advise you to choose calm, light shades. Taking into account the views of the masters and regularly practicing on their own, you can create your own unique make-up style "smoky eyes", always feel confident and even make a new trend in fashion.

If the eyes are a mirror of the soul, then "smoky eyes" is a kind of rim. It presents your view in the most favorable light, emphasizes dignity and skillfully hides flaws. In your hands the opportunity to model the frame so that the mirror of the soul always shines.

In the next video - lesson on the make-up "smoky eyes".

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