Korean makeup

Korean makeup

Asian make-up conquers the hearts of modern fashionistas. Today, Korean makeup is in the spotlight. Mysterious Asia has always attracted attention: correctly placed accents with a small arsenal of cosmetics allow you to give your face a beautiful and natural look. Such an image is pleasing to the eye and is noticeably different from the beauty of Russian girls.

What it is?

Korean-style make-up - makeup, based on the principle of naturalness. At the core of the idea is to single out not cosmetics, but the natural beauty of the face.

This makeup has a nationality: it is formed under the influence of the country's history, culture, climatic conditions and other factors. Therefore, his style is completely different from all others. One of the main differences that predetermined the method of applying cosmetics is the ethnic difference in facial features.

Externally, Korean women are markedly different from European girls. Their face has somewhat angular cheekbones, small but plump lips, a neat nose with a thin back, a narrowed slit of the eyes and the absence of folds of the upper eyelid. The use of cosmetics should be aimed at increasing the size of the eyes, underlining the lips and highlighting the flawless skin. At the same time any unnaturalness is excluded.

Benefits and features

Korean makeup has a number of differences from the European. He is so popular in his country that he enjoys success with actresses and Korean idols, and not only with girls. No male key pop group can do without such a make-up. For the most natural result, the creative team hires a team of professional stylists. Any dorama attracts the eye, paying attention to the beauty and natural look of the actors.

The features of Korean makeup include:

  • porcelain skin;
  • shine effect;
  • eye accentuation;
  • straight and wide eyebrow line;
  • light shadows;
  • tar-black mascara;
  • use traditional Korean cosmetics.

A distinctive feature of Korean makeup is versatility. For all its unusualness, such a make-up is combined with different clothes and styles. It is appropriate in the image of a cute tube-chan (Korean idol), relevant in the classic set, harmonious in the image of a romantic nature and indispensable in the bow of a gorgeous beauty at an evening reception.

Make up in Korean is thought out to the smallest detail, so in each style will add a feminine, emphasize well-groomed, health and sophistication of nature. Due to its naturalness, it will help to make a good impression and present yourself in the best light.

Korean cosmetics are of good quality and durability. With the right application of makeup, it will be enough for the whole day, while the preparations will not spread and will not create the effect of a slipping mask.

Types of funds

Korea is a special countrytherefore, cosmetic products created on its territory are also different from any other. Even those drugs that were first introduced by Europe were masterfully enhanced by Asian cosmetic companies. The main components of Korean makeup are:

  • Base makeup. Most people in the country have porous skin and are distinguished by increased production of sebaceous glands. The base coat evens the tone of the face, masking the small imperfections of the skin. In addition to smoothing and relief, the base helps to maintain the stability of the foundation.

Developments of Korean trademarks can be used as tones and highlighter.They are able to give the skin a gentle glow, block pigment spots and rashes.

  • Tonal cosmetics. BB-cream, released in Korea, differs from the German equivalent in that the percentage of SPF in its composition is much larger (at least 30). The tool provides tone correction and is able to create the desired relief.
  • Cushion Cosmetics, which is the development of Korean brands. In fact, it is a sponge with tonal impregnation. In addition to the main purpose, the composition is enriched with a number of useful components.

Cushon is an excellent cosmetic product that performs daily facial skin care.

  • Tint. Cosmetic products with a liquid texture, characterized by high pigmentation, durability and matte coating. Among the types of cosmetics can be distinguished preparations for the lips, cheeks and eyebrows. The first development of Korean women are also used as blush. Usually tint can be used simultaneously as a pigment for lips and blush. Eyebrow preparation is a difficult cosmetic product for our understanding, but in Korea it is very popular.
  • Eyeliner Korean-style makeup does not accept underlining with a pencil. The ideal make-up tool is a black liquid eyeliner. No variations with tones means allowed.

How to apply?

Make-up in Korean is not only mascara and lipstick. Gradually observing all the nuances of Korean make-up, you can create beautiful Korean-style make-up yourself at home. It will take some time, but the result is worth it. The technology of applying cosmetics includes skin preparation and correct correction of facial features.


Before you apply makeup, it is necessary to prepare the skin. Every Korean woman knows that cleansed and moisturized dermis is the main condition for a quality make-up.

In the arsenal of girls there is always a lot of preparations for skin care of the face. Skin care includes the use of cleansing oil, facial wash, scrub, tonic, fabric-based masks, preparations for the skin around the eyes, cream with a UV filter. One of the components of care is green tea, which contains antioxidants.

Korean make up can not do without the porcelain tone of the face and light, a few childish blush on the cheeks. It is impossible to apply powder without a basis, it is harmful to the cells of the epidermis.

