Makeup for prom for brown eyes

Makeup for prom for brown eyes

Any schoolboy is anxiously awaiting the moment when he finishes his studies at school and the prom night comes. This moment is especially exciting for girls, because they need to take care of the prom dress, beautiful shoes, hairstyle and, of course, a beautiful make-up. The exception is not and brown-eyed graduates.

Brown eyes are called differently: chocolate, and caramel, and nut, and amber., and almond. With this color, it is possible to make up in a variety of ways, and if everything is done correctly, then it will become the highlight of a charming and complete image.

There are a lot of makeup options, but you need to choose the one that will be in harmony not only with the eye color, but also with the hair color, with the outfit, and with the whole image as a whole. Before each of the graduates there are a number of questions, for example, on what hue of the shadows to choose, and what in the end will make-up - the evening or still gentle

If you take these issues with full responsibility, examine fashion trends and associate them with your wishes and appearance, you can achieve a truly stunning result and create an unforgettable image that will embellish such an important event in life.

Being the queen of the ball is the dream of every girl, without exception, so we need not only a dress and beautiful styling, but also a proper make up. He should be in harmony with the image of the girl and decorate her face.


Holiday makeup has its unwritten rules that must be strictly followed.

Consider in more detail:

  1. The emphasis in this case is on the eyes. Shadows are selected taking into account not only the hue of the eyes, but also the tone of the outfit on the schoolgirl. To all the attention focused on the eyes, lips should not be very bright.
  2. Care should be taken about even skin tone on the face, using base and powder.
  3. To make up turned out elegantIt is best to use the liner for pointing the arrows. This will be the only bright touch of makeup for the solemn ball.
  4. If a girl has problem skin, it is better for her to use the shades and lipstick of light tones to divert attention from the problem areas on the face.
  5. Young girl It is better to use the blush of the most delicate shades that will make her cute image even more romantic. The best ideas will be with beige, pink or peach tones.
  6. On the lips of a schoolgirl with brown eyes Nude lipstick would be appropriate, and a simple gloss would be an even better solution.

Makeup artists recommendations

Make up for those whose eyes are green or blue, has significant differences in colors, when compared with the makeup for girls with brown eyes. Bright appearance is well done without bright notes in the make-up, so for them it is that their natural beauty is emphasized.

On the brown-eyed girl, dark shadows in combination with light ones will be appropriate. Moreover, a light tone is placed under the eyebrow, and a dark one is placed at the outer corner of the eye.

Another nuance for the brown-eyed is the use of green and purple shadows in make-up, thanks to which it is possible to achieve that the depth of the eye will be emphasized. Brown and blue schoolgirls can use blue and blue makeup shadows, except as an exception.

The black contour line drawn along the moving eyelid will also be beautiful. If you add black mascara on your eyelashes, you will get a piercing look that emphasizes the color of your eyes.

The inner edges of the eyelids girl can cover with a golden hueand it will look just great. After that, for centuries, once again spend a black liner.

For the finishing touch mascara of black and black tone is suitable. Another way to get the same result is to use a black cosmetic pencil, taking them along the line of cilia growth.


Promoting unearthly beauty begins with preparation. Facial skin is cleansed and moisturized. To do this, use a tonic, milk and moisturizer. For the application of all these tools use massage lines. If surpluses remain, they should be removed. The face should be prepared with a napkin so that make up does not “float”.

After the base is applied base, with which the shade of the skin on the face is leveled, and the problem areas become invisible. If there are pimples or reddening of the face, they should be masked with a green corrector.

Thanks to the natural base, such a tonal tool will not clog the pores of the skin. Selection of foundation should occur in sunlight and fit the shade of your skin. It is applied with the help of hands or specifically for this intended sponge. The preparatory stage ends with powder application. This final touch will save the skin from unnecessary shine and make it matte.

Make-up step by step

Make up for graduation is not difficult. Will help in this detailed instruction.

