Professional makeup

Professional makeup

In the modern world, they are met according to their clothes, but they are escorted by the mind, which is why people tend to look stylish and neat. Women who lead active lifestyles need the perfect look: stylish clothes, fashionable hair, and excellent makeup. In order to achieve all this, girls often turn to stylists for help, but we can safely assure that it is not always necessary, because creating professional makeup at home is not so difficult. The main thing is to carefully examine your face, understand its individual characteristics and spend a little time creating a salon make-up.

What it is?

There are many types of makeup, and in most cases women do it themselves at home, because any woman wants to appear in the best possible way before the public.

However, many girls do not even imagine what cases which types of cosmetics are better suited for, so they do makeup on a whim. Of course, not everyone knows how professional makeup differs from the usual, and also do not suspect the existing subtleties and nuances of its creation.

The essence of the salon makeup is to emphasize your best sides and hide the flaws, while not creating a vulgar and cheap image.

To do this, you need to be able to choose the right quality cosmetics, use professional accessories, such as brushes and applicators. This is important when trying to create a high-quality, not amateur makeup. However, the key point here is the need to pay attention to make-up lessons from professional makeup artists, and also need to learn tutorials from the gurus of the beauty industry.

Advantages and disadvantages

This is not to say that professional makeup is a panacea that will change the appearance and, possibly, life in the shortest possible time. However, it is a fairly effective tool that helps women raise their self-esteem and perception of their own appearance. The main feature of this type of makeup is the ability to adjust your own appearance.As well as using professional methods, you can create exactly the image that will be, on the one hand, universal, and on the other, it will help you create an elegant and fun-filled image. Along with a lot of advantages, this type of make up There are a number of drawbacks, which are also important to know. First of all, it is the need to buy professional cosmetics, which consists of a number of products of well-known companies, such as, for example, Chanel and Dior.

To create the perfect make-up, which will be indistinguishable from the salon, you need to spend a certain amount of time and, as they say, get a hand in detail, having studied in detail all the structural features of the face, as well as its advantages and disadvantages. What decorates and is the highlight must be emphasized, and defects and imperfections to hide. However, it will not be possible to do it the first time, so a certain level of skills and training is needed, which not every woman has, but you shouldn’t be afraid of this, because the main thing in this process is play and ample opportunities for experiments!

When is it used?

Makeup provides extensive ground for creating different images and changing your appearance. However, it is necessary to know that look simply must be combined with the reason for which it was created, otherwise it looks ridiculous and inappropriate, and no one takes this girl seriously.

Make up exists in various variations, because there is not any single right decision in creating style. Conditionally divide the makeup into four types:

  • Day makeup - This is the easiest and most gentle and innocent. It must be done when there are no special cases for creating vivid images, otherwise it is called everyday. It looks almost imperceptible on the face, only masks the imperfections of the skin and puts on it the natural highlights and shades, which makes the face alive and fresh.
  • Exists cocktail makeup, which is significantly different from the day and creates a festive role for a woman who turned to such look. It is very bright and intense, so it is perfect for various parties and holiday gatherings, whether it's a birthday in a cafe or a hike in a nightclub. Such an image will be expressive and memorable, because often it is created for a certain festive event, but it does not deprive of individuality, emphasizing the highlight in the girl's appearance.
  • Evening visage is the basis of an elegant and refined looka. Interestingly, it is suitable not only for a dinner party or an important reception, but also serves as an excellent help in creating an image for a photo shoot. Often, daytime and cocktail images are very faded and not enough to hold a bright and remarkable photo shoot. At the same time, the evening make-up style will never look defiant and vulgar, but it creates a memorable, chic and elegant image in a good way. In this make-up, the task is not only to make the face fresh and healthy, but also to complement the original image by arranging bright unusual accents.
  • The most sophisticated makeup - this is the so-called "Final makeup"whose name does not come from the day off, but from the opportunity to go out and show yourself in all its glory. Stylists resort to creating such an image in a particularly significant event, for example, at a wedding. The purpose of this make-up is to improve the natural background of the face, create the perfect tone, emphasize the expressiveness of the look and create a resistant make-up, because the bride will probably have a video shooting and a photo session. Some stylists compare it with makeup, but for justice it is worth noting that this image should emphasize the natural beauty and emphasize the tenderness, softness and fragility of the girl.

