Gentle makeup

Gentle makeup

For each time of day and for every occasion, there is its own clothes, the same is the case with makeup. In the evening we make a bright make-up, wear an imperceptible afternoon. Gentle makeup is a special kind of make-up, which can be successfully worn in different situations.

What it is?

Delicate makeup (cute make up) - not quite the same as daylight, although similar shades and techniques are often used. If the daily make-up should be imperceptible, then gentle still assumes some brightness. Gentle makeup is different:

  • even and shining skin;
  • the predominance of pink toschool shades of blush and lipstick;
  • very lush and twisted cilia;
  • expressive eyes.

In contrast to the day, gentle makeup allows the use of sufficiently bright eyeliner (meaning liquid) and lip gloss. The general idea is to become a little like a doll, having decorated the face in the appropriate tones. In the course are pink shades, peach, lilac, beige palettes, golden shades with a shimmer. The main thing is to match the palette of your type of appearance.

Benefits and features

Gentle make-up will suit absolutely any girl, if she chooses the colors correctly and correctly accents. In various variations, this make-up is suitable for a romantic date, a party, a day walk, a vacation, a photo shoot.

Of course, it requires appropriate clearance in clothing.

  • The perfect companion of such a make-up is undoubtedly a dress. According to the situation it can be a baby-type cocktail dress, light summer, romantic flowing and long, basic knitwear.
  • Suitable for such a make-up and skirt - long or medium length, curvaceous or tight, as an option - from tulle. From trouser options suitable non-business two-piece powdery colors, flowing overalls.
  • Haircut - based on curls or retro styleo (bunches, fleece). Perfectly smoothed and shiny hair can be left as it is.
  • The image is well complemented by high heeled shoes or ballet flats.. In other words - all the most romantic, feminine and puppet will look with a gentle makeup best.
  • Be sure to think about your flavor. The theme will be floral and sweet smells based on vanilla or caramel. The main thing - the smell should not be heavy.

The purpose of such a make up is to make a person nice, to add an image of childishness and lightness, therefore, to remain inconspicuous with him will not work. It is done precisely in order to catch the admiring glances of men.


Gentle doll make-up can be divided into two types:

  • Day.
  • Evening.

They will be different saturation of colors, the amount of brilliance, general mood.

  • In the daily version so you can make up for a walk with your loved one, a hike with friends in a cafe, day activities, photosets on the street or in a bright studio. This is a good option for brides and their bridesmaids at a wedding.
  • Evening option can be done by going to the club for an evening show at the cinema or dinner at a restaurant.

Who is suitable?

Any make-up needs to be selected based on its color type. Since the main emphasis in this form is placed on the eyes, it means that the entire choice of colors and shades will be exactly the eye. Otherwise, girls of all color types should follow the same recommendations:

  • It is necessary to tidy up the skin. For this you need a suitable foundation (as an option - BB or SS-cream), concealer.
  • To prevent the emergence of a completely "non-school" oily shine, need fixing powder.
  • To achieve the effect of shining and sculpting Persons will definitely need bronzers and highlighters. For dark skin and dark hair - golden shades, for fair-haired girls with fair skin - pink and peach. A hint of champagne type will be universal.
  • Lipstick is better to pick in shade, as close as possible to natural color. Gentle make does not imply too bright lips. The task is to make them plump and seductive, so usually make-up artists select the natural shade of matte lipstick and “enliven” it with a drop of transparent gloss in the center of the lips.

When choosing shades for eye makeup you should be guided, first of all, by the color of the iris. However, shades of shadows should not only highlight the eyes, but also match the color of the clothes and match the situation. If all these rules are followed - this is the perfect makeup.

  • Owners of brown eyes often have a warm appearance - dark or golden skin, dark blond hair with redhead. Accordingly, the best shades will look warm in natural natural gamma. For the gentle make-up of a brown-eyed man, you can pick up the shades of golden, red tones. From the green fit deep turquoise, coniferous. From blue shades you need to choose colors with a warm subtone - blackberry, blue-violet, plum. Of the red and pink most advantageous will look salmon, apricot. Simple black and white colors should be avoided. If you want to add such shades to your make-up, it is better to prefer deep chocolate and the color of baked milk.
  • Blue-eyed girls can be very different - blond or dark hair. Accordingly, the make will be different. For fair-haired girls shades of lavender, pink, silver colors are best suited. Owners of blue eyes and dark hair, you can use more dramatic shades: dark blue, purple, golden. Brunettes with blue eyes clearly do not go pink colors (they create the feeling of inflamed eyes) and all shades of green.
  • Grey eyes usually have blotches of blue or green. From this and it is worth repelling when choosing shadows. For a gentle make-up you need to enhance the shade that gray eyes have. Gray-blue eyes will look brighter, if you shade them bright sky-blue, silver. You can try to do makeup in dark blue or grayish color, but you need to remember that gray shadows should not be in tune with the eyes. They should be a bit darker or lighter - depending on what effect you want to achieve.
  • Gray-green eyes look more expressive with terracotta shadows, you can try the white and yellow versions. Monochrome shadows - for example, black, seroglazkam not go. That is why makeup artists consider gray eyes to be unsuitable for make-up smoky ice, for example. By themselves, such eyes are dull, so they should be highlighted with the help of color shadows with smooth color transitions.
  • Green eyes considered the rarest and very beautiful. Make-up for them needs to be selected very carefully - as a rule, the appearance of green-eyed girls is quite difficult. Green shades of shadows are usually little in demand, but in this case it is what you need. You can safely use all shades - from delicate mint to emerald.