Make-up steps needed:

  • to shadow did not roll, the base is applied on eyelids;
  • to the outer corner eyes are applied and blend dark shadows;
  • upper eyelid in its inside it is covered with shades of light tones;
  • on the outside of the corner century held eyeliner;
  • tint shadows light colors area under the eyebrow and gently blend them;
  • next comes the carcass, and to choose a better waterproof product, then you will be insured against smearing and drips that are so out of place at the holiday;
  • the next step is lips. For them, a gentle lipstick or gloss;
  • finally apply on the cheekbones a little rouge, matching the tone of your skin. To the cold tones choose blush pink, and to warm - peach and beige.

How to do makeup for graduation can be viewed in the next video.

Discreet version

For light-brown eyes of young girls, make up fits easy, and bright shades will be inappropriate. Lovely gentle image is created through the use of sand and beige.

If you want to give the evening brightness, it is better to use shades of chocolate tones or terracotta.

Caramel and coral tones are recommended for lipstick. If a brown-eyed schoolgirl has blond hair, the best way to make a gray or brown eyeliner, and for brunettes, black is the best choice.

Bright make-up

Not all brown-eyed beauties like tenderness and romance. Many of them believe that the fatal beauty is a more beautiful image. Schoolgirl to create a bright image to the prom would be suitable make up, called the style of "smoky eyes", with which you can very beautifully emphasize the eyes.

Make-up will need a gray gamma tones at the base, namely:

  • pencil for black eyes;
  • two shadow options dark color;
  • bright nacreous shadows.

Perform in stages:

  • for smoky eyes the first thing you need to draw the upper eyelid thick fat arrow;
  • then you need a beveled brush for feathering the pencil line over the entire surface of the century, otherwise the contrast will be too sharp;
  • the whole surface of the century covered with shadows using a special brush (color - wet asphalt). So we fasten the pencil line;
  • inner part of the eyelids and under the eyebrows we process light pearly shades, as a result of which the brown eyes will begin to sparkle;
  • takes a special brush and shades of silver gray tone. They are imposed on all borders of dark and light shadows. At the same time, the brush moves from the outside of the eye to the inside;
  • if the mucous part of the lower eyelid paint over with a soft black pencil, then the look will become even more expressive. Such a circuit is conducted from the inside to the outside. Next, a beveled brush is taken and, in the lower eyelid, coal shadows are superimposed in a small amount. At the inner part of the eye, the line of these shadows should be more subtle, which helps the eye to “open up” more fully;
  • final stage provides for applying mascara on the cilia (black mascara).

Such a make-up provides for the presence of different brushes, because they are very convenient to do the application and feathering. With such a bright make-up, which is this style, it is not recommended to use too bright lipstick.

In this case, a sponge with a natural tone, such as beige or peach, will look advantageous. To the place will be a pale pink shine.

Embodying the ideas of an evening look for a brown-eyed schoolgirl graduate, experiment with false eyelashes, but not for the style of "smoky eyes" - in it they will only make the look heavier.

In greek

Dark brown-eyed graduates for the holiday evening, you can prepare a little differently. In the preparation of the skin, they can still use the bronzer, and not just the foundation and powder. Greek make up provides thicker edgeswhich it is desirable to draw well. It is made with pencil strokes. When the eyebrows are the desired shape, they are fixed with a gel.

For this make-up shadow suitable pearl, gold or dull chocolate.

A light tone marks the surface of the upper eyelid, and a dark matte texture is applied on the eyebrows, followed by thorough blending of all borders. The line on the lower eyelid is drawn with the help of a black colored eyeliner, and on the upper one there is a clear arrow with a raised outer tip. For eyelashes in Greek make-up, you will need bulk mascara, and for the lips - muted tones of red.

Glittering retro

You can see quite often in a retro style outfit. And to complete the composition, it is desirable not only to guess with a handbag and shoes, but also with a stylish make-up.

If brown eyes decorate with arrows - this option will be a win-win. You will need gray-brown shadows, shades of ivory and warm brown hues.

Not to do also without volume coal ink, without beige blush and without lipstick (the best will be the berry or warm orange tone). And the outline pencil is obligatory.


  • we cover surface eyelids shades of ivory;
  • on the moving part a century we put a gray-brown tone;
  • above are superimposed warm brown tones with an emphasis on the outer part of the eyelid;
  • using liner, carefully conduct the eyeliner, ending it with a perky arrow;
  • cheekbones lightly brush with beige blush;
  • draw lip contour and then dyeing it with lipstick.

"Sweet peach"

From this version of the makeup blows tenderness, warmth and freshness. It is suitable for lovers of quiet, inconspicuous shades and natural accents. To create such a feminine make up, you need to use peach, white and brown shades. In this case, you can do without eyeliner, but without black mascara. The tone of the rouge should be natural and warm. Sponges - the same as in the dazzling retro.

Here's how to make such a make-up on the gentle face of a schoolgirl:

  • brown shadows use for eyeliner lower and mobile eyelids;
  • peach shadows impose in the upper part of the outer corner of the eyelid;
  • white shadows put under the eyebrows;
  • on lips - only light shine;
  • on the cheekbones - a little beige blush.

Make-up "Beauty from the East"

In the small brown eyes of an Asian, some mystery is read, and with a shining blue make-up, the graduate's eyes will become even more attractive. The beauty of Asian eyes can be underlined with glowing blue shadows, gray pencil and black liner. The mascara will need charcoal black with a lengthening effect.Blush should be as natural as possible, and it is better to replace lipstick with a radiant shine.

Step-by-step technique:

  • on the upper eyelid in the form of a soft hill we put blue shadows, we do not select the outer corner;
  • gray pencil emphasizes the lower eyelid (to the nose the line narrows);
  • to gray eyeliner add some blue shadows;
  • black liner draw a slightly thickened line along the roots of the eyelashes in the upper eyelid;
  • rouge conduct in the form of a straight stripwhich begins at the temple. Lips should turn out well colored, including in the corners.

See how to make an oriental makeup, you can in the next video.

"Rose and Lilac"

Thick black eyeliner, which so many young girls like so much, actually adds a few years to their age. But it is possible to correct the situation if you include floral tones in the make-up.

For obtaining expressive lilac-pink make-up take muffled pink, gray-lilac and white shades of shadows.

The eyeliner here becomes a solid black pencil. Not to do without black ink, blush - muffled pink, for lips - thick pink shine.

Application technique:

  • pink shadows superimposed on the upper eyelid (moving part);
  • lilac we put higher and closer to the outside;
  • on the bottom - also purple shadows, but with feathering;
  • pencil draw arrows the growth of the upper and lower lashes, without closing the circuit;
  • Finally, we apply volumetric mascara on eyelashes, lip lipstick, cheekbones emphasize blush.

Color eyeliner

From the colored eyeliner brown eyes become expressive, even the appearance of the girl is changing. A pencil or a liquid dark blue eyeliner with brown eyes makes an excellent combination. She looks good during the day, and even better in the evening. Girls can experiment, trying on themselves different shades of this color.

Brown eyeliner is considered the most interesting option, especially if the brunette has dark or olive skin. It should be darker than the color of the eyes at least two tones. If you choose a shade that matches the color of the eyes, everything will blend and look unattractive.

Brown eye color is very beneficial underlined saturated purple shade. It is better to choose a darker tone, to experiment with eggplant. At the graduation party, purple metallic or lighter tones, such as lilac, will look best.

No less beautiful combination - with a green line for the century, where preference should be given to emerald tones and olive green. Such shadows can make brown eyes deeper and make them sparkle.

For babies

After all, not only at school there is a graduation party, but also in kindergarten, too, and to it, the little ones also try very hard to dress up - they love to do it. And it's okay if mothers help them in this and allow them to feel like a real princess with a gentle make-up.

Use in this case should be the easiest means that can not harm children's skin.

The face of such a graduate can be slightly powdered, and her cheeks accentuated with blush. Brown eyes brightly gleam, if the upper eyelid is decorated with a drop of shadows of a light tone, and the cilia tint with hypoallergenic mascara. Lipstick or lip gloss.

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