Permanent makeup

Permanent makeup

The dream of a woman to wake up beautiful was realized 10 years ago with the advent of permanent makeup. Today, many of the fair sex have chosen for themselves this method of long-term make-up.

What it is?

Permanent makeup is the introduction of coloring pigments in the upper layers of the epidermis. Paint with a special tool penetrates to a depth of no more than a hundredth of a millimeter. Makeup is resistant to external influences, not washed off, retains its original shade for a very long time. It should be understood that the permanent is still not a tattoo forever, the drawing will require correction in a few years.

Such a make-up well performed by the device looks as natural as possible and practically does not differ from the everyday make-up.

Where does it apply?

Applications for permanent makeup: lips, eyes, eyebrows, cheekbones.

Smooth and clear contour of the lips will instantly transform their shape, visually make it more voluminous, create a seductive swelling.

The effect of the eyeliner, the arrows, the light contour of the eyes are able to open the eyes as much as possible, to make it open, to enlarge the eyes, to give a coquettish almond-shaped cat's eye.

Recently, the so-called “eyebrow fashion” has not lost ground. They have long been a kind of center of the face, and you can do without make-up, having perfectly decorated eyebrows. With the help of the possibilities of a permanent permanent makeup, it is easy to “draw in” the missing hairs, make them thicker, change their shape and color.

Long-term blush refreshes the image, makes it "alive", gives the face a healthy color.

Advantages and disadvantages

The advantages possessed by persistent makeup are indisputable:

  • The permanent allows not only to emphasize the advantages, but also to hide even serious defects - scars, irregularities, and other skin imperfections;
  • Wherever you are, with long-lasting makeup you will always look great. You can not be afraid that your favorite arrows will be smeared in the pool or in the fitness room, and the lip contour will be erased;
  • Makeup, with which you can already wake up beautiful and well-groomed, certainly, inspires confidence and improves self-esteem;
  • A permanent saves time spent on everyday make-up;
  • Persistent makeup, made by a professional, has perfectly smooth lines that can hardly be repeated with ordinary cosmetics;
  • Versatility - thanks to modern technology, permanent makeup is suitable for both girls and women. With it you can achieve a variety of variations, starting from the features of the face;
  • Excellent foundation for decorative cosmetics - just enough to tint the lips with glitter, and professional lip makeup is ready.

The disadvantages of this method of makeup include pain and the possible consequences of the work of an unscrupulous master.

The choice of a professional is the most important thing when preparing for permanent makeup. He should not only have medical education and know the anatomy of the face, but also have a good aesthetic taste, understand fashion trends, so that you can easily make up the makeup that is right for you.

Besides, The procedure should be performed only with a sterile instrument and with high-quality consumables. This necessary condition will help to avoid allergies and more serious skin reactions, as well as various changes in the contour of the lines and color of low-quality dye.

Indications and Contraindications

Permanent makeup is shown to those who always want to be at their best.Of course, he will help those who are using the resistant make up wants to solve aesthetic problems - lip asymmetry, scars, deep-set eyes and others. Often, clients who win a cancer and are in remission on the recommendation of the attending physician are offered to have a tattoo of the eyebrows - draw missing hairs, which helps to increase the life potential of the convalescent.

Among the contraindications to the procedure can be distinguished absolute and relative. The absolute are the following serious health problems:

  • Diabetes;
  • Problems with blood clotting;
  • Neoplasms of different origin and tendency to scarring;
  • Febrile epilepsy;
  • Inflammatory processes in the acute phase;
  • Mental disorders.

The presence of a number of diseases and conditions that can lead to negative consequences after the procedure is called relative contraindications. These include:

  • Hypertension - It is recommended to use a pressure-lowering drug immediately before the tattoo;
  • Herpes in the acute stage. In the absence of clinical manifestations, on the contrary, a permanent makeup is even shown as a way to reduce the frequency of rashes. With a permanent use of lipstick is optional, which means that the mucous has less irritation and herpes is less likely to occur;
  • Allergy - It is necessary to inform the master about the reaction to certain drugs.

Answer the question of whether it is possible to do permanent makeup for pregnant women and women or breastfed, definitely can not. During the procedure, use painkillers that may have an adverse effect on the child.

Before the procedure of permanent makeup it is worth weighing the pros and cons of long-term beauty. The most effective removal of resistant pigment is made by a laser in several stages, this pleasure is not cheap.


The most popular types of tattoo are the following techniques.