The tricks of flawless skin include several techniques:

  • The base is applied in a thin layer. If there are problems with the skin of the Korean woman, unlike European, two layers of the base are applied: first a dark primer, and on top - cosmetics, about half a tone lighter than the natural color.
  • Concealer - Mandatory admission. Korean makeup is perfect in everything. Dark circles around the eyes and pigment spots are unacceptable. All this is masked by careful shading. If there is no concealer in the cosmetic bag, the foundation will cope with its task by a lighter semitone of the basic agent.
  • As a tonal tool used couch with a liquid consistency. This is a pad, impregnated with a special compound that combines the properties of the tonalnik, powder and BB-cream. The tool is transferred to the sponge, so the coating layer is thin, almost imperceptible and natural.
  • Accent leather remains porcelain effect. The rules of applying cosmetics imply the use of loose powder with a light texture. Dense and compact analogues are excluded: you need a colorless product, giving the coating lightness and delicate shine. The favorite European receptions (bronzers) are not allowed - it is better to use a highlighter (in moderate quantities).
  • Align the tone, make a slight accent of the cheeks with blush. It is necessary to pick up a shade taking into account color of eyes and hair. You can not use artificial shades of color: they ruin the whole look. The owners of blond and dark curls are shown in dark tones of beige color, for blondes - beige with pinkish undertones.

Creating a perfect face tone, you can begin to design the eyes and eyebrows. All stages of the Korean make-up technique are carried out with the use of special cosmetic brushes that contribute to a more even and thin layer of application.

Eyes and eyebrows

Eye makeup - the business card of Korean women. The task of cosmetics is to change the incision by adjusting the shape. It is important to make the view open and light, not forgetting to emphasize its peculiarity and beauty.

To visually increase the size of the eyes, you need to use light shadows. In priority - beige and sand shades of the palette. There may be several tones, but it is important that the transition between shades be natural and inconspicuous.

The bright scale not only increases the size of the eyes, but also gives the face freshness, emphasizing the effect of the “puppet face”. To eliminate the rolling of shadows in the crease of the moving eyelid, you can use a primer.

On the lower and movable eyelid with a pencil or shadow put a line of white. This should be done at the base of the eyelashes. The same tool emphasizes the lower limit of the eyebrows.

After highlighting the lines of the eyelashes, you need to give the outer corner of the eye a radiance using shades of pink or plum-colored. The same shade is necessary to go through the lower eyelid, creating the effect of slight swelling.

In the line of growth of the eyelashes of the upper eyelid hold neat arrows. No need to try to make the shape of a cat's eye: it is important to emphasize the natural line, slightly lowering it at the end and connecting it with the lower edge of the growth of eyelashes. For arrows, only eyeliner is used: there can be no pencils.

To give expressive look, it is better to use mascara with the effect of volume. It is applied in two or three layers, while ensuring that the eyelashes do not stick together and look as natural as possible. To do this, use special brushes, combing eyelashes before the ideal separation.

The final stage of eye makeup is the placement of accents with the help of a highlighter (in the inner corners of the eyes and quite a bit at the lower eyelid).

Eyebrows - a single moment of makeup. Koreans love the straight shape of the eyebrows, with virtually no bend. To make her beautiful under the power of every woman, especially since there are special templates to facilitate this task. Initially, eyebrows should be perfectly plucked to view their border. It is important to note that the line of the eyebrows should be wide.

When applying cosmetics, it is necessary to use a special eyebrow pencil, marking the boundaries, and then blending them with a special brush. At the same time the form turns out quite beautiful and accurate. You can fix the form with a special wax or lipstick. Eyebrow color should be slightly lighter than hair. It is important that the view is natural and not stand out from the eyes.

Lip design

Korean women do not like lipstick with a heavy texture or dark pigment. The most popular means for their lips are tint. The effect of lips kissed - a favorite theme of makeup. The texture may be translucent, with a delicate sheen, but the main focus of cosmetics is durability. Such drugs should be kept on the lips all day.

It is desirable that the color of the lipstick does not interrupt the accent of the eyes. Therefore, it is even better if the cosmetics will be translucent. Making the “after kiss” effect is a snap.:

  • Lips moisturize and apply primer on them.. Then they are covered with a thin layer of foundation or concealer, gently shading with a special brush. There can be no contours or lip contouring.
  • The center (middle of the lips) is complemented with bright lipstick. You need quite a bit of makeup, so as not to spoil the desired effect. Delicately using a brush, bright color is stretched to the contours of the upper and lower lips, not reaching the borders themselves.
  • Taking a cotton swab, "imprint" the excess color. So the transition will look natural and beautiful. It remains to put a transparent gloss on top.

How to choose cosmetics?

Secrets of Asian make-up - the choice of genuine Korean cosmetics. It is good if it is not only made in Korea, but also developed on the territory of the same country. European facial cosmetics is permissible, but it will not work to create a porcelain tint.

As part of the powder or foundation must be present components of care and protection from UV rays. Ideally, these are cosmetics with a moisturizing and healing effect. In addition to saturating the cells with life-giving moisture, it is desirable that plant extracts are included.

Lipstick for special occasions (if the situation requires it) should not be bright. Well, if her tone is cream, close to the natural color of the lips. Pink and powdery shades of the palette are not excluded. Choosing rouge, it is necessary to give preference to shades of plum, peach or bronze.

In the choice of tints for lips, preference should be given to natural or light shades, mentally choosing a combination of foundation and a suitable tone. The texture of a good medium is light and pleasant. Universal option - transparent shine.

Buying special cosmetics we must not forget that due to its intensity, it needs a special makeup remover - hydrophilic oil. The texture of the drug is oily, but along with the removal of cosmetics, the skin receives the necessary hydration and saturation of the cells with useful substances.

The sequence of applying Korean makeup, see the following video.

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