How to choose cosmetics?

Create a salon makeup at home is not so difficult in fact. To do this, you only need to properly and seriously approach the choice of cosmetics. Immediately, we note that the funds for decorative cosmetics should be a lot to create different images and have a wide potential in experiments with their appearance.

First you need to buy high-quality professional cosmetics, for example, brands such as MAC or Nyx. This is important, because in this type of product the requests of makeup artists for natural and safe raw materials, the quality of products and their durability are already taken into account. These basic criteria will provide women with basic opportunities for creating unusual look’sthat will amaze others with beauty and impeccable performance.

It is important to provide yourself with the widest possible arsenal of tools, so the main advice is to buy mostly not separate packaging of cosmetics, but whole palettes of shadows, blush and highlators. It is more expedient, because it gives more opportunities to create the perfect image.

The palette should not be of the same type. Of course, it must be combined with the type of appearance, because for the "winter" fit some colors and textures, and for the fall, for example, completely different. However, this does not mean that it is necessary to dwell only on certain colors, forgetting about the existence of others.Fashion and visage are good because it is a game where there are no special hard and fast rules, everyone has the right to experiment and it is necessary to use this fact. That is why it is worth maximally expanding the base of your cosmetics bag.

Choosing cosmetics, be guided by reflections on how this or that palette will fit the created image. Pay great attention to textures and their compatibility with skin type and external data. It is better to buy a few of these tools that really go and emphasize real advantages, rather than buy an innumerable set of products in an extensive color palette and in all sorts of consistencies only in the hope that at least something will do.

How to apply?

Qualitatively, beautifully and professionally make up your own hands at home in the competence of absolutely any girl! In order to decide on it, it will take not so much - the right mood, time, mirror and cosmetics.

They not only highlight certain rules for applying cosmetics, but also form a good taste that can be used to guide the creation of a particular image. This, in turn, will allow not only expressively make up, but also to emphasize their true merits. You should not strive for the ideal, which is dictated by the Hollywood red tracks, because blindly following the celebrity style, you can easily lose your individuality. That is why the main recommendation is to highlight the natural features of the face and the rejection of the drastic and radical transformations.

According to the advice of stylists, the creation of makeup is traditionally divided into several stages:

  • First you need to decide on the style. Carefully we think over an image which we will create. This is the key point that determines the whole outcome of the enterprise, as well as the result: whether the makeup will be really beautiful or it will be mediocre. This step must be respected, because without being a professional, it is impossible to create make-up from scratch, thinking look only in the course of applying cosmetics. At this stage, you need to think about the compatibility of various decorative tools, both among themselves and with clothing and the type of appearance.
  • It is also important to consider several options. and never dwell on a pair, because it may well happen that the only image that is invented does not fit the general style or will be too complicated for the newcomers to perform on their own. That is why it is necessary to compare the existing variations, which ideally should be about five pieces.
  • Before you start makeup, analyze the condition of your skin, After all, the basis of a truly luxurious image is a clean and healthy face and well-groomed skin. Ideally, it should be free of redness, irritation and other imperfections, but this is rarely the case, and if there are still small defects on the skin, it is not a bad thing: you can always disguise them with makeup. If there are many eruptions on the face, then to begin with, it would be better to cure the skin.
  • Before using cosmetics skin must be cleaned. This is best done both in the course of permanent face care and immediately before creating the image. In order to avoid peeling, scrub the skin, carrying out its deep cleansing, and then moisturize it with the help of special creams and masks.
  • Starting to apply makeup immediately, use the base. It will not only prepare the skin for subsequent exposure, but also create a durable, but breathable coating on it, due to which the make-up will not blur and will not roll. You can do without a base if you do not plan to wear makeup for a long time - that is, no more than four hours.
  • Next you need to put under the eyes and on the so-called problem areas concealerwhich will hide both dark circles under the eyes and uneven skin tone.To do this, use the tools of different shades, for example, blue concealer is designed to overlap the beauty of the face, yellow hides wrinkles, green visually eliminates rashes and small pimples, and pink will help remove bruises under the eyes and swelling. Of course, these are instant assistants who work in emergency mode, although it is better not to mask the problem, but to visit the beauty parlor, where real help will be provided.
  • In order to achieve the most natural and effective coverage, it is better to use a sponge, which absorbs surplus of means, but at the same time it paints the skin well, tightly hammering the agent into the pores. This must be done very carefully, in order to avoid subsequently poor quality and weak shading of the product.
  • Next - eyebrows. Owners of thick eyebrows can only comb them to give them the correct shape and direction, and if they grow thin and "liquid", then they should be given special attention. To do this, paint the correct shape, and then paint the bright areas, thus making the eyebrows uniform in color.
  • Eye makeup is a whole art, therefore, he should pay special attention. It begins with the application of light shadows of light texture under the eyebrow, which will emphasize its dramatic bend or its avant-garde straightness. This line should not be evident, which means that it should be shaded to make a soft transition from it to the shadows.
  • The next step is to overlay the shadows.. It provides absolute freedom of choice, limited only by imagination, a beautiful combination of colors and an event under which the image is created. You can choose a delicate texture of natural color with a light shimmer - it will create a quivering and charming image. Matt colors are more popular now and will be recommended to owners of fatty eyelids. Such shadows will help get rid of unnecessary shine. It is important to remember that the application of shadows always follows the gradient principle: from the lightest to the most saturated and dark.
  • Thereafter apply mascara actively dividing eyelashes and making zigzag movements.
  • Despite the fact that in visage there is a rule of "either eyes or lips," you should not focus on the line of the mouth, if it is placed on the eyebrows and eyes. However, this does not mean that the lips do not need to be painted - you need only neutral nude colors.
  • Depending on the wishes contouring or strobe techniques can also be used. They make a different impression and allow you to adjust the face, darkening some areas and lightening others. You can also create a gentle blush or add a light tan effect, the main principle here is not to overdo it!

Makeup artists tips

Before you start creating a professional make-up, it is useful to familiarize yourself with the tips and secrets of stylists. With their help, it will be easier to learn how to perform high-level make-up. First of all, you should pay attention to those products that are in the cosmetic bag. Professionals are advised to give preference to brands that focus on quality and durability of products. One of these brands is Bobbi brownwhich has a wide range for beginners and professionals.

With regard to some cosmetic products, stylists share the following tricks:

  1. Always choose a tonal tool on the tone is lighter than the natural skin tone, otherwise you will get the impression of a mask on the face, unnatural makeup, and the difference between the color of the neck and the face will be visible. This will only spoil the image.
  2. We must not forget about naturalness, completely changing your face! Identify only the most important features that could be adjusted, but not changed! For example, you can make a greater distance between the eyes, adding a little bright shadows in the inner corner, but do not get involved in the transformation of natural features.
  3. Avoid catchy and colorful combinations.. Do not single out everything at once: it will cheapen the image and make it ridiculous and tasteless. It is better to use one accent, and all other parts of the face to work in the software mode.

Being interested in the beauty sphere, it is necessary to watch and attend master classes, where other prof. secrets.


In general, the most positive reviews about the creation of professional makeup, the girls say that he works wonders, sometimes transforming them beyond recognition. In their opinion, it is not difficult to make such a make-up itself; Artdeco.

Women especially praise how much it lasts - more than 8 hours with no signs of spreading. And in order to achieve this effect, it is necessary to monitor the gradual application of funds, otherwise it will make the image heavy, and the face will look like a mask. In this case, it is not even necessary to talk about quality make-up.

In the video below - step by step guide for those who want to make professional makeup.

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