Hair technique

Actively used in drawing the missing hairs eyebrows. This type of permanent makeup helps to visually make the eyebrow thicker, to give it volume. The master performs hair tattooing in Eastern or European technology. The first type involves drawing hairs of different lengths along the line of natural growth. In the European technique, hairs are drawn in the same size with equal spacing between units.


The effect of feathering is something vaguely reminiscent of pencil eyebrows. The shade is selected as close as possible to the natural color or slightly darker. This procedure is suitable when you can not grow your own hairs.

In combination with the permanent contour makeup lips is applied and feathering. It allows you to increase the lips, make their tone a little brighter than the natural hue.

For tattooing eyes, the shading technique allows you to create the effect of shadows of various shades; in this technique, color is actively used.

3D tattoo and 6D eyebrow biotattoo

These technologies allow you to recreate the image of a natural eyebrow. Volumetric tattoo combines hair technique and feathering. Feathering becomes a light shade, and the hairs are drawn as clearly as possible - this gives the effect of 3D. The difference between the effect of 3D and 6D involves the creation of a whole pattern in the second case, while recreating all the subtleties of hair growth, their shade, thickness.

Interstitial tattoo

Drawing mezhresnichek suitable for any type of person, helps to make the look more expressive. The master can recreate the effect of a feather pencil or a clearer drawing with liner.

Tattoo upper eyelid

The favorite procedure of many women allows you to adjust the shape of the eye with the arrow - visually enlarge the eye, adjust age-related changes. The technique perfectly emphasizes the natural expression of the look.

To change the shape of the eyes, a permanent make-up of the lower eyelid is used in conjunction with the arrow tattoo.

Lip contour

This technique involves adjusting only the contour of the lips in a brighter tone. It is used to correct the asymmetry of the lips, the blurring of the natural contour. Lips instantly become more expressive.


This technique is very complex in execution and involves fine jewelry work of the master. It is relevant for thin lips, as it allows to achieve the desired volume. The procedure is the application of two or more shades. The combination of light and natural colors create the effect of moist lips and nude shades.


A relatively new tattoo method allows you to hide the process of baldness with hair drawing.

Nipple areola correction

The increasingly popular procedure helps to correct the natural color and shape of the areola of the nipple. For example, after plastic surgery to change the shape of the breast, scars remain, and the areola takes on an unaesthetic appearance - tattooing is an excellent solution to the problem.

Camouflage skin defects

With the help of tattoo you can visibly lighten the scar, age spots, freckles. Several colors are used for this technology.

It is possible to draw a mole with coloring pigments, make a spicy fly, thus adding an image of seductiveness.

Correction of poor quality work

Unfortunately, the probability of poor-quality tattoo has a high percentage. To overlap the masters used a laser, special solutions, a new tattoo on the site of the old. Overlap as a method of correcting unsuccessful work is reducing its position due to the introduction of additional pigments, which is highly undesirable.

Carrying out the procedure

The procedure for creating permanent makeup is performed with sterile tools and using high-quality consumables.

Dyes must meet all quality standards and have certificates of conformity. Features of quality pigments for tattoo are as follows:

  • They are completely harmless to human skin and health;
  • Dyes eventually adapt to the body. A steady color on average lasts about 5-6 years;
  • The variety of colors, as well as the possibility of mixing shades allow you to choose a suitable dye;
  • The dye in the cells of the epidermis does not spread, does not fold, but remains unchanged.

The procedure is performed by the apparatus dermograph, the speed of the needle is very high. The uniformity of staining is also monitored by laser equipment.

Preparatory stage

At the first consultation with the master, the details of the upcoming procedure will be discussed. Here it is necessary to talk about chronic diseases and medications.

If you are prone to allergies, the beautician may suggest testing the drug to determine the reaction. Also, the master will be assigned an antiviral drug in order to prevent possible adverse reactions and complications.

For a few days, you must stop taking medications that promote blood clotting. On the eve of the procedure to give up alcohol, cigarettes, sports and coffee.

It is optimal to plan the tattoo in the middle of the cycle, when the pain sensitivity is reduced.

Immediately after the procedure and during the first week after it, do not plan important events, a visit to the solarium and a vacation in hot countries. This is especially true of permanent blush makeup, where the covering surface is large. At this time there will be a healing process.


Immediately the procedure of permanent makeup goes step by step in several stages.