It is very beneficial to emphasize the warmth of the green eyes with golden and copper shadows with a delicate sheen. Of the pink suit quite bright, almost a puppet. A pretty cute and light look is obtained from the green-eyed peach shades.

Taboo for green eyes - blue and silver shades.

Make-up ideas

Multiple options from professional makeup artists for inspiration.

  • Brown eyes very often decorated with purple hues. It turns out very mysterious and at the same time gentle image. In this example, sufficiently light brown eyes (which, without make-up, most likely look quite faded) are decorated with a palette of shades of purple-violet gamma. The lightest shade is on the inner corner of the eye, the transition to the dark is going to the outer one.The fold of the century is emphasized by a gray-lilac color. On the lower eyelid visible golden hue. The line of eyelashes is underlined by a chocolate eyeliner.

You can try a combination of white shadows. (they will emphasize the whites of the eyes) and brick-brown shades. In this example, white (or rather, shades of the color of baked milk) highlighted the movable eyelid, and shades of brown and golden are applied in the fold and above. The line of eyelashes is framed by a brown eyeliner. This makeup resembles the heroines of Japanese anime.

  • A good example of a cute make-up is for blue eyes.. The brilliant shades of a gray-lilac shade go to a darker color, and the fold is emphasized by golden-pink. The area under the eyebrow and the inner corner of the eye are highlighted with pearl white. The lower eyelid is emphasized by thin gray and golden lines, and the line of the inner eyelid is highlighted with white on the bottom - this gives tenderness and clarity to the look.
  • Grey eyes highlighted in beige and light brown shades, and the outer corner is underlined in dark smoky gray. He instead of eyeliner applied to the lower eyelid - so the eyes look softer.
  • Green eyes decorated in a beige and brown shade, which turns into a warm rust color closer to the fold. The outer corner of the eye is highlighted in gray, it also draws the lower eyelid.

How to apply?

Beautiful cute make up on the pictures - of course, the work of professional makeup artists. But if you constantly practice and study yourself well, you can create a beautiful visage at home. The main thing is to have good makeup and, as they say, “to fill the hand”.

Good makeup is done slowly and step by step:

  • First you need to clean and prepare the skin well. Wash yourself with the right tools. Then you need to apply a daily moisturizer that is suitable as a base for makeup. Basic requirements for it: it should be light, quickly absorbed, do not leave greasy traces and maintain hydration of the face during the day.
  • Apply a primer or other base under makeup. Usually it is applied with a special brush in stages: first on the T-zone, then on the cheeks. Primer will help even out the complexion and facilitate the application of tonal means. This is an optional, but very desirable step.
  • Apply concealer to the area under the eyes, if necessary. It is applied by dots on the lower and upper eyelids and then driven into the skin with fingertips.
  • Apply foundation. Depending on how dense it is, it can be applied with a sponge, wet sponge, brush or fingers. The product is applied on the face and shaded so that it evenly covers the skin. Pay attention to the area under the eyes, the wings of the nose, the corners of the lips - there means sometimes going into folds. The boundaries of the hairline and the neckline should not be visible.
  • Tidy eyebrows - tint them with pencil or shadows, shape with wax.
  • Now you can start eye makeup. It is advisable to put a primer on the upper eyelid under the shadows - it will help the shadows look brighter, and they will last longer.
  • Then applied main shade.

It is believed that one shade of shadows is not suitable for gentle eye makeup - fully color will be revealed in combination with other shades, which should be at least two. It is best to find a palette of 3-4 colors, which, as a rule, are always combined with each other.

The main shade (usually average in heat and saturation) is applied to the eyelid completely.

  • Then you can draw a line of eyelashes. the darkest of your shades or draw eyes eyeliner - liquid or like a felt tip pen.
  • Then shades are applied on the outer corner of the eye and in the crease of the eyelid.. Most often it is the darker shades of the selected palette. The darker the outer corner, the stronger the emphasis will be on the eyes, they will get a soft "cat" look. Bright iridescent shades with a shimmer can be applied slightly above the fold, as if describing its transition to the eyebrow. The lightest shade of the palette should be applied to the inner corner of the eye and under the curve of the eyebrow.Whatever ideas you may have visited during make-up, remember that the most important thing is to ensure a smooth transition between shades. For this you need to use a good brush with natural bristles.
  • Eyeliner hue is usually chosen to match the color of the shadows. - black looks too radical for cute make up. Chocolate, gray, blue, silver - these are the colors that need attention.

That eyeliner can highlight the color shade of the eye. For example, the beauty of gray-green eyes can be emphasized with a green eyeliner.

  • Further eyelashes are colored. Ideally, they should be “puppet” - so we take bulk mascara with a separating and twisting effect. You can additionally use the eyelash curler.
  • Lips, as already written above, in such a make-up is usually not highlighted. They need to put dim, close to the natural color of lipstick and emphasize the center of the drop of glitter.
  • Final Stage - highlighterwhich will give skin glow. Apply it with a brush or fingers on the upper points of the cheekbones, back of the nose, dimple in the chin, middle of the forehead.

Delicate makeup ready. Since it still involves a lot of work, experts recommend at the end use a spray-fixer for makeup, which will help preserve the beauty for a long time.

In the next video - the technique of applying gentle makeup, which is perfect for every day or a date.

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