At the first stage, all the details of the make-up are discussed with the master, it is advisable to bring along drawings or photos of your favorite works. Then the beautician draws on the skin, pre-treated with an antiseptic solution, a sketch of the future tattoo. The professional will adjust it until you like the work.

Next, the area of ​​application of the dye is treated with anesthetic cream or an injection is made.

The final and most important stage - the sketch is filled with dye.

The care is done at home by yourself.

It is worth making a reservation that a month after the procedure it is necessary to make a correction, after which permanent makeup is considered complete.


The use of modern devices in the process of creating sustainable makeup avoids scars - the paint is inserted through the smallest punctures in the skin. Anesthesia significantly blocks pain and will have to be by the way only in particularly sensitive areas, but is unacceptable in the case when there are contraindications to pain relief.

Healing and care

Healing lasts for 7-12 days after the procedure. At this time, a thin crust forms on the surface of the skin, which requires additional care. It disappears by itself, combing, trying to remove it with a scrub is strictly prohibited.

During the healing period, permanent makeup is treated with hydrogen peroxide, the use of creams is prohibited.

Wash should be warm water without the addition of tonic, foam, soap. Some masters advise to wash face with infusion of chamomile or train.

An unsuccessful tattoo, performed by a non-professional, is removed by a remuver or a laser in several stages, which requires additional time, maximum patience and considerable money.


Gaining momentum popular eyebrow microblading procedure overshadowed a henna staining and permanent makeup. It differs from tattooing in that the dye is injected into the skin with a special scalpel or blade, which allows you to clearly draw a hair-to-hair eyebrow. Microblading is performed in several techniques - hair, dusting, powdery eyebrow shaping. Make-up at the same time it turns out the most natural.

Unlike tattooing, microbliding is a painless procedure. Moreover, it does not require correction in the first month.

Permanent makeup wins on the resistance of the coating. As for the financial side of the issue, microblading is more expensive, since it is a more modern technology. Owners of light and rare brows are better to prefer it to her.

How much is holding up?

Durability tattoo directly depends on the place of its application. The most sock is eyebrow permanent - it will last about 5-6 years. Eyelid tattoo will delight you on average 4 years. Permanent make-up of the lips is considered less persistent - its resistance varies within 3-4 years.

The lip area is more often exposed to various influences - they come into contact with food, the dyes of which can destroy the pigments, the skin in this place is often renewed. All these factors contribute to the fact that the tattoo in this area is less resistant.

The reasons that the tattoo does not hold, maybe a few:

  • Improper care after the procedure;
  • Substandard materials. In this case, the option in which the pigments just fade away will become the lesser of the evils. Dye of dubious quality can get an unexpected color - blue, green, pink. Such a tattoo will only have to be removed;
  • Dye rejection by the body - A rare case, but there is a place to be;
  • Late correction. Within a month after the procedure of tattooing it is necessary to make a correction. The fact is that the dye immediately after the introduction appears as brightly as possible - in most women 70%, but most often 50% of the pigment's own color. If on blondes the muted shade looks natural, then the owners of dark skin need to make the shade brighter.


Women's reviews from the effect of permanent makeup vary greatly - from enthusiastic to frankly negative.

All the girls who have tried this procedure are sure of one thing - the result depends on the skill of the master and the consumables that he uses. Do not be lazy and go to the first salon, you need to inquire, clarify all the nuances of the procedure. Sometimes it takes a year, but your beauty is worth it.

Modern tattoo is very different from that which was 10 years ago. Microblading eyebrows (many consider it a kind of permanent) looks the most natural on light hairs.

The girls who made permanent makeup are happy to wake up beautiful in the morning, don’t waste time and money on cosmetics, always have neatly emphasized contours and refuse to do makeup in the summer. imperfections.

As for the pain - all individually. Someone does not feel discomfort from the procedure, many note the pain, units - unbearable pain, which anesthesia does not relieve. And this does not mean that the paint is poor quality or the master is bad - it is impossible to predict the reaction of your body.

It should be noted that the result is largely determined by the rules of care in the first week after the procedure.

Reviews of women who have been doing permanent makeup for several years are a bit shocking - even an elite tattooing has a negative effect on the body's own skin. Brows eventually begin to actively fall out.

Moreover, once having made permanent makeup, be prepared for the fact that a correction every 3-5 years will be necessary. And yes, it can be argued that it is forever.

Permanent makeup is a procedure primarily aimed at eliminating serious defects in appearance, so you should not resort to it from laziness.

In the next video, you will learn how to do permanent makeup